A new interpretation of masculinity

Here, We allow men to begin the process of shedding their ego, the process of reclaiming masculinity in a way that isn’t centered around a cheap, toxic and dysfunctional societal rulebook.   Now then…let’s explore the male mind shall we?

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  1. MGTOWHedonist says:

    Find what make you happy.

  2. Strict reason, assertiveness (also in the social sphere), awareness and emotional and financial autonomy

  3. A.D. says:

    I just wanted to leave that comment, even though the article is in German, it is about the mattress Girl in New York and her Art-Project concerning alleged rape.
    Didn’t know where to send it, but thought it might go into that context.
    Maybe Stardusk ( a.k.a. Thinking Ape ) can translate, if ever nothing else there was to do for you ! ^^

  4. PS says:

    how about sharing all our “secrets” that might poison us, regarding women, with them, in a manner that addresses how we feel regarding them, and how our Needs aren’t met !
    If you’re interested in ways to look at it that might work for you : Marshall Rosenberg explains non-violent communication in Videos that can be seen on YouTube.
    + His lists of Needs and Feelings might be of some help. I find them through search engines…
    ( on the same page, both Needs and Feelings can be accessed, if you look closely on top of the needs’ lists ! ^^ )
    Cheers ! ^^

  5. Kyle says:

    Self respect, respect of others, honour and courage. not giving up your self worth for the sake of getting laid. Recognising the joy of finding yourself with discipline and courage. Speaking well of yourself and not putting yourself down. Toughness comes from self reliance and competence from self sufficiency. Respecting your own needs, respecting your own fears.

    1. Traversable says:

      Interesting the question Masculinity . We tend to be allowing the female to lower the bar ,A more gentle male replacement for The prototype of the archetype male is now what women want : as the need for rough masculine men The big hands of a Thresherman to grab hold of a Pony plow handle or smash a piece of metal into a share point is long forgotten .
      Sexual selection by the female is more about beauty and has little to do with health . an artificial selection takes over and masculinity is redefined as a closer relationship to female ego and vanity ,
      It no wonder men are confused .
      Metro sexual ,lumber sexual Ive even heard the term naval sexual but they all refer to a more pleasant sexual experience for the female and a boat load of grooming for the male to look somewhat what he would look like if he was working in a lumberyard ,navel port or GQ walkway for new spring fashions.
      I think of the warning of artificial selection in dogs And chuckle about images of men with early hip dysplasia and tumorous growths on are asses Becomes a part of male living . Not long before we grow plumage so we can display awesome silky smooth white of black coat colors for the female .
      A simple natural disaster like a hurricane slamming into the east coast has grown men waiting for water in a plastic bottle when common sense says 40 gallon resides in the hot water tank but the mere task of getting it out is lost on this new male .
      I suppose it will come to crashing end someday and then the brightly colored bugs that adapted to sexual need instead of natural needs of survival will fade into the past like a human mistake we will need to forget as soon a possible
      But for now men die there hair and produce plumage . Flaring up at the presence of a a male in his breeding area . And to the remnants of the old fashion archetype male that hammers a plow in his shed giggles and shakes his head at the damnedest sights his eyes can imagine .
      At least its entertaining That’s what the mice in the mice experiment must have thought . From a lofty ledge as he cared for his fur and watched the others in the middle humping on each other because at that point The male mice must of looked better in there warped sense of society then the desolate and barren female that got exactly what she wanted .
      Awwww fuck it at least we have no walls we can walk away . Ill shave next week or so I promise . Yaa right .
      Masculinity its not even a thought My goal is transparency so I can walk among the peacocks without a flareup . Or eat my chicken wings without being noticed . It better when they say children move away from the unshaven. brutish unbathed one he looks like he bites . At least I have some space .

      1. tamerlame says:

        Bar Bar, this guy is a false accuser of men. He calls men pedophiles without proof and threatens to dox them.

      2. Jessire Nagy says:

        “Sexual selection by a female is about beauty”. That’s highly inaccurate. Unfortunately, we do get some 13 year olds in such spaces. There’s some of that to certain degrees much smaller than males’, but Sexual selection by females is mostly about novelty, megalomania, & potentially good deals, connections, & aggressiveness she can keep her disloyalty distracted with when another idiot more aggressive can imply other deals, or even just sex.

  6. Al says:

    Masculinity, like any other way of existence, is defined by just a few simple

  7. AV-Club says:

    My recently found masculinity is based on overcoming emotional pain.

    I believe pain can be the anvil on which your character is formed and maculinity is your reward for your work.

    To shy away from pain and be intolerant or avoidant of it retards the ability to grow and more importantly learn about yourself.

  8. Staying_Free_MGTOW says:

    masculinity can be expressed in a diverse amount of ways….All men won’t express it the same, so many aspects that show how great men are…….(Almost in tears says) IT’S FUCKING MGTOW BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. GG_Core_Dak says:

    I think masculinity should have 1 or 2 fundamental cores, that make us men, like curiosity and obsession. These qualities are only seen in men. These are 2 things I hope we never loose. However in saying this, I also think, that it depends solely on the individual. Men tend to put in force behind the work they do, hence the pressure that builds up and said works being created with intensity and depth e.g. the sistine chapel. I also think support networks for men and boys. Making an unwritten rule that we all learn a trade or turn to seek out mentors, either life mentors or professional mentors. I also think, and this is what i’m doing, is i’m going to my 9 to 5 job, but after hours doing my own thing. I try to tackle what I do every night, of every week, it can get hard, but it’s slowly paying off. A book I recommend men read is ‘Think and grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. It’s helping see myself from a different point of view, and has made me more responsible and accountable, it was a life changer, in terms of attitudes of mind. Sorry for the long comment, I hope what I wrote helps with the conversation.

  10. Mario Diaz says:

    I think you should write a book with all your ideas. A lot of people are from other countries and english is not our natural language, so it is a bit difficult to understand your videos sometimes.

    Best regards, and nice content!

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