When I lost My Virginity Visualized in a Graph

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  1. Interval_H says:

    Would be interesting to know how many straight men vs straight women lost their virginity and at what age in comparison.

    1. Sam says:

      Girls lose their virginity (Of course, I can’t back that up) on a much younger age then men. If they mature faster then they’re probably thinking about sex a lot more often than boys of the same age.

      1. SaTaN says:

        That is not always true and shows how little you know about the REAL world and the women in it, dumb jewboi gayfool!!!

        Just because it is easier for women to get dick than it is for men to get pussy, doesn’t mean women actually want to fuck or have sex!

        Most are happy doing other things, like anal, tittyfucking, handjobs, blowjobs, 69, etc., all things you most likely have NEVER done while sitting down there in our yid moms basement at age 25 while popping your big zits the size of pepperoni slizes and tugging your 1/4″ pecker!

        Plus women have that force fed by the libtard media “fear” of always being raped, thanks to the nation allowing niggers, spics, gooks and dune coon camel jockey rapists to roam freely!

        You wanna see rape statistics?
        Go look up India, their muzzy faggit “men” are all needledick rapists, every single one of them smelly, dirty, filthy, uneducated, inbred retards!

        meanwhile maybe only one third of all raped muzzy “women” report their rapes.

        It’s true

        and I dont get it, them shitskin hogs are sooo damn fugly, only them even uglier dune coon retards will touch one!

        I have NEVER seen a sand nigger female” worth fucking!
        They are all horsetooth, dicknosed hideous beasts who aren’t worthy!

  2. AnimalRat says:


  3. BludStaynD MGTOW says:

    I dont wanna get old! :(

    1. reiovn says:

      “Interestingly enough, women in the age 18 to 24 demographic consume more porn than men at that age. I’m not really trying to make any point here, just sharing interesting info.”

      You contradicted yourself. You are totally wrong. The graph says, in the age 18 to 24, only 24% of porn consumed by women, while 76% of porn consumed by men.

      1. reiovn says:

        This website sent my previous comment to the wrong person. Ignore it.
        I intended to respond to the article.

  4. Guymella says:

    is there data that shows a age of first time by age age of person.
    this graph obfuscates the most interesting data. at what age did the average 42 year old lose their virginity. a 40 year old who lost thier verginity at 20 = 1997 is put on the same bar as a 20 year old who lost their virginity at 20 = 2017

    its pointless info-graphic. it would be much better if you could see a trend. i suspect that all the 30+ year old people are making up most the demographic that lost virginity after 18 and the 30- year olds are making up most the people who lost virginity before 18. so the graph is being smoothed out by averaging 3 generations of people into the same data.

    this is further supported by the fact that not a single person in their late thirties was still a virgin while people in their 40 were still virgins. if you made this graph 10 yeas later that 4% of 40 year old virgins would disappear. is their a source for this data so that we can find useful stats out of it? a demographic graph that purposely obfuscates the demographics is kinda retarded.

  5. BludStaynD MGTOW says:

    This is unrelated but I found an article about a women using a Powerpoint Presentation to demonstrate her value to her crush. What is interesting is it unintentionally depicts the projection of how women valuate men.


    Its a great sample of behavior.

  6. tamerlame says:

    *This is one of the blogs you are promoting. Looks like you are promoting PUA’s. Of course you do not have a habit of admiring your mistakes or correcting them. This Nice guy is waffling on about nice submissive feminine women. *

    Leaving the West is Your Only Chance For a Fulfilling Dating Life
    Written by Sebastian

    Leaving the West was the best decision I ever made. I’ll tell you why later. For now I want to ask you a simple question:

    “Are you happy with your dating life?”

    Unless you live in a truly fulfilling relationship with a beautiful, feminine and supportive woman, this article has the power to change your life. And no, I don’t mean this in a Tony Robbins “you can fly to the moon” motivational kind of way. I mean this in a “yes, it is possible to attract an amazing woman” kind of way.

    It might not be possible for you to become an astronaut, but it’s possible for you to attract a fulfilling relationship. I know it because I’ve done it and because I know hundreds of men who have done the same. Most of these men (me included) were convinced that they will never experience a happy relationship. They were convinced that something was wrong with them when in reality something was and still is wrong with the country they lived in.

    Complaining about your miserable dating life while you live in the West is like treating the symptoms of a disease without ever thinking about the cause. Short-term relief is possible, but long-term fulfillment isn’t. You might be familiar with this dilemma. I for sure was, at least until I said “bye bye” to a world that does everything to prevent you from getting the relationship you deserve.

    1. tamerlame says:

      Wait is more.

      “Being Nice is Not Appreciated in the West

      Sorry, but that’s how it is. And it’s not your fault. Heck, it’s not even the fault of the Western women. It’s not their fault that they have been conditioned to believe that nice guys should be treated like shit. From a young age women get conditioned to believe that men are something to make fun of. They are raised to disrespect men and to believe that jerks, idiots and assholes are attractive.”

      Not apply agency to women! lolol.

      Why are you linking to this trad con?

  7. Mgtow is dead says:

    What is the point of this article? How does this help men?

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      You think everything that is ever said is designed to “help” men? How do we do that? All MGTOW can do is give men information, i can’t be a magic wand that fixes the problems in each man’s life.

      1. Mgtow is dead says:

        Why not just post baseball statistics then?

        I have huge balls. Is that helpful?

        LMAO this site is turning into PUA.

        1. Libertarain MGTOW says:

          that’s pretty sad. I bet most these guys are like MRA’s-one blowjib away from not being MRA’s…

  8. Class-Punk says:

    Porn and sex technology has mostly been good for me, its made me raise the bar with women because I care so much less about sex. Sexually frustrated guys get with stupider or crazier women and do stupider things.

  9. Class-Punk says:

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  10. Kaleb says:


    1. SaTaN says:

      Only you mentally sick, twisted, brainwashed muzzy retards buy that bullshit! It doesn’t matter who a woman slept with BEFORE she was with YOU, cuse what she did BEFORE she was with YOU is NONE of YOUR business!

      You muzzy fags LOVE to bitch and moan about shit like this, yet it IS you who ARE the rapiest fucks on Earth, murderers, animals and savages, but you worry about who some bitch slept with, you muzzy fags are a fuckin joke, which is why we white LOL at you morons all killing yourselves!

      It just sucks when you mental midget morons try to lure US into your bullshit that you hypocrites all scream you kill for your religion!

      I dont know of ANY REAL religion that tells it’s followers to kill anyone, ever, but that false muzzy “religion” was also made up by a sick child molester/kiddie rapist “Mohammad” who probably didn’t ever even exist!

      ALL religions ARE fake and have NOTHING to do with the OP’s topic!

      I lost my virginity when I was 15 to a 17 year old gal, I had dated and messed around with dozens and dozens of women before that, but the first one I fucked was when I was 15 and yes, it was real good and yes we did it over and over and over again for days/weeks/months!

      It didn’t “ruin” her, nor me!

      I moved on and ended up marrying a very wonderful gal who I’ve been happy and fortuate enough to be with for the past 32 and a half years!

      You know NOTHING abot women, only some bullshit your dumb muzzy terrorist retarded ass was FORCE FED by some other sicko muzzy faggits!

      You muzzy fools will all die out and the rest of us WILL LOL real hard!

      1. FEMINISM says:

        Shut the fuck up, you Redneck Cousin Fucker.

  11. Libertarian MGTOW says:

    Hello BarBar,

    When is your book comming out?

  12. tamerlame says:

    Most likely never now

  13. not me says:

    Where have all the blog posts gone? 😀

  14. Jessie Nagy says:

    Be on careful of hackers. They’ve been infiltrating “extremist” spaces lately.

  15. Jessie Nagy says:

    ♂ Typing of all things related to real sexology:

    I’ve been watching some Jordan Peterson lectures, & that guy is another one of those idiots with pretentious college degrees. According to him, & I know it can be a semantic issue, philosophical/scientific systems were created by dominance hierarchies, with the first testing of religions – total nonsense. Systems were created by what is associated with the apposite of that – not “dominance”. In fact, the process is: women continue all of that dominance when civility tries to interject, a dominant male, infected by female collectivism, will tell the interjection to shut-the-fuck-up, & then women encourage more & more of that because the interjection made her limited consciousness uncomfortable.
    J.P., don’t try to take credit for what isn’t yours, with your stupid Neitzschiean (name isn’t even worth spell-checking) garbage. He comes from that philosophical wave of Neitzchsian anti-philosophy, & he inflates it all with more Jungian analysis. There’s only one Jung, we don’t need more – junk.
    As we can see, there’s been mass attempts to censor (even including that pseudo intellectual J.P.) more abstract spaces, which is exactly the tactics of the “dominant.”

    I’ve heard of a theory. To my knowledge, it is just a theory, but it seems to have some paralleling truth: It deconstructs to two groups: One group fucks like rabbits, has less interest in categorizing, & has less work ethic. The other group is more methodical of how it starts families, makes more categories, & is extremely hard working.
    The history of the latter group was very preoccupied with other things than establishing mansions worth of families of 5-10(+) kids, even though they had the power to do it. (Kind of like the movie ‘Idiocracy’) They also tend to have a more “prudish” way. Very skilled with exploring, but very unskilled with love-making. That preoccupation inevitably caused the chivalry which enhanced their own women to span time. Now it’s extended to ’50 Shades Of Greed.’ I’m not telling those women that they should be sucking every guy, I’m just saying: It’s never going to happen, ladies: You’re never going to get that, so stop waiting & fleeing to try to get to something unreal, & then they blame it on the men for not being “real men”, & “having low T”. No, you have delusions. There’s a process that many modern biologists report on that women take much more conservative, productive types of men when they’re ~30 – by the time it’s too late or they’ve only contributed minimally. Learn to love productive free-way builder types.

    Other groups are here, & it’s extremely unrealistic that you’re just going to protest your way to have them gonel. In fact, it actually just draws more distractions.
    We find mutualism more often than not: Beavers build damns together. Mutualism does not equal “weakness”, “leftism,” etc.. You find it in all groups. Women though, have made it very fashionable to suppress mutualism.

    With the cultures that created Anime, I don’t care for Anime – I’m just using a reference point, loves Ginseng, tea, bows down as customs of respect, gave sweet & sour chicken, those societies are actually managed by what the pop. culture would call “beta” males. Now, others will try to convince & create issues of semantics that they’re “alpha”, especially from the lef-vs.-right types. But this is total nonsense.
    “Alpha” is largely about risk taking. Those former cultures don’t have “risk-taking.” They have concentration instead. They don’t have that distracted, exploratory mindsets. (Well, they could, but they implement them differently. ) Their women, firstly, have the least amount of hybristophilia because they tend to be drawn to more “nerdy” types of men, &, secondly, their culture makes women much more loyal because men come first. I hate the word “nerd” though because it doesn’t have real meaning. It’s generally used as a description of a facade, but “nerds” have no real facades because nerds have no sense of style. It’s not like “punk-rocker,” or something. You can’t seriously pick a “nerd” from a crowd & call it, even though the pop. culture states “they wear glasses” – totally false.

    As we can see of the cultures where women are emphasized to come first, where there’s much less respect for male systems, you see a much more prominent & general attitude of Shades Of Greed, which promotes abuse of masculinity, NOT women. The whole premise of that female pornography is that he is a “vicious guard-dog” for her to indulge with her immature sexuality. Dogs become that way by abuse from early age, & they use the excuse that she’s trying to “save” him.

    Women evolved to be delusional. Women generally don’t give-a-fuck about you The fact that history in a “nutshell” can be described as men “giving women rides on their backs” did not give women the respect for masculinity in the collective consciousness of women. It only made them more “solipsistic” & more ready for the next disposing.
    It’s nature PLUS nurture, not versus.
    Evo-psyche (or what I call ego-psychopathy) is misused by very superficial people: Even in pro-male spaces, you often experience, not from a neutral point to make a reference of the primal past to construct with, but rather, actually making excuses for the immaturity of female nature, & even defending it. You can pick from almost any situation of evo-psyche to make arguments for one’s agenda: “See, humans evolved to use utensils & forks. Therefore, m.g.m. is a “good” thing.”

    Women enhanced their unrealistic pornography, & it’s been proven that women actually fantasize about violent sexuality much more than men do. There’s a really good article called ‘Female Hybristophilia: Porn Featuring Violence Against Women Is More Popular Among Women Than Men’ by Hedon. So porn can be very bad, but it’s female porn that is really bad. ♂

  16. Dave says:


    Finally someone calls out the shit chimp
    TF< is the cancer who killed MGTOW.

    1. not me says:

      great video.

      btw, this site is dead, barbar most likely got married kek

      1. Libertarian MGTOW says:

        LOL he found a “unicorn.” AKA a feminist who pegs him with a strap-on penis.

  17. Libertarain MGTOW says:

    yo, BarBar…

    When’s the book cumin’ out???

    I dropped money ‘cuz I believed in ya and hoped I didn’t get sucked like I did when I dropped $$$ at that fraudster Paul Elam’s site AVFM.

    I see you leave twitter messages but abandoned this site..

    1. Libertarian MGTOW says:

      …and again, the dyslexic i…


  18. Libertarian MGTOW says:

    “I can’t even remember what age I was when I lost my virginity, I would estimate I was around sixteen, but perhaps this interesting graph can help us to view some patterns.”

    I’m a real man, not one of those icky inches brah…

    anyways, how does this help men again????

    1. not me says:

      stoner, is that you? kek

      1. Libertarian MGTOW says:

        Are you calling me a stoner?

        As a libertarian, I don’t believe it is the governments business if I smoke marijuana so long as it doesn’t affect my participation in the free market as a free agent.

        1. not me says:

          have you got the book yet? :DDD

          1. Libertarian MGTOW says:

            Well, I was, ahem, told to keep myself busy with this…


            (and to get a job and save some money so that I could afford the company of a living, breathing woman or sex doll….)

            I swear all you guys are failed PUA’s…

  19. not me says:

    @Libertarian MGTOW muhahahahaha

    now barbar’s saying his new video will be done “soon”

  20. oooh lalala, Faith Goldie and Lana Latkoff…


    Real men need to man up and marry these broads so we can have white babies.

    (But they could still give us strap-on action in the bedroom.)

    Just as long as no muzzy like Roosh 5 sneaks in his brown sperm, I don’t care if I get cuck’d so long as I have a white baybee.

    Follow me on twitter:


    1. barbarossa sucks pooh says:

      you are an uncle cuck, you like it when moselems have sex with white womyn and you raise their babies because you are infertile because of all the but sects with Stardusk.

  21. Pink Drama says:

    But what counts as sex?

    OP “only four percent of persons surveyed had reported not yet having had intercourse.”

    That leaves a lot of sex on the table. It makes 15 year olds look like sexless, orgasmless, innocents. But we know males begin masturbating around 4 years prior to this.

    Calling investigation into the sexuality of male youth “unethical and illegal” is part of where feminism has taken us. The fact you can frame it so easily like that should tell you how well you are trained in this specific area.

  22. MGTOW Beware!!!

    A psycho known as Fist In the Face of Misandry (formerly known as AMS/Tamerlane) is doxxing anyone who dares disagree with him.

    Be careful in any interactions with him or his crew of psychopaths

    1. barbarossa sucks pooh says:

      you are a mentally ill defective!

      you are spreading misinformation!

      you must join us at the pro male collective if you are a white man!

      tamerlane is a genius and you are too stupid too realize that!

      down with TFM!

  23. Martin says:

    Women seem to watch porn at about the same rate at different age Groups except two. Women are more interested at the youngest age but lower at age 45-54. Early onset of puberty and sexual urges that are less safe may explain the earlier group and menopause the latter.

  24. reiovn says:

    “Interestingly enough, women in the age 18 to 24 demographic consume more porn than men at that age. I’m not really trying to make any point here, just sharing interesting info.”

    You contradicted yourself. You are totally wrong. The graph says, in the age 18 to 24, only 24% of porn consumed by women, while 76% of porn consumed by men.

    1. barbarossa sucks pooh says:

      cucksarossa is trying to hide that 76.87325% of transgender pr0n is consumed by him…

  25. Matt Forney says:

    I am an alpha male, unlike you BarBar…

    I get pu$$y…


    You would take all the money from your book for this hot [piece of trans gina!

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