When I lost My Virginity Visualized in a Graph

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  1. Interval_H says:

    Would be interesting to know how many straight men vs straight women lost their virginity and at what age in comparison.

    1. Sam says:

      Girls lose their virginity (Of course, I can’t back that up) on a much younger age then men. If they mature faster then they’re probably thinking about sex a lot more often than boys of the same age.

  2. AnimalRat says:


  3. BludStaynD MGTOW says:

    I dont wanna get old! :(

  4. Guymella says:

    is there data that shows a age of first time by age age of person.
    this graph obfuscates the most interesting data. at what age did the average 42 year old lose their virginity. a 40 year old who lost thier verginity at 20 = 1997 is put on the same bar as a 20 year old who lost their virginity at 20 = 2017

    its pointless info-graphic. it would be much better if you could see a trend. i suspect that all the 30+ year old people are making up most the demographic that lost virginity after 18 and the 30- year olds are making up most the people who lost virginity before 18. so the graph is being smoothed out by averaging 3 generations of people into the same data.

    this is further supported by the fact that not a single person in their late thirties was still a virgin while people in their 40 were still virgins. if you made this graph 10 yeas later that 4% of 40 year old virgins would disappear. is their a source for this data so that we can find useful stats out of it? a demographic graph that purposely obfuscates the demographics is kinda retarded.

  5. BludStaynD MGTOW says:

    This is unrelated but I found an article about a women using a Powerpoint Presentation to demonstrate her value to her crush. What is interesting is it unintentionally depicts the projection of how women valuate men.


    Its a great sample of behavior.

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