Elliot Rodger youtube Fangirl Posts hybristophilic Rants About him

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  1. Max Hydrogen says:

    Interesting how a girl like that completely ignored him when he was alive. Terrific! All Elliot Rogers had to do to get laid was die :)

    1. Jessie Nagy says:

      Sorry to regurgitate, but people read things by divisions on the internet: What you have to do to get recognized by girls is being aggressive & mean. I predict as more & more of Stockholm Syndrome/hybristophilia becomes more known to the popular, we’re’ going to get more & more defenses of savage female nature: (does retarded mocking voice) “Oh, it comes from 100 to 1000s (which is arguable anyway because there’s been different typos of males who had different methods of fixing. YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER FEMALE COLLECTIVISM – “MALE CLONES” ON THEIR LEVEL) of years ago when males had to be more reactionary.” So this is basically a way to promote the primitive nature of female psychology. While males have the capability of creating futurism, females lack this capability. There’s already trends of whores calling themselves polyamorous & pansexual because they’re trying to make their inability to be civlized seem more fancy. ¶ There’s a really good video called: ‘Hidden Cam Reveals How Women Judge Men! Women’s Double Standard EXPOSED! (+Infield).’ You will see exactly what’s going on. It’s a perfect depiction, especially of how females invert definitions – creepy guys are the good-guys & good-guys are “creepy”. in the beginning, until he starts defending female psychology. ¶ Don’t believe that it’s sympathy by this female (not that Elliot Rodger was a good guy – he was an idiot.). It’s all about novelty. In a culture of females’ addictions to lamer forms of entertainment & experimentation & their bad attention, you’re going to get whores making comparisons of you to “Mtv.” idiots, celebrity losers, & others who inflate their worthlessness & very naive sexuality.

    2. William Wallace says:

      And she’d turn him away if he appeared in front of her now. It’s all attention-getting bullshit.

      She isn’t reaching out to anyone like him now who’s alive, but only to him now that she’ll never have to back up what she claims.

    3. Jessie Nagy says:

      Have you seen the piece that a popular source did: Psychologist Discusses Attaction To Violent Criminals | Good Morning Britain?

      Women without men would be ruthless, or even more socially retarded.

      Men were violent in the beginnings because they had to deal with the harsh beginnings, not because they wanted to. They had to hunt, discover explore. Male cognition was challenged. However, women didn’t evolve as much because they didn’t have the same mental challenges, & that’s how they’ve gotten to their delusional state now. They just mostly babble, & that’s why the female attraction impulsiveness still commonly remains while men have far transcended that.
      There’s lots of dismissing by mistaking past models, when psychopathic traits were more necessary, of evo-psyche for the standard now, yet, when I claim that most of that now, when men have far transcended women in evolution, is ‘artificial masculinity,’ they accuse me of being a believer of “leftist” social constructs, while they’re also willing to share anti-feminist articles that bluntly states that ~75% of male criminals come from single mothers, which is true. ( & female inconsistency & personality disorders is more rampant with the same situation) The main point isn’t even so much about “women doing social constructing”, which is true to a degree, but the main, fundamental point is that women evolved to be delusional. THEY RUIN EVEN DOMINANT MEN, & the reason that is is because of the delusional evolution they’ve gotten, which causes them to think that they’re somehow going to get all these other possibilities that’s not even going to happen.

      I think that the mainstream culture is a reflection of demographics in general, so my message to all of you, as more reports like this are sprouting, there’s a little bit of entry in the popular culture as well, so all that there needs to be is more & more reports on female psychology. Think in terms of causing stronger impact by using excessive delivery, unlike the polite faggot (no, not homosexual. Originally, it meant bundle of sticks anyway) giving a mediocre rendition of it D-news (discovery) also did a piece on it: Why Psychopaths Turn Women On.

  2. Sam says:

    He drove a BMW, he could have picked up numerous girls, but he should have gone his own way. Typed on a mobile device.

    1. John Lord says:

      The insanity was a big factor. All he had to do was flash cash and the Beemer, and daddies movie director credentials, and he would have been swimming in pink. He was just your garden variety thrill killer.

  3. Golden Eagle Owl says:

    After reading and taking into account your previous posts on hybristophiliacs, I’m starting to wonder whether the attraction that these women have for the likes of Elliot Rodgers, Ted Bundy and Charles Manson is mostly due to the violence itself and the effect it had on our attraction/reproduction dynamics throughout our evolutionary journey, as I’ve already posted about, or to the fact that these men received incredible notoriety after the killings, From the faces plastered all over the media, to the TV specials and books written about their crimes and psychological profiles, I’m suspecting that this kind of fame works as a better aphrodisiac than the capacity for violence as it is a more straightforward and direct path to status (questionable status, but status nontheless), and ultimately status is probably the greatest signal for the capacity of provision and protection.

    It would be interesting to see if for instance an average gang member who is in jail for murder elicits the same kind of female attention as a Ted Bundy or a Richard Ramirez would. Assuming that a woman would be aware of both, I believe her lady bits would itch harder for the most notorious of the two. Kinda like how an alchoolic, heroin addicted, eccentric man might be unattractive, but an alchoolic, heroin addicted, eccentric man who happens to be a ROCKSTAR has girls in hysteria and fighting tooth and nail to be with him.

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      Violence against women wins points: the gang member in jail would have had to hurt a woman to be of equal attraction.

  4. Man Of Earth says:

    The more I see of these women the more I’m starting to believe that they’re just fame-chasers. How convenient that these hybrystophiliacs only profess their “undying love” for these lunatics when they’re safely tucked behind bars or buried six feet under. One has to wonder how many of them are in it for the thrills and how many are only looking to cozy up to the associated fame. No doubt some of them get a high from the thrill, but I honestly believe that women are as capable of placing themselves in immediate danger as men are in placing women in immediate danger. That is, not fucking likely.

    The girl in the video is just too…tidy (for lack of a better word). I just get the impression that, like most women, she’s just trying to distinguish herself from the competition. And in an ever-shrinking world the only avenue she saw fit was to attach herself to a sociopath. You also have to wonder how many women hoping to do the same have attached themselves to “Anti-feminism” knowing that most of the initial associated risks have now been all but mitigated.

  5. Jessie Nagy says:

    ♂ How the fuck are aggressive guys “mysterious”. These are the most obvious idiots there are. Women just invert definitions. The real mysterious males are the ones doing what’s hard to understand. ♂

  6. Jessie Nagy says:


  7. Skrap says:

    Holly shit Bar Bar is still alive and kickin I was in the Marine infantry. I’ve killed a few dudes. after my combat deployment it was way easier to get laid I thought I was their desire for security but maby I was wrong.

  8. Oh, barbar….

    Is this the Fat Forney character sending you death threats????×300/64410692/goes-on-hbd-blogs-complaining-that-minos-pocs-and-nams-are-subhuman-because-poor-impulse-control-doe.jpg

    I clicked left on Grinder when his image came up. I guess he’ll need to find a gay muzzy because this cracker has standards, standards y’all….

    Follow me on twitter:

    1. HBD race realist says:

      Stoner, quit sockpuppetting you moron

      1. that guy is a major cuck…

        He’s too stupid to know that he is really low in intelligence and can’t understand that Steve Sailor and Heartitste are modern geniuses.

        I tried defending him when he was attacked at the prescient GL Piggy blog, but should’ve thrown him too he wolves…

        He had his one chance at love, cough, cough… that crazy lady who went on a shooting spree… but, he couldn’t handle a strong, older woman. Not everyone is empowered and into femdom like I am. He will be the king of true forced loneliness and forever alone virgins, unlike me, hahaha.

        Look at his “trolling” here:

        and here:

        it is pretty clear that we are dealing with someone with the mentality of an animal Mr. HBD Race Realist.

        1. HBD race realist says:

          You think you’re too important to respond under your true identity?

          1. Good job calling that cuck out. He is living, walking, talking, shitting proof that HBD is real.

            How he thinks he would look standing up to the great BarBar:


            How he would really be up against a great man like BarBar:


            Game is real, HBD is real. Anyone who disagree’s is a basement dwelling virgin. Of course BarBar isn’t gonna issue the book. Real men take the money and run. Why do you think we spent so much time on MRA forums bragging about getting broads preggers then not paying a cent of child support. Just like a real man like Roosh V!

  9. David says:

    I think this article is bullshit. Either the author doesn’t know the real meaning of hybristophilia or doesn’t really care about “truth in reporting.” To go on a site in which the author says “I am x” and then say “this is obviously bullshit. Author is y” and then go on and say “I don’t care about the evidence that author is x.” That’s effectively what this article is all about. It’s not about the person. It’s about the authors description of condition and forces a false equivalency using an incorrect profile of the person. Hybristophilia has not been proven here.

  10. Danil says:

    This isn’t even surprising in one bit. She probably found him attractive for his resources and/or violence and projected an alpha image on to him and let it grow into obsession alongside the attention she would get. Since he is not alive there is no chance of her getting hurt so she plays around with the idea of him. She is the exact type of girl that he would kill and either she doesn’t know that or she does but since he is not alive she ignores that.

  11. DVMO says:

    So if he hadn’t committed suicide he’d be getting laid by young hotties? Oh the thick, girthy, irony.

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