Fisherian Runaway, The case of the Babirusa

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  1. Max Hydrogen says:

    Holy shit that makes PERFECT sense! I’ve always said that women selectively breed cave-men and that women stifle human progress. Now there’s an example of this in Nature…

  2. Max Hydrogen says:

    Babirusa… Sounds strangely familiar…

    1. Hedon says:


    2. b3rn13 says:

      hahaha…met babirusa twice….

  3. Fox Grey says:

    You got all the dominant genes and I got all the recissive genes… Do you have any idea as to what it feels like to know that you’re garbage since the day you were born? But I was the one father chose…

  4. Interval_H says:

    Even within the most harmonious animals it appears the females hold sex as leverage. Unfortunately it’s nature. Fortunately, we don’t have to conform.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if women began to complain that ectogenesis is sexist.

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