Sex doll brothel forced to close by law

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  1. James O'Callaghan says:

    The No Kissing rule is an overblown myth I have been with many Erotic Massage Parlour girls and Escorts and about 80% of them allowed kissing. Also if the escort offfers GFE they are usually quite affectionate. The key to enjoying escorts and Massage girls is to find one you like and keep repeating with her then the sessions keep getting better and better as they feel more comfortable with you.

    1. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

      wow, this sounds like dating but with paying the money upfront and a guarantee of getting laid. Do you ever feel exploited by these experiences?

      (I am an extremely low status male who couldn’t get laid in a 3rd world whorehouse with a hand full of $50’s.”)

  2. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

    wow, (not) libertarian, (not) tough guy Haydracloroxide Maxipad…

    “Marxist prostitutes, only in Barcelona… Who exactly is being exploited? Men are beholden to a biological imperative no different than hunger or thirst. Imagine if a grocery store owner bitched at his customers for treating him as nothing more than a food provider while making it illegal to get food elsewhere. Imagine owning a well in the desert and feeling exploited when you charge people for responding to the vital hydration compulsion. It requires a female amount of unfathomable selfishness to ignore the plight of men overwhelmed by hormones which is akin to getting someone drunk and persuading them to give you money. When the flower charges a price and dictates all the rules in order to maximize its gains at the expense of the bee, can it not be said that the flower exploits the bee? Lumidolls are just profiting off of men’s irresistible urges just like any other prostitute/girlfriend/wife. The concept of “Degradation” and the Female Victimization Narrative are merely propaganda weapons wielded by different factions of the Male Exploitation Industry in an attempt to shut out competition..”

    sure sounds like a libertarian tough guy and more so than pothead Gary’s Johnson….

    but I’m sure you are not a libertarian tough guy because you swalloed the red-pill and pu$$y does not rule your life unlike a micropenis, blue pill virgin loser such as myself…

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      I think you just got trolled, son 😉

  3. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

    So this would make a funny scene in a movie…

    (and let’s pretend for a moment that you guys had a ton of self-awareness and were able to laugh at this just as if I was saying it about your arch nemesis(es) (sic) Matt Forney and Crappity pants Crapitalism….)

    Okay, so Barbarabroski and Maxipad Hydrocloroxide got out drinking with the aim to get layyed ™ –they use all the cheezey lines that they learned on the Roosh 5 forum. They grab ladies buts, they pin them up against a wall and say “I know what ya want.” None of this works, they just get drinks thrown in their faces and get thrown out by a man much bigger and told don’t come back.

    Confessing to each other that they have painful blue balls, they drive out to the sex doll brothel. They must cross a picket line. A bunch of empowered feminists say “You can’t handle a real woman.” “Real men drain their balls and wallets in real women.”


    Finally Maxipad Hydrocloroxide responds…

    “We don’t need you, we have our hands and porn….


    as his eyes longingly meet Barbarabrowski’s…

    “Each Other!”

    Bom chicka wah wah…

    (next hot and sweaty scene deleted to keep this PG-13 y’all.)

  4. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

    “Like any other labor union, Aprosex seeks to protect the interest of its members and is unhappy that competition has entered the market. The police were sent to investigate the legality of the Lumidolls brothel only to find the institution had relocated. It is a testament to Gynocentrism that when women’s sexual power (which is all they have) is threatened, even the government will white-knight for whores, ha ha!”

    Wait, didn’t you (alt) right leaning tough guys vote for Trumparooski, just so you could, y’know make that cahreer change to coal miner ant 32, you (not) libertarian tough guy, you…

    Which on is it? Protectionism/populism or free markets, brah, which one???

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      Dance puppet, dance!

  5. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

    “Our LumiDolls are, before and after each service, properly disinfected with special antibacterial soaps. We guarantee high standards of hygiene. Even so, we always recommend using the LumiDolls with condoms, which you will find at your disposal in each of your rooms.”

    Just remember Maxipad Hydrocloroxide,

    when you invite the man-0-sphere to your pad for the sex party with your lumidoll honey. DO NOT EAT that cootchie…
    She will give you a look you cannot resist, but shit, since your man-0-sphere brothers like Barbarabroski and Matt Forney enjoy ceegars and hard liquor, well the spermies they leave on you lumidoll are carcingenic and you will get throat cancer if you eat that cootchie… Don’t do it, brah, just don’t do it….

  6. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

    here’s the scoop…

    your being a little less than intellectualy honest here…

    this is similar to if a hate group like Richard Spencer’s NPI lost their lease in a building and were forced to relocate. They then only give out the new address to vetted neo-nazi’s…

    sure it is an inconvenience to their business but it doesn’t stop it…

    it is perhaps not altogether different than when someone like Milo Y is banned on twitter and then he says his free speech was stopped. No it wasn’t dude, you can still publish on several different avenues. It’s just you were booted out of a private platform…

    1. Libertarian MGTOW says:

      It’s kinda creepy that this dude gets banned when he attacks you for intellectual dishonesty and cites a source….

      Which one of you ain’t arguing in good faith???

  7. barbarossaa says:

    Holy shit i had to ban teh bastard formerly known as swab. Hes only the fourth person to earn a ban here, but literally all of his comments revolve around some conspiracy that i’m alt right or some shit and he constantly accuses me of being a libertarian “tough guy” when on my youtube channel ive made like 40 minute videos about why libertarianism is a pipe dream. his comments have become spam, i’ll unban him in a week or so but for now i wont allow it.

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      But he’s entertaining :)

      1. BludStaynD MGTOW says:

        Why is his avatar a baby looking into the distance? lol

        1. Max Hydrogen says:

          @Bludstaynd: Creepy innit?

      2. Typo91 says:

        Well spoken, i really liked the article, i feel you hit the nail on the head. Personally wouldn’t goto a doll house myself, or pay for sex, but I do feel like the place should be free to operate, and those women really do take advantage of men, I know several that are far too intimated by women in normal settings to even ask them out, they are preyed on by sex workers, because that is where they end up.

    2. Keith Beacham says:

      The Youtube. MGTOW community has lost its way. Please resume your content Bar.
      It hase devolved into Trump sycophancy, race nationalism and false nostalgia for a nonexistent past.

      1. Nox Aleam says:


    3. Tamerlame says:

      Does my banning from your private group by your PUA friend count?

      You hang with libertarian tough guys, you get associated with them, that is how things work.

    4. Sam says:

      That guy was funny as hell but after a while a stopped reading his posts.

      Ontopic; Bitches got out competed by inanimate objects.

    5. Libertarian MGTOW says:

      Hey man, instead of banning people, why don’t you publish your book?

      1. not me says:

        kek’d irl

  8. BludStaynD MGTOW says:

    The current dogma of this age revolves around the notion that sex is used for power and well…. not sex.
    “Janet, a prostitute with over 30 years in the industry, who works in the city’s Raval district said: ‘It is another strategy of the patriarchy that presents us as objects without rights or soul. A privilege of the wealthy classes.’ ”

    This could actually be a fortunate insight into the psychologically constructed reception of female sexual politics. This irrational misperception of thinking that in the minds of men sexual access represents a kind of male dominion instead of a kind of satisfying of biological cravings is a projection of sexually differentiated biological imperatives.

    This could be why rape as an abstract concept affects women more than it does for men. Even in movies and other art forms this can easily be observed.

    Sexual choice is only preferable to them if the choice is theirs not to all people as a whole as this monopolization of sexual access shows.

  9. Jessie Nagy says:

    ♂ It’s funny because escorts, etc., take advantage of the fact that male sexuality is a bit “vulnerable”, for a lack of a better description.
    1. testosterone makes us more driven for sex
    2. the medial preoctive nerve – a center in the brain specifically designed for the pursuit of sex – is ~3 times larger & more active in males.
    Females just do not understand what male sexuality is, or they do & take advantage of it.
    When I frequent dating sites sometimes just for something a little extra, there’s always these women complaining : “Why is it so common to find a guy who wants mainly sex but hard to find one who wants a serious relationship?” I’ve answered some of them by giving the biological/hormonal reasons, as well as the fact that many men realize, not excuses – real realizations, that eventually it will probably get ruined, & also the fact that many men have done it & gotten hurt & they don’t want to get hurt again. When I type these things to women on dating sites, including the ones who say ” come to me saying more than “hey baby”, by the time my statement is finished, (which doesn’t really matter anyway because women are attracted to confidence & you can’t really show it that well on the internet) they already have blocked it out of their minds.

  10. Cake Griffin says:

    Would be cool if one could have a sex mannequin custom made ?

    Like one with thick strong thighs, a nice round phat ass, slim waist, wide birth-bearing hips, cute face, nice titties.

    Take her (or it) out to the streets to show her off.

    Dudes be like “Damn yo! That doll looking fine as fuck! What’s her name ?”

    “Uuuh, Katrina ? I don’t know…Megan ? Catherine ? She fine right ? She’s real shy though, she doesn’t say much but…That’s muh wifey right there!”

    “Hell yeah she fine! How much you paid for it ?”

    “Like $2,000! Really good synthetic material too…”

    Women would hate on the doll, talking about “Pffff, she a hoe! She fake as fuck! Sleezy ass hoe!”

    And I’ll say “At least she don’t be talking shit like your foul mouth ass! F’ out my way!”

    Still can’t beat the real thing though.

    1. Jessie Nagy says:

      ♂ That’s funny you mention that because women resent other women already. My last girlfriend was gorgous, (bad spelling) , & all the girls surrounding started cruel drama & gossiping. Before I had her, I was just a guy, but then all of a sudden, they started doing favors for me as well, trying to get close to me, & I just thought: Excuse me, I already have what I want, don’t fucking get involved ♂

      1. Jessie Nagy says:

        They have that collectivist mentality, so they ruin other peoples’ relationships based on their own preferences, etc..

    2. Max Hydrogen says:

      Custom Made, like a Subway sandwich 😉

  11. Capitalist On Minimum Wage says:

    Very interesting subject,i think mgtow should devote more time to research these artificial sex dolls and how they can be used to help men.

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      I never said it was closed down by law: I don’t choose the title of the article. I wrote: “The police were sent to investigate the legality of the Lumidolls brothel only to find the institution had relocated.” When did I say it was closed down…?

      Nice try though 😉

      1. tamerlame says:

        NIce try? You just admited that the article title is misleading.

    2. Max Hydrogen says:

      Looks like Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB had to create his own safe space in which to express his incoherent butthurt. Unlike this site, my comment is “awaiting moderation” on stonerwithaboner so I’m sure it will see the light of day. This level of obsession goes beyond butthurt and betrays signs of pathological behavior, perhaps he’s Alexander MGTOW from the defunct

      There seems to be a fixation with “Tough Guys” even though none of us are. Perhaps this person was bullied as a child? There seems to be a fixation with “Low-Status Males”. I already replied to SWAB and explained how he could liberate his sense of self-worth from Female Approval and stop believing in such concepts but alas, I guess he can’t. I guess he feels inadequate for some reason, poor guy…

      1. Cake Griffin says:

        While MGTOWs argue over sex dolls, the Babirusas are fucking all the bitches! Dang.

  12. Libertarian MGTOW says:

    Wow, looks like all you real men can finally get layyyed without having to deal with a yucky human woman or an imposter transvestite, um I mean real woman the only transmisogynist bigots don’t treat as a real woman because gurls have penises after all…

    Just bring me back some freedom fries…

    Oh, and make sure they sanitize “her” because who knows if Roosh or Matt Forney was the high T alpha to take “your lady” for a test drive the night before. You don’t want to catch one of the diseases they got from “game.”

  13. Libertarian MGTOW says:

    Wow, looks like all you real men can finally get layyyed without having to deal with a yucky human woman or an imposter transvestite, um I mean real woman the only transmisogynist bigots don’t treat as a real woman because gurls have penises after all…

    Just bring me back some freedom fries…

    Oh, and make sure they sanitize “her” because who knows if Roosh or Matt Forney was the high T alpha to take “your lady” for a test drive the night before. You don’t want to catch one of the diseases they got from “game.”

  14. Libertarian MGTOW says:

    my comment double posted…

    what kind of IT shenanigans are you pulling here, Mr. “Leader” of MGTOW, BarBar?????

  15. bongstar420 says:

    You can’t buy anything but a hole to stick it into….because the hole is the only real part of it. If you paid, the behavior is an act and does not represent reality. But, no matter what, in reality you have a real hole to stick it in.

  16. TamerLOON says:

    Now we know where the mighty Barbarossa spent all the money for his “book”

    BTW, Migtards suck, bow down to the collective fist you sissy bastards!

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