Retiring Dad Gives Thousand Yard Stare.

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  1. BludStaynD MGTOW says:

    This problem goes even beyond MGTOW and simply just work culture, idealisms and narrative. Our current society operates on the hopes and dreams of millions upon millions of people who never really end up achieving their them. Broken dreams and the road to them is what greases the gears of society.

    We as people just might need to take life less seriously (if at all) or else we just might find ourselves feeling foolish in middle age.

    1. Jessie Nagy says:

      ♂ Yes, my father was like this – always doing favors for everyone, being pleasant, very busy, his wife was frustrated with him. ¶ Has anyone noticed this? Pick up artists, as much as I hate them for being traitors, also know about this very well: Most of “sexual harrasment” claims or complaining of being objectified is actually done to more conservative types of males. Females create the double standard for the lover & the provider. A perfect guy – a dentist: good, stable 6 figure income, very nice-guy, when these guys try to express themselves or even do some flirting – getting out of that “little box” that women want to put him in as just a provider, they do “beta male” shaming. Of other words: She likes it when another male does it because he’s more rude or impulsive. There really is a double standard between logical male & the lover/female emulator because females like to shame the logical types; “Hey, you don’t try to get any.” That’s why if, like, a single male principle is rumored to have had getting his penis sucked by a fat woman, it’s seen as a “scandal” & him “a pervert”, or whatever, but if an artist has sex with 10 women in 2 weeks, he’s treated differently, even if that artist was married. “We don’t need anymore of that from productive types, we need more sociopaths.” etc.. Harmless males are “creepy”. That’s female “logic”. The noble virtues/discipline/being a hero – being a nice-guy is “pathetic”, or only useful, etc. – also female logic.

  2. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

    your libertarian tough guy buddy Mad Max Hydrogen, um I mean liberal, not libertarian and not tough but talks tough guy said how can I *know* what other men are feeling….

    …how can you *know* what this guy is feeling…..

    maybe he is glad he has his house paid off, didn’t go to college and get in debt and glad he worked at the same company for 40+ years….

    …maybe not…

    …what does truly happy look like…

    …some dude spouting alt-reich talking points while calling himself MGTOW…cough cough Stardusk???

    ….some dude balls deep in prostitutes pussy in Thailand???

    ….some dude on psychadelic mushrooms???

    1. barbarossaa says:

      oh god dude literally all of your comments are just about “libertarian tough guys” and how is should launch a crusade against them or some shit, max is a cool guy and i appreciate the articles he’s written on here.

      1. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:


        if you were to “launch a crusade,” my recommendation would be against the alt reich, but alas, there are too many “broes” in the man-0-sphere who would not like that…

        (and you are, by your own words, part of the man-0-sphere.)

        funny how “libertarian tough guy” upsets y’all so much…

        it was a joke because many in MGTOW circles have talked about “rugged individualism” which very well may be the best course of freedom for some men…

        …however, before all the alter-reichies were crawling around “men’s spaces,” many guys talked about “libertarianism” as if it were the answer without any detailed exploration just a religious like faith based acceptance…

        …but we all know that that isn’t the answer because…

        …technology ain’t gonna bring back those factory jobs in Ohio like Trumpypoops wants. We ain’t going back to the 1950’s dahrling…

        …that being said, that guy you see as a slave mule might actually be content knowing he got a deal most men today could not get…

        …a pension…

        …a home…

        …40+ years employment with one employer….

        but since I am not a mind reader, I do not know…

        No blue pills, no red pills please…

        but if ya got some acid or some shrooms, let’s party…

      2. Max Hydrogen says:

        Thanks dude!

      3. Cake Griffin says:

        Barbarossaa, have you found a producer yet to produce that music track you wanted ?

        Let me know, regardless I’ll send you demos of my productions and concepts for future projects if anything.

        You have my email.

    2. Max Hydrogen says:

      There comes a point when you realize your interlocutor is either a troll or mentally irregular. Never the oxymoron, never mind the complete lack of actually doing what you accuse others of doing; you just need to lash out. Maybe it all makes sense in your mind somehow, maybe you’re just jealous, who knows: your reply will be an incoherent jumble as always: “Alt-Right”, “Man-0-shpere” bla bla bla…

      You’re insubstantial.

      You’re boring 😀

      1. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

        when one gets far better answers (but not the answers one had hoped for) by “trolling” than by trying to leave comments in good faith…


        should I say don’t hate the troll, hate the game???


        Just saying the alt-right, man-o-sphere et all has nothing of value for the low status male and if you overlap within those communities, well then MGTOW provides nothing of value…

        too bad, I thought you guys learned your lessons…

        after the manuresphere attacked you guys you still want to be a part of the club…

        signed a low status male who is not a MGTOW but a lifelong bachelor or if you prefer the words of Matt Forney, “A Joke that couldn’t get laid in a Philipina whorehouse with a hand full of fifties.”

  3. Midgely says:

    Glad to see you’re still at it Barbarossa. I thought this website died a while back but I’m glad to have been mistaken.

  4. Guymella says:

    And then there’s this guy… https://www.youtube.com/user/JMEMantzel

    one of these men just spent every good day of his life watching a machine put sugar water in a can. the other is inventing his own solar powered bull dozer, that can be transported on the solar boat he already made by hand, to help him finish building a private castle on an island in panama.

  5. Sam says:

    I hope he spends the rest of his life doing things he wants, he desires.

  6. Hedon says:

    Basically a picture of an empty shell who’s had all happiness, joy, individuality, talent, energy, soul, and life sucked out of him. With the appearance of a pipe poking out of his right pocket you could tell he started smoking, perhaps to forget the shit his life has become while displaying a wedding ring on the other hand like a typical slave. I would really like to know what resides in the private thoughts of them like this when they are alone with their aching broken down bodies, knowing very well they are stuck in a jail, that “sacred” contract, that they can’t get out of without losing everything.

    Yea, you gotta go to bed early, sir, because you gotta punch in that clock at 7am in the morning, because you have mouths to feed. At least you get to call yourself “The Real Man.”

    No, thank you.

    1. Hedon says:

      *of men like this

      1. b3rn13 says:

        hahahaaha……Hedon …as always….

  7. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

    what’s up (not) libertarian, (not) tough guys…

    you are being slandered….


    So I expect a co-ordinated (rhetorical) attack against the gynocentric cheezeburger of doom (no, not Matt Forney, the other gynocentric cheezeburger of doom…)

  8. son of samy says:

    The point is MGTOW is an effective sexual strategy.

    Self interest is good and politics that prey on the strong to benefit the intellectually lazy and stupid dont work

    Sit back, relax and enjoy the decline

  9. Married MGTOW says:

    When I look into the empty, dead eyes of the broken human in the image associated with the attached article , I see the unfortunate reflection of myself at retirement. The time is now to break free from the societal chains gentlemen. Atlas shrugged……

  10. Libertarian MGTOW says:


    As a guy who dropped money, I want to know when your book is coming out.

    I hope I didn’t get ripped off like I did with Paul Elam.


    Libertarian MGTOW

    1. Cuck, who the fuck are you to ask when the book is cumin’ out???

      Us real men have better things to do than manage your feelings.

      Besides, if BarBar wants to take your money and spend it on escorts, that’s his choice.

      Follow me on twitter:


    2. BTW, beta boy jew boy, if you even think of leaving 1 star reviews on amazon if the book ever comes out, you will get mean notes in your inbox.

      One that makes the ones cheezeburger Forney sent to our glorious leader look like milk toast. Y’know the one where he said he was gonna sit on BarBar’s face and blow moist cheezeburger farts onto his lips while Errin Clarey was gonna blow cigar smoke into his face. But if You think that was bad, then we will tell male feminist David Futrelle you stole his food stamps to buy cheezeburgerz and he will smoother you with his manboobz!

      Just remember, MGTOW is for upper middle class pure white men only, no one else matters!

      Follow me on twitter:


  11. Singh says:

    Hey Mr. Bar Bar

    I am in India. And I am so thankful to God for finding men like you who enlightenment me with the understanding of such important topics. MGTOW is a life saver.

    Much thanks and appreciation to all who share such vital info.

    Messanger Rising is another strong pillar of this community. I think his channel was deleted. If he have a website, please email me link.

    God Speed !

  12. Jonathan says:

    You could be right on his self reflective stare. I work around blue collar workers and many have this look. I think that type of work affects you. Much is thankless. No recognition, etc.

  13. Rory Reyes says:

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