Thai Girlfriend Problems ! Nawalt Chasers Getting Screwed

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  1. Ikhwan says:

    TIt doesn’t matter where you are, women are women. Thete are no ‘the one,’ thete are no ‘quality women.’ Men who wait for the right women, are only waiting to be wronged by reality.

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      “Men who wait for the right women, are only waiting to be wronged by reality.” This needs to be on a t-shirt.

  2. Hedon says:

    I can personally attest to this. My friend who finished his military contract last October making it his 10th and final year in the military is married to a Philippine woman who bore him two children. Only I and two other friends were/are witnesses to the hell she put his ass through in all those years. At one point she put her mom, dad, uncles, sisters, and brothers on his military health insurance, insurance he only signed for to cover his kids. They were separated because of her shitty behaviors but that didn’t stop her from calling the U.S army every other week when he was in Japan to lie that he is late or refuse to pay child support and alimony despite sending more-than-enough money home every month, forcing him to have to constantly deal with the government, the brass at work, harassment calls from her to his family, and so on. The kicker is that he she wouldn’t allow him to stay in the house he bought that she’s living in with the kids nor was he allowed to use two of the three vehicles in his garage. Every time the guy came home, he crashed on my couch even though he had a beautiful home he couldn’t stay in, cars (one of which was a brand new Lincoln Navigator) he couldn’t drive, kids he had to request permission to spend time with. This debacle is the reason he got out of the military so as to finalize the divorce and straighten his life out. The hell she’s put him through has aged him so much that I feel sorry for him just looking his body stretched out on my couch. I woke up at 2am one morning to use the toilet and heard him silently sobbing on the couch. Man, did it break my heart. He’s doing good since he’s been back but the toll of having to deal the shit is apparent. So yea…this article is on point. And no, these aren’t isolated incidents either.

    At the end of the day women are women, no matter the race, ethnicity, social background, or economic status, and they all harbor the same natural instinct that is wholefully woman and is always ready to destroy a man. It is no coincidence that every isolated society in the history of the human race has felt the dire need to curb the female nature by enacting social sanctions to suppress or shame it because they know too well its danger. They also know that a creature of duplicity, deceit, and manipulation, one who has don her nature as tightly as the dermis that encloses her, so much so that she believe that it’s her right to make use of man’s utility and dispose of him without any moral recourse will not take the necessary step to prevent herself from indulging her whims. Women are women, folks. There is no NWALT. Stop looking for a needle in the haystack.

    1. Hedon says:

      Excuse the grammatical errors. I’m beat.

    2. Max Hydrogen says:

      Dude, great comment. These are NOT isolated incidents, that’s the nature of the world. Men being eaten alive by women, can’t blame Cultural Marxism or Feminism.

    3. melmoth says:

      Yeah, women are women. And the laws are laid out like red carpets to prompt this kind of shit too. The laws cater 100% to Feminine Imperatives. There is no check or balance.

  3. Shark says:

    “…bare him children…” No, it’s “bear him children”.

    Sad stories of men who didn’t remember the truth of the old saying: “You can’t turn a whore into a housewife.”

  4. KSMGTOW says:

    Your delusions about the world invite reality to humble you. Traditionalism died when the condition it was contingent upon ended – female dependency on men. It is over, gone and never coming back. Hoping for a traditionalist life makes about as much sense as hoping that one day we will destroy all of our technology and knowledge and return to the dark ages. Its never going to happen.

    1. ShinobiVega says:

      What a fantastic comment. Wow. I’m gonna cut and paste this somewhere and keep it as a reminder on my desktop or something.

      I love it!

  5. sam says:

    I know the type. Hard workers, never have been ”successful” with native born women etc
    If only these men knew how valuable they are, how incredibly valuable they actually are.

    1. kirea says:

      Yes, those hard-working men are valuable, i.e. useful to society, but I don’t really see how this knowledge is supposed to help the men themselves. Let’s say for example that a wife and kids is what they actually want. How is knowing their value supposed to help them attain that safely? Being valuable is of little use to yourself as long as there is no one who’s willing to give you what you want in exchange for the value you provide.

  6. CS MGTOW says:

    Fantastic post, Max Hydrogen. Traditionalists are still lamenting the decline of marriage and pondering what it will take to get men to ignore the sheer volume of evidence that marriage is a sure path to ruin (for the man). I used to live in the Philippines and I have seen this scenario play out time and time again. Wealthy (by local standards) Western man, finds a hot young lady, they shack up and fast forward three years, he is either broke (drained by she and her family) or homeless.

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      A friend of mine just got involved with a Philippina, god I hope he’ll be alright. He was suicidal because he wants to have a son but there are no “good” women. I told him about MGTOW but he wasn’t interested. He found a foreign girl… I hope for the best.

  7. Thestr8shooter says:

    This is horrible! I hear guys at my job constantly talking about how great Thailand is and how they can’t wait to go back. I think I’m going to start sharing this article.

    1. melmoth says:

      Well are they looking to marry and raise their kids there or are they playing with 19 year old boobs? It’s two different worlds. It’s not all the same thing there.

  8. mgtowhadouken says:

    Barbarossa, can you talk about how sexual abstinence helped (if it did) you see gender dynamics and how men are affected by it more clearly? I’ve seen a LOT of purple pillers in mgtow comment sections lately with the same shaming tactics telling mgtows that women add so much “value” to men’s lives that we are wrong in not letting ourselves be poisoned by the chemical cocktails that courtly love produces.

  9. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

    if you libertarian tough guys, er, I mean liberal tough guys of the manosphere want a disturbing read…


    longing for death wordpress…

    funny, I dropped the link and it was censored…


    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      What exactly are you complaining about? What did we do to you and why do you call us Libertarian tough guys? Are you Alexandre or something? Are you just mentally unstable?

      1. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

        Hey alpha male liberal tough guy…

        go read longing for death at wordpress

        google it cuz I tried entering the direct link and it was censored…

        MGTOW looks to be for a “certain” kind of man…

        if you are low status and don’t fit into that narrow mold, you will be treated as badly as you would be by the alt-rite or feminism….

        just look at your boy CSMGTOW saying that young men shouldn’t be allowed to vote…

        and I can bring up tons other examples…

        why does my mental health have anything to do with anything if I can provide evidence to what I say (and I can.)

        Who is Alexandre?

        1. melmoth says:

          MGTOW is about not even being in a position to be ‘treated badly’ i.e. not even knowing how people feel about you and certainly not caring. No one is MGTOW to march in a parade to the cheers of the town. It’s about stealth; KNOWING what you truly want and getting it without a care in the world if anyone else recognizes it.

          1. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

            Melmoth, dude, that sounds good too me. Guys used to talk about going “ghost” in 2011, maybe 2012. Don’t see much talk about that anymore. Thought things were much better before youtubeTOW…

            (That is NOT an endorsement of instilling masculinity into men and femininity into womyn BTW.)

        2. Max Hydrogen says:

          Again with with the “Tough Guy” shit; what the fuck is wrong with you? MGTOW doesn’t for a “certain” kind of man: MGTOW is the LAST place to dictate what a man is suppose to be; you’re just hanging out in the wrong places.

          If you feel “low-status” then do something about it: it’s not MGTOW’s job to coddle you for feeling inadequate.

          1. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

            okay, okay Max not Tough Guy, not Libertarian Hydrogen…

            “If you feel “low-status” then do something about it: it’s not MGTOW’s job to coddle you for feeling inadequate.”

            Who says I feel inadequate? (Well, alright,, the micropenis….)

            To quote Joe “Bite Me” Biden on his surprising analysis on why his empress Hillary lost: “My dad used to say, Joey, I don’t expect the government to solve my problems, but I do expect them to understand my problems.”

            The tonedeafness of your response is astounding…

            Telling me to “do something” ’bout being low status. Sounds similar to feminist dating “advice.” Stop being creepy. wash your hair, brush your teeth, check your privilege. Of course what a feminist WILL NEVER admit–perhaps because it is blasphemous to the “womyn are wonderful” narrative is that some guys don’t have a fucking chance, let’s say short guys and guys of ethnicities berated on that lovely feminist site Return of Kings. It’s just easier to say “those guys are entitled Nice Guys” and ignore the fact that sociopath’s like Hugo Schwyzer and Warmachine are balls deep in pussy 8 nights a week.

            So what should I do about my “status”? Get yoked on rhoids? Learn “game” (or is it dropping roofies in drinks?) Rob a bank? Or accept my situation as it is and try to negotiate as much freedom and happiness as I can? If it is the last one, well, I still don’t think you and me are on the same page, Mr. not a libertarian or tough guy. When so-called MGTOW spaces are as toxic to low status men as AVfM, do you really expect me to shut up my little bitch mouth?

  10. melmoth says:

    No fool like an old fool. I’m all for South Asia, just not marriage.

    Of all places to play the “I get older, they stay the same age” game. But not if you marry. Dummies.

    1. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

      interesting read…

      1. Max Hydrogen says:

        How is MGTOW “toxic” to “Low-Status” men…? What MGTOW spaces have you been visiting? What I mean when I say “Do something about” is this:

        1. Take the Red Pill and stop caring what women think.
        2. Don’t stop caring what women think and do what is necessary to achieve status.

        MGTOW is kinda Buddhist in the sense that it recognizes that the pain men feel come from their desire for Female Approval and as long as you desire it you will suffer. MGTOW is about learning to view the world and yourself through your OWN eyes and not through the lens of Gynocentrism which imposes a hierarchy of human worth based on what women like. The first thing you need to do is STOP BELIEVING IN STATUS! What IS status? Where does it come from? Who ascribes it? Who does it benefit? When you realize that Social Status is nothing more than a female sieve used to pan for gold and exists exclusively for the benefit of women, you will hopefully learn to value yourself according to your OWN values and NOT someone else’s. The Red Pill is a total mental reset. If you stop desiring women you will stop believing in status and you will cease suffering. You will start living your life for YOURSELF and achieve piece of mind.

        1. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

          “1. Take the Red Pill and stop caring what women think.”

          Let’s break this down. The Red Pill is a metaphor from an alright sci-fi movie with what were for it’s time cutting edge effects. (I actually prefer a movie called “Dark City” but that is neither here nor there.) The metaphor is that “some” people “see” a hard truth and some choose to stay “blissfully unaware.” Of course, like most things the metaphor breaks down in real life. Don’t feminists sound silly with their talk of “patriarchy” and “rape culture.” Sure, some societies do have undoubtedly patriarchical structures and “rape culture” does exist-it was actually a term used to describe American prisons in the 1970’s. However when one listen’s to a feminist talking about men having “privilege” while blissfully ignoring that men are more successful in suicide, anyone with half a brain can tell she is living in a skewed reality. So what is “the red pill”? I know to some nazi like Richard Spencer, he will say the “red pill” is HBD or Race Realism. To someone like Paul Elam, it is whatever he wants it to be at that moment. And, I presume with you guys it is that “relationships with women can be dangerous.” You should really get away from metaphors tainted by the manosphere and use other terminology to describe things… but … I am slowly stumbling into point number two…

        2. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

          “2. Don’t stop caring what women think and do what is necessary to achieve status.”

          Okay, okay…

          and this is where I gotta say that Cake Griffin with all his condescending PUA ligo called you guys out like a motherfucker…

          If I am honest with myself…

          I know that relationhips with women can be dangerous. I have no desire to get married, I don’t want (even a supermodel beauty) waking up to me in the morning, nor do I even want a casual f-buddy. But, I still desire some attention and affection from a woman. Even if I could afford the services of a prostitute, I doubt it would satisfy me.

          Now I could be critical of “you guys” and have been critical of “you guys” but I believe most of you feel similarly. If you guys really were happy riding your motorcycle into the sunset, you’d be doing it. So keep saying singledom is great. But I know most of you guys aren’t fulfilled with how things are. Singledom may be survival but it isn’t what your heart of heart truly desires. You may be much better off than someone in a bad marriage. And it may be to dangerous for you to pursue relationships. And maybe you can afford frequent visits to prostitutes. And maybe you will live into old age. But at the back of your mind you want something and you aren’t getting it. Just admit it to yourselves if not to me. That’s where the “tough guy” comments really come from. Loneliness might be a tolerable survival strategy but let’s call it what it is, a survival strategy.

          1. Max Hydrogen says:

            Again, an admittedly frustrated man who chooses to engage a community with hostile rhetoric reiterating that he simply KNOWS (and without ever demonstrating it), he simply KNOWS that other what other men are secretly feeling.

            It would seem that these admittedly frustrated men NEED to believe other men are in the same boat. Is this to make themselves feel better? The only evidence there is indicates that they need to come here and declare that other men are not what they seem to be. Why is this? Is it jealousy?

            It’s intriguing how much some people are provoked by other’s contentment… Think about that 😉

          2. Elvis says:

            What I, at some point in my life, wanted isn’t relevant or important. Not in the aspect of women at least. As I see it, the problem isn’t “society” or “feminism” or “cultural marxism”. Women wasn’t coerced to treat men as disposable utilities and as garbage once used up, they were just given an opportunty to do so, and they JUMPED at it!

            So; sure, I could sit here and contemplate how much more wonderful life could have been if women were as I would have liked them to be, just as I could dream of a world with abundant resources for all humans where the streets where covered in gold and filet mignon were growing off the palm trees. But that will not happen, so I try not to dwell on it. Does that mean I never felt sad over the way things are? Of course not, but life is too short not to find enjoyment in whatever shape it may come, to me it is going hiking/camping, maybe travel a little when economy allows and having a few beers now and then. That is at least honest happiness.

          3. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:


            That sounds like an honest response, thanks man!

  11. Cake Griffin says:

    Me Luv U Long Thai !

    Those men got punked and dumped. The whole “submissive” ching chong chang wife thing is a myth many men (I myself admittedly) like to fantasize about.

    Imagine that ? A loyal, submissive, caring, tending, nurturing, pretty Thailandnese or Koreanese wife cooking us Chinese food every day ? Awww man!

    “Yeah sweetie, today I feel like pork fried rice with chicken wings! and an egg roll on the side, please”

    “Ok honey!”

    “Wow! You’re such a lovely wife!”

    “No problem, anything for you! Because you’re the greatest man in the world!” (((ego stroke)))

    “Hey can you make me General Tso Chicken for dinner ? and maybe Egg Foo Young for breakfast tomorrow morning ? That”ll be great!”

    “Sure honey! I’ll start prepping those meals right now as well!”

    I mean, that right there would be THEE ultimate “Matrix reality” for me!

    -Submissive, loyal, nurturing Asian wife
    -Chinese food everyday!
    -Getting manicures, pedicures, my balls shaven and washed spit-shine clean

    Your boy from work calls you up complaining about his wife like: “Man…muh wife don’t wanna cook jack shit for me yo! She’s complaining and shit…she don’t wanna fry up nuffin’…This is bullshit!!”

    and you’re sitting there on your lazy boy while your submissive perfect Asian wife is in the kitchen frying it up:

    “Haaah! Nigga my wife frying me up some crispy chicken right now with Garlic Sauce on the side! She making me BBQ spare rib tips tomorrow! and Moo Goo Gai Pan this weekend!!! It’s going down! I’m about to tear that up!”

    But reality is that, most of you and I will never ever experience such union.

    I’ll have to settle for some “western” chick that has slept with other 100 dudes (and that’s a conservative number), got tramp stamp tattoos all over the place, chain-smokes cigarettes, and can barely cook any real meals except for microwave TV dinners.

    Maybe in another lifetime, maybe in another parallel universe…

  12. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

    ” I’ll have to settle for some “western” chick that has slept with other 100 dudes (and that’s a conservative number), got tramp stamp tattoos all over the place, chain-smokes cigarettes, and can barely cook any real meals except for microwave TV dinners. ”

    and here I am thinking you are an alpha male because you get LAYYYED and I couldn’t unless I went to a whorehouse with a handful of fifties. And even then, I wouldn’t know what to do. And even then I wouldn’t know if I was being “tricked” by a “Kate” Jenner transhumanist fellow becuse I am sooo omega that I never even seen a nekkid ladeee, not even on these here interwebs. And then the whole micropenis thing, would she laugh???

    First world problems brah, you got first world problems brah…

    1. Cake Griffin says:

      Swab, I don’t know where you’re getting the impression that I said MGTOWs can’t get laid ?

      I’ve claimed that many “MGTOWs” are TFLers in denial due to either self-preservation reasons and/or (for whatever reason) they can’t attract the females they like and want.

      For some it’s financial, for others it’s looks, personality, lack of status, maybe they don’t want to sell their soul to the “game” and/or take the risk of marriage, etc.

      But, many MGTOWs ARE TFLers in denial…these men yearn for female companionship but put on a front and use “MGTOW” as therapy…

      a “strong man narrative”…”screw women! I”m going my own way!”..

      but would these guys turn down a fine ass woman on average ?

      Think about the hundreds and thousands of options even average plain Janes have on social media, Fakebook for example…

      An average woman could literally schedule a different date (MULTIPLE dates) every – single – day!

      That’s how many thirsty men private message an average woman on the daily.

      I’m not even talking about the “super model” “dime piece women”….

      Imagine if YOU had all those options ? and you could lay pipe every single day on different women ? Countless of women ?

      The average man simply does not have those options that average women have. The average man does not have that sexual command and power to schedule a new fuck-date every night of the week….unless…he pays for it outright.

      Hence, why many MGTOWs use MGTOW as a coping mechanism. It’s therapy for TFLers in denial.

      1. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

        wait, whut, are you saying MGTOW’s are like M(h)RA’s?

        that is one blowjob away from not being M(h)RA’s???

        (Just so there is no confusion–I am of the calibre of men or is it “men” who for all intents and purposes can’t get laid. Of Course $$$$ fixes everything, amirite???)

        I think you are talking about forbidden stuff here, better watch out for that evillle banhammer…

        1. Cake Griffin says:

          “Of Course $$$$ fixes everything, amirite???”


          If you’re in your mid-late 30s and you have an average income ? Average looks ?

          At that age, your only option is single mothers (or prostitutes).

          To attract a hot young chick with thick thighs, a phat ass, big titties, who’s never married nor had offspring ?

          Ain’t gonna happen unless you have status, wealth, supermodel looks, you’re a pro-athlete, or you have super game / swag.

          You’ll need to attend TSA: The Swag Academy.

          That would make a great book.

          TSA: The Swag Academy. Learn SWAG for that street corner lemme-holla’-at-you game! lol

          Walk with Swag, talk with Swag, game with Swag.

          You know how pimps or hood / thug dudes have that walk where they sway from side to side leading with their shoulders ? and they have their arms / hands crossed over their crotch area ?

          Standing on the street corner in front of a Bodega or walking down the sidewalk like “Yeah yeah mah! Lemme get at you Mami! You looking good mah! Lemme holla!” lol

          Swagalocious game.

          1. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

            dewd, I hope you take EBT cards for your bootcamp…

            sad story I maxed out my credit card for RSD Tyler’s boot camp…

            the only thing that got fucked was my wallet…

  13. Ace of Hearts says:

    I know MGTOW men who are hot enough to bang 3 different young, attractive women a day. They are MGTOW because they are aware of how deceptive and hypocritical women are, and how incapable modern women have become of bonding and forming lasting relationships with men, and how unwilling they are to do anything for a man besides sex. These player MGTOWs pump and dump women, because they see them as good for sex, only. They do not waste time, money, or resources on women. They are too smart to get get married.

    Unattractive MGTOWs always have the option of prostitutes, so any MGTOW with a job can get laid if he wants. He’s just not naive enough to get attached to a “special” NAWALT girl.

    Me, I’ve had four women ask me to marry them, and two of them would still likely say “yes” today if I proposed. I just know marriage is not a net positive, but a net negative for me, so I have never proposed.

    Ace of Hearts

    1. Cake Griffin says:

      “I know MGTOW men who are hot enough to bang 3 different young, attractive women a day.”

      Yeah, those men are “hot enough to…” and/or the men have a decent income as well.

      Meanwhile, AVERAGE even ugly / fat plain Janes get dick offers left and right every day!

      Fact of the matter is, most men have to work overtime to get as much sex as the average woman gets and/or has access to.

      Most MGTOWs are TFLers in denial. They’re either “low-status”, not attractive enough, or they have average incomes.

      I’d say about 80% of MGTOWs can’t get laid because they’re not attractive enough, they’r low-status, and/or are broke / poor or have other issues.

      The rest are the ones who were screwed over in divorce court, false rape claimed-on, etc.

      lol@DATING ads on this site!

      1. Max Hydrogen says:

        “I’d say about 80% of MGTOWs can’t get laid because they’re not attractive enough, they’r low-status, and/or are broke / poor or have other issues. ”

        Well, I’m glad you counted. By the way, can I see your survey sheet… After all these years, it never fails, the same old Can’t-Get-Laid shaming routine. Did you ever ask yourself where that shaming-tactic comes from and who it benefits…? Did you ever ask yourself where the concept of Status comes from, who ascribes it and who benefits from it? That’s what MGTOW is about. After all these years there are still so many who haven’t got a clue what MGTOW is…

        Liberate your brain!

        1. Melmoth says:

          Just like Aaron Clarey, he must have gone on a years-long window peeping journey all over the nation in order to document the lives of thousands of MGTOWS. All that basement window peeping, snapping photos of thousands of neckbeards; collecting semen and cheetos dust samples off of mommy’s basement carpeting to confirm the porn and cheap snack habits;, sneaking in once the neckbeard is asleep, armed with a tape measure to confirm that MGTOWS have small penises; following each and every MGTOW for weeks to confirm that they are not actively dating; and then returning to the manosphere to reveal their ‘findings’ about all the video-game playing, porn addicted, cheetos dust neckbeards in their mommy’s basement and to pronounce their disapproval based on thousands of case studies. Only then were they comfortable with their sweeping generalizations and nifty estimates like “80%”

          1. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

            just so you know, when Clarey peeped through my basement window, he didn’t know that a TurboGraffix 16 was a videogames system and thought why the fuck am I putting a credit card into a black box. I told him I was transferring money to the New World Order. It was kinda creepy when he offered me money if I would let him watch me “rub one out.” He said it was for science. Good thing I had a pimple that needed to be popped right above my micro penis. I grabbed my tweezers and shot zit juice right in his eye. Creepy ole Clarey didn’t get to see my micropeen, I’m sure he woulda had a laugh, but the pimple was actually allot bigger and the bitch paid up. I bought dorritos and jolt cola (had to ride my trycicle to three different stores to find that.) Last I heard, he was “making bathhouses great again” with Richard Spencer in Whitefish, Montana.

          2. Max Hydrogen says:

            Excellent comment!

        2. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

          status is a “thing” just like gender is a “thing”-are we gonna be like feminists and pretend obvious shit doesn’t exist and Anne Coultier is a “woman.” Simply put, Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen get away with shit the rest of us never would.

          1. Hedon says:

            Word of advise, don’t project what is going on with you onto other men. It’s your shitty experience, it’s what you’re going through, not what every man in mgtow who checks out on what you lack is going through. Deal with that shit and stop shaming other men just because you’re going through it. Lame.

          2. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

            “checks out what I lack”–is that shaming language?

            I’m happy with my hobbies..

            “career” not so much..

            If calling dudes on the interwebs “libertarian” “tough guys” is shaming language, please don’t ever talk to Paul Elam, Amanda Marcotte or David Futrelle, I swear anything I said is pure gentleman talk compared to what they will say.

        3. Cake Griffin says:

          Max, no need to provide a “survey sheet”, “stats”, and “facts”, when after reading through the thousands of “MGTOW” comments (reading between the lines) it becomes painfully obvious that most MGTOWs are TFLers in denial, many are incel, sexless men that are either single by choice for self preservation purposes and/or they’re not appealing to women or have trouble courting women for whatever reason(s) that may be….but in the end, these guys actually desire (long-term) female companionship under the right (legal and cultural) circumstances and climate.

          1. Max Hydrogen says:

            Again, how do you know that? How do I learn this magical “Read Between The Lines” Jedi mind trick? Maybe YOU need to believe that because you just want to complain about other people…?

          2. Hedon says:

            I guess you just feel the need to project what you are onto men in mgotw, huh. Many have tried and they have failed. Shaming don’t work here. The cat is already out of the bag. Take your shit and leave.

  14. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

    oh, the irony is delicious…

    image sharing sites

      1. Cake Griffin says:

        You see them ads on here ? lol

        I also saw an ad on here, a ad as well.

        King Barb too may be suspecting that 80% of MGTOWs are TFLers in denial who are yearning for a girlfriend or wife….a submissive Mai Ling at that.

        1. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

          kinda like an 80’s rocker-don’t do drugs…

          meanwhile he did a line before he did the commercial…

  15. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

    Not Tough Guy, Tough Guy Max,

    “Again, an admittedly frustrated man who chooses to engage a community with hostile rhetoric reiterating that he simply KNOWS (and without ever demonstrating it), he simply KNOWS that other what other men are secretly feeling.”

    A community with hostile rhetoric, eh? So I WAS right with the “tough guy” comments. That one bugged you a bit, got under the ole “tough guy” leather skin.

    Cal me a mangina (I’m certain this qualifies for the mangina official label handed out by Paul Elam himself.) I watched Metallica’s Grammy performance with Lady Gaga on Youtube. (I thought “Moth Into Flame” was their best song in 15 years BTW.) I knew the singer James Hetfeild was furious after enduring sound problems. I could see his body language. Did I offer Lady Gaga and her onterage cunnilingus, then meth to sneak backstage and watch Lars practice parradiddles? No, I do, however, have very limited experience performing. I KNOW that when I had sound problems I was upset. Even though I am a very different sort of man than James Hetfeild, I could put myself in his shoes and feel how he must have felt. Is this absolute science? No.

    When I read here, I *know* guys are feeling similar things. I’ve spoken with drunk guys at 2 am, and what do you think we talked about? I’ve read BarBar talk about sex with women so presumably he feels similar things to me and would feel similar things going through a dry spell. I can see a hungry dog and I know what it is like to be hungry.

    It is very possible You, Max Hydrogen DO NOT feel what I feel. I don’t subscribe to some hippy dippy bullshit that we are all the same and their are no bad people. Perhaps you soothe you needs for human contact by visits to a gay sauna, more power to you. Perhaps you are asexual. Perhaps you are the rare man suited for monk life. Perhaps you have conditioned yourself to be an army of one with self-massages and intense masturbation sessions. But I do not believe that is the case for most men here.

    “It’s intriguing how much some people are provoked by other’s contentment… Think about that 😉”

    So do contented people use “hostile rhetoric” to show the world how “content” they are?

  16. John Lord says:

    You actually might be on to something bastard formerly known as. Some of your posts are actually quite amusing. Have you ever considered considered becoming a writer. Satire really seems like your thing.

    1. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

      Well Mr Deceased Keyboardist of the Great Deep Purple,

      My, ahem, attempt at a career in porno just resulted in a bunch of hottie women laughing at me with my pants down and two bald headed guys who looked strikingly like Jack Don-0-van and Stardusk offering to “make me a man–prison style.” I ran out, naked, afraid and crying. And the more I think about it, it woulda been creepy losing my V-card on film, amirite? Do you really think I could be a writer?

      I noticed “MiGTOE’s” and the Alt-Rite do not like me very much, neither do WN’s or male feminists-must be because at the end of the day they share a strikingly similar ideology…

      If you wanna see the bestest writer in the westest, just take a look at none other than David H Fucktrelle, Male Feminist Extraordinaire…

  17. John WiseGuy says:

    You could blame women for this, or you could just as well take a better look at the dynamics that create this.
    Were these men dead beat to begin with? There is no golden rule that they won’t be dead beat with a Thai wife.

    Yes the article is correct. Thais are different people all together, just like any one of us. Grouping them together and think you will be offered the same sweet deal by all of them, is very naive. Generalization is generally very uneducated and stupid. You could meet the worst psycho Asian in history, or the sweetest person on earth.

    So, for the case of women robbing these guys. They are grown men, they are supposed to take care of themselfes. How on earth did they get to the point were they had no security net and just dropped the ball in the hands of someone else? That is pretty stupid. If you do that, you also have to accept that anything can happen.

    Be a man and blame yourself. You can surely give everything to some girl,if you want, but do realize that it is at your own expense. There is no such thing as real and eternal love, anywhere, nowhere. If and when you screw up, you are done. That is reality, stop dreaming.

    1. tamerlame says:

      “You could blame women for this, or you could just as well take a better look at the dynamics that create this.
      Were these men dead beat to begin with? There is no golden rule that they won’t be dead beat with a Thai wife”

      So they deserved to have their assets taken from them and kicked from their families?

      Do dead beat mothers get kicked away from their kids? Why is motherhood presumed but fatherhood not?

      So you are basically saying that men who do not perform for women are niggers so sub human that they can be cast out and let to rot?

      The term dead beat is a disgusting anti male pejorative just like the world nigger.

      The fact that a man might be a “deadbeat” or not is not relevant. He is still a human being, that should be discarded like trash.

      “o, for the case of women robbing these guys. They are grown men, they are supposed to take care of themselfes. How on earth did they get to the point were they had no security net and just dropped the ball in the hands of someone else? That is pretty stupid. If you do that, you also have to accept that anything can happen.”

      More male hyper agency bullshit. Yes those men where stupid and naive, but the fact is, the system enables t
      hem to be robbed. Gynocenteric systems enable women to victimize men legally and safely.

      Your comments about dead beat men reveal you to be a piece of shit.

  18. Casper the ghost says:

    I came to thailand when i was 25 been here for 10 years, im a good looking guy too.

    The above article is true. I was chewed up and spat out too.

    I was homeless, an addict and ready to die. I can also speak thai. After a string of women entered my life who wanted to use me, saw i had nothing and left one woman stuck. She gave me money and left her job and her family for me.

    I definatly believe in AWALT, but tgere are ways to reduce the chance of damage but they are extreme.

    1. Learn the lanuage and culture, be like a native.
    2. Crash and burn, have nothing, no money no job, no future maybe suicial and see if any women will stay with you and support you and for how long. Aim for 6 month to a year of seeing if the woman will, support you. Chances are no one will.
    3. Choose a traditionalist woman who will go against her gynocentrism and hypergamy due to cultural shaming.
    4. Choose a woman who needs you, maybe has some kids already.
    5. Dont get married.
    6. Never go back home with her to the west.
    7. Do not have romantic relationships with bar girls.

    If you do this you might be okay for who knows how long.

    Or you could

    Go mgtow and self actualise and dip into to the bar seen now and again to scratch you animal itch if you feel the need sexually.

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