Eminems No Favors Triggers Trumpers

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  1. Ikhwan says:

    The biggest problem with men, are men themselves.

    1. Cyrus the Virus says:

      Exactly, they always have been. Tonight I had an arguement with a friend of mine who knocked out another guy (complete stranger) with a single punch because this stranger slapped girlfriend (also a stranger to my friend). I argued with him and two other guys about the insanity of risking blindness, a broken nose, being arrested or being killed by fighting a complete stranger over a woman that you don’t know and are not fucking. They all said it’s and I quote “worth dying for”. “Protecting women is what we are here to do”. I was so disgusted.

  2. Max Hydrogen says:

    I agree that (and you have eloquently treated the subject in videos before) that Conservative Anti-Feminists are still just gynocentric trad-cons and that Feminism isn’t the problem, Gynocentrism is. What I find strange is this recent pathological and nye-paranoid obsession certain MGTOW are having with Trump. What is MGTOW suppose to be anyway? Is there any reason to discuss the phoney two-party system and their dog-and-pony show puppets?

    Is this REALLY the state of MGTOW today?

    1. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

      “This kind of passive aggressive gynocentrism largely flies under the radar in the manosphere.”

      the question begs to be asked, why be part of the manuresphere????

  3. ChandraSekharF says:

    Right Wingers “care” about women, LGBT, etc whenever its convenient to advance their polictical or military goals.
    2001-2002 George W Bush and Laura Bush suddenly CARE ABOUT AFGHAN WOMEN!
    Sean Hannity cares about gay muslim men being thrown off the rooftops by ISIS!
    Muslims are oppressing their women. Lets “liberate” them. Bring “freedom and democracy”!

    Re: “This kind of passive aggressive gynocentrism largely flies under the radar in the manosphere.”
    What is left of The Manosphere is Right Wing tradcons. All their leading figures.. ReturnOfKings, Roosh/Matt Forney/Aurini/Cernovich are all TradCons calling for “Traditional Masculinity” and “submissive women”.
    Even the Manosphere-MRM bridge “The Spearhead”‘s WFPrice eventually embraced TradCon’ism before shutting down the website.
    And the leadin figures of the MRM are largely 90%+ Conservatives. They are anti-feminist and anti-gynocentric, but carry all the despicable traits exhibited by PJWatson.

  4. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

    I would like to see Anne Coultier and Milo Poopypantsolis get punched in the face like Richard Spencer.

    Does that make me transphobic? Please do tell manosphere tough guys…

  5. Tim says:

    I like Eminem, but I wish he’d been critical of Obama as well as Trump. Partisans think there’s a Golden Age every time their party is in power, and they fail to criticize bad behavior from our elites because they can’t see it through their rose-tinted glasses. Eminem, you’re better than this!

    Nietzsche foresaw all that is happening with the Tradcons and Feminism. Modernity and science destroy traditional values, giving way to atheism. In the 20th century through today, science and atheism rise as Christian values crumble. Only when our values are destroyed, will we find out why we had them. The traditionalists are spearheading the backlash, the group of men and women that has noticed that our values served a purpose, and that we need the structure provided by society-wide value sets. IMHO, the Tradcons are to be applauded for taking note of the problem of a values-free society, just as MGTOW are to be applauded for taking note of the same problem manifested in the dating/marriage/sex markets.

    I think the best criticisms of Tradcons are in their solutions, and that they should be treated with outreach, not hostility.

    Modernity destroyed Christian traditional values. We cannot return to them just because they demand it. The political system (female majority, coupled with male-outgroup bias/female ingroup bias) won’t allow it.

    Tradcons are at least noticing the problem.

    The solution is to establish new society-wide values that create outcomes that are more beneficial for men, children, and society as a whole. Nietzsche thought that a pseudo-Christ figure (Ubermensch) would step forward to set the new values that would satisfy the underlying needs fulfilled by the Christian value set. It is also possible that a decentralized hive-mind like the Alt-Right or 8chan will set these new values.

    When the new values crystallize, the tradcons will fold, because modernity itself is destructive of their solutions. There is no need to fight the tradcons. They’re just disenfranchised people, like us MGTOW, but they’re currently in a different holding pattern, and they don’t realize they’re just treading water. When the next iteration of Western values come along, most of them will fall in line.

    Bar Bar and others on youtube were the Ubermensch for a time, and the conversation was pushed in the right direction. When society drives more people into the anti-establishment group, we will hit critical mass. I believe we’re close.

    1. Tim says:

      gah, forgot the video link on existentialism. I enjoy this lecturer. If you have a long commute, this is a good video for you, as the audio is all you need.

  6. Cake Griffin says:

    Surprised that Barbarosa isn’t a fan of EL Trumpo.

    Trump is the TRUE first black President, for the following reasons:

    -Trump is crass, vulgar, and trash talks
    -He has an insatiable appetite for white women
    -He don’t give a fuck what people think or say about him
    -He’s in-your-face and mouths off like the late Mohammed Ali
    -He’s raw as fuck with women, Trump has that “hood game”
    -Orange is the new black

    All those characteristics pretty much describes your favorite rappers.

    Trump is a “Real G”, he cuts to the chase, doesn’t take shit from anybody (especially the media), and, he’s gonna make America great again!

    1. Jay says:

      Oh please, you are delusional. It’s all one big dog and pony show.

  7. John Lord says:

    Well contrary to what he’d have you believe, he still has one foot firmly in the leftist csmp.

  8. Odin Snusovic says:

    I would pump the shit out of Ann Coulter. Hot piece of ass, IMHO.

    But yeah, you are right about the right wingers and the Trump shit that is going on. I do the “support” just for the fun of it, to piss off the leftist cry-babies, but the fact is, some of his policies are way overboard shitty.

    Great Article, Barba. Great article!

  9. Max Hydrogen says:

    Ha ha! And now Ivanka is online calling for America to close the Gender Wage Gap. Ha ha! Who are the cucks now Alt-Right? Ha ha!

  10. The Left never has a problem with anything unless they see a chance to push their narrative or obtain a political advantage. I think PJW is the kind of guy that sincerely doesn’t like violence against innocent people, even if they are women, so in that sense he is consistent where the Left is not. He’s a polemical commentator, not a didactic philosopher, so his use of language will lack the precision that we might otherwise prefer.

  11. J says:

    Paul Joseph Watson is such a cunt of a man.

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