Tomi Lahren Tweets Disgusting Insult to Syrian Refugees

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  1. sam says:

    The amount of misandry directed towards Syrian men following the mass exodus from Syria to Europe was revolting. They expect men to die for something they had absolutely no say in.

    1. M.G. How says:

      Blame Canada. Seriously. They’re the ones with misandry in their immigration and refugee foreign policies.

  2. Capitalist On Minimum Wage says:

    Although as this article demostrate conservatives are extremely hostile to men,especially to those of the lower classes and estremely gynocentric as well,some elements of the non-feminist left are very toxic as well,for example i wanted to bring to your attention the videos of conferences made by a renowned left wing accademic called Slavoj Žižek ,some of the things he says in his conferences show that he has very little compassion for men.

    This video is an excellent example,he endorses compulsory military service and shits on the new generation of men calling them perpetual adolescents.

    Some of the things he says in these ones are cringeworthy as well.

    1. barbarossaa says:

      I agree completely. Do not confuse this post with the beleif that thee left isnt gynocentric it is.

      1. Capitalist On Minimum Wage says:

        Maybe i’ve worded my own comment poorly,what i’ve meant to say is not that the left is bad too,yes there is some truth to that statement but ultimately i belive conservative politicians to and the social agenda they push for be more hostile to men than that of their left wing counterparts.
        The reason i’ve written this comment is to suggest that you do a video response to the video in the first link or a video andressing some of the most misandric things he says,Slavoj Žižek is a renowned intellectual so doing that would give you plenty of exposure and new subscribers.

  3. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:


    I politely told you guys abut how bad your hero’s Jack Donovan and Milo Y were and were really anti-male…

    but it was allot easier to call me a hom-0-phobe ™ than question what they were pedaling…

    Her words are taken by a meme used by alt-reich sights such as the Daily Stormer where they would show pictures of German soldiers during WWII where they would make the statement that Germans men ran to war whereas syrian men run from war. Don’t forget she along with Milo Y are the alt-reich lite. Watering down what Andrew Anglin and Dick Spence say and put it under the guise of “traditionalism.” It’s quite similar to how you have rad-fems say “Kill all men” then lib fems like Marcotte and Schwyzer say they don’t want to kill all men but men are privileged ™ …

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      I don’t know who Jack Donovan is and Milo Younnapolis has never been a MGTOW hero. Try again.


      Libertarian Tough Guy.

      1. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

        Hello Libertarian Tough Guy,

        Please see:

        Permissible Freedom in a Stable Society is a Commodity on this site and I can find others…

        Unsure if links will put me in moderation…

        Also for Jack Donovan google Jack Donovan Mighty White and/or Jack Donovan NPI Richard Spencer


        A man of much lower status than yourself and therefore not a man much less a human…


        1. barbarossaa says:

          lol, i have made many many videos saying why pure libertarianism is a pipe dream, in the manosphere im probably one of the most far away from libertarianism as they get.

          1. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

            ” i have made many many videos saying why pure libertarianism is a pipe dream”

            I’ve read many articles on this here site… however…

            I don’t watch many MGTOW Youtube videos, infact the last one’s I watched by Stardusk and CS MGTOW were extremely disappointing… But Libertarian tough guys like Berniepoops Chapin and Crapedhispants Capitalism hate you mightily so that makes your statement 100% believable…

            “in the manosphere im probably one of the most far away from libertarianism as they get.”

            Does one need to be part of the manuresphere to be a MGTOW? If so count me out. I will say that much of what is pedalled in the manuresphere is as toxic to low status men as feminism. Yes, you read that right, it is as bad as feminism. I thought MGTOW was about giving (low status) men a roadmap to navigating treacherous terrain and I must’ve picked the wrong tool for the job. IE I was looking for a combat knife but the fast talking merchant upsold me on a symbolic family sword-pretty to look at but absolutely useless for my task at hand-survival.

            You could easily say to me in a Paul Elam tone of voice, “Eh, there, tough guy critic. What the fuck have you done for MGTOW or low status men. And my honest to goodness response would be not a thing except create memes which have surprisngly sread around the internet and insulted an manurespherian, alt-reicher and feminist or three.

            Anyways back to my OG point which got glossed over…

            This broad is spouting neo-nazi rhetoric whitewahsed (haha,get it) to sound more “traditionalist. ” It is literally a meme where neo nazi’s at Daily Stormer and Storm Front show Syrian men and say “running from battle, leaving women and children” then show nazi soldiers and say “women and children safe, German soldiers run too battle… Why be “tolerant” towards Jack Donovan and Milo Y???? They wouldn’t grant me the same…

        2. Max Hydrogen says:

          Are you still here?

  4. Olby says:

    I’m sorry to be out of the subject, but I if you really care about those men in Syria can you ask your government (US government) to stop funding terrorism in this area through Saudi Arabia?

    1. Guymella says:

      Our government isn’t funding Saudi Arabia, the entire planet is buying there oil. Our government is simply buying first bidder rights for US companies. If the US government never sent Saudi Arabia a single dime they would only have 4 trillion dollars and 4 trillion rubles and 4 trillion RMB instead of just 5 trillion dollars. You think that would stop them from simply paying to export all their jihadi extremists to do damage in far away countries instead of at home? Stop being an idiot, pretending like the only reason terrorists have money is because the US government gave it to them. They earned that money the same way ISIS earns it today. They sell oil to the highest bidder. Just because american oil refiners are the highest bidders does not mean that terrorism would go away if america refused to buy their oil. They would just sell the oil to the next highest bidder and there would be literally no discernible difference other than that Russia or China would be the highest bidder and they have proven that they cant even be guilted into “pretending to care” about dead Syrians. At least Americans “pretend” to care, which is the absolute best case scenario for the middle east right now.

      If you really care about those men in Syria you would stop buying any product that includes petroleum in its production, maintenance or usage regardless of what country you are from. because every time you fill up your car, hop on a bus, check your email or turn on the lights YOU are funding middle east terrorism and destabilization. Blaming the american government is simply the most pathetic straw man you can come up with to maintain your ignorance of the subject.

  5. Max Hydrogen says:

    So many men trip over themselves for any less-than-ugly blond girl who bitches at them about being a “real” man. These women are still Tradcons and would push you into on-coming traffic just to cross the street.

  6. Pure Cole says:

    Her attitude is a typical of many Americans. The idea that Americans are tougher and more robust than others. Outside of a small percentage that volunteers for military service this is, and has always been, pure B.S.

  7. KONG says:

    This nonsense has been expressed since the refugee crisis started, even Donald Trump has been at it. They all question why so many men and boys are seeking refuge in the west saying they ought to be staying back and fighting.

    Just consider how much more likely men and boys are to be killed than women are. A woman remaining in Syria is arguably less likely to be murdered by enemy soldiers than her husband, sons and brothers. And while I agree there needs to be a more effective way of vetting these refugees it seriously pisses me off how the men and boys are deemed potential terrorists and the women are not.

    Remind me again was there a woman shooting anyone in the San Bernardino attack???

    Don’t Islamic state have a women’s brigade?

  8. Weizi says:

    Nice to meet you Barbarossaa. It is been a while since you uploaded an youtube video, you must be very busy. I would like to ask for your permission on whether or not I can make a youtube channels that is based entirely off reading off your articles on Shredding of the Ego. I do not want fame or anything else, so I plan to only make videos of reading your articles on this website, so that the people on youtube who followed you can continue to learn from your wisdom.

    I have never made a youtube video before, so the quality might be questionable. I will do my best to practice and preparing and I’ll do my best not to let you down if you do agree.

    If you would not like me to read your articles on youtube, that is also perfectly fine, I have learned a lot watching your videos and therefore, will respect your decision and forget about it entirely. Let me know what you want.

    1. Cyrus the Virus says:

      This is such a great idea, did you ever get the okay from barbar?

  9. Dave says:

    It’s simple common sense not to take refugees from countries that you are bombing, for the same reason that if you mug and rob a man, you don’t invite him as a houseguest.

    There *is* a mechanism to manage civilian populations of countries you are making war on: it’s called a “POW camp”. Unfortunately the hands of the US military are tied, somewhat, because they are making war without an actual declaration of war.

    The solution is simple. Publish causus belli and have congress formally declare war. This allows you to use the usual mechanisms for managing the conduct of a war.

    I’m being ironic, of course. There *is* no causus belli.

  10. Bermuda_MGTOW says:

    Barbarossaa, I agree on your premise regarding male’s disposability BUT the lens is fairly tinted on this topic. Her “tweet” was to catch headlines, you may also note she did not single out “men” The Syrian war is a mess and has been that way for awhile….but that is another topic.

    Toni is right, in that the US needs to not go the route of Sweden, Norway, France, Turkey, and Britain. The open door immigration and taking in refugees en mass has created some very distabilising issues in those countries. There are a few MGTOWS that have documented what is happening in those countries. Mass Gang Rapes, increase in violent crimes, strain on welfare, Sharia Patrols, Sharia Courts have popped up including some “peaceful” riots and truck bombings.

  11. Dave from Oz says:

    Cant help noticing that the brave Syrian men in those photos are – like – still in Syria. These are precisely the men who aren’t emigrating and raping children at public swimming pools.

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