NFL Player Ben Watson: Men Should Protect Women from Abortion

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  1. Max Hydrogen says:

    The Simpery is strong in this one. Simps just can’t face reality; how could this guy not realize that women CHOOSE abortion? Would it destroy his world to admit that women are not the angels that he needs to worship? Dumb simp can’t exists without virtue signaling his utility.

    So if we “protect” women from their own choices, isn’t that going against what they want? Isn’t that “oppression”? And what does he mean “protect women FROM abortion”? Women are not the victims of abortion, they are the PERPETRATORS of it.

    Dumb simp.

    1. Michael James Barron says:

      perhaps hes referring to protecting the unfortunately diminishing number of women that still have enough of their humanity and intelligence intact to still know right from wrong, from the deepest most devastating lifelong trauma unquenchable regret and painful wounds that are unquestionably inflicted upon the mind and psyche of the participant in the most wretched action known…as abortion.

  2. Todd Starowitz says:

    Pretty funny that the “dumb simp” scored a 148 on the Wonderlic test, which is equivalent to an IQ in the 150s. The “dumb simp” is literally a genius.

    1. barbarossaa says:

      What does that prove exactly? The article is about him not being able to hold women accountable for their own behavior.

    2. Guymella says:

      the Wonderlic test only works the first time you give it to somebody who has never heard of it before. after you take the test multiple times you get used to it and your score goes up dramatically. its insanely easy to study for and with a little preparation any dumbass can get a huge score. the NFL and NCAA gives the test precisely because of this reason. if you study for it, then it becomes a test of how well you can answer a question without thinking about it. just memorize the heuristic for this class of problem and follow the heuristic blindly as fast as possible. players who can do this are easier to train fast reaction times into. for instance zone defense is like a multiple choice question with a simple heuristic, its effectiveness is based on how fast the player makes a simple predetermined choice, its less effective if the choices and complexity increases causing the players reaction to slow down , “if this, then do this” how well can you train yourself to rapidly answer a multiple choice question given a predetermined heuristic we provide to you?

      … this guy was trained to answer without thinking about the problem very much at a speed of 148 on the wonderlic test. congratu-fucking-lations he is an idiot who very quickly and confidently repeats what he as been told without thinking deeply about any subject; instead of just an idiot who never thinks deeply about any subject.

      the wonderlick test has very little correlation with IQ, and IQ has very little correlation with robust deep thinking. both tests time the participant and grant higher scores to people who do fast shallow thinking. both tests actively punish people who think deeply about a problem and take their time to understand the problem and the proof before answering. both tests greatly reward people who follow a fast-shallow heuristic blindly allowing them to come up with an “acceptable” answer very fast. but if you asked them to describe the problem in depth; they wouldn’t even be able to recall what the problem was about.

      the fact that this man scored so highly on the wonderlic tests convinces me that he is even less qualified to give thoughtful answers to deep questions.

  3. Dave says:

    So, Ben Watson is a big proponent of Vasalgel/RISUG? Any pro-lifer who isn’t is a hypocrite.

  4. Boola says:

    Non-human? What kind of freaks have you been associating with that it’s apparently the norm for women to carry the fetuses of other species in their wombs? I f they aren’t human fetuses, what are they anyways? Chicken fetuses? Goat fetuses? Are they having sex with these animals or is it a mad scientist learning to artificially inseminate sort of situation?

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