Mgtow Movement Does not Cater to Womens Feelings

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  1. Jessie Nagy says:

    ♂ I predict that as MGTOW(+) becomes more & more technical & more realistic, the more the schism of the popularly influenced M.R.A. will start to happen, & the more female m.r.a.s will start slandering m.g.t.o.w., as they’ve already done to me, which is too impractical to type of how this happened, & is why got away from Y.T. that is infected by too many texting retards, & is why I suggest that m.g.t.o.w. starts to go into as many different directions on the net as possible.

    1. Jessie Nagy says:


      1. Jessie Nagy says:

        ♂ It’s absolutely disgusting how the spectrum of hybristophilia, female greed, & the traps that females create is so pervasively known now, but because they’re too stupid & cowardly to hate what they should hate, it’s “blame it on the leftists, the metrosexuals, m.g.t.o.w., the secret cabal of Blavatsky,” etc.. Never blame women for the problems they create. Even by the m.r.a.s, it’s “m.g.t.o.w. is disgruntled”, or it’s “It’s not their fault, women are just like children”.

  2. Ikhwan says:


  3. Max Hydrogen says:

    “That asshole named reality”. Ha ha!

  4. M.G. How says:

    When I think ‘What is mgtow?’ I sometimes scare myself.
    I mean, sure, hypergamy and gynocentrism and redpill rage. All that jazz.

    But the fundamental shaking of my core comes from the oversight of all these things. If I missed such a huge glaring form of subversive hatred, what else did I miss?

    Are my friendships normal? Or were they imaginings passed down to me from older caretaking women? The blind leading the blind.

    If everyone one is hardwired to automate certain norms like male-wealth-extraction and gynocentrism, then aren’t I a biological robot? Only by breaking from it can I feel freedom. But…

    Then I get a chill.

    Everyone would see this break as disfunction. Acting in your own self interest is the equivalent to being a robot from the lens of those wishing gain from my utilization. Being colder, and more calculating. They would sabatoge me with the guise of ‘you haven’t met the right people’ or ‘dont think about it’

    Should I trust my gut, or consensus?
    Have biological robots been teaching me my entire life how they think humans are, but simplified for reproducible and predictable results?

    Are my fasinations with robot sci-fi stories me musing, or is it me formalizing so that I don’t have trust my gut or a consensus, but instead a proof with sufficient power.

    The questions beckoned by mgtow can run deep.

    In my opinion, the only WGTOW are sex-positive women in prostition and pornography. Male labour has gone through a lot of diversification and transformations. It went from hunting to . Female labour has primarily been sex work, and child rearing. 10k years later, Female labour now is … No different. Sorry, I mean … The same plus affirmative action.

    Prostition and pornography is really the only diversified versions of these labour…

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      I agree with you about porn and prostitution, but these women still operate according to Gynocentrism: They don’t appreciate the men upon whom they make a living, they still think low-status men are creepy etc. But they definitely are more honest.

      1. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

        but, but, isn’t paying a prostitute still the transfer of wealth from men 2 womyn?

        Oh, wait I get it, for a libertarian tough guy like you it is only a “convenience fee.” You ain’t pain’ fo’ sex, you be payin’ da hoe to leave. Like totally, you could get your movies for free but you still “pay” for Netflix. Amirite?

        of course if I was to pay for it, it would show how pa-the-tic I am. I’d pay for the sex, then pay her more money to cuddle with me as I broke down in tears. Then pay her even more money to go to dinner with me and pretend she likes me. And then as I was giving her an extra tip (no, no not *that tip* you naughty boy) I’d choke up in tears (for about the fourth or fifth time) at the end of the night and confess the last time a womyn touched me was when my feminist mother used me as a human punching bag. I got skeered many times during the evening that she was gonna punch me just like mommie but unlike mommie, she was much smaller than me, y’know. She’d pretend sympathy then go on twitter and tell everyone “most pathetic john ever, but he tips well.”

        I must not be one of you guys, I must be one of those PIGtow’s that those very masculine men Dean Esmay and Matt Forney ridicule.

        1. Max Hydrogen says:

          I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic.

          1. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

            Hello Libertarian Tough Guy,

            What part aren’t you sure about?

            Mommy punching me? My fear of womyn (that a feminist would convieniently call hatred)? My low status? Or the fact that as a man of much higher status, transferring wealth to womyn is not seen as a pathetic, desperate act?

            Was my tone not deferential enough to talk to one of my betters’? So sorry for being uppitty….

    2. Jessie Nagy says:

      M.G. HOW, that’s kind of true but kind of not. P.U.A.S know female nature very well, whether you like their traitorous ways or not, so you should understand the slang-science they use: “Alpha fucks, beta bucks.” There’s also a really good video called: ‘The Ideal Man MGTOW: Do girls want men to be Assholes?’ Anecdotes do matter when it comes to understanding female nature because females are much more prone to collectivism, while males are much more prone to individualism. It’s just that now females hold so much power of the social structures that there are more collectivist men putting on acts to be accepted by the female consensus.

      1. M.G. How says:

        When I said relationships being imaginings, I was referring to male relationships. Ditto with the advice.

        What strikes me as horror is that the automatic norms make any different line of thinking into ‘ignorance’ or ‘ a phycological problem’ or ‘a lack of socializing’. The level of dismissal is just, yikes.

        Bring it back full circle.

        I find the question at the start of the article ass-backwards in the truest sense. Why would I base my male socializing and actualizing on activities with women?
        Cause thats the most inaccurate way of describing mgtow without lying about it. Male socialization. Comparison with women is more to make a summarized point about mgtow, than proving a point. Like, you can tell these women never bothered to listen to the 3 hour long mgtow discussions and videos out on the net. Whereas any one first exposed would relisten to the ‘WTF’ they bring to the ears. I’ve been listening to the variations of the same points for half a decade now, and I still tear up when my old view gets debunked in slightly different ways.

        It pisses me off that women who don’t even know how the economy functions have the morality to demand generalizations on a theory they don’t even care for or understand.

        Generalize it any further and you lose the power to meaningfully test theories on male socialization. But they don’t care. It’s just this thing that would make an awesome topic to earning that 40k+ certificate that says they can moralize arguments real ‘gud’.

    3. Jessie Nagy says:

      “Women want success” – that’s bullshit. Women want greed. In whatever culture females happen to be in, they think of potentially more. When in a successful culture, females will see the most impinging dominance, while she disregards all the other men in that setting that are already successful. It’s sad to state what will happen to that dominating figure when he then introduces a whole other setting that she will see other displays. Success is a goal anyway. Females don’t really understand the concept of a goal because they don;t have integrity.

      1. Hedon says:

        Well said

  5. Hedon says:

    Did that second response actually came from a female? My guess would be a man, but grand if it’s a female who wrote it.

  6. Cake Griffin says:

    What is MGTOW ? TFLers in denial.

    1. Sam says:

      You forgot my micro penis.

    2. Max Hydrogen says:

      How dare you Sir! I am not now, nor have I ever been a Transport for London!

  7. not me says:

    >Yes I know the term “mgtow movement” is one that automatically starts a debate on semantics. Is mgtow a “movement”? is it a philosophy? is it both? etc. I use the term more as a placeholder, a lack of a better word.

    no, you used it for clickbait 😀

  8. Plasma Mongoose says:

    The moment you start worrying about women’s fee-fees is the moment they get their foot in the door and from there, Mykeru’s Law will kick in and ruin the community.

  9. Val Ferdz says:

    WGTOW? Hahahaha I haven’t heard as such words. Ok we’ll see about that. Whoever is the smarter and stronger will remain standing. WTF WGTOW shit hahahaha. Come on, don’t copy our movement because that’s copyright infringement and that’s crime. WGTOW is very similar to feminism while MGTOW is a independent movement.

  10. Wraith says:

    Shw’s putting MGTOW in their place by going WGTOW? If a MGTOW has washed his hands of pair-bonding, why would he care if she does the same?

  11. shaunthebrummie says:

    when you check the stats through will find the vast majority of male serial killers are created by their mothers hatred towards them and the abuse they suffered at the hands of their mothers..and in todays virulent anti male society..i can only imagine and hope there are 10000’s of serial killers growing in hatred for females…in playgrounds..segregation of the sexes can’t come fast enough..remember we are the creators and builders….what the fuck do women do except moan..

  12. Better safe than sorry says:

    It amazes me that females would be angry at men who decide to stay single. As long as MGTOW-ers remain friendly to the opposite gender (and friendly in general), then what’s the issue that they want to remain single and lead a successful life? More men’s clubs, more men’s events, more men’s cafe’s, more men’s restaurants, more men’s only sport events paid for privately, that’s a good thing. The ladies are angry? We are not here to cater your feelings!

  13. clay says:

    “Men would do well to remember that the vast majority of life and liberty can be preserved by the choice to Go Your Own Way. Reject marriage. Reject the military. Reject corporate slavery. Reject chivalry. Reject group consensus on who and what you should be as a man. And reject ANYONE, including your family, who tries to coerce you out of those choices. Do all that, and you have a reasonable shot at a free, happy life. Never forget it is your choice and your responsibility.

    There are no victims, just volunteers”. –Paul Elam AVFM

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