Hardbody Harrison And his Harem of Hybristophiliacs

Hardbody Harrison
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  1. Jessie Nagy says:

    ♂ This is not a small percentage or half of females. What makes people believe that is that they don’t know that it is a spectrum, which also contains latency, ranging from the subtle, moderate, to the extreme. ¶ I’ve been studying, both by “getting a life” & by data, female psychology, (not necessarily referring to the Freudian kind, there is scientific psychology) for many years, & when you learn so much about it, that it’s mostly stagnant, more iconographic & scattered, depriving, superficial, & backwards, you do become a misogynist by the plain meaning of the word, not the ‘Silence Of The Lambs’ definition. The ‘Silence Of The Lambs’ definition comes from the people who don’t really know female psychology. They mostly have been entertained by it. Mine is much more of just disallowing of female psychology by calm rationalism – what they are “misandrist” of, if you’ll allow me to use that word. My misogyny can be more closely associated with the detachment of Buddhist purism who called females the ‘Daughters Of Mara’. I don’t want to hit them, etc.. I want to shatter their beliefs. This is not the type of misogyny that females masturbate to, & so when you have females dictating the narrative – that we’re “just like the feminists”, “not all are like that,” or we’re” just like the male version of Society For Cutting Up Men”, it’s all done by the popular culture who basically maintain female psychology. ¶ Modern journalism maintained by collectivism is used to pacify the mental energy, & delusional words are used to subtly bother the reader. With words like “craze”, “gloom”, “troll”, etc., It’s used (as in ‘1984’ by George Orwell) to create group thickening against a common, false enemy, where most seek emotional bonding instead of thinking by a set of laws by real form

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      “This is not the kind of misogyny that females masturbate to.” They do fap to misogyny, don’t they. Feminists basically take the standard harlequin or “romance” novel tropes and turn them into political weapons. Women LITERALLY want to impose their fantasies on Society; we all have to play along. Never mind maintaining Civilization, that’s not as important as helping women reach a collective mental orgasm…

      1. Jessie Nagy says:

        Further, We need to stop this notion of ’50 Shades Of Greed’ is abusive of women. It’s abuse of masculinity. Did you know that psychologists actually have found that women find a man with a dash of grey hair to be “sexy”. You get grey hair from stress. This type of female sexuality is akin to the fetish of a”vicious guard dog”. A dog becomes that way from abuse, & we’ all know how m.g.m. is one product of the “patriarchy” thanks to the accidents that gynocentrism enhances because they ordain reactions.

  2. Ikhwan says:

    Bar, have you seen Colttaine’s new video Dogs, AI and Air conditioning? He talks about Error Management between the sexes, it’s very good.

  3. Ikhwan says:

    Good essay Max Hydrogen. Thumbs up.

  4. Good one here, Max. I thought I was reading Barbarossaa until I double checked the byline.

  5. sam says:

    Great read, also gives a clear understanding how the justice system treats veterans. You’ve done Uncle Sam good, but we’re still going to fuck you in the ass.

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