Dylann Roof Sentenced to Death, By White Women.

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  1. Max Hydrogen says:

    Ha ha ha ha! “Remember Cologne, deus vult!” Haha!

  2. Sam says:

    If only he had gone mgtow, feel somewhat sorry for the guy. Btw, just two men on the jury? Truly a jury of one’s peers.

  3. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

    So do you libertarian tough guys want him to live like a king furnished with the newest video games like the dahling of the ault rite, andrew brewikie (ander brevik)???

    1. I’m against the death penalty in all cases, because I believe the state shouldn’t have the right to kill it’s citizens under any circumstances. There are probably also things that forensic psychologists can learn from keeping these people alive and studying them. But this guy deserves life in prison, and does anders brevik and anyone else convicted of murder.

    2. M.G. How says:

      Not gonna lie, if the majority of redpill guys go mgtow and cope by analyzing their situation, reorienting their care inwards to self and mind, and chill with videogames, then there is no reason it wouldn’t work for him.

      Even if he was racially motivated, we all know the real enemy is gynocentrism with or without traditionalism. Knowing now how subtle and profoundly effective misandry is, I wouldn’t hesitate to give this guy a chance at redemption and reflection.

      As a side note to Bar Bar, I would like to see material on Shedding of the ego on Menonites and their unique aid for child rapists and molesters who have finished serving their time. I came across this topic when listening to the CBC. Long story short: male friendships had the most profound affect on helping rehabilitate former child rapists and molesters who served their time. I was kind of surprised to learn that this was the only support program available for such people and that people were trying to discourage the continuation of the program.

      FYI: you’ll learn of a really fucked up trend if you go down this rabbit hole. It is way more common for women to show up in the vicinity of these men with their kids for the purpose of sabatoging their parole terms than you would think.

  4. kirea says:

    As far as I understand, this rape scaremongering, be it done by feminists against men in general or by racists against men of other races, is directed primarily at men, not women. “They’re raping out women” is a type of rhetoric that works much better on men than women,

    1. I’ve thought before that there’s probably some connection between rape and female mate preference and endogamy vs exogamy, but I’ve never been able to spell it out. For example, I suspect most women tend to be endogamous because it would make cases of paternal uncertainty less likely. In other words, if they slept with someone for better genes but the person they cheated looked similar to their husband, they’re probably in the clear. But maybe part of the rape fantasy is that it gives them an excuse for exogamy?

  5. Hafer Flocken says:

    Jesus, the cognitive dissonance white supremacists must have, is just delicious, lol.

    1. kirea says:

      They’re sexually frustrated men who think with the cock. Sexually frustrated men seem to be the ones who are most upset about rape, much more so than women.

    2. Cake Griffin says:

      Many “PUA” sites (Chateau Heartiste, Return of Kings, and countless of other similar blogs) are basically comprised of white knights that engage in racism as a form of white knighting.

      These men are obsessed with black / brown men. Constantly harping on at every turn about black men who date and/or marry white women, and “traitorous” white women who get with black men.

      You can see the same white knighting phenomenon within the “Alt-Reich” community. A bunch of butt-hurt racists trying to “get white women back in line.” Calling white women “mudsharks” and all sorts of other names because they chose to get with a black or brown man over a white one. The butt-hurt is real and it’s embarrassing.

      “Cuck” has taken on a new meaning at this point. What these racists really mean when they say “cuck” is: Any white person (white male in particular) that tolerates the existence of a non-white man around. Always saying “cuck cuck cuck” all over the place, as if these dudes have tourette’s syndrome. They’re not only describing a white man who’s wife is getting fucked by a non-white man, but like I said, even just tolerating the presence of a non-white male around would deem a white male a “cuck.”

      They don’t want non-white men around “their” women, they don’t want non-white men around period! But many of these same racist white guys are OK with fucking Asian women in the Philippines for example.

      Just skim through those sites/blogs I mentioned, it’s all hardcore white knighting in the form of racism, always obsessing about black/brown men “ruining” their white women. Grown ass men always worrying about whom other people are fucking.

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