Overprotective Parents and Breeder Entitlement Mentality

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  1. Monsterspace123 says:

    Oh my, I almost have to wonder if this article is pointing at a particular individual. I know a specific person that this article describes. I wonder if that was intentional.

    1. barbarossaa says:

      nope no one specific in mind.

      1. Monsterspace123 says:

        Oh okay. That first word man. I was like, with everything happening on Youtube. Then this article comes up. I was like wow. It escalated quickly. As long as it wasn’t, that is cool. Even if it was, oh well. Maybe it needed talking about anyways. Great article though.

  2. Eric says:

    I’ve known people like this ever since I started working. I’ve come across the military type far more often than any other though. I’ve grown deaf to it after a while, thankfully.

  3. Max Hydrogen says:

    Men know they must constantly maintain approval or they will be ostracized from the peer group and feel they must find anything to virtue signal. This is why men have evolved to need to be admired, especially by women. It’s like a primate show-and-tell whereby men can present something that gets them attention.

    To be fair, since men are disposable and children are lauded as the most important thing in society, is not forgetting the likelihood of the father being replaced by the State or through Hypergamy, it is essential for these men to demonstrate that they are good fathers and that they deserve job-security or that they shouldn’t be harmed not because they are human beings (men don’t count) but rather because it would actually harm children.

    The same can be said of veterans and police officers: They themselves don’t count but because they supposedly protect those precious women and children, they must not be disposed of, after all, the value of a man is measured by how much he does for OTHER people.

    1. BludStaynd MGTOW says:

      I dont think its really about show-and-tell but more about social insurance which is emphasized by things like “I dont wanna die, Ive got a wife and kids!” Its mothers that do show-and tell, its an activity or a hobby which stimulates conversation which we dont really see in fathers to the same degree

    2. Hedon says:

      That’s a very good observation, Max.

  4. BludStaynd MGTOW says:

    Excellent piece Barbarossaa,

    Ive noticed this behavior in another article 3 months ago where the author (a self proclaimed father) speaks about the consequences of investing time in a hard game difficulty in Doom which is Ultra Nightmare. Whats interesting is when he contrasts himself to another professional gamer and puts him down (he is indirectly referring to a gamer named DraQu; relationship status unknown.) He writes this in what appears to be assuming he is a single and in his mid twenties:

    “I have so much more respect now for people who speedrun these games in one sitting. As I type this, I can see that some YouTuber has glitch-run his original time down to a mere 1hr and change. A younger, more job-less and fatherless me might have done this all as one smooth take, and not a stitch together, but those days are behind me. I have responsibilities.”

    When people have to boast their status its shows a kind of insecurity, one that is internalized. I think that men in general have internalized realizations of external low perceived male worth so fatherhood (a utility towards the biologically constructed reproductive imperatives) is an insulator to the societal devaluation of individual men. By stepping on the single man the self proclaimed Mr.FatherMan can gain insurance for validation.

    The desperation varies on a spectrum reflected by their expressions. The line in that paragraph is very telling, You can even hear the arrogant and self righteous tone “I have responsibilities.”

  5. Paul M says:

    It’s normal for people to feel that their kids are the most important, the most precious things in the whole world. If Mother Nature didn’t do that to people, there’d be a lot of abandoned kids in the world. But there’s a certain class of people who never formed a firm idea that there’s a distinction between what goes on inside their own heads and the external world. When one of these becomes a parent, they are inclined to assume that the whole world is somehow all about their personal sprogs.


    Great article,assholes like these are poison to free thinking,free spirited men.

  7. Eddie Willers says:

    Hmmm…you’re linking to a story on The Daily Mash – a well-known British, satirical website. It’s fiction, although with elements of truth, albeit exaggerated for comic effect.

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