men compared to women

Let’s Make The Future Of MGTOW Neuroscientific, Etc. (1)
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  1. Jessire Nagy says:

    ♂ I hate to be the only one reporting on this, or one of the only few ones, in m.g.t.o.w.(+♂) spaces. ♂

    1. Jessire Nagy says:

      ♂ I accidentally sent the pre-edited version. It’s not inconsistent with the original science source. It’s just theres a few few spelling & syntax mistakes. ♂

  2. Nur says:

    I learned so much from this article, thanks A LOT. I always believed circulating steroidal hormones was king of gender identity and physiology, but this article has definitely changed my view of things.

    The epigenetic factor is a complicated puzzle to solve given the complexity of our modern environment.

    1. Jessire Nagy says:

      ♂ Don’t take my word for it. Hunt the PDF version to confirm. ¶ Please also make more articles on neuro-science. I need more facts to influence my articles. You might be able to hunt for these in PDF format. ¶ Once we establish the rudiments & organic cores, then it answers much more importantly the cultural triggerings. ¶ I have looked on the index of those books pertaining to the general field & they have sections on sex differences :


      Sex Related Differences in Cognitive Functioning (Academic Press series in cognition and perception) 0th Edition
      by Michele A. Wittig (Author), Anne C. Peterson

      Biology, Society, and Behavior: The Development of Sex Differences in Cognition (Advances in Applied Developmental Psychology) 1st Edition
      by Ann McGillicuddy-De Li (Editor), Richard De Lisi (Editor)

      Principles of Cognitive Neuroscience 1st Edition
      by Dale Purves

      Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology 2nd Edition
      by Marie T. Banich

      Essentials of Cognitive Neuroscience 1st Edition
      by Bradley R. Postle

      A Companion to Cognitive Science
      by William Bechtel (Editor), George Graham (Editor)

      Brain, Perception, Memory: Advances in Cognitive Neuroscience 1st Edition
      by Johan J. Bolhuis (Editor)

      Fundamentals of Human Neuropsychology (Hardcover)
      by Ian Q. Whishaw, Bryan Kolb

      Cognitive Neuroscience: The Biology of the Mind 2nd Edition
      by Michael S. Gazzaniga (Author), Richard B. Ivry (Author), G. R. Mangun (Author)

      Cognition and Sex Differences 1st Edition
      by Colin Hamilton (Author)

      Brain and Behavior: A Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective 1st Edition
      by David Eagleman (Author), Jonathan Downar (Author)

      Brain and Behavior: A Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective 1st Edition
      by David Eagleman (Author), Jonathan Downar (Author)

  3. Hedon says:

    Great article, as usual. Just brilliant.

  4. the idea that biology is some sort of hardware or limitation is actually wrong…what differentiates humans from animals is that humans learned to transcend their biological limitations

    1. Jessire Nagy says:

      ALEXANDERMGTOW, to reply, biology is not a limitation. It is a probabilism.

  5. Hallie says:

    Her var det mye fint :)Jeg tror nok jeg hadde valgt den Lovebirds puta som du viser fram, den er bare heKeig!!rlemmlr fra Stine

  6. Karen says:

    you little boys are too stupid to understand the sciences, now go back to mommy’s basement…

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