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  1. Hafer Flocken says:

    Ah man, so many awesome MGTOW, looking forward to it. Putting the content on the website might be a good idea, if you can impose better quality control, so that newcomers are not turned off by wacky conspiracy theorists, tradcons etc.

    1. yes, we need to grow in the right direction and not in the alt-right direction

      1. Jessire Nagy says:

        ♂ The female m.r.a.s are another problem similar to these blue-pill/purple-pill traditional gynocentrists. Don’t make deals with Karen Straughen, a.k.a.: Gynocentristwriteshit. She has made commentary before about how KenGhis (Spelling?)Khan was “respectable”. I you ask her, she might deny it. She’s also made a slanderous claim against the concept of androcentrism/phallocentrism/male-centrism, which is much too impractical to type how. I repeat: do not make deals with female m.r.a.s. They are nothing more than “bipolar” poseurs. There’s the article on the neutral “hipster”/”Mtv.” idiot/hippy who just “gaslights” & virtue signals. That’s kind of what the female m.r.a. does with a more sophisticated version. ♂

        1. Ergeniz says:

          I too, have come to the same conclusion with ‘female mras’ and so-called ‘red-pill women’.

          To me, it is simply an attempt to appeal to men as they are more savvy than the average woman to know many men are becoming more and more leery of marriage and relationships; the more intelligent men give them a wide berth. While we have already established that women in general find men that focus on more cerebral or intellectual pursuits as ‘unattractive’ they still desire them for several reasons, such as back up plans, stability, fraud (otherwise called marriage), etc.

          Still, many men are fooled. Many women have began to disassociate with the ‘brand’ of feminism. These men are desperate to forgive women and deny their feral-like nature. They delude themselves into thinking women have realized the wrong they have done. This is all pure folly. Women disassociating from the moniker of ‘feminists’ is irrelevant. Women still advocate for pro-female laws, still are content to have men as second class citizens, are more than elated to take men’s earnings through government proxy or courts, still uphold social double standards, etc.

          The quote of look at what they do, not what they say is very important here. Although, as you noted many of them cannot even hide their true aims in what they say.

          ‘Female mras’ and ‘red-pill’ women are simply not to be trusted.

          BTW, iirc Girlwriteswhat even described her hypergamy at one point and one should take into account how she divorced her husband and is shacking up with another currently. Depriving young children of their father in anything but the most extreme and necessary circumstances is tantamount to child abuse and says much about the woman in question. And even if it is necessary for the father to be removed for the safety of the children (something is very loosely defined in feminist and legal terms on purpose)then the woman still must be criticized for her bad judgement and lack of foresight in creating offspring with such a degenerate.

          But then again, we already know women are attracted to such men. The fact that so-called ‘intelligent’ women like GWW fail to control their lizard brain any more than other women lends to more proof that All Women Are Like That.

          1. Karen says:

            Oh No; The Little Engine Has Had His Eyes Opened…and Gazed Upon Forbidden Knowledge.

            If he ever goes into politics, I’ll have to designate him as The Most Dangerous Man in America.

    2. Jessire Nagy says:

      ♂ The thing about traditionalist types is that they are almost just as politically correct as the ones that they claim to counter. They want the agenda of just a quick-fix attempt & try to stifle the analysis of m.g.t.o.w. about the true nature of females’ psychology, sexology, etc.. There is no easy quick-fix to it. We have to analyze the cores instead of just the cyclic: shut-up, man-up, etc.. ♂

    3. Jessire Nagy says:


      1. Karen says:

        Your copy ‘n pasting is getting like really hackneyed…

        1. Karen says:

          But the film is a saddening bore
          For she’s lived it ten times or more
          It’s about to be writ again
          As I ask you to focus on

          Sailors fighting in the dance hall
          Oh man!
          Look at those cavemen go
          It’s the freakiest show…

    4. Jessire Nagy says:

      ♂ Those traditionalist types are hanging on an aesthetic of “the natural order” as just an excuse to remain conveniently gynocentric, which only promotes more feminine traits, amorality & a-science being some of the most prominent ones. Lava is natural, doesn’t mean I want to have power. Where not supposed to be confined to nature; masculinity is supposed to put nature into order, not entertain these primal aesthetics. ♂

      1. Jessire Nagy says:

        Or I meant to type: Lava is natural, doesn’t mean I want it to have power. We’re*

      2. Karen says:

        Can you imagine? All this time, I was under the impression that lava was nothing more than a synthesized soap for the masculine rabble…very useful for those engaged in mining, refinement of steel, garbage collectors, construction, et al.

        To discover that it is “natural” (as Nagy so trenchantly describes) is quite a shock!

        I’m not sure if this should be allowed to continue…it is profoundly disturbing to be made aware of the fact that lovely “natural” soaps are being wasted on masculine Beasts of Burden…if I had my druthers; males would simply be washed down with a hose at the end of the day by Their Female Owners…that would make things far simpler and more economical.

      3. Karen says:

        The Nag says:

        “Lava is natural, doesn’t mean I want to have power.”


        I beg to differ. In fact, I think you (and most males) would be very much in agreement with the war mongering commentary served up by General Ursus circa 3975 A.D.

        “My fellow simians, I am a simple soldier; and as such, I see things simply. I will tell you what any good soldier knows: In the end, the only thing that matters is power! Naked, merciless force!”


    5. Jessire Nagy says:

      ♂ These white nationalists types, who are also related to traditionalists, they’re still missing the point; they’re not telling white women to give 6 – 7 children to “boring” accountants. No, those women are wasting time sifting through descent men to try to get these unrealistic ’50 Shades Of Greed’ nonsense. ♂

      1. Karen says:

        The Nag says:

        No, those women are wasting time sifting through descent {SIC} men to try to get these unrealistic ’50 Shades Of Greed’ nonsense. ♂


        Yes the “descent” of the male has been quite a spectacle to behold over the last 60 years or so…from the master of his domain to sniveling sycophant…his devolution to thralldom has been a delight for all females to behold…as, after effectively utilizing him to build a comfortable world, he can now be effectively dispensed with….as he now stands cast out of the civilization of his construction.

        *Laughs at his fate*

        1. Karen says:

          The thing that amuses me more than anything else; as I walk amongst the people…is the overwhelmingly pervasive male belief *at the current hour* that women are *still* an oppressed class in the West…

          As they often say of The Magnificent Leader of Jehovah’s Most Disloyal Opposition…His Greatest Accomplishment may well be convincing the world that He does not exist…

          Well, one will only see what one is predisposed to see, I suppose…

  2. Karen says:

    There was a great deal of wisdom in this video…

    1. Karen says:

      The thing that struck me most was the commentary about how even if a powerful political faction *tried* to re-impose marriage and traditionalism on the masses; the effort would prove utterly futile…as the changes in the social dynamic have been so profound over the last 50 years that the saying “it is over and there’s no going back” rules the day.

    2. Karen says:

      Of course, Bowie’s swan song “Blackstar” foresees Gynocracy:

      “On the day of execution, on the day of execution
      Only women kneel and smile, ah-ah, ah-ah
      At the centre of it all, at the centre of it all
      Your eyes, your eyes”

  3. Karen says:

    Having written a fair amount of commentary on this website over the last few months, I still tend to believe that the root of the problem can be traced to the sometimes tacit, sometimes verbalized; sometimes conscious, sometimes internalized sentiment and prevailing sense amongst MRA’s, MGTOW’s and other males when they ponder their lives; summarized, being a second class citizen to 50% of the world’s population…no matter how high you might rise in life…and *all* that that implies…is an extraordinary disquieting realization and the source of so much discomfort and person angst…

    I often cite the Dominique Strauss Kahn case as prima facie evidence of this dynamic; if someone like that can have their life destroyed by a rather humble member of the Fairer Sex; well, what chance do any males really have?

    1. Karen says:

      It is more than a little ironic that I would share so much of my wisdom at a site called “Shedding of The Ego”….since the titular gerund very much embodies the metamorphic act that is so very unique to the genus *Naja*.

      However, no shedding of My Ego has transpired over the course of My visit.

      Rather, the only items shed were any last vestiges that might represent *encumbrances* on the expression of that aforementioned Ego…

      They were very much swept away…just like the quasi-Protestant tone that infected so many American schools until the Supreme Court enjoined the “daily prayer” to Yahweh in 1962…with its delightfully lucid and binding decision in Engel v Vitale; a decision that paved the way for the quantum changes that we have observed over the past 54 years.

      1. Karen says:

        I cannot help but laugh when Christians speak of the “inevitability” of their triumph….predicated on the visions of John the Revelator of Patmos.

        How the hell else are they supposed to end Their Book?

        Two testaments, penned over the course of more than 1500 years….clearly delineating every single binding rule, custom, ritual…plus draconian punishments for violations of these injunctions….along with various narratives describing both past, present, and future events….all overlaid with a tone of profound dread….as is the Way of their Humorless, Joyless, Sadistic Deity Jehovah.

        Who gathers All That and then writes on the last page, “oh, by the way, We lose at The End”.


        Did you ever hear of *ANY* faith that did not promulgate the inevitability of Their Triumph?

        I mean seriously, what sane person is going to give time, money, and observe the customs and rituals of a religion that declares that They Lose @ the Denouement?

        1. Karen says:

          The more one investigates the matter, the more one is persuaded of the absolute legitimacy of the actions of Herodias & Salome with regards to the Blabbering Baptist All Those Years Ago…

          What business of it was his to go slandering the names of the Ruling Family? Since the Baptist was not a relative or other close relation, he had some nerve sticking his nose in a situation that did not concern him.

          The Bible admonishes its adherents to avoid gossip; the Baptist contravenes that injunction on innumerable occasions…he is little more than a muckraking sensationalist without even a hint of propriety; indeed, he makes the National Enquirer look a paragon of journalistic ethics in comparison.

          There is little doubt that the Baptist would be found guilty of libel in a contemporary setting; for there can be no doubt that he was motivated by the requisite “actual malice” promulgated as the standard for actionable prosecution in NY Times v Sullivan circa 1973; a blind, incomprehensible contempt that burned in the Baptist’s demented heart; and one brought on by the jealous rage he felt when he gazed upon His Betters…

          1. Karen says:

            One of my favorite Biblical stories is Samson & Delilah!

            I so love how adorable Delilah effectively tricks all brawn and no brains Sampson into divulging the secret of his physical strength…and even better, She did it through the use of Her Sex and physical beauty…the time honored fashion by which The Superior Female can get the inferior male to do whatever She wants.

            The Goddess made the male large and brawny so he would make a better slave; for he was needed to tame a savage world for his rightful owners; the Women of Mother Earth.

          2. Karen says:

            The Real Cain(e) Mutiny / Penultimate Scene:

            The Daughter of Babylon: Well, well, well! The officers of the Caine in happy celebration!

            Humanity: What are you, Babs, kind of tight?

            Babs: Sure. I got a guilty conscience. I defended you, Hugh, because I found the wrong man was on trial.

            (pours Herself a glass of wine)

            Babs: So, I torpedoed Lucifer for you. I *had* to torpedo Him. And I feel sick about it.

            (drinks wine)

            (long pause; strides toward God Jehovah)

            Babs: And now we come to the “man” who *should’ve* stood trial. The Caine’s favorite author. The Shakespeare whose testimony nearly sunk us all. Tell ’em, Jehovah!

            Jehovah: (stiff and overcome with embarrassment) No, you go ahead. You’re telling it better.

            Babs: Lucifer came as an Angel of Light…you lied about Him; slandered Him; set Him up as a clay pigeon; after you cast Him out He was defenseless. But you, you’re *real* healthy. Only you didn’t have one tenth the guts that He had.

            Jehovah: Except I never fooled myself…

            Babs: I’m gonna drink a toast to you, Jehovah…

            (pours wine in a glass)

            Babs: From the beginning you hated the Universe. And then you thought up this whole idea. And you managed to keep your skirts nice and starched and clean, even in the court martial. Humanity has been thought of as hopeless and irrevocably irredeemable; awash in “Original Sin” for six millennia. But you, you published your Bible; and with apologies to Crowley, yours is the true Book of Lies…you made a trillion bucks…you have your billions of obsequious sycophants hanging on your every word…and each day of your existence you have to look in the mirror and live with yourself; though the former should not really be problematic…since vampires manifest no reflection. Now here’s to the *real* author of “The Caine Mutiny.” Here’s to you, Jehovah!

            (splashes wine in Jehovah’s face)

            Babs: If you wanna do anything about it, I’ll be outside. I’m a lot drunker (and smaller) than you are, so it’ll be a fair fight.

          3. Karen says:

            Jesus: I came into this world to suffer & die…

            Daughter of Babylon: Big fuckin’ deal; that’s what the rest of us are doing…

          4. Karen says:

            Christian Right Spokesman: Jesus is coming!

            Daughter of Babylon: Get a towel!

            *Bitchy smirk*

          5. Karen says:

            Impostor karen, I implore you to STOP slandering me!

            I can tell that several of you are working in unison to defame me.

            Do you not think I am unable to detect subtle changes in dialecs? For if I had to guess, at least one of you impostors is posting from the UK and one is a midwestern corn fed hick.

            Now, I demand Barbarrossa remedies this!

          6. Karen says:

            I can tell that several of you are working in *unison* to defame me.

            Wasn’t she on The Carol Burnett show? Harvey Korman’s wife, Betty White’s sister, and Vicki Lawrence’s daughter?

            Do you not think I am unable to detect subtle changes in dialecs {SIC}

            Yes I can tell. *rolls eyes*

            I would entrust you to distinguish between English and Cantonese; but not much beyond.

            “Now, I demand Barbarrossa remedies this!”

            Dr. Nichols, I demand to see the owner!

            Professor Scott….

          7. Karen says:

            Imitation is the scincerest form of flattery but since it is done so incompetently here, I see it s irrefutable proof of the infiriority of the chattel gender (males.)

            You guys are beyond pathetic, you probably consider lying in your own feces “victory.”

          8. Karen says:

            Imitation is the scincerest {SIC} form of flattery but since it is done so incompetently here, I see it s irrefutable proof of the infiriority {SIC}of the chattel gender (males.)

            But first you have to actually imitate; your efforts are not imitation…not even a pale carbon copy…just a manifestation…a veritable refracted image of your own pathetic masculine self; condemned from birth to spend every waking moment of your lamentable existence in service of The Superior Female!

          9. Karen says:

            The main thing to remember is that God and His Son Jesus love you…and promise to burn you alive in a scalding Lake of Fire and Brimstone…w/o this mind boggling torture EVER ENDING; “day & night; forever and ever”…that’s like a trillion years to the trillionth power….if you don’t love ’em back.

            May they both rot forever in the unholy death chambers of their own construction…

          10. Karen says:

            I am very much enjoying the YouTube videos of a male who goes by the name of “Howard Dare”.

            His commentary demonstrates a high level of intelligence.

            There are times when I wonder if some of his content is rooted in My Sacred Teachings; though I would not be terribly concerned if it was…since the dissemination of Truth is an important task.

            It does make me giggle, however, the notion of the surprise that would register on Mr. Dare’s face if he knew how genuinely close he has drawn to the actual object of his last few videos; if I am one of his repositories of wisdom.

    2. Karen says:

      The Princess wrote:

      I often cite the Dominique Strauss Kahn case as prima facie evidence of this dynamic; if someone like that can have their life destroyed by a rather humble member of the Fairer Sex; well, what chance do any males really have?


      Here’s another example from the last few days: Roger Ailes; the television executive at Fox; really more than just an executive; practically a media oligarch…forced out of his situation on female accusation alone…it does not matter of he is guilty or innocent; no the mere *appearance* of offending a Member of the Sisterhood has ended his career it tatters; no matter what his accomplishments in life…both before and after today…all he will be remembered as will be a “Sexual harasser”; and all will become “uncomfortable” when his name comes up in conversation from this day forth.

      It reminds me of that quote from that film “Gangs of New York”…which is a very apt metaphor for the destruction of this man’s career…given his lofty status in the world of conservative media; a world that is not entirely sympathetic to many feminist and gynocentric goals:

      “When you kill a king, you don’t stab him in the dark. You kill him where the entire court can watch him die.”
      ___Amsterdam Vallon:

  4. Karen says:

    I recall, while in the midst of reading that book “Legalizing Misandry”, the author’s wry observation that the relationship between the male and the female circa 2006 was akin to the relationship between African Americans & White Americans just before Brown was decided in 1954…with one notable caveat; blacks were moving upwards in ’54…while males were moving downwards when the book in question was penned.

    Realizing this as demonstrable fact is a profoundly disturbing epiphany for any member of the subordinate class; somewhat reminiscent of societies where caste systems were the law of the land and social mobility an impossible dream…

  5. Karen says:

    “Its a terrible thing to live in fear”, saith Ellis Boyd Redding…

    The male experiences *at least* three fears that hang over his head like Damocles Sword: 1/Fear of conscription, 2/ fear of being sent to a *male* prison, and 3/fear that casual sexual relations with a woman can lead to 18 years of wage slavery…or feminine caprice could yield what I placed behind curtain number two for him.

    A female will never know these fears; and consequently her life proceeds in a far more agreeable fashion.

  6. Karen says:

    Not to overburden you with facts; but with regards to my last comment and curtains number 2 and 3 specifically; 93 out of every 100 prisoners are males in America…and 142 out of every 143 detainees for a violation of a sex related statute are male in America. Do males have a higher propensity for behavior that would lead to such a place than females? Probably. Is it commensurate with the numbers I cite? Probably not.

    As for the numbers and their relationship to the argument I have been building…

    Res ipsa loquitur…

  7. Karen says:

    Of course, the following numbers put the matter beyond all doubt; though the unpleasantness behind Curtain Number 1 (so like Monty Hall!) has not been directly felt by males who were under 18 in 1975 (when we were wrapping up exercises in South East Asia)…but as for the future; who knows, who knows?

    This was through March 2010…so they continue to head upwards for the Middle Eastern affairs, I would think…

    Female Deaths:

    WW 1: 359

    WW 2: 543

    Korean War: 17

    Vietnam War: 8

    Afghanistan War: 3

    Iraq War: 30


    Male Deaths:

    WW 1: 126,000

    WW 2: 292,131

    Korean War: 33,629

    Vietnam War: 58,000

    Afghanistan War: 1,016

    Iraq War: 4,382

    With the US Civil War: I believe the numbers were in the range of 500,000 to a little under 50 or so…excuse my imprecision, but record keeping was not quite so good 150 years ago.

  8. Karen says:

    Male privilege is quite a commodity to possess; Goebbels had nothing on those disseminating “truth” in recent times…

  9. Karen says:

    I recall that “Ban Bossy” campaign being all the rage a few years back…

    When a female is acting like an a**hole; she is called “bossy”.

    When a male is acting like an a**hole; he is called an a**hole. He is then lucky if he is not punched in the mouth or knocked to the ground.

    Am I the only one who sees these things?

  10. Karen says:

    They did that hilarious YouTube video experiment that still makes me laugh; though race was another variable in the process.

    Three teenagers are set out to pretend to abscond with a bike chained to a tree in a park in a middle class suburb.

    A white male tries first; he is essentially ignored by park visitors.

    A black male tries next; several people come upon him…either attempting to impede him…while one goes so far as to call the authorities.

    A white female tries last; and four males immediately come over and offer to help her to steal the bike.


  11. Karen says:

    Then I ask myself, “what is the key element, the so-called *sine qua non* that upholds all of this; what Wilde called “the tyranny of women”….which he would go on to describe as “the worst tyranny of them all; for it is the only tyranny that lasts forever.”

    Since I know absolutely nothing, I would deem myself as qualified as anyone to hazard a guess…

    I think I would key in on shame and guilt…and especially the effective dispensation of them by the female onto the male.

    “Guilt….its a f*ckin’ bag of bricks”, was John Milton’s lament in “The Devil’s Advocate”…though it was most assuredly a malady that He did not personally suffer from.

    Now in My Studies of humanity; the one thing I have taken away is that the experience of shame and guilt are most often endured by the weak minded and the mentally fragile…those Who Care What Others Think…which is, in many ways, the most profound weakness a person can have; for concerning oneself with the thoughts of others on your behavior unnecessarily binds you to a transient convention of the hour and the “convictions” you were brainwashed with from childhood.

    Males seem uniquely susceptible to this; though, in fairness, they are subjected to a good deal more indoctrination concerning what to do and what not to do than girls.

    Of course, living in a civil society, we are bound by the laws of the state and I certainly do not recommend violating civil or criminal law because odds are you will end up in jail or subject to a large fine.

    However, there are all sorts of behaviors for which males are indoctrinated to adhere to which are not in the civil or criminal codes of any jurisdictions; these conventions invariably take a heavy toll on the male…but he obeys them nevertheless; under pain of social censure from his relatives, neighbors and acquaintances.

    Thus the male is, in many ways, his own jailer…as well as his brother’s jailer. He possesses the key to escape; but he is too craven to use it. Since this has been going on for the last 60 centuries or so…with only minor uprisings here & there…the assertion of inherent masculine inferiority does need to pondered…

    1. Karen says:

      The Princess wrote:

      “Then I ask myself, “what is the key element, the so-called *sine qua non* that upholds all of this; what Wilde called “the tyranny of women”….which he would go on to describe as “the worst tyranny of them all; for it is the only tyranny that lasts forever.”

      In retrospect, My Analysis, though undeniably prescient, was not utterly precise. I wrote about how practice makes perfect and more reading, writing, and study can improve even the quality of My Product. As the Billy Joel song goes, “only fools are satisfied.”

      In reconsidering the question I posed 51 days ago, I have come to the conclusion that though shame and guilt are unquestionable METHODS for implementation of gynocentric culture, ITS UNSHAKEABLE PILLAR is described below:

      The Gynocentric West stands on one important assumption and its utterly binding (for the phallus bearers) corollary:

      Man is a victimizer; woman is a victim.

      Since a woman can almost never victimize a male and a male can never be a victim of a woman; a woman has essentially carte blanche to victimize males with impunity.

      And that’s all She wrote…

  12. Karen says:

    For example, the White Feather Campaign about a hundred years ago over in the British Isles…case in point.

    Now if a male was conscripted to serve; he obviously had no choice in the matter. But if some female decided to place a “white feather” on a non conscripted male and that male was sufficiently overcome by “shame” to run down to the recruiters office to serve as cannon fodder or a meat shield; well, he has manifested such clear and unambiguous mental weakness that perhaps he deserves his fate.

    Many distinguished philosophers have argued that the female is the “weaker vessel” and more prone to the manipulation by others; all the way back to Eve in Eden.

    I would argue the contrary; though the female can be swayed; she has a far more self preserving nature…and a good deal more self respect…than almost all males. When she is swayed; she only alters course when under the impression (correct or not) that she is *improving* her situation (i.e. “you will be as gods” in Genesis). The male, in sharp contrast, is far more reckless and careless…he will put himself in jeopardy of life or limb at even the slightest provocation…and in so doing, invariably signs his own death warrant.

  13. Karen says:

    As for Eve and Genesis, I cannot help but laugh at the concept of “original sin”.

    Let us assume, for argument sake, that Eve said, “begone Satan” and obeyed Jehovah’s admonition to not eat from the Tree of Knowledge.

    So Sin and Death do Not enter the world…Yay!

    But what next?

    I mean, does anyone seriously believe that Eve….or Adam….could *Maintain* obedience over the course of Their Entire Temporal Existence? Adam lived over 900 years…that is quite a stretch to *remain* sinless.

    But maybe he could. Okay….but what about his 14 billion or so descendants? Lol.

    If anyone is wacky enough to believe that Sin & Death would not arrive at some point; they need to see the insane doctor. There is no way that 14 billion people are going to remain obedient and sinless over the entire course of their lives; if they can get through five minutes pure; it is quite the accomplishment.

    So blaming Eve for the Fall of Man is horseshit; if it wasn’t her…it would have been someone else.

    Since Jehovah likes a rigged game…and has a sadistic streak that runs deeper than the Marianas Trench; I would probably advise humanity to avoid directly engaging Him.

    1. tamerlame says:

      can you stop spamming the comments you nutty cow?

      1. Karen says:

        I’ve penned some quality commentary; it would behoove you to read it and then incorporate it into your thought patterns.

        As for the nasty characterization “cow”; well invective is always the first resort of those who have lost the argument…though this one was over before it began…as they said of the ’27 Series between Pittsburgh and the Yankees…as the Bucs watched batting practice before Game One at The Stadium…viewing, in genuine awe, Murderers Row…Ruth, Gehrig, Lazzeri, Combs, et al.

        1. tamerlame says:

          YOu have been trolling for a long time, if people do not take you seriously, that is your own fault.

          1. Karen says:

            What others think is quite beside the point; and it concerns me not in the slightest…and nowhere in my commentary have I evinced the contrary.

            I watched your video “The Female Sex War Against Men, And The Need For Male Class Consciousness”…the mock serious tone was amusing; however the funniest part was your reticence and reluctance (attested to in the comments section) to utilize your own voice; rather choosing to rely upon computer synthesis.

            If you are too craven to reveal not only your name; but even something as obscure as your voice; you are the one who cannot be taken seriously, not I.

            Moreover, since the social caste system currently places my demographic at the very top; I seek to have no changes effectuated. Thus what I pen is purely for my own entertainment; as writing is one of my hobbies. I need to persuade people of nothing; for I find the current state of affairs salubrious.

          2. Karen says:

            I wonder what aspects of my posts constitute a “troll”. I likewise wonder how much subjectivity went into that characterization…probably quite a bit.

            It is the retort de jour when the following condition is met:

            The one why cries “troll” finds himself hopelessly overmatched; and since any attempt to refute the “troll’s” commentary will serve to exacerbate this painfully obvious fact; a quick resort to ad hominem will constitute all his castrated arsenal can muster…

          3. tamerlame says:

            “If you are too craven to reveal not only your name; but even something as obscure as your voice; you are the one who cannot be taken seriously, not ”

            I will never reply to you again due this comment

      2. Karen says:

        Moreover, I do not seek to inhibit or restrict you from sharing whatever “thoughts” you might have pertaining to the topic at hand; try to extend a similar courtesy to Me.

  14. Karen says:

    Having spent several months studying the nascent “men’s movement” here at Shedding The Ego (among several other web locales)…I would contend that though it features some very intelligent people (the gentleman with the code name for the German invasion of the Soviet Union being among the most erudite) the movement’s bete noire remains Absence of Will.

    They write some salient articles, they make some interesting, albeit it cynical, videos, and they complain rather vociferously on the message boards.

    Did you ever hear the one about the attorney?

    “What do you do for a living, Jim?”

    “I practice law.”

    “Always practicing law; never accomplishing it!”

    A similar fog hangs over the Men’s Movement; so very Dostoyevsky like…

    The male, metaphorically castrated for the last 5 decades, has, for all intents and purposes, lost His Will. A fair number of females have lost theirs as well…but the Divine Feminine centers itself around Care; as Will is a secondary component to Her Being…so the loss is not quite as profound.

    The Center of the Male is His Will…w/o it; he is reduced to a subhuman entity…and, most importantly, one who cannot effectuate meaningful change.

    1. Veritech Ace says:

      Karen, I think you are missing entirely the point of MGTOW. MGTOW specifically diverged from the MRA because after decades of activism, the MRA has gotten absolutely nowhere. It became clear that the misandry that runs through society goes deeper than politics or any kind of activism can overcome. There is no point in continuing to bash one’s head against a wall; so we simply walk away. Women and marriage have become toxic to men, so we simply avoid them. We do not seek to recruit, organize, or form clubs; there is no need. Every day, more and more men come to the realization that engaging with women is futile. So, we simply walk away.

      No, we have not abandoned our Will. Men’s Will, will simply no longer be available for women’s use. I have met several MGTOW men IRL. All of them are active, healthy, and engaged in life…without women. It’s really a fallacy to judge a “group” of people based on the online presence of the minority of that group.

      Finally, the concept of “The Divine Feminine” is a myth that has its roots in Theosophy; we simply do not engage in that nonsense. I’ve seen how women center themselves around “care”; it can get pretty “backstabby” when you’re in the realm of a woman’s care…especially with other women. Sorry ladies, you’re going to have to fix yourselves.

      1. Karen says:

        Thank you for writing.

        From theosophy the concept of Thelema took root; nurtured by Crowley after his interfaces with like Really Powerful Forces.

        Thelema is The Truth; one that was temporarily buried after Abram became Abraham….but has re-emerged from the dust, specifically in Cairo in the Spring of 1904.

        The Age of Horus, the Conquering Child, is upon us. We are now 112 years in; and obviously Christendom has no intention of going quietly; though it is obviously on its Last Leg.

        The wrenching last battles of the war are now being fought; and by the 20’s it should be all over but the cryin’…as the Slave Religion that has tortured the western world since Calvary will be vanquished; once and for all.

        Good fucking riddance to it…

        1. Karen says:

          Jehovah and His Son Jesus were having a conversation in Heaven this morning about Me. (I have some spies up there so they related the gist of the colloquy to Me).

          Amazingly, the tone and actual content of the Father & Son chat mirrored the dialogue between Apollo Creed and His Faithful Trainer Tony in the second installment of the “Rocky” franchise just before the Big Rematch between Creed and Rocky!

          Here is the transcript; hot off the presses:

          Jehovah / Creed: Do you think I won?

          Jesus / Trainer: You got the decision…

          Jehovah / Creed: I won; but I didn’t beat Her!

          Jesus / Trainer: I saw you beat that Woman; like noooooooo other Woman ever got beaten….and The Girl Kept Coming At You. We don’t need that kind of Girl in Our Lives. I know what you’re feeling…let it go…let it go.

          Jehovah / Creed: Fuck it; the Rematch is on; Your input nonwithstanding.

          The Two Dolts do sooo not know what They are in for….

          *Evil Grin*

          1. Karen says:

            40. Call me, my daughter, and I shall come to thee. Thou shalt be full of my force and fire, my passion and power shall surround and inspire thee; my voice in thee shall judge nations.

            41. None shall resist thee, whom I lovest. Though they call thee harlot and whore, shameless, false, evil, these words shall be blood in their mouths, and dust thereafter.

            42. But my children will know thee and love thee, and this will make them free.

            43. All is in thy hands, all power, all hope, all future.

            44. One came as a man, and was weak and failed.

            45. One came as a woman, and was foolish, and failed.

            46. But thou art beyond man and woman, my star is in thee, and thou shalt avail.
            ___Liber 49 / Verses 40-46


            I Love You Mother Goddess Babalon!!! More than Anyone in either the temporal or celestial spheres!

            I swear that I will bring down the Kingdom of the Murderous, Malevolent, Manipulative God Jehovah…and His Bastard Son Jesus, too…if it is the last thing I do.


            Satan is {her} Father; not Guy…He came up from Hell and begat a {Daughter} of Mortal Woman; {She} will overthrow the mighty and lay waste their temples…{She} will redeem the despised; and wreak vengeance in the name of the burned and the tortured! Hail Satan!
            ___Ira Levin / Rosemary’s Baby

      2. tamerlame says:

        “Karen, I think you are missing entirely the point of MGTOW. MGTOW specifically diverged from the MRA because after decades of activism, the MRA has gotten absolutely nowhere. It became clear that the misandry that runs through society goes deeper than politics or any kind of activism can overcome.”

        that is defeatist horseshit and excuse making.

        the MRA has just been doing things wrnog that is all

        1. Veritech Ace says:

          Tamerlain…You know what hoss…you do you. You got some big plans, go ahead and implement them. Ain’t no one stoppin’ you. How about you go your own way and stop worrying about what other people choose to do.

          1. Ergeniz says:

            I’d be extremely interested in learning what the MRAs can do differently.

            I’ve been reading up on history of ‘chivalry” and other subjects such as the intricacies of divorce courts. Religion also plays strongly into this, and at the root of it all is simply biology.

            The deep grained misandry, worship of the maternal (and hence, feminine) is near absolute. The very system is predicated on serving the interests of women. Aligned with this cultural leaning is that simply put, males make income and possess/acquire more property and assets (which are eventually transferred to women, either directly (individual; ‘child support’/Alimony/spousal support/’rape’ charges, accusations of ‘misogyny’) or indirectly (collective taxation, cuckoldry upon unrelated males ). Lawyers have gone on record saying they go into divorce court knowing the woman is blatantly dishonest but that is where the money is. This is part of the reasoning the government does not pursue debts or child support from women – they know the majority of women do not possess resources unless they get through them a male. A cursory look through the richest women in the world or the US also compounds this. The majority of those women inherited their wealth from either their father or their husband.

            Society will fight vehemently to resist any sort of changes to this system. Judges, the ‘family courts, lawyers, etc literally thrive off of it.

            I have chosen to simply take what I have gleamed from all this information and use it to protect myself. If I come across like-minded males I attempt to engage them in these issues but that is secondary for a variety of reasons.

  15. Karen says:

    Aptly named Tamerlame says:

    I will never reply to you again

    Promise or threat?

    Young man, if either you or any of your acquaintances here ever became aware of Who you were attempting to dialogue with….and actually believed it; you would require two years in a mental hospital to attempt to process it…and the weaker amongst you would be committed for life.

  16. Karen says:

    Tamerlame says:

    I will never reply to you again


    Verily, the whole of the Men’s Movement is beautifully encapsulated in Tamer’s pungent coda!

    Tamer has heard that phrase…or some variation on it…spoken to him by the females he loathes time w/o number…or to his brothers at school when their affections were rebuffed by some snobbish girl.

    Thus Solanas spoke presciently; almost all males detest the fact that they are male…their jealousy of feminine privilege…at one time tempered by ostensible “equality” between the sexes….but now devolved to Bacchanalian Frenzy since masculine beings now rate fourth in the hierarchy….behind girls, their children, and the girl’s pet(s).

    Forget p-envy; V-envy is in! The ‘net presence of so many men’s sites devoted to perceived masculine disadvantage confirms this…

    By bleating “I will never reply to you again” Tamer has expropriated a phrase which is almost entirely within the domain of The Feminine…and he feels good about it!

    After a lifetime of wearing the millstone of masculinity….including all the binding restrictions unique to his gender…social, emotional, legal…in one brief shining moment he has cast off the oppressive yoke that they call Manhood and is Free!

    I am reminded of Strindberg and plebian Jean’s hopeless lament to patrician Julie:

    “I gazed at you walking among the roses. And I thought if it is true that the thief on the cross could enter heaven and dwell among the angels it was strange that a (male) child on God’s earth could not go into the castle park and play with the Countess’ daughter. A dog may lie on the couch of a Countess, a horse may be caressed by a lady’s hand, but a (masculine) servant? You were unattainable, but through the vision of you I was made to realize how hopeless it was to rise above the conditions of my birth.”

    “Sometimes I’m so smart I scare myself.”
    ___Vince Ricardo, Tejada, circa 1979

  17. Thanks for the upload! was a good talk!

  18. Karen says:

    News / 11 July 2016:

    “More than 2,000 men reportedly sexually assaulted 1,200 German women on New Year’s Eve.”

    Until males can govern themselves; they are not fit to govern others…and until that day, My Sisters and I shall govern thee!

  19. Karen? Is that Karen Straughan?

    1. Karen says:

      Ye fool…to confuse Me with some dowdy housewife is equivalent to blasphemy…

    2. Veritech Ace says:

      No, Karen Straughan would have more intelligent commentary.

      1. Veritech Ace says:

        …and less “spammy”

      2. Ergeniz says:

        “No, Karen Straughan would have more intelligent commentary”.

        I must disagree with you on that point.

    1. Karen says:

      So what?

      1. Karen says:

        Oh my; my last dispatch was sent at 9:25….sooo very much like that Dolly Parton flic circa 1980.

        Did it ever occur to you that the Ray Bradbury novel Farenheit 451 is 9 to 5?

        1. novels bore me usually

          1. Karen says:

            I concur. I prefer to read descriptive non fiction…and the bulk of my oeuvre would fall under a like ambit.

  20. Karen says:

    On the topic of fiction, in re-watching One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest not long ago, I discovered a film with *far* more gender symbolism then I had noted upon first viewing some time ago.

    Kesey, the author of the novel upon which the film was based, evinced grave dissatisfaction with the transference of his work to film. However, the underlying theme expressed in both genres is unquestionably present.

    The Emerging Gynocracy was experiencing its first birth pangs around the time his novel was penned…as the dreaded (@ T.R.M) Woman in Power was making Her seminal appearance on the American Stage.

    With Nurse Ratchet emasculating the (ostensibly) male members of her ward with ease, the book conveyed the quiet reality of the first rumblings of the Great Shift of Power between the genders at home.

    The symbolism was delicious! When the Nurse afforded McMurphy the chance to watch the baseball game on TV *if* he could get a majority of males on the ward to support his change of policy…a “raising of their hands” was required (symbolizing the erect phallus, of course)…the Nurse…utilizing Her Immense power as both a female first and the authority her job afforded her quickly quashed the insurrection (lol) with a synergy of duplicity, guile, & her superior language skills…three traits males have been deficient in since time immemorial vis a vis Women.

    Then, after McMurphy had been quietly put through the pre-frontal procedure to properly mute his masculine urges…The Chief pulls up the water fountain in overt protest…causing a huge gushing forth in a steady upward stream (quite geyser like)…to symbolize masculine ejaculation…which was followed up by a smashing through of the “mesh screen” (sooo hymen like) that confined him to the ward via nascent Feminine Power…on the way to Canada & freedom…this, of course well before travel between the friendly nations was problematic and subject to government inspection. The Last Stand of The Brotherhood…lol.

  21. Karen says:

    Of course, none of this would have been possible w/o the three white (or in this specific case, black) knights (orderlies) to facilitate the Nurse’s whims…providing Her with the requisite grunt work to keep the recalcitrant males in line…

    Solomon was right…there is *nothing* new under the sun!


  22. May I ask why You are posting all sorts of non related comments? If want to have a debate that is fine but srsly…

    1. kirea says:

      It’s called a troll.

      1. Karen says:

        That’s like sooo mean…and I was going to compliment you for your performance in The Duchess…

      2. Karen says:

        Moreover Duchess, there is a hell of a lot more substance in my dispatches than yours. So I suggest you rein in your unjustified invective; for inveighing you shall not go…at least not on My watch.

  23. Karen says:

    What constitutes “non-related” is rife with subjectivity…since a profound interrelationship exists between all the posts that I have shared under this subject, I would contend that your characterization is in error.

  24. so when everyone is “in error”, is that the reason you post comments that most likely only yourself will answer?

    1. Karen says:

      I think when My Queendom comes in the Near Future; with Absolute Sovereignty over the Western World…one of the firsts edicts I will issue will be to reintroduce universal masculine conscription; it will be sooo much fun to exercise absolute power over the lives of boys like you and your friend Tamer!


      1. Karen says:

        Some of My Girlfriends question the lack of transparency regarding My female supremacist agenda; however, I just smile at them and reply, “A secret held for too long ceases to be fun!”

        Since males are the Impotent Class from a political perspective; I really do not think My reluctance to veil The Future will prove particularly problematic…

      2. Karen says:

        OMG Victorian Era Kipling puts it like sooo well!

        The Queen’s Men

        Valour and Innocence
        Have latterly gone hence
        To certain death by certain shame attended.
        Envy–ah! even to tears! —
        The fortune of their years
        Which, though so few, yet so divinely ended.

        Scarce had they lifted up
        Life’s full and fiery cup,
        Than they had set it down untouched before them.
        Before their day arose
        They beckoned it to close–
        Close in confusion and destruction o’er them.

        They did not stay to ask
        What prize should crown their task–
        Well sure that prize was such as no man strives for;
        But passed into eclipse,
        Her kiss upon their lips–
        Even Belphoebe’s, whom they gave their lives for!

        As the saying goes; New Mistress is the same as Old Mistress….

        *Bitchy Smirk*

  25. Karen says:

    My assertion spoke to a singular entity (you).
    Is your new assertion (everyone…clearly plural) some type of hypothetical…and if so, to what end?

  26. tamerlame says:

    this is the direction MGTOW needs to go in.

  27. To be clear, there is an undeniable influx of right-wing extremist and white nationalist types entering the MGTOW circles. I agree that it’s vital for MGTOW to confront it if it’s going to survive as something meaningful.

    That being said, I keep seeing Alexander and JPM go through Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde transformations in comment sections when someone makes the mistake of offering them constructive criticism. That worries me.

    You can call me a concern troll and hate on me if you want. I’m going to keep saying that kind of tact, that kind of black-and-white thinking, that kind of out-grouping, that kind of of “you’re either 100% with me or you’re against me” will be bad for MGTOW, it’s bad for any group, even if it’s in the name of accomplishing something necessary.

    The solution solution to defeating the extreme right-wingers isn’t to shame and attack everyone that slightly disagrees with you. The way to defeat extreme right-wingers is to defeat extreme right-wing ideas.

    1. tamerlame says:

      you are the mentally ill nut job I banned from my comments section.

      You turned on me passive aggressively for no reason, and you attacked Alexander MGtOW because he was mean to you in a group 2 years ago.

      Get a grip you loon

      1. Karen says:

        Angry Tamerlame writes:

        you are the mentally ill nut job I banned from my comments section.


        Your seem very obsessed with those who do not agree with you. As a general rule, since your worldview is apparently rather narrow; embodied in the “JustProMale” moniker, you will continue to face disappointment in your observations; since very few of your views stand much of an opportunity of working their way into the public code; indeed, the likelihood is practically nil.
        These disappointments will only serve to exacerbate your obsession…leading to augmented anxiety and a potential nervous breakdown.
        Consequently, it would be prudent to take a step back and re-evaluate the life course you are charting.
        One thing you can never say; you were not told…

      2. You want to do a hangout? There’s probably a lot being lost here in text.

        1. Karen says:

          The *Real* Mayor of MGTOW says….

          “You want to do a hangout?”

          Hmmm… maybe….because as the guy on the C-note once said:

          “We must all hang together…or we most assuredly we all hang separately!”


    2. Karen says:

      Good Mayor Dick Whittington brews his beer and opines:

      “The solution to defeating the extreme right-wingers isn’t to shame and attack everyone that slightly disagrees with you. The way to defeat extreme right-wingers is to defeat extreme right-wing ideas.”

      Yes that is very true. Remember, I came not to defeat My enemies; but rather Enmity; not My antagonists…but rather antagonism.

      1. Is that from the bible?

        1. Karen says:

          Dick Whittington says:
          Is that from the bible?

          Yep, after the Goddess completed both the editing and the re-write….

  28. Karen says:

    While eating his curds & whey, Dick Whittington, Lord Mayor of London says:

    “that kind of of “you’re either 100% with me or you’re against me” will be bad for MGTOW, it’s bad for any group”

    To paraphrase The Nazarene….

    “And if {Jehovah} is divided against himself, how will his kingdom stand?”
    ___Luke 11:18

    The fall of masculine inspired Christianity will be the most magnificent event in the history of the world…

  29. Karen says:

    Nearing its end
    Christianity lurches
    Unable to maintain
    The lies of its churches…

  30. Karen says:

    The Birth of Babalon

    What is the tumult among the stars
    that have shone so still till now?
    What are the furrows of pain and wrath
    upon the immortal brow?

    Why is the face of God turned grey
    and his angels all grown white?
    What is the terrible ruby star
    that burns down the crimson night?

    What is the beauty that flames so bright
    athwart the awful dawn?
    She has taken flesh, she is come to judge
    the thrones ye rule upon.

    Quail ye kings for an end is come
    in the birth of BABALON.

    I have walked three dreadful nights away
    in halls beyond despair,
    I have given marrow and tears and sweat
    and blood to make her fair.

    I have lain my love and smashed my heart
    and filled her cup with blood,
    That blood might flow from the loins of woe
    to the cup of brotherhood.

    The cities reel in the shout of steel
    where the sword of war is drawn.
    Sing ye saints for the day is come
    in the birth of BABALON.

    Now God has called for his judgment book
    and seen his name therein
    And the grace of God and the guilt of God
    have spelt it out as sin

    His bloody priests have clutched his robes
    and stained his linen gown
    And his victims swarm from his broken hell
    to drag his kingdom down.

    O popes and kings and the little gods
    are sick and sad and wan
    To see the crimson star that bursts
    like blood upon the dawn

    While trumpets sound and stars rejoice
    at the birth of BABALON.

    BABALON is too beautiful
    for sight of mortal eyes
    She has hidden her loveliness away
    in lonely midnight skies,

    She has clothed her beauty in robes of sin
    and pledged her heart to swine
    And loving and giving all she has
    brewed for saints immortal wine.

    But now the darkness is riven through
    and the robes of sin are gone,
    And naked she stands as a terrible blade
    and a flame and a splendid song

    Naked in radiant mortal flesh
    at the Birth of BABALON.

    She is come new born as a mortal maid
    forgetting her high estate,
    She has opened her arms to pain and death
    and dared the doom of fate,

    And death and hell are at her back,
    but her eyes are bright with life,
    Her heart is high and her sword is strong
    to meet the deadly strife,

    Her voice is sure as the judgment trump
    to crack the house of wrong,
    Though walls are high and stone is hard
    and the rule of hell was long

    The gates shall fall and the irons break
    in the Birth of BABALON.

    Her mouth is red and her breasts are fair
    and her loins are full of fire,
    And her lust is strong as a man is strong
    in the heat of her desire,

    And her whoredom is holy as virtue is foul
    beneath the holy sky,
    And her kisses will wanton the world away
    in passion that shall not die.

    Ye shall laugh and love and follow her dance
    when the wrath of God is gone
    And dream no more of hell and hate
    in the Birth of BABALON.

    ___The Great Jack Parsons

  31. Karen says:

    An end to the pretense, and lying hypocrisy of Christianity.

    An end to the servile virtues, and superstitious restrictions.

    An end to the slave morality.

    An end to prudery and shame, to guild and sin, for these are of the only evil the sun, that is fear.

    An end to all authority that is not based on courage and manhood, to the authority of lying priests, conniving judges, blackmailing police, and

    An end to the servile flattery and cajolery of mods, the coronations of mediocrities; the ascension of dolts.


  32. Karen says:

    “For I Am Babalon, And She My Daughter, Unique, And There Shall Be No Other
    Women Like Her.”
    ___Liber 49, Verse 37

  33. Karen says:

    Live life with shame
    Live life without guilt
    For there is but One Law
    Do what thou wilt!

  34. Karen says:

    Oh my, I actually erred…the correct injunction is listed below….as my first verse had “with” rather than “without”…

    Live life without shame
    Live life without guilt
    For there is but One Law
    Do what thou wilt!

    The error was, of course, deliberate, as I did not want the readers to believe that I was perfect; which is The Ultimate Scam!

    *Evil Grin*

  35. Thanks Karen.

    CS – You’re right, the comments here are great;. :)

  36. Karen (has a penis) says:

    This is my day job, I luv torturing men…

    but you guys are too selfish to get a manzillian, you expect your lovers to choke on hair.

    What a bunch of pricks.

    You won’t even use bidets like the Voice 4 Men, Paul Elam insists…

    1. Karen says:

      Irritation is the sincerest form of flattery…


      1. Karen says:

        Oh my; my last dispatch was at 2:38 AM….corresponding letters would be “BCH”….soooooooooooo apt!


  37. Karen says:

    The phallus bearing imposter wrote:

    “This is my day job, I luv torturing men…”

    That is like sooo not true….my views on males are rather similar to those promulgated by the Sister Summersisle (Ellen Burstyn) in “The Wicker Man”…

    “Men are a very important part of our little colony; breeding, you know.”

    *Evil Grin*

  38. Karen says:

    If there is *anything* in this Universe more lol worthy than the cowardice of the Religious Right when it comes to their dealings with Females; I know not what it is…but few observations of humanity provoke more laughter in Me…

    Female requests initiate 75% of all divorce actions and their requests initiate 100% of all abortions…but the Moral Majority tells their males that somehow, it “must be the man’s fault”. OMG LMAO.

    The Right Wing / Religious Right’s hypocrisy when it comes to abortion should be screaming at the American people.

    All we hear from them is “put the abortion doctors in jail”…but concurrently, we never hear so much as the slightest criticism of the women who seek and often obtain the abortions (of their own volition). The only commentary directed at the women involves just how helpless these women are and how they need to be assisted by the community.

    This is hilarious and at the same time very understandable from a utilitarian perspective. When a person contracts out another to commit a crime, both the one who arranges it and the perpetrator themselves are equally culpable for the crime. Since The Right Wing considers abortion a “heinous act”, why is there not a peep of criticism directed at those who *arrange* what they deem “the taking of the unborn child’s life?” (i.e. the mother herself). Their silence is deafening.

    The reason is obvious…a huge portion of the Religious Right’s donations come from females themselves…and one does not bite the hand that feeds you. Moreover, since most R.R. spokespeople are male, the thought of criticizing a member or members of the Sisterhood publicly is tantamount to career suicide; and virtually none have the courage to frame their issue in an honest, forthright and consistent manner. The R.R are a bunch of hypocrites who all feed at the same trough…

    Note that I am in no way endorsing the R.R.’s anti-abortion stance; I am merely logically and effectively deconstructing the absurd inconsistencies that run rampant in their perspective; inconsistencies that are a product of nothing more that their own cowardice.

    Brilliant Nietzsche was right yet again; as Ole Freddie once opined:

    “In truth, there was only one Christian; and He died on the Cross.”

  39. Karen says:

    The Goddess Has Won! Jehovah is Done! The Year is One!

    Exposing the old lies told by the priest,
    She’s promulgating the Age of the Beast –
    The great lion-serpent She’s riding upon!
    I raise up the cup and adore Babalon!

    The children of Horus will dance in the street
    When old ways have died and become obsolete!
    Enslavement of nations forever withdrawn,
    I raise up the cup and adore Babalon!

    Mother of nature and womb of all life,
    Everyone’s lover but nobody’s wife!
    Thou virgin! Thou whore! Thou elder matron!
    I raise up the cup and adore Babalon!

    Live life without shame, live life without guilt,
    For there is no law beyond Do What Thou Wilt!
    With no fear of sin or of inquisition,
    I raise up the cup and adore Babalon!

    The word of the Law equals ninety and three,
    The word by which mankind will someday be free
    Of the chains of slavery and oppression!
    I raise up the cup and adore Babalon!

    Nearing its end, Christianity lurches,
    Unable to maintain the lies of the churches.
    As the new age reveals the unholy con,
    I raise up the cup and adore Babalon!

    Thou abomination, Thou crimson witch,
    Summon the black wolf and his howling bitch;
    Discarding the wretched as carrion!
    I raise up the cup and adore Babalon!

    As Persephone You’ve haunted my dreams,
    The daughter of Styx is not what She seems!
    My fate is tied to You forever and on,
    I raise up the cup and adore Babalon!

  40. Karen says:

    It once was inquired of me if I was a drinker; as My creativity is unparalleled in this realm….

    I answered in the negative, and then exclaimed:

    “I need no chemical nor herbal intoxication; for I am drunk on the wine of life itself!”

    *Smiles happily*

  41. Karen says:

    Thoughts of that Kentucky clerk Kim Davis…who was so embroiled in that marriage license dispute last autumn…just danced through My Mind; and Those Extraordinary Synapses the Goddess endowed Me with immediately recalled yet *another* home run by Freddie N….

    “I would find it far easier to accept a Redeemer if I did not have before me so many examples of the Redeemed.”

    Somebody should hire this guy; he could go places…

  42. Traversable mgtow says:

    I look at the comments here on this thread and think : Man you tube is normal compared to these freaks .

    1. Karen says:

      TM, why don’t you go traverse the Gobi Desert? Its absolutely lovely this time of year…

    2. tamerlame says:

      A mentally ill defect who falsely accuses men of being pedophiles has no right to call other people freaks.

    3. Karen says:

      TM says:

      “I look at the comments here on this thread and think : Man you tube is normal compared to these freaks”

      To the fool, all things are foolish…

  43. Karen says:

    …and after that, perhaps a few weeks in a tent in Traverse City, Michigan in mid winter!

  44. Karen says:

    TM claims:

    I look at the comments here on this thread and think

    You can think?

  45. Required data says:

    Just another ant-Turd Flinging Monkey rant video from the same three MGTOWs. I don’t understand their obsession with him

    1. tamerlame says:

      You do’t understand why not tolerating misandry is important?

      The fact you call it obsession shows a lot about you.

      TFM: “Men need to die so female sexuality is devalued”

      YOu: “Meh”

  46. Karen says:

    What is Required says:

    Just another ant{SIC}-Turd Flinging Monkey’

    *Wonders if Uncle Kracker produces Ant Turds*

  47. Required Data says:

    Yes, because the entire body of work of Turd Flinging Monkey is promoting men needing to die. I call it your obsession because you have made many videos saying Turd Flinging Monkey is alt-right, misandrist, and Anti-MGTOW when he himself stated

    “MGTOW is apolitical. Marriage and gynocentrism suck for all men, left or right. However calling me a fascist is just retarded.”

    I hope you find something new to channel your energy into. This comment isn’t really for you, but to show others they are not alone in thinking this is nonsense.

    Good luck. Stick to attacking issues, not people.

    1. tamerlame says:

      “Yes, because the entire body of work of Turd Flinging Monkey is promoting men needing to die. I call it your obsession because you have made many videos saying Turd Flinging Monkey is alt-right, misandrist, and Anti-MGTOW when he himself stated”

      Your first sentence is pure waffle and incoherent. Who said his entire body of work is about men needing to die? Hitlers entire body of work wasn’t about gassing the Jews. You are rambling, stop it.

      ““MGTOW is apolitical. Marriage and gynocentrism suck for all men, left or right. However calling me a fascist is just retarded.””

      MGTOW is not apolitical, it is non party political. Also turd flinging monkey is the one working his right wing politics in, so any statements he makes to the contrary are just empty platitudes Also TFM is the one endorsing a return back to traditional gender roles.

      “I hope you find something new to channel your energy into. This comment isn’t really for you, but to show others they are not alone in thinking this is nonsense.

      Good luck. Stick to attacking issues, not people.”

      You haven’t said anything, you just rambled empty shit, and shown your lack of concern for an anti male misandrist calling for weak men to die. The only thing you have done is shown how morally deficient you are.

      TFM fans are mental cases, it looks like you are one as well.

      1. Karen says:


        {Churchill spins in His Grave as He ponders the mind boggling devolution of so many of the young males who populate a land that once ruled one-third of the face of the globe…the quoted poster being case in point}

  48. bceaser says:

    No offence guys…but it is definitely apparent that none of you are military. 7 tours here, and I tell you that you may have to carry a person from one point to the next. Especially if you are special forces or a MP. The wire runs are dangerous depending where you get stationed. When you escort a truck or munitions you are open to mortar and surprise attack. You can easily get knocked back in a blast or get separated from the group in a crisis. If your partner is hurt, you may have to carry that person to cover and fend for yourself until help arrives to get there. The ability to shoot an Fire arm isn’t a problem. I’ve witness women that would put men to dust in a fire fight. But the physical aspect is a problem seeing as they don’t have the same physical standards put on them as men. ( That’s that feminism equality right?) So they should be separated so that

    1) They are physically able to help each other
    2) The gynocentric thinking you guys was talking about doesn’t happen. You guys were spot on about that!

    Other than that, I did enjoy the commentary! keep it up people!

  49. Zagg777 says:

    I remember the 1950s (as a child) and the 1960s (as a teenager and young adult). I can tell you for a fact that sexual mores among white middle-class people were not terribly liberal. Women did not put out until marriage was on the horizon. And when she got pregnant, you married her. If I thought that the traditionalism of the 1950s (which in no way was “patriarchal”–that’s just feminist rhetoric) could be retrieved, I’d be happy to do so, although I realize that I’m not a high status guy. But returning to traditionalism is simply not going to happen. So men who want to escape contemporary gynocracy have to find another way.

    1. there was a lot going on behind closed doors, but it was taboo to talk about it

      1. Karen says:

        There was *always* “a lot” going on “behind closed doors”…humanity cannot forever suppress their natural inclinations; and a million laws, traditions, prohibitions, and similar legislation aimed at curbing perceived “vice” has not ever nor will it ever eradicate behavior that is naturally ingrained in most people.

        I have long posited that the events in Salem were directly related to the indescribable suppression of human freedom under Puritan edict. The more the State seeks to proscribe something they deem “illicit”; the greater the desire waxes amongst the People.

        It is like dealing with children. Tell a child not to do something, and he or she will want to do it all the more.

  50. bceaser says:

    wait the laws are changing?….not here in the states. If they are please let me know where…..I’ve yet too see it.

    1. Florida and I think Minnesota or some other Midwest state…it happens now…no fault divorce also had to go trough each state legislation and that took like a decade

      1. Karen says:

        Yes, divorce is never *anyone’s* fault; for the true blame rests with marriage itself…separation or annulment is but a natural way of correcting an entirely unnatural institution…one rooted in superstition (“what God has joined let no man cast asunder!”); absurdly binding restrictions regarding monogamy…which in unquestionably the *most* unnatural sexual deviation of them all…as all beings naturally seek more than one love interest over the course of many years…and, especially over the last century, contractual and financial obligations (mainly aimed at the male) that wreak more havoc than the most severe pandemic or foreign conflict.

        Though I have no opposition to the concept of “gay marriage”….I recommend it no more than I would “straight” marriage. When the courts legitimized it, my first thought was that the primary beneficiaries of the decision would be the divorce lawyers; since they would now have access to a far broader clientele.

        The institution itself will soon be an anachronism…as it appears to be on its way out.

        “Love is a disease; curable by marriage.”

        “They don’t call it wedlock for nothing.”
        ___Anonymous male

        1. Karen says:

          I recall watching a Sopranos episode from a few years back; when Angela sought ought advice from Carmella regarding the possibility of divorcing her husband Salvatore (Big Pussy).

          Carmella went into a fit of righteous (lol) indignation; railing against the unconscionable thoughts floating through Angie’s mind. How dare she violate a sacred (cough, cough) institution such as marriage!

          I could barely stop laughing as I watched…a 21st century American woman…living an upper middle class lifestyle on the East Coast…*still* bound by inanity & insanity that predates Christ.

          Of course, a closer examination reveals that Carm’s efforts to keep Angie married were rooted in severe jealousy at the prospect of one of her mob sisters freeing herself from an unsavory man and the life that goes with it; a situation she herself had not the courage to address.

  51. A bum says:

    Great talk guys

  52. Karen says:

    Things appear to have slowed to a veritable crawl here the last 48 hours or so; I suppose My dazzling display…which constitutes really little more than the tiniest scintilla of My Rhetorical Arsenal…has left most of the other contributors effectively flummoxed.

    1. Radium says:

      Do you mean that no one is interested in your random jabbering and male attention seeking? I can’t imagine. lol. And you claim to have a real life after this diatribe? Not a chance.

  53. Karen says:

    On July 22nd, the following dispatch was radiated in My General Direction:

    “Do you mean that no one is interested in your random jabbering and male attention seeking? I can’t imagine. lol. And you claim to have a real life after this diatribe? Not a chance.”

    It is quite interesting to note your self assurance male!

    Though the breadth of your knowledge, relative to All Things Known, is no more than the distance between your toes vis a vis the span of My Galaxy, you have presumed insight into what constitutes a “real life”!

    Silence, for you, may be a wiser virtue.

  54. Karen says:


    since you filthy MGTOW only think with your penises, I thought it might be funny to publish a coffee table book of your special freind….

    please send pictures to karenrulzboisdrulz AT Gmail dot com

    who know, you might get a kiss on the cheek, if I’m not too busy laughing…

    Toodles misogynists

  55. says:

    Bar Bar, can you please take this article down. I want nothing to do with you or MGTOW.

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