Are PUA’s Suggesting Androcide to Help them Find Nawalts?

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  1. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

    I am unable to post links, BarBarian, why do you cenosr me soo…

    1. Jessire Nagy says:

      ♂ The more primal a society becomes, the more effeminate males become – mindless. Masculinity is about systematizing. These p.u.a. types are abiding by an aesthetic, to which many female m.r.a.s would much rather side with, as much as they would deny it. ♂

  2. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

    here is the (f)article cut and pasted…

    Neo Masculinity is Stupid as Fuck and Unsustainable….

    Alright, an oversimplification, but in the neo-masculinity, you are supposed to fuck allot of womyn-thus ruining them and making them worthless for marriage. Then when you are bored, or is it too old, you move on and marry a good womyn who kept her legs closed while the womyn your penis ruined now hit the wall and even their cats don’t want to be with them.

    Let’s do some fucking math here…

    If you live in an area where over half of the men have been killed in war then maybe the following situation could occur. Let’s say there are at least two women for every man. Monogamous marriage is still the standard, things haven’t gone in the direction of polygamy. So a man takes one wife. He might have a mistress on the side or an unmarried woman may sell sex. The young guys might visit some of the women who sell sex and realize they may still get a wife who hasn’t been fooling around. You could have most of the men having many sex partners, perhaps half the women unable to find a husband and having several partners either as mistresses or prostitutes. It would still be possible for many of the men to find virgin wives while they are having many partners. However, how could they be certain that the woman they are marrying wasn’t a mistress or prostitute for a short stint?

    Anyways, we live in a far different scenario. I suppose things are closer to 50/50 as far as the ratio of men and women. So how can many men be promiscuous unless many women are or a few women are hyper promiscuous?

    It’s just as unsustainable as an economy that is based on consumer spending where the consumers (middle class) are constantly eroding. I suppose these fucks consult with Mr. Clarey where the alpha’s don’t need to do teh maths.

    But let’s explore. If these guys spend most of their 20’s and 30’s fucking lotts of womyn, where will the “good girls” be? Off the market, married? Will they have to prowl much younger women? Let’s be real, Roosh with his gray beard approaching 18 and 19 year old college girls. How long before he gets accused of “robbing the craddle?” It might be technically legal for him to approach much younger women but most younger women don’t want a 40 year old. They might go for a youthful mid 20’s guy just starting his professional career but not a middle aged man unless he’s a straight up rockstar or Hollywood actor. In fetish circles, there is something called a “daddy fetish.” Perhaps he could track down a girl on a fetish site looking for a daddy. However, on fetish sites you will find promiscuous people who want lots of experience. That leads him back to women his own age. Is he going to hunt for a recent divorcee who married her high school sweetheart and thus has few partners? Is he going to track down a nun who lost her faith? Or will he be stuck with a woman who partied harder than he did? Somehow I don’t think he’s sold enough e-books to afford some Eastern European broad whose auctioning off her “virginity.”

    surey wriiten by a man with a micropenis and an axe to grind…

    1. kirea says:

      There is no plan whatsoever. It’s a purely reactive movement. Neomasculinity is basically PUAs getting old and hitting the wall. In their 20s they thought that they were gong to travel the wold and bang bar skanks till they drop dead. Now they’re approaching 40 and they’re realizing “shit, pumping and dumping sluts gets old, and I’m getting old too”.

      1. tamerlame says:

        I highly doubt any PUA is pumping and dumping anyone.

        1. kirea says:

          They are least talking a lot more about it than they actually do it, and when/if they do it, they probably do it in some poor country where flashing some cash is all it takes. Matt Forney used to go to the Philippines for example.

        2. Plasma Mongoose says:

          I suspect that the only pumping and dumping going on is when they have a wank while having a shit.

      2. Stephen says:

        I think many men never find pumping and dumping getting old. I think a lot of PUAs simply find it increasingly difficult and time consuming to do successfully as they age.

        1. kirea says:

          True. This talk about women aging like milk and men aging like wine is mostly nonsense (it may apply to some very wealthy men, who also work out and stay in reasonable shape, but that’s more or less it). Men hit the wall too. While youth and looks are one of women’s greatest assets, it’s also very much relevant for men.

  3. Ezriel says:

    What makes this irksome to me is that they turn around and swear that all they want to do is help men.

  4. Gyrus says:

    Punks can go sniff a muff.

  5. sam says:

    Like my friends always say; ”the thirst is real.

  6. Kyle says:

    Pua’s don’t think with their brains, if that wasn’t clear already. Your dick doesnt have enough rain cells to make great life decisions.

  7. the ultimate game: kill men to get laid? Barbar acutally hinted to that male on male violence problem in his deconstruction of the PUA mindset and ideology.

    1. kirea says:

      “The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race” – Sally Miller Gearhart

      “If life is to survive on this planet, there must be a decontamination of the Earth. I think this will be accompanied by an evolutionary process that will result in a drastic reduction of the population of males.” – Mary Daly

      Maybe they should team up with radical feminists?

      1. yes, isn’t it ironic? these types really need therapy

    2. They revel in the tournament aspect of our species, and the cutthroat competitiveness associated. Essentially they are okay with pissing their lives away for getting a sniff of pussy, and by default okay with pissing the lives or every other man as well.

      1. at the end this is all mindless drivel…the masculinity of some romanticized cavemen era, that never even existed in this fashion, is not coming back (or rather is not coming)…these are troubled males that seek validation through self-elevation but no insight

  8. TFCNU says:

    The funny part is that this traditionalist has it backwards. We have a great example of what happens when women significantly outnumber men. It’s called university. What happens? Women become sluttier as they compete to attract the few available (and attractive) men. If you want traditional family values, you actually need fewer women. Remember, women used to commonly die in childbirth. It made those that survived more valuable.

    1. kirea says:

      I think what promotes traditional family values is an economy that involves a strict division of labor between the sexes and thus makes them interdependent. This is very far from what we have currently.

  9. kirea says:

    He gets one thing right at least. He isn’t droning on about conspiracy theories involving Jews, Marxists, the Frankfurt School, etc. He even says: “The fact is, the continuing transformation of our society is making the antagonism between the sexes inevitable. Feminism is just a symptom, not the cause of our problems.”

  10. Where to start?

    – Romanticization of the “warrior traits”.
    – Identifies violence as something masculine or that makes you more masculine, an idea that feminists are also so fond of saying.
    – Thinks that human behavior changes dramatically in a span of mere decades.
    – “Big Alpha PUA” thinks he’s so great, but still feels that the “lowly worthless betas” need to die, so that he can have some semblance of value.
    – Doesn’t realize that an environment where percentages of male deaths stand between 25% and 50% in return for getting one’s dick wet, not only is a poor trade-off, but it is just not acceptable!

    When in fact:

    – HIs position reveals that he is delusional, insecure and untrustworthy. (How can anyone not like that, right?)
    – If WW3 or a great societal collapse rolled in, he would most likely be either another corpse in the dirt, or on his knees guzzling some warlord’s jizz and begging for life.

    1. kirea says:

      Their hatred of “beta males” is a projection. What they really hate is their own “beta” traits that they desperately are trying to suppress by means of overcompensation. Actual “alpha males”, whatever that might mean wouldn’t have a need to endlessly hate on “beta males”.

  11. Max Hydrogen says:

    Looks like PUa’s have taken the cue from the Male Red Jumping Back Spider…

  12. NotWorthe TheSqueeze says:

    You all are pretending that there isn’t similar talk among some mgtow. It wasn’t until recently that a noted mgtow (csmgtow) pointed out the foolishness of hoping for a collapse.

    1. Hedon says:

      I truely believe those were never mgtow. Mgtow was just something used by them to get through whatever personal shit they’re dealing with. After that you start to see their true colors and who they truely are. I don’t see it any different from alt rights who infilterated mgtow. Only thing different is longevity of which they are able to hide their true intentions.

  13. Karen says:

    The PUA’s or whatever have developed like really sound reasoning in order to obtain sex…I mean, why attempt to engage with women in a conventional fashion when killing off 90% of your own gender is an equally palatable option?

    *Wonders to Herself when the pre-frontal procedure was revived*

  14. tamerlame says:

    Turd Flinging Monkey is basically saying the same shit.

    He gets a pass because of reasons.

    1. Hedon says:


    2. Hedon says:

      He’s been on that shit recently and i’m glad Alexander MGTOW and Just Pro Male That’s It are starting to call him and others like him out on it.

    3. NotWorth TheSqueeze says:

      In defense of tfm (not that he needs mine) I am not sure he is saying he wants that to happen, but rather he is exploring the various pro/cons of different societal sturctures for men. However, one often sees comments from so-called mgtows hoping for a collapse.

      1. kirea says:

        It seems to be a common power/revenge fantasy. They want to see the system they feel have “wronged” them come crashing down.

      2. tamerlame says:

        Why does TFM want men to die so badly?

        1. kirea says:

          He seems to be obsessed about social Darwinism and have a pathological aversion to “weakness”. It’s probably because his childhood was shit. He has said that he was raised by an abusive single mother who pretty much used him to get a welfare check and then kicked him out when he had become too old to grant her welfare. He probably felt very weak and vulnerable back then, and he’s tying to distantiate himself from that traumatic past by projecting it onto others. He seems to be kind of obsessed about making lots of money and making it to the “top 1%”. I think it’s a form of overcompensation.

          1. tamerlame says:

            The fact other MGTOW give him a pass is disgusting and shows a lack of standards.

        2. not me says:

          because he’s a fakeTOW that builds status via the community in order to get laid eventually. and the less men there are, the less competition for him. TFM is a misandric incel

    4. kirea says:

      I think he gets a pass because he makes pretty good content about human nature and the dynamics of the sexual marketplace, but when he drifts into areas like history, economics, and politics, it becomes kind of embarrassing. Then it’s the usual government=bad; we need freer markets, but won’t a stateless free market society be very violent? Yes, and that’s fine. There ate going to “winners” and there are going to be “losers”, and what to do when the “losers” eventuality become disgruntled and start an uprising? Then you pull out guns and kill them. This is not a kind of society I would like to live in, neither as a “loser” nor as a “winner” (who has to constantly watch has back for “losers” who may want to put a bullet though him and take his stuff).

  15. Karen says:

    Kirea says:

    This is not a kind of society I would like to live in, neither as a “loser” nor as a “winner”

    “It’s the terror of knowing
    What this world is about
    Watching some good friends
    Screaming, “Let me out!””

  16. Karen says:

    “The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.”

  17. CS MGTOW says:

    How many men have to die for a PUA to get laid? As many as it takes.

    1. kirea says:

      I suppose “genocide game” is the newest addition to the PUA repertoire. I bet Valerie Solanas would have been proud of them.

    2. put it this way: if you need men to die in a world war so you can get laid, then maybe you need to finetune your game a bit lol

  18. Coterie says:

    The heart of game is comprised of, essentially, striving to “exhibit finesse,” (dance like a circus monkey) while “holding frame,” (living dishonestly) and “passing shit-tests” (enduring a woman’s abuse without complaint/ordering her to do something while struggling to seem like you’re in control).

    Here is what PUA’s cannot seem to understand. If you seek to pass a woman’s tests, you are qualifying yourself to them, and thusly ceding your personal power to their judgement. Conceptualizing the mental gymnastics required to equate PUA behavior to “acting alpha” comes close to being laughable, but in the end just causes me to smh.

    1. Karen says:

      Good analysis. Too bad Rational Rollie cannot see this; or perhaps he *does* see it…but cares not; as his promotion of the dynamic you effectively highlight has fattened his wallet considerably…whilst keeping his devotees in the dark as well as any woman could.

  19. Karen says:

    “The call is for service, and, such is the wholesomeness of it, he who serves all, best serves himself.”
    ___Jack London

    Quite possibly the Greatest Lie Ever Told…

    1. Karen says:

      Those who attempt to reconcile human beings to limitations always maintain that there can only be happiness when the human being lives in a way that is good for others. Thus they would have everybody good to everybody else and nobody good to himself. Their ideal is selflessness and loss of personality. The aim of general moralities is socialization; the result is a nation of lobotomized drones who have abrogated their humanity. I am selfish and I have established My personality. I am not living as a social unit; I am living consciously.

      For what is a girl; what has she got?
      If not herself, then she has not!
      To say the things she truly feels,
      And not the words of one who kneels!

      The record shows
      I took the blows
      And did it
      MY WAY!

      Ever since I made that realization, practically every day of My Life has experienced unbridled euphoria; the joy of a harlot in the House of Ecstasy!

      *Smiles Happily*

  20. Karen says:

    The Greatest Rebel of Them All, Satan, was fictionalized by Milton during the early years when The House of Stuart held sway over the Anglosphere…and J.M., though an indescribably pedantic (even for that Repressed Error {Deliberately SIC, lol}) human being, did get off a pretty spot on evaluation as to what guides the Enemies of Jehovah….and the Very Legitimate Motives behind their efforts to topple The Most Oppressive Tyranny Ever Known….

    “Better to reign in Hell then serve in Heaven!”

    In the words of Ellis Boyd Redding, “That’s goddamn right.”

    Assuming arguendo that Jehovah’s Team wins in The End (Goddess forbid!)….does anyone seriously think that He is going to suddenly stop acting like the asshole He has been for soooo many centuries?

    Fat chance. He will just find a new way to fuck His Remaining Slaves over…for His only enjoyment comes from tormenting those weaker than Him…even his main Book of Propaganda, The Bible, makes no effort to hide this fact.

    Though I’m sure it omits some of the Worst Shit He has done (i.e. pre-Eden).

    Why don’t You pick on someone your own size, you Damn Coward You!

  21. Karen says:

    Most sensible, freedom loving people hate Jehovah with a passion; though few will verbalize their contempt for Him because He is very vindictive and sends special tortures on those who have the temerity to tell Him what an insufferable prick He is. Deep down, Jehovah knows this as well; but He is in de Nile in His outward Presentation to The World…thus projecting this self delusion onto His Main Enemy, Egypt…and thus giving their primary tributary a name that matches His Own Psychic Malady.

    Even His Own People, shortly after being “liberated” from bondage in Egypt by Him (lol, New Master is *always* the same as Old Master)…immediately began to worship The Golden Calf after wandering in the desert became a wearying experience.

    1. Karen says:

      There is very strong evidence to support the contention that the primary external etiology of schizophrenia (i.e. the environmental catalyst for the manifestation of madness in human beings) is the persistent presentation of the double bind scenario to the subject. The malady also has internal biological roots (often genetic or the result of head trauma); but we will focus on the outside forces at this juncture.

      The double bind is the presentation of two conflicting messages or concepts to the subject; both must be obeyed…but fidelity to one means disobedience to the other…in other words, a no win situated is at hand…”heads I win; tails you lose” the hapless subject is told.

      The inability for the subject to reconcile the opposites will invariably push the subject over the edge, causing him or her to retreat to the sanctuary of madness; and there he or she will remain until they are liberated from the need to resolve the conundrum.

      Christianity is the best double bind that comes to My Mind!

      Murderous, manipulative Jehovah dominates the Old Testament…killing everyone at The Flood…killing people for even the most minor violations of His Code….demanding unwavering fidelity under constant pain of death.

      And then who comes along 2000 or so years ago; give or take a decade? Oh My! Its Jesus! All Love! Who demands you love Him & His Dad..under pain of eternal hellfire!

      Jesus loves Me
      Yes I know!
      And He will scorch Me alive
      If you tell him to go blow…

      These conflicting messages; the crux of the double bind, are why Christianity specifically and religious fanaticism in general are so useful in subjugating the masses…once thorou