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Less Men Smoking and Decreased Rates of Prostate Cancer

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  1. The Virus says:

    This is good news, men need to take care of their health.

  2. Max Hydrogen says:

    Smoking is terrible.

  3. Tim says:

    Feminism: It starts with women demanding the same rights, at no cost to women, that men had to die and fight for (i.e., women’s rights are totally maintained through men’s deaths and suffering). Then it moves into patriarchy theory (the rapid expansion of misandry – ignoring the culturally normative male disposability that men suffer at the hands of women, white knights and our misandric society daily). Then comes sexual independence – with the average women have far more numerous sexual partners than men. After that comes no-fault divorce, alimony and child support (alimony++) with 95% of that being forcefully transferred by misandric white knights from men to women. Then comes the inevitable rapid expansion of ‘single motherhood’. Shortly after that comes a full on shift of the majority of state and federal welfare, education and health care spending going towards the benefit of women to the detriment of men. Rapidly initiated next are women only workplace quotas (it’s totally OK if there’s far more women then men in a workplace but not the other way around). Up next are month’s long paid vacations for women after birthing the next generation of man haters – with men being left to take on the workload of all the women on birth vacation. Finally, you have the rapid decline of marriage and birth rates and men opting out socially and financially – mandating mass immigration by any means – the final stage of cultural destruction on a national scale.

    Wait until you see what happens when the breeder nations (India, Islamic countries) are infected with feminism. The possibility of mass immigration will cease. Without enough new wage and tax slaves from the breeder nations – the entitlement programs will collapse – as will the economy.

    Feminism is a societal and cultural nuclear-level event. It razes entire nations to ashes.

    Oh yeah – the whole smoking thing. Bad stuff. Switch to vaping.

  4. Tim says:

    A safe space is where anti-white, anti-christian, anti-male and anti-heterosexual sexist, racist bigots meet to discuss their hatred of straight, white, christian males. Safe spaces are nearly identical to women’s studies classes.

    1. Karen says:

      Timothy, We revel in the slow and methodical unraveling of that past World than you loved so dearly!

      Within 10 years, males will be stripped of their right to vote and own property. Within 15 years, they will lose all their rights and be nothing more than thralls. Their brute strength and brawn will make them exceptionally fit for hard labor and servitude…and their tiny brains will never let them understand how girls enslaved them…or how to extricate themselves from a predicament that will last for centuries.

      1. You cunt, this is an all male space, go back to feminism and poach cock from lispy male feminists at feministe. I want the masculine men that reside here.

        I am a white androphile and it is my right to get first dibbs on the cock that resides here, go back to the kitchen bitch.,

        You fucking broads already kicked us out of the men’s club by insisting on the LGBT acronym, it was us fags who did the heavy lifting at Stonewall, i t as because we wanted NAMBLA and gay leather everywhere and str8 men to services us without being forced in prison and whining that they didn’t like cock.

        1. Karen says:

          Jack, be a good male and accept the fact that you constitute nothing more than a meat shield, a Beast of Burden, or an ATM for the Superior Feminine Gender…

          *Giggles Happily*

          1. Hey Cunt,

            I am not an ATM machine, now go perform some Ass 2 Mouth bitch…

            I’m the one who gets laid and gets paid…


            I fuck guys and they buy me shit, womyn have played that racket for tooo long now it’s us gays turn. In fact, that is wh I am as invested in male disposability as a trad con like Judgy Bitch, now go back to your limp wristed hipsters, your Oprah and your Haggen Daz icecream fattie.

        2. MikeTO says:

          Ignore her she just desperately wants attention.

    2. Karen says:

      Timothy, all your efforts to insulate yourself from the long hand of the Sisterhood should prove futile.
      At the moment, though the male is a 2nd class citizen in his own country, the unmarried, celibate male does not feel the full effects of his gender’s subjugation…yet…because most anti-male legislation is directed at things like domestic relations with Women…marriage, alimony, VAWA, intercourse, harassment…so a male such as yourself…who does his best to avoid women can lead a reasonably safe life…I mean, he will see his gender mocked incessantly in the media, he will be subject to difficulty in advancing in academia and the business world due to inherent bias against him, and he will be shunned by most of “society”.
      However, given the good standard of living and myriad forms of entertainment available nowadays, life can still fumble along in a reasonably satisfactory fashion for a male such as yourself.
      However, over the next five years or so, this will begin to change even more so; as any pretense as to the true goals of your gender’s foes become a bit more transparent.
      First, the U.N. will issue a declaration declaring the natural superiority of women…this will lend *credibility & gravitas* to the subjugation of the male.
      Then, male only taxes will be implemented…then male curfews, then mandatory labor for unemployed males, gender apartheid will be codified…any male dissenters will be quickly made an example of…and the more prominent and well known they are; the more weight their public metaphorical flogging will carry. When other males see the famous recalcitrant males reduced to quivering jelly at the hands of the Sisterhood; they will quickly fall into line and get with the program so as to avoid the fate of their outspoken brothers.
      If you think this cannot happen and the people “will not accept it”; well, I would ask you to consider how the “people” had almost no problem accepting the notion that 50 million abortions constitutes nothing more than “freedom of choice”.
      The people, especially males, are sheep. They will do as they are told. This point is nicely illustrated in movies like “Full Metal Jacket”…where the drafted males have no problem with the idea of being reduced to sub-human status by their drill instructor; no, they actually enjoy it and make sure that if any of their brothers dissent; well, he will be subject to castigation from the rest of the herd. Do you honestly think Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian would allow herself to be treated the way those male recruits allowed themselves to be treated in the aforementioned film? Of course not; because the female, as a gender, has a great deal more self respect for herself than the male…who willingly assists in his own subjugation so he can become a “real man”.

      1. Arthur says:

        Hey Karen, that’s a bleak picture you’ve painted, I hope you’re wrong.

        1. Tim says:

          The inclusion of women, gays and transgenders is the military’s fighting force is of utmost importance, militarily speaking, in freeing heterosexual males from not only fighting and dying for women’s, gay’s and transgender’s rights, but also extremely important in the fight to reduce the heterosexual male early death rate and freeing heterosexual males from the privileged hegemon over heterosexual males that women, gays and transgenders used to enjoy (that’s right – I said “used to” enjoy).

          It’s not smoking that kills men. It’s the smoking men do contemplating their early deaths on behalf of women, gays and transgenders hegemon over men that kills men. The excuse of “I’m a woman”, “I’m gay” and/or “I’m transgender” will no longer get you as far as Canada and a dishonorable discharge. LOL

          1. Shut up, us androphiles and women demand you take the back seat.

            I bet you are a minority with such a big fucking sense of entitlement.

  5. Real men fucking smoke, deal with it.

    Do you think alpha’s like Clarey, Forney or Aurini would turn down tobacco from a real man such as myself?

    that’s the signal, they will later be open to neo-masculine buttsex. So go back to your mom’s basement little boys, you aren’t men. But if you are wearing that cub scout outfit and you are willing to bit down on Mien Kampf, well, this WN is DTF….

    Now buy my book on Amazon bitches and stop being limp wristed, be a real man who knows how to handle a dick.

    It is us neo-nazi’s that are the persecuted class:

    We just want to eradicate the world of darkies and take over the local bath house. And if you don;t think eradicate is part of our plan for peace, then you haven’t seen that the best WN website is called eradica.

  6. Hedon says:

    Also, men, please never fail to go for regular medical check-up. It’s very important. Time and health are the biggest commodity in life. Let those be your main priority.

    1. I give free prostate exams to White Nationalists….

      and rectally administered testosterone boosters….

      references available from Matt Forney, Aaron Clary, Bernie Chapin, Clarence In Baltimore and Gl Piggy.

      If you are a white guy and Firepower vouches for you, I can give you a free examination.

  7. Teh Bastard formerly known as SWAB says:

    smoke yer tires, not tobacco

  8. I’ve also stopped drinking, and it’s been pretty sweet feel much healthier and happier.

  9. Karen says:

    you schmucks don’t have to worry about getting throat cancer from cunnilingus.

  10. MikeTO says:

    You should watch this video. Eating your vegetables reduces risk of cancer!

    Sulforaphane and Its Effects on Cancer, Mortality, Aging, Brain and Behavior, Heart Disease & More

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