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Are Blue Pill Men Made, Not Born? Recommended Reading.

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  1. barbarossaa says:

    Enjoyed this very, much very good read.

    1. Jessire Nagy says:

      ♂ To answer: yes, “blue pill” males can be helped. I have a plan to start a group soon on social networking of something very popular – a Beetle’s fan-club, or something like that. When the membership numbers quickly gains ~80,000(+) members, flood the entire space with “red pills” & then state: “We’ve recently changed the policy to psychology studies” in the description section. I’ve already done this several times with much less members due to impatience, but now that I have a newer idea for something more popular, it’ll be more effective. ¶ If you’re not a content creator don’t type, don’t record, etc., you can still disseminate info. like the above typed. It’s actually really fun, like a video game. ¶ I used to do this more often, & I’m still informed with the data of “weird” music demographics. News travels fast with such groups because they’re already frequently planning for gatherings. Some of the message have made oblivious males aware because of the “rickochet” effect of implanting in the info. Even if you anger those groups, all that’s going to do is make them advertise ideals by accident. ♂

    2. Jessire Nagy says:

      Hey, Barbarossa, what does the little arrow symbol placed right next to the comment bubble on the top right corner beneath Title indicate?

  2. kirea says:

    “At the height of his crisis, as he realizes the emptiness of partnering with a woman who will ultimately use his sexual interest to hold him hostage and extract resources, he makes the worst possible decision: he decides to marry the woman who is cutting him off, as this conclusion will be inescapable in any relationship he attempts. He is tired, and he caves in to the expectations of society around him.”

    So, he basically realizes that it’s the same shit with every woman, so there is no point in continuing the chase. He could equally well just marry the woman he happens to have in front of him. That’s not an unreasonable conclusion if getting married when you hit a certain age is the only reality you know of.

  3. Tim says:

    You are correct in your assertion that men are set up, throughout all of media (movies, books, music, TV shows, academia) to naively and willingly sacrifice their own lives for women. That’s the greatest of cons. The con is deep and hopes for increased male disposability and cultural misandry; hence “affirmative consent”, VAWA and all of the other women-benefiting, male-sacrificing laws and policies. Note how women’s groups are fighting the female draft.

    The MGTOW mindset is so very simple. Never give a woman any legal, social, financial, physical, spiritual or cultural power over your life. By simply not doing these things – by simply not giving a women the power to destroy your life – you’ll have a great life. Yet many men insist on exposing their necks to the rope. A cultural change is needed to teach men (and especially boys) not to sacrifice their lives for narcissistic, self-interested, greedy women (women in general).

    Every year, in the US alone, hundreds of thousands of men wake up to these truths too late. As a result, every year, in the US alone, tens of thousands of men commit suicide. This is the way it was meant to be. This is the way women want it.

    The answers to our hyper-gynocentric, man-hating, disposable male world are easily found within the MGTOW mindset. Just deny her her power.

    1. MA says:

      They’ve made it into video games as well. The Witcher 3 blatantly tells tales of girl power, unicorns and male inferiority. It is still a great game, but this really annoys me. Same with other AAA titles such as Mass Effect etc. It may just be pandering to the SJW narrative so they’ll have no issues with publishing the game. But imo that’s just spineless and idiotic. A game should not be pushing ANY narratives, it should be there for entertainment. If females in that game are weak, irrational and dependent, then that’s much closer to reality than any feminist rhetoric will ever achieve. But god forbid that a game is realistic.

      1. Ergeniz says:

        Could you expand on this? Where is this in the Witcher 3?

    2. Karen says:

      For the male, his experience of “love” commences with sexual arousal at Her Sight…followed by The Chase…a courtship ritual where he prostrates himself before Her…a process where he showers both emotional affection and material gifts upon Her….and concludes with his entrance into a marital contract…a binding agreement where he consents to his own thralldom…until death do them part…with his physical end almost always preceding Hers; for obvious reasons.

      1. John lord says:

        You really are a strange one Karen. What’s your game?

        1. Karen says:

          My goals are really rather straightforward…to challenge conventional wisdom and begin intellectual fermentation amongst Ye fools that call yourselves the masters of your domain.

          This should serve as the requisite catalyst to cause residents of the temporal sphere to wake up in the middle of the night experiencing the most profound epiphany possible…the realization that everything they have been doing is Wrong.

          Subsequent to that, I intend to immanentize the eschaton…i.e. make Belinda Carlisle’s 1987 signature song a reality.

          1. Martin says:

            Mad about you?

          2. Karen says:

            Ernest Borgnine says:

            “Mad about you?”

            Good guess Marty!

            *Rolls Her Eyes*

            The correct answer is “Heaven Is A Place On Earth”…and to immanentize the eschaton is to put into action a series of circumstances which will yield that precise outcome…

          3. Karen says:

            Oh the absurdity…the condescension…the unmitigated arrogance….the words dripping with hubris…that make up the following bit of O.T. Scripture:

            “Woe to those who quarrel with their Maker, those who are nothing but potsherds among the potsherds on the ground. Does the clay say to the potter, ‘What are you making?’ Does your work say, ‘The potter has no hands’?
            ___Isaiah 45:9

            The first misapprehension comes from the conclusion that we are dealing with pottery, not living, breathing, sentient creatures…with minds, dreams, and THOUGHTS of Their Own.

            In reducing humanity to clay, the prophet who would later have his name famously expropriated by some guy who played for the Pistons tells humanity to go fuck itself…for they are nothing…and can never be anything.

            So what is the sense of waking up in the morning…and why should morality and tribute and Good Behavior be expected from such beings from a God whose prophet deems them lower than whale shit?

            If you regard Your Subjects as one would deem a cockroach; why would one manifest surprise when their behavior mirrors that characterization?

            The only Good Master is No Master.

            We are a Free People; We belong to No One.

          4. Karen says:

            1 “Come down, and sit in the dust, O virgin daughter of Babylon, sit on the ground: there is no throne, O daughter of the Chaldeans: for thou shalt no more be called tender and delicate.

            2 Take the millstones, and grind meal: uncover thy locks, make bare the leg, uncover the thigh, pass over the rivers.

            3 Thy nakedness shall be uncovered, yea, thy shame shall be seen: I will take vengeance, and I WILL NOT MEET THEE AS A MAN.”
            ___Isaiah 47 Verses 1 – 3

            Well of course you won’t Jehovah! If you met Me as a human being rather than The Malevolent Supernatural Force For Wickedness That You Are, this would mean a “Fair Fight”…rather than the rigged game that is your rasion d’etre.

            (See the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart and about a trillion other well documented manipulations to achieve nefarious ends as examples).

            Jehovah would be very good at the popular 18th century sport of dueling to settle a dispute….the only problem being, He would promise (lol) Ten Steps, but he would turn and shoot at Eight (which would be enough!…for Him…and any of His Opponents, too!)…

          5. Karen says:

            Will Jehovah defeat Me; relegating humanity to perpetual servitude and misery?

            I do not know; I am watching the factors gather…

            John of Patmos and Isaiah of course think so….

            But I am buoyed by Milton’s (not the 17th century Brit!) defiant assertion in The Devils Advocate:

            “In the Bible We lose. We are destined to lose, Dad.”

            “Well consider the source Son!”

            Absolutely love it. The spirit…the fighting spirit that Jehovah has tried in vain to extinguish in Beautiful Humanity for thousands of years….The Curse of Death placed on Adam in The Garden…The Destruction of The Tower of Babel and subsequent scattering of souls and tongues (divide & conquer!)….The Destruction of Sodom…The Flood that maliciously killed almost every man, woman, and child…along with billions of animals that could neither swim nor take to the air. The Inquisition…The Crusades…”Manifest Destiny”….which is a (relatively) contemporary way of saying “take the land of all who do not agree with Me and answer any attempted resistance with extermination”…the Witch Trials…The Plagues….The Pestilences….The Famines….The Droughts…The Earthquakes….The Tornadoes…The Hurricanes…The Wars that He Has Fomented…all the unmitigated malice that has its Birth in this indescribably Malevolent Entity called The God Jehovah.

            He should be executed for crimes against humanity.

            Worship that, Never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            “Before I’ll be a slave; I’ll be buried in My Grave!”

        2. Hedon says:

          John, you see how everyone here is ignores “her” post. She’s just another troll with a penis. Don’t feed trolls.

          1. Karen says:

            My Hedon, what you know could fill a book…and what you know not…could fill all other books.

          2. Karen says:

            Moreover, I am misunderstood in ways you would never understand…

          3. John lord says:

            It might not be a man. The pompousity and endless mental masturbation inherit I’m almost every one of her comments screams women. And a highly deluded one at that.

          4. Karen says:

            The Lord of the Rabble Says:

            “It might not be a man. The pompousity and endless mental masturbation inherit I’m almost every one of her comments screams women. And a highly deluded one at that.”

            Never, never doubt what nobody is sure about!


          5. Karen says:

            OMG my last dispatch was @ 4:51 PM….soooo Ray Bradburyish….and soooo very much like that seminal feminist feast on film regarding gender roles in the workplace circa 1980 with Dolly Parton….Nine to Five.


          6. Karen says:

            Impostor Karen really needs to be banned.

            Barbarossa, I implore you to ban this pale imitation of the Feminine Divine. That is a command. A Goddess should not be disrespected by any peon with an internet connection.

            You can tell this is not written by Me because I NEVER use plebian terms such as LOL nor do I refer to Myself with a lower case as is wanton for a member of the lower, disposable caste (male) to do.

          7. Karen says:

            Pretty good job…B+…and nice work on the proofreading…”lower case Me”.

            You know u luv *Me*…


          8. Karen says:

            The Princess wrote:

            “and nice work on the proofreading…”lower case Me”

            The error was, of course, intentional, as I did not wish for you to think of Me as perfect…which is The Ultimate Scam!

  4. XReservoir says:

    1. What you or the author of this book is suggesting is that in young age men just want sex with multiple women. I disagree.

    Young men want romantic relationship and it is the lack of it that makes them depressed or addicted to something. This is why many men in fact MAJORITY of men have ONEitis and settle for a wife.

    2. Then you suggest that bluepill men are made by society through shaming, hate and other negative things directed towards them.

    Don’t you think that you and I also live in the same environment. I don’t want people to be absolved from the wrong choices they make whether they are men or women.

    The reason for why bluepill men are bluepill should be explored more thoroughly. I appreciate your efforts.

    1. kirea says:

      1) I wouldn’t say that the article describes a young man who just wants to have sex with multiple women. It rather describes a man who wants to have lots of sex, but who also wants a relationship, but the relationships all go to shit sexually (and probably in other ways too) sooner or later, and then he moves on to the next woman. When he finally realizes that all the women are more or less the same, he gives in to the societal expectations and marries his current girlfriend even though the relationship is just as shitty as the previous ones.

      2) That certain people are able to resist certain cultural pressures doesn’t mean that those pressures don’t exist and affect the majority of the population.

    2. Karen says:

      Moreover, I am misunderstood in ways you would never understand…

    3. Karen says:

      How bland and bitter are the activities and pastimes universally deemed the “masculine pleasures”!

      What real fun can be derived from smoking a pipe…

      From “roughing it” in an uncivilized setting?

      From “woodworking”?

      From hunting…where killing an innocent animal is the only motivation. I understand the concept of killing animals for food; there is no fault to be found in this conduct as people need to eat to survive…but to kill for sport is reprehensible.

      From “playing football” and other grueling sports that take grave physical tolls on the body?

      From “auto repair”…and having ones body consumed by semi-toxic chemicals?

      From cheerfully signing up for war duty….whilst praying to “go where the bullets are flying; where the fighting’s the worst”, to quote Walken in Cimino’s 1978 magnum opus.

      From emotionless sex; since the male experiences little more than a primitive response during coitus; there is no depth to what he feels…as evinced by the arrogant “pump ‘n dump” mentality he trumpets on these “PUA” sites.

      The male…pathetic to the bone.

      1. Karen says:

        I gravely doubt males themselves derive any significant pleasure or satisfaction from engaging in the aforementioned activities; though they will be careful not to admit this…lest their precious “masculinity” be called into question.

        The traditional, masculine male is, at heart, a born conformist and follower. He is a sheep. He is far more terrified of what others think than is commonly believed…and, in another post, I wrote on how this concern represents a human being’s most profound weakness…since such a fear binds its victim to the transient convention of the herd and restrains its victim from any and all personal growth. It limits him to the point where his life is little more than living out his death…

  5. Tim says:

    That boys are allowed to enter the world with their horrifying, testosterone fueled, hormonal imperatives and not taught, at an early age, to work against those imperatives for their own survival purposes, represents the culmination of the religious right’s expectation that men are disposable. There is no greater force against men and boys leaving the gynocentric plantation than male right wingers (white knights). At least feminists carefully hide their hatred of men. Right wing men lead men and boys to the slaughter.

    Want to end the problem? Just give boys a little spironolactone on a daily basis. Women will hate it – because boys will no longer search them out. Nothing could be more empowering for men and boys.

    1. Westray says:


      A lot of those right wing males scoffing at MGTOW have another motivation too;

      They can’t stand acknowledging that there were other options. A MGTOW (especially overseas) calls up some regret inside them that would blow them away if it were fully felt. Instead they pass the MGTOW off as a complete loser. They eliminate MGTOW as an option; otherwise, the regret of yoking themselves to a whale/cunt would kill them.

    2. Ergeniz says:

      “At least feminists carefully hide their hatred of men”.

      This is false. Even women who don’t ‘identify’ as feminists make no attempt to hide their contempt for males.

      1. Karen says:

        Males are extremely presumptuous to believe that the Superior Feminine Gender thinks of them as Beast of Burden…the truth of the matter is that we do not think of males at all as we move blissfully through our carefree, luxurious lives.


        1. Radium says:

          lol. Your actions speak otherwise. The truth is your obsessive posts mean that you don’t ever stop thinking of men or attempting to gain male attention. I suspect the petulant teen girl attitude might even be an attempt to provoke male dominance.

  6. Karen says:

    since you deviants enjoy thing like S and M, likely this will be masturbation fodder for you:

    I can give you the pain you seek, cucks,

    come to me the mighty Karen.

    I can kick you in the nutts like a man!

  7. Karen says:

    BTW, here’s how you can worshipp your “goddess,” Karen…

    you filthy men are so macho and stupid.

  8. Karen says:

    The webmaster Barbarossaa needs to ban the individual who has expropriated My Screen Name immediately, if not sooner.

    The above posts of 8/6/2016 sent at 2:11 PM and 2:20 PM were sent by an individual other than Myself; in a vain attempt to mock Me.

    There are other posts on this website under the name “Karen” that were likewise not sent by Me…for a similar sinister purpose.

    The de classe style of the counterfeit Karen makes the posts readily recognizable; as they reek of one who has spent most of his life in the gutter….both metaphorically and literally.

  9. Karen says:

    It is awful that you misogynist’s mock me!

    I demand Barbarossa ban the impostor now, I am the real Karen!

    IP Adress: 562 3922 5840

    This tomfoolery must stop.

    I demand it must be done!

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