Lesbian Gorillas? on Homosexuality in Primates

Homosexuality in Primates
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  1. colttaine says:

    About 8-10% of male sheep (rams) show exclusively homosexual tendencies.


    It also appears to be very much a result of hardwired neurological differences.

  2. “Interesting, can gorillas have female social outcasts, the primitive ape equivalent of a rejected fat lesbian feminist that only became a lesbian because no man would have her?”

    Well, there’s Big Red for starters. Although to her credit, she can pose as a semi-convincing human. Must spend a small fortune in Gillettes every month, though. 😉

  3. “The researchers also noted the two female gorillas tried to seek privacy. There was a “tendency for such copulations to take place in secluded places with dense vegetation,” possibly to “avoid a negative response” by the dominant male silverback gorilla.”

    Seriously now, this is actually quite interesting. It reveals a level of self-awareness, and feelings such as shame, that we so far only though possible in humans. It would be interesting to see and measure how conscious can these primates really be, and how much of their behavior is guided by a form of rational thought and how much by their innate underpinnings. Could it be that for instance Harambe, the gorilla from the Cincinnati zoo, was engaging in some degree of rational thought process, over an instinctual reaction, when handling that kid?
    According to Robert Sapolski, there are cases of baboons (if I recall correctly), that when attacked by a bigger, stronger male, they’ll grab a cub and hold to it, as a hostage, in hopes of keeping that attacker at bay. When they realize that the cub is not the offspring of that enemy baboon, they’ll correct their mistake, let the cub go, and reach for one that actually belongs to the male in question.

  4. Karen says:

    eh, lesbo sex, not as fun as it seems…

    although it was fun to walk down the street with my radfem gf and see you drooling pigs scowl at our shirts that read:

    “Yes we are lesbian”

    “No, you can’t watch”

  5. Kong says:

    Homosexuality is observed in numerous animal species, but I believe that in humans the taboo developed as a result of primitive life being so difficult. If you think back to early Stone Age humans when life was exceptionally difficult and there were few human beings on the planet when compared to the present then every single person counted. Being gay or lesbian could have serious consequences to a tribes ability to survive. If in a small tribe of 15 or 20 humans even one was homosexual then that could be seen as detrimental to the tribes ability to reproduce, raise more hunters and bring up more farmers. Furthermore as homosexuality is rare in humans, my last info stated only around 1 to 3% of any population is gay, it’s likely that self aware human beings would have no understanding of why it occurred. Only recently with the help of modern medicine and science do we now know why it happens. So to expect early humans or even people from 100 years ago to understand and accept homosexuality as normal was a lot to ask.

    But it’s certainly interesting other primates exhibit these behaviours and it shows that homosexuality is a natural phenomenon.

    1. Don Edwards says:

      I think your information is way off. All the statistics say that its 10 to 13% of the human population is homosexual and another 10 to 20% is Bisexual. I guess you just forgot to add the missing “zeros” in your stated percentages. But that is very common when straight people are stating percentages of who is homosexual and who is straight. Statistics don’t lie, the percentage of homosexual people in the world has probably always been the sane throughout history. Those people simply were in a place and time where it would have been a death sentence to be found out. Lets be frank, there are still places in the world were its illegal and people are being killed because of it. All because someone is born with an innate attraction to the same sex versus the opposite one. Its no different than gathering up blued eyed people and putting them to death because they don’t have the genetically dominate eye color. By the way the numbers of the people of the world with blue eyes is lower than the percentage of the homosexual people in the world. Oh one final thing, the percentages that you quoted are very old ones and simply do not fit with the times. As more people in the 21st century are willing to admit being gay or bi these percentages are changing year by year. Some are actually estimating that the number of homosexual people is closer to 20%. Do some more in depth Google searches and do more deep reading about the subject before making blanket statements and giving inaccurate percentages, Please.

      1. Pontificus Pinion says:

        No. If you make a claim, it’s on you to back it up. There’s no obligation whatsoever on US to research and cite sources to prove what YOU claim is correct. I think we’d all be interested in reviewing the evidence and studies you might present.

  6. Mike says:

    Interesting information for sure. Though many might not like how much biology drives behavior the evidence is starting to become apparent.

  7. tamerlame says:


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  8. Erin Woo says:

    This post seem really wonderful.

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