Some Origins Of Sadomasochism

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  1. Max Hydrogen says:

    Körülmetélés rossz.

    1. Jessire Nagy says:

      ♂ Don’t let the fucking female m.r.a.s attain this article because whenever you make points of the care nature of female sexuality & psychology, even they will resort to tactics. I’ve already even been slandered by the female m.r.a. camp. Don’t let them contaminate the science. They’re just not that smart. ♂

      1. Jessire Nagy says:


      2. Jessire Nagy says:

        I meant to type *CORE nature, not “care” nature.

    2. Jessire Nagy says:

      ♂ Don’t ever forget that, to them, you are the bad-guy, so don’t be tricked by female m.r.a.s, etc.. They’re back-stabbers. ♂

    3. Jessire Nagy says:

      The most confusing aspect of this article that I will fix is this: Even though circumcision is the main conditioning factor that makes males more prone to b.d.s.m. sexuality, males are still much more interested in sexuality that is assembling of her body & her body parts. It is psychologically inherent of females though to be much more prone to it, even though they are circumcised in western culture, because females interpret sexuality of terms to politics, etc., & we should shame them.

      1. Jessire Nagy says:

        aren’t* circumcised in western society, I mean.

  2. Jessire Nagy says:

    ♂ Thank you so much for posting this Barb. This article was basically an accumulation of may years; first struggling with nebulous thoughts, then extremely exhaustive researching – almost like trying to find a needle in haystack. I always sensed there was just something not right. ♂

  3. Hedon says:

    I’ve always enjoy reading your stuff, man. Great article, Jessie.

    1. Jessire Nagy says:

      Thanks Hedon. ¶ Would you happen to know what the arrow near the commenting bubble symbol indicates, placed on the right corner under Title – is that indicating number of shares?

      1. Hedon says:

        I’ve been wondering the same thing. I have no clue.

      2. Hedon says:

        Maybe Bar Bar can answer. By the way, what books would you recommend reading?

        1. Jessire Nagy says:

          I’ll get back to you on that one when I have more time. I’ll give you a good eclectic list, but for now, a small note on the “faggy” mano-journal: ¶ Females want a male in control. But this isn’t possible because to be in control, it would mean that control would be linear. So basically females have an unrealistic fantasy, which accounts for the divorce rate initiated by females because females are stuck on the surface level.

          1. Hedon says:

            Great. I’ll definitely check it out.

        2. Jessire Nagy says:

          ♂ Hedon, Ill make a deal; I’ll give you a good list if you re-post this article in many spaces, such as F.B., & try to get others to re-post this as well. ♂

          1. Hedon says:

            Lol shrewd. I would gladly share it. As a matter of fact i saved couple of your post on my laptop already. They are a great read. Thing is i’m not on social media, not on facebook, twitter, instagram or any of that stuff. The only one i’m on is googleplus and that can hardly be considered a social media.

        3. Jessire Nagy says:

          NO list then until you make some blogging, etc., profiles. Everyone in the m.g.t.o.w. communities should contribute back. If you can’t record or type, you can still just re-post. You can get groups on F.B., etc., who have members of 20,000(+) – very effective. There’s some really good groups on social networking sites. This article too extremely long to type with a lot of struggling.

          1. Hedon says:

            Fair enough

        4. Jessire Nagy says:

          ♂ Alright Hedon, Here’s a list, but you should make an effort in spreading memes. What’s the point of taking that essential info. if it’s not used?

          I currently have a huge amount stockpiled of what is potentially good material to announce, however, I have not yet analyzed all them yet.

          Firstly, read anything & everything on the human brain, but be alert when it’s written by female authors because they still have extra commentary. In fact, I’m an avid hunter of that specific field, so if you can contribute, that be perfect. Much more confusing field though.
          There’s already tons of commentators addressing the EFFECTS but very little causalities, like the honey badger retards talking about video games, etc..
          I actually sent short docu. of sex differences of cognition to a female m.r.a. once, & she could only fixate on the way I delivered my presentation, which just proved my message further.

          The cited book in the posted article

          ‘The Privileged Sex’ by Martin Van Creveld

          ‘The Woman Racket’ by Steve Moxon

          “The War Against Men’ by Dr. Richard T. HIse

          ‘Extortion – How Politicians Extract Your Money, Buy Votes, & Line Their Own Pockets’ by Peter Schweizer

          ‘The Essential Difference’ by Simon Baron Cohen ( A lot of memes were being misused in reference with that book about how “hyper-massculinity” equals a disorder – autism, however, the correlation was completely missed.)

          The very easy to read: ‘The Manipulated Man’ by Esther Vilar

          ‘How Women Manipulate – Essays Toward Gynology’ by David C. Morrow

          ‘Brain Sex – The Real Differences Between Men & Women’ By Anne Moir, Ph.d. & David Jessel

          “Sex & Character’ BY Otto Weininger

          ‘The Myth Of Male Power’ by Warren Farrell Ph.D.

          ‘Why Men Earn More’ by Warren Farrell Ph.D.

          I’ve Heard Lionel Tiger is a “Masculinist”, however, I haven’t read his works yet.


          Read a lot of sexology as well with a very alert mind. There’sthis chemical called Oxytocin that I am very interested in studying, both as documents & live testing.

          &, of course, read ALL of it – everything. What I do is I specialize in general psychology, & then I also try to read everything else, well, not fiction, but still stick to mainly psychology.

          You should start a blog on social networking sites. Take notes on books, report back.
          You can’t actually get away with saying stuff, like the posted article, that actually matters in public, so, yes take advantage of sites. As typed in the article, I’ve had females make false allegations against me a few times because I made harmless commentary – freedom of speech. Anything a female doesn’t like is “harassing.” ♂

          1. Jessire Nagy says:

            ♂ I also forgot: ‘The Female Brain’ by luanne Brizendine (don’t care to spell check.) & The Male Brain’ (She’s one of those authors with extra commentary, however, there’s still good science contained.)

            I know a few of those books are already known in the community, however, the point is to actually concentrate & report the info. ♂

  4. sam says:

    Great article!

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