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  1. TheKangarooBoxer says:

    What I notice in a lot of discussions with other amputees, they either become extremely nervous and don’t want to talk about it, or they’re dismissive and outraged that you would want to bring it up. Rarely, very rarely, will i find a Red Pill man,
    when it comes to Male Genital Mutilation.

    Ive been doing face to face, and online Intactivism for about 6 years now, and i have eventually had some small success with influencing other people… but then there are these weaklings. Mostly, people don’t want to talk about it, or think about it. That’s an intellectual red flag, if ive ever seen one.

    Actually, Intactivism and Restoration communities were my earliest moment in seeing the world and myself, in it, for what it is. primordial MGTOW stage, i guess.

    At the end of the day, i sum it up as; Survival is the goal to reach, having faced the knowledge and emotion that you have been violated in such a harming way. Denial is the stage where most people stall at. This guy is the ultimate example. This is the intergenerational cycle of violence. like any other child abuse, or sexual violence tendencies. only the strong, and their allies can break it. we just need to reach critical mass. it’s too late for a lot of us, but i will take to activism to help the future. i really hope the rest of you would too.

  2. Kong says:

    I think there exists the possibility that thug feels pain, regret and humiliation. Why else would he react so aggressively after mention of his son? Maybe he suspects but can’t accept he did something wrong and that sent him over the edge.

    But like you say more to the point is the violence and I agree this represents a good case study of men’s violence on men. He’s a blue pill meat head alright and we need to explain where his behaviour comes from and more importantly how to prevent it.

  3. Luc Depiere says:

    Circumcision is maiming a child and should be a crime. I do however believe Jews should be exempt from a ban on circumcision because of their tradition of thousands of years.

    1. If the Aztecs were still around, should they be exempt from murder? Offering human sacrifices to Huitzilopochtli was also an ancient tradition.

    2. MA says:

      Religious rights end where the rights of another begin. This leniency towards religious groups is precisely why the west is getting cucked by muslims. And the regressive left can’t even point out that what happened in Orlando was a homophobic-islamic hatecrime. Just another “isolated incident”, not an internal flaw of islam. Yeah right, some people really think piss is water. That naivety will some day get a lot people killed. And it’s not that far away for Europe.
      Heck, Jews actually have a ritual that not only involves circumsion, but also oral suction of the wound. If that isn’t religiously sanctioned pederasty, then I don’t know what is.

  4. Kyle says:

    Do you believe in tattooing crucifixes on infant boys for religious reasons?
    Because it is permanently altering his body against his will.

  5. Tim says:

    Thank you for this video, and offering a space for people to speak their minds.
    I noticed that the exact moment the aggressor went for a full attack was immediately after the protester suggested that genital cutting could be the worst mistake for his son. He briefly mentioned the possibility of the aggressor having another son, which wasn’t quite enough to set him completely off. When the protester said that it was a mistake was when the man outright attacked him. There are other clear signs of a lack of the ability to reason from the aggressor, such as when he attempted to make the length of service count as something that itself would make him superior to the protester. It became what was essentially a pissing contest. Since the protester also served, the only way to “beat” him in that area is to have served longer, which is used in a very childish way to try and invalidate the protester’s contribution of service. It was at that moment when the protester should have simply offered to “agree to disagree.” They still might not have been able to, but it was clear at that point that the aggressor was only trying to have bigger arms and a bigger chest, not a bigger heart or mind. In theory, he might have a huge heart, and is unable to cope with his emotions; therefore, he uses his body as a wall of ultimate defense against them. In theory, he’s trying to have a smaller conscience than the one he was born with so that he can justify his man-up mentality, comparable to how circumcision causes a smaller penis than the one his son was born with to justify his own genitalia.

  6. david bailey says:

    i have a very simple question about circumcision. can a male later on in life if he so choose to be circumcision?

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