Release of Non-Violent Inmates Proves Bloated Police Departments?

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  1. So young people locked up for being caught with a joint aren’t violent psychopaths and a menace to society after all?… Who knew, right?

  2. PCb says:

    > We do need some type of mechanism by which we can call for help in order to prevent crime from happening or to arrest those that would commit crimes against us.

    Which underscores the point that most laws that the bloated police an prison establishment enforce are crimes against the state, not against persons or property.

  3. Kong says:

    I’ve heard it said that the United States has reinvented the slave trade with its prison system. It has the largest prison population in the wester world and prisoners are used as free labour manufacturing anything from household items to military equipment. There is also a big private sector involved in the prison service that makes huge amounts of money from incarcerating young men and supposedly rehabilitating them later on. So money is to be made from enslaving men in the prison system and I think this is one aspect we don’t examine nearly enough.

    If the cops increase revenues by handing out speeding and parking tickets all the time then you can bet your ass men in the prison system are also of some economic value to the state.

  4. If they really drive Dodge Challengers just take them to a road with many corners. Then you will let them far behind. Muscle cars cannot corner well lol.
    But the prison system in America is a disgrace. And of course it targets all sorts of men. Women get help, counsel, money and mental support. Men have either the choice between obedience or prison.

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