Prostitutes in Swaziland Decline Circumcised Men

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  1. Thir Ands says:

    Call it male genital mutilation, Bar Bar. Always use the proper name for things. Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself.

    1. Arthur says:

      I wrote it, not Bar Bar. MGM is a good phrase. My favorite is penile reduction surgery, because that is the point: it reduces the size and capabilities of the penis.

      1. mike says:

        Forced genital cutting is also a good term for when you don’t want to be so in your

  2. Ezriel says:

    If people took to calling it penile reduction you’d see circumcision disappear overnight.

    Still, I’m glad my junk is intact.

  3. aristein88 says:

    I would love to see links for your sources. I’ve heard these statements before, but the only links those who made them provided was based on a single doctor giving his opinion (nothing actually backing him up). And, these statement directly conflict with a UN groups experience in Africa with thousands of adult men being circumcised, which found the exact opposite to be true:

    “A total of 87.7 per cent said they found it easier to reach an orgasm after being circumcised, and 92.3 per cent said they experienced more sexual pleasure.”

    “Newly-circumcised men are just as likely as uncircumcised men to practice safe sex, according to interviews conducted among 2207 men in western Kenya, six months after they had had the operation.”

    “New cases of HIV among men fell by an astonishing 76 per cent after a circumcision program was launched in a South African township, researchers have reported.”

    I am not saying circumcision is morally right or wrong, but I am looking for the medical data that supports or denies these claims.

    1. ChaoticThinker says:

      “A total of 87.7 per cent said they found it easier to reach an orgasm after being circumcised, and 92.3 per cent said they experienced more sexual pleasure.

      That’s pretty skewed wording. If I peeled off your nails off your fingers rubbing anything on the exposed skin, Wouldn’t sensitivity be a given?. However there is a time limit for that since you know the skin becomes tougher because calises would set in if the nails are kept at bay.

      When you’re intact the frenulum wears over long periods of time and the sensitivity wear drags on which means you’re less likely to need extra time to finish and of course are less likely to become impotent but let’s leave that aside.

      When a man is cut the frenulum is pretty much nonexistent with the added bonus of the exposed head of the penis being rubbed all over the place by what you wear making the sensitivity meant to last you a life time leave you on a couple of years.

      There is a difference between ejaculating relief and orgasm, trust me thise men aren’t orgaming anymore. Try harder when being deceitful.

  4. Arthur says:

    I looked for the study referenced by the article in The Australian, and I couldn’t find it. There are no names attached to this study, and it hasn’t been published. Therefore, we can’t really say much about it, but there is a major issue that must be accounted for: was there a problem with the foreskins of the men who chose this surgery? The most common reason in the US for adult penile reduction surgery is irritation of the foreskin tissue that leads to scarring, called “phimosis.” If you have phimosis that you haven’t cleared up with the topical steroidal cream that works for most men, then your surgery may well improve the functioning of the penis, but that doesn’t support performing genital surgery on healthy people. The data hasn’t been released, so I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that they may have thrown out some data or kept the people who had painful foreskin problems in their survey. The other cited survey of the men who claim to use condoms at the same rate? Also missing.

    The article also cites 3 studies showing that HIV rates are reduced by male genital mutilation. Here is one of many, many rebuttals to that claim. I would be happy to provide more examples, it is easy to demonstrate the failures of these studies.

    Here is a medical fact: removing sexually sensitive tissue reduces the sensitivity of the remaining body. Here is an interview with a man who can confirm this. You can receive similar information from talking to intact men who know how to properly play with their foreskins–if done properly, men can achieve multiple orgasms by isolating sensitive zones of the foreskin.

    What medical claims would you like me to support? Could you pick your 3 favorites, and I’ll try to find a source for as many as I can find?

    1. MA says:

      When I was in my teens, I had the surgery done. The topical steroid cream wasn’t even offered! The procedure was presented to me as something without any alternative.

  5. Tim says:

    If women’s groups can’t destroy the lives of men for the sheer benefit of women’s pleasure – what life do they have left?

    Marriage is women’s biggest sucker scam of all time. It’s a scam far surpassing any criminal intent – including Bernard Madoff. Too bad for them. It’s impossible to beat the anti-male marriage scam – perpetrated by women and white knights.

    Marriage: The greatest state enforced forced wealth and power scam against men ever known. We call it “feminism”.

  6. Tim says:

    Bernard forced billions of wealth transfer into his own coffers. Feminists have forced trillions in wealth into their own coffers. Feminists are evil in your face.

    Leftist groups: Destroy white heterosexual males.

    1. Rose says:

      What does your rambling, idiotic comment have to do with this article?

  7. Kong says:

    HIV is transmitted via bodily fluids from one person to another. Circumcision will in no way reduce he likelihood of this happening. If someone has HIV then they have it regardless of being a man, woman or being circumcised. The only way to effectively control HIV is by use of vaccines, other drugs and contraception.

    Furthermore men must realise that they are not being circumcised to protect themselves. They are being circumcised because the authorities perceive some benefit to women, that it protects women from HIV infection. Men are being mutilated to supposedly help women.

    This has to stop. Otherwise I say we ought to mutilate the women as well. A study in east Africa found that circumcised women were also less likely to contract and spread the virus. So in the name of equality and combating disease we really need to start snipping the girls as well don’t we?

  8. The idea that circumcision/male genital mutiliation (MGM) is somehow reducing the risk of HIV is ridiculous. Correlation is of course not necessarily indicating causation! Of course the countries that usually perform MGM on mass are muslim countries with highly restrictive sexual morals, hence less sexual activity and less opportunities to contract veneral diseases or HIV. There is also another dirty little secret in islamic countries, since some say that behind the moral facade things are massively changing and the actual rates of HIV and veneral diseases are much higher, but since this conflicts with the sexual taboo of respective cultures, they prefer not to talk about and governments are often not even collecting reliable data or just ignore/sweep it under the rug. Point in case: MGM does absolutely nothing to improve male health, on the contrary.

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