Darwin Weighing the Pros and Cons of Marriage or MGTOW

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  1. Karen says:

    Only the fittest survive, and you PigTow’s call crysturbate yourselves to sleep….

    Only a goddess womyn knows what it is like to have a life growing inside her and know that she can abort “it” at any time for the shigs and gittles.

    You stupid men are just as useless as a flower blowing it’s pollen into the air. That’s all it is with you boys, a penis measuring contest. Get over it, womyn are the superior half of the species….

    1. The Reservoir says:

      “Only a goddess womyn knows what it is ……..”


      An internet cockroach thinks she is a goddess. hahaha.

      If women are goddesses than I guess chimpanzees are all Zeus!

  2. Mark says:

    Einstein was a fucking genius. That is hilarious if true!

  3. Ergeniz says:

    Darwin lists ‘constant companion’ as an advantage, but we know today with women’s tendency to engage in extramarital affairs, cuckoldry, their jests of men in the company of other females and their inability to really have any sort of feelings for a male outside of consideration as a provider or sperm donor that is false.

    Gaining a companion and adopting additional responsibility are two different things. The only valid point he may have listed in consorting with a female in marriage is children but even then this arguable due to the simple fact marriage and reproduction are not synonymous. We can easily see the truth of this in the cases of thugs, riff raff and other degenerates that go about adopting an r-style of breeding and they also tend to produce more offspring than someone like Darwin would.

    It really is best to go your own way.

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      “their jests of men in the company of other females” That’s Einstein’s final demand, especially in front of his children.

  4. Kong says:

    If By some chance there is another Karen Straughn out there I would certainly consider marriage or at least a life long relationship. But as Karen is one in a million I doubt there’s a woman like her waiting just round the corner. Therefor a lonely life I expect this to be, but better this than the risks I would otherwise take.

    1. Ergeniz says:

      I would never give any woman that level of control over my life.

      No female’s presence can compensate for what is essentially legal and social slavery. Do not fall victim to NAWALT beliefs.

      Besides, last I checked Karen left the father of her two children and shacked up with another male. Any woman incapable of either staying or exercising the judgement to choose a man that would stay around is obviously not as angelic as you believe. Furthermore why would you want to take on the responsibility of another man’s offspring?

  5. Rolling Tin Fist says:

    Great and insightful article. I definitely cut Darwin a lot of slack knowing the period in which he lived. Being Red Pill after marraige, I recall the years of deliberation I went through because the urge to reproduce was irresistible. Having a wife today is anywhere between supporting a child to supporting a teenager. The way I stay sane is having set some clear ground rules in words but especially in deeds (to quote Paul Proteus, don’t SAY no, DO no) and I throw money at the problem as well. I outsource tasks that cause stress or would otherwise become a time suck.

    The next piece is to stop digging further in debt and pay off ALL debts. No mortgages, student loans, credit cards, etc. It’s not easy, but it is possible. Before any of this comes health. This includes diets, exercise, preventive maintenance. This helps (especially) the married man maximize the little energy he has left after a day of being the family mule.

    Another critical piece, as written, is time for yourself as a man. Time to expand your mind, time for your interests and hobbies. Even time to explore random $#!+. I make sure I have an hour of this per work day. On the weekend, I steal all the time I can. My best schemes have been hatched between 11pm and 2am so I will often stay up through that period on the weekend if I’m flowing.

    I’m counting down to when my kids are both adults so I can downsize even more.

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      You go Bro!

  6. Nonconformist Misanthrope says:

    IDK. I still may decide to have a kid or two someday, but for now, making money, exploring/learning and sharing ideas are more important to me. I can have it all! (That sounds eerily familiar)

    There’s no rush for us guys to settle down early if we keep ourselves healthy enough to chase those little rugrats around when we’re in our late 30s/early 40s. By then, we’d have amassed enough information and experience to make us better fathers and partners anyway. Hopefully we’d also have made enough money to not be FORCED to be a wage slave.

  7. Tim says:

    It’s all about power, wealth and control and which gender will wield it – and women’s groups have proven that they’ll do anything to make sure that women not only hold life destroying power over men – but will also ensure the steady increase of that power over men with each year that passes. As more and more men wisely decide to remain free of the most anti-male contract ever invented – what we foolishly call marriage (slavery for men) – laws and policies (i.e., VAWA, Affirmative Consent, Title IX) will change or be added to force as much wealth and power from men to women as possible – giving women ever increasing power to destroy men’s lives – the thrust of which has already been going on for many decades. In many Westernized countries, merely living with a woman for a relatively brief period can give women the same rights to asset division, alimony and child support that their married counterparts so enjoy (see ‘de facto marriage’, ‘de facto relationship’, and ‘cohabitation rights bill’).

    Marriage has long been obsolete for men. The NAWL (National Association of Women Lawyers) wrote the no-fault divorce law, first introduced by Reagan in California, with one intention: To allow women to dispose of their husbands while simultaneously giving them the power to keep their X husbands current and future assets and income. NAWL heralds this legislation as their greatest achievement for women. Since that time, trillions of dollars have been forcefully transferred via state enforced theft from men to women – resulting in many a man’s suicidal death.

    It’s ridiculous to expect men to counter the feminist nightmare. Any serious attempt at doing so will land you in jail/prison and leave you unemployable for life – essentially forcing you into homelessness, starvation, rape and beatings, early death and/or suicide; hence the intense efforts and wins by feminists to criminalize criticism of feminism. Affirmative Consent is a chilling attempt by women’s groups to remove men’s rights to presumption of innocence and due process. That’s insanity – but it’s just one more example of the desire of organizations like NOW (National Organization of Women) to silence men’s voices and forcefully transfer power, wealth and control from men to women. In reality, it’s all organized, legalized theft. It’s all so very obvious – yet deprogramming men from decades of misandric social engineering – in most cases – is a kin to brain surgery. What’s more, thanks to gynocentric mandates, most men prevent other men from seeing the truth, thereby enabling the destruction of men through feminist ideology, anti-male policies and laws. The Istanbul Convention, spreading like wildfire across the EU – criminalizes anti-feminism and goes further to mandate that men – by force of law – support feminism through their thoughts, finances and actions in everyday life.

    Never give a woman the ring of power – or any significant legal power over your life – lest that power be used and abused to destroy your life and future. Every year, hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of men – in the US alone – learn this lesson too late . Every year – tens upon tens of thousands of men commit suicide as a result.

    Darwin is old hat. MGTOW now rule supreme. MGTOW is Darwin 2.0. Smart men won’t leave any progeny for their X wives to confiscate nor wealth to transfer through anti-male laws to themselves – leaving women in increasingly dire straights. Nothing could possibly bring me more joy.

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      Motherfuckingly well said Sir!

  8. beaker12 says:

    “The Istanbul Convention, spreading like wildfire across the EU – criminalizes anti-feminism and goes further to mandate that men – by force of law – support feminism through their thoughts, finances and actions in everyday life.”

    Jesus Christ. I’m surprised that the marriage and birth rates are not exactly zero right now with all of these shenanigans. The only men that are getting married these days are the clueless ignoramuses, fools and the reckless. With a 50% and greater divorce rate (and how many of the marriages that remain intact are truly happy situations for the man?), marriage is a setup for dooming men.

  9. Tim says:

    What is it that women’s groups and white knights most depend upon? That’s an easy one: Cheap, disposable male lives and cultural misandry. Western nations can’t survive without a constant supply of outsourced birth. Did you ever ask yourself, “What happens when the outsourced birth rate of cheap, disposable, culturally hated supply of male lives runs dry?” I did. Here it is – playing out before your very eyes!

    Behold the power of man-hating women’s groups and their man-hating white knights. Here’s the future of the world and why feminists and white knights will bring nothing but death and destruction to themselves:

    Feminism is spreading like a cancer the globe over. I cannot overstate my joy that things are going exactly as I anticipated. The import of cheap, disposable, culturally hated slave men will ironically be ended by man hating femicunts and their ever-to-eager-to-appease white knights. The irony is pure bliss.

    Fuck feminists and the white knights that kiss their asses. The outsourced birth and low wage enslavement of men to third world nations – for import by man-hating white knights and man-hating women’s groups – will soon be the death of the same. I find nothing – and I mean nothing – more appealing. I only hope their deaths are so severe and pain filled that the men who so needlessly and foolishly sacrificed their lives for the same man-hating women and white knights have an afterlife in which to receive justice. In other words – I hope these men – and in many cases boys – rise from the dead to spit on the decaying corpses of feminists and their white knight enablers.

  10. AnonymousJoe says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. Darwin initiated the red pill in me, more than half a decade ago in high school. His book “Origin of Species” had been my guiding compass in life, something a young man desperately needed when emerging from the isolation caused by fundamentalist religion. It allowed me to extrapolate biological rules to humans. To know that Darwin experienced the same intellectual problem, despite his conclusion, is kewl ;).

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