Gay Students Attempting to Bring Back “Separate but Equal”?

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  1. tim.oppenheimer says:

    I had a gay roommate in college. He was tidy and kind. No one harassed him, and few outside of our room knew he was gay. I see no reason for segregation of the lgbt community, but plenty of potential pitfalls.

  2. hahahahahaha…

    well BarBar, I think you are really lacking self awareness here…

    (sorry if that’s blunt but not really sorry..)

    first you argue vehemently that married men CANNOT be MGTOW…

    then you talk about “all male spaces.”

    (without acknowledging that perhaps two of the most toxic spaces for low status men -prison and the military are effectively “all male spaces.”)

    Just like freedom of speech means that you are gonna hear things you don’t want to hear, maybe when you demand your rights to run an “exclusionary” club don’t be surprised when others want their exclusionary clubs.

    You want to pretend that we live in a world where everyone “loves” everyone and we should all mix together. You’ve seen me complain about white nationalists but did you know the last time I got racially discriminated against, it was by a fucking mexican at work? Did you know I had to put up with his harassment so I wouldn’t lose that fucking job? And ironically his skin is lighter than mine so am I now the fucking racist if I say English should be the official language? Don’t speak pig latin at work and think I’m too dumb not to know you are cussing people out. What about those “low class” white people, the ones all the Hollywood Hillary supports call “white trash”? Sure they say Nigger, Spick, Faggot pretty openly. But you know what, when they are fairly likely to date someone outside of their race and those Hollywood Hillary supporters never would, so who are the real racists?

    So if that bacon, lettuce, tomato acronym–did they throw out the gravy yet? –wants their own space, why should you care. I understand caring if they demand you pay extra tax dollars. I understand caring if you are not allowed to walk down the street in the seedy section where gay bars operate? But why else? Let the womyn have their Mich Fest. Let gays have their spaces, let lesbians have theirs–they don’t want you there for whatever reasons. And I don’t want Paul Elam, Jack Donovan, Amanda Marcotte, Ginko or any of you “libertarian tough guys” in my space. I must be a fucking bigot…

    Now, and here’s where all you libertarian tough guys start sounding like liberals… If a woman calls herself WGTOW, you guys would condescendingly laugh, roll your eyes and say while yes, she will not marry or cohabitate with a man, she is not going her own way as she has been brought to her conclussions by SIGNIFICANTLY different cultural forces than many MGTOW. Now if a biologically (oops, I went there) heterosexual man “opts out” of relationships with women, it is for far different reasons than if a biologically gay man “opts out.” So the gay man for all intents and purposes can be said to be MGTOW, but he is there for significantly different reasons. I know you are trying to grow your tent so next time you have a hissy fit with Berniepoops Esmay, there will be bigger numbers (haha, see what I did there, I combined two bad guys into one.) But allot of these guys don’t want to be under your tent.

  3. Max Hydrogen says:

    It should be GLTB not LGBT because who faced the danger of fighting for their rights against a hostile society and did all the heavy-lifting…?

  4. Dave says:

    Because what you choose to do with your dick or vagoo is just the most important thing in the whole world, and deserve all your attention. And everyone else’s, too.

    Maybe these students should be studying? Maybe college shouldn’t be a four-year sex vacation, paid for by hapless parents? We see here that college isn’t really about education at all. The college system extracts money, and in return issues these young people certificates indicating that they belong to the employable middle classes.

    That’s it. That’s what college is. That’s why these kids have all the time in the world to protest about identity, fer chrisssakes. The day is soon coming when having a degree will be seen by employers as a negative rather than a positive. The moneymen who have gotten hold of the education system will have succeeded in monetizing centuries of goodwill and respect, and will simply make off with the cash in search of another scam, this one having been played out.

  5. Kyle says:

    See its a negative thing but if they get it passed it provides a solid arguement for the introduction of all male spaces.

    1. Kyle says:

      As in in order to argue their case they must also argue ours.

      1. Kyle says:

        If we could work out the leverage tools of the SJW we could use them to create male spaces I think.

        1. Ergeniz says:

          You’re going with the assumption they a) operate on logic, and b) are not gynocentric.

          Nether are the case. For example, we already have several laws that written gender neutral but in execution benefit the female only.

  6. Kong says:

    Gay people rarely associate with straight people, they segregate themselves in their own little communities where most things they do revolve around sex. Being minorities I can somewhat understand their trepidation, gay men in particular have been subject to terrible treatment through much of history but we now have a generation of gay men in the west who have grown up with little to no discrimination at all. They live in a society where they can be free and open about themselves and where the law will protect them with extra care and vigilance. So I find the calls for gay only spaces really quite indicative of their own bias and prejudice. If they want to live according to their sexuality then I cannot respect that at all. Being gay, straight or bi is only one minor aspect of who and what you are but the gay community have made this their defining characteristic. This to me represents a problem and little wonder there is segregation over this.

    It just shows how human beings regardless of their differences really don’t want to live together. This is gay tribalism really.

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