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Why Men Need Male Only Spaces Away From Women

Male Only Spaces
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  1. Ah, this is a step in the right direction!

    All male spaces. And yet Aaron Clarey and Bernie Chapin told me you guys were a bunch of brown skinned whineypoops who wouldn’t listen to Daddy Paul Elam when he wanted to be boss. All male spaces are great, first we say no womyn allowed, then we act all macho, then we get black out drunk, and, um , things happen. Let’s just say liquor can be very persuasive, hehe. And since I am an advocate of the manosphere, let’s just say I’ve learned all of Roosh V’s tricks for overcoming last minute resistence.

    Now while Trump is a big Daddy, Hillary will keep me a protected class, able to do anything I want without consequences and always cry victim…

    Hillary 2016!

  2. and remember, all male spaces men hot men DTF…

    No whiney sissies who cry that they were mutilated in warfare, scourged in divorce court or “raped” by a man, because as Typhone Blue has taught us, the only sexual indescretion that mattters is when a hot 28 y.o. female teacher rayyypes a 17 year old boy. I mean that stupid boy should be sent to Iraq to step on landmines for oil, but if he has consensual sex with an older woman or, gee gosh darnit, drinks a coors light, that is disaster. The only time alkyhawl is okay is when I use it for seduction, em re-education when I teach about masculinity to budding alt-rite white nationalists… Remember, preists use sacred alkyhawl for similar reasons…

    Now remember, if you are a weak man who doesn’t contribute to society, please man up and kill yourself…

    …but remember to buy my books on Amazon before you do…

    Hillary 2016!

  3. All male spaces like the military and prison are great.

    what these sallies don’t realize is that Alexandar the Gr8 had such a gr8 army because they all slept together. It brings in-group cohesiveness. Why do you think i am so tight (tight, get it) with Angelo Gage and Andy Anglin? Do you think it is just our racism that binds us?

    Don’t be some sally that has guy friends that he talks to his problems and helps move into new apartments but it has no physical intimacy. That is where the feminists are right, you guys are hom-0-phobes. Real men don’t talk about their problems, they man up or they kill themselves.

  4. You may wonder why I am as invested in male disposability as the greated feMRA of all time, Judgy Bitch…

    Well, it is because I too live off the labor of stupid men…

    Yeah, I’ve been a top for years. I basically fuck men like they are women — but I’m glad that they’re not. I’m banging this jacked rich liberal right now. Probably the best piece of ass I’ve ever had. I’ve had sex with women, but I’ve been with one guy for 14 years, so there is no question of…switching teams…in any meaningful way. He’s a good guy who supports me and my work and always has. I have a dude on the side, but it’s all on the level, and betraying Lucio — who became blood-brothers with me for my second book, and has my initials tattooed (by me) on his arm — because I decided to “explore other ideas for philosophical reasons” would be the homo version of “Eat, Pray Love.”

    Now either support a masculine androphile like me or kill yourselves you weak men. Obvious you can’t get any women to perpetuate the great white race….

    Hillary 2016!

  5. Kyle says:

    Its in part because women want men to develop qualities that are beneficial to women even if those qualities are harmful to men whereas men tend to want what is best for civilization. I just read a subreddit on mgtow that gives a nice description of it.

  6. Thir Ands says:

    This is why MGTOW should NEVER allow women in. Ever.

    Male spaces are important for men.

    1. Ergeniz says:

      MGTOW by its very definition excludes women. How can a parasite go its own way?

  7. Kong says:

    I can’t tell you how much I hate being around women, I hate socialising with them and even working beside them. Women bore me and whenever I am engaging with them I am acutely aware how much I need to tone back the things I say so as not to seem overpowering or offensive to the little darlings. Above all women just don’t interest me beyond sex. They do not inspire me at all.

    I’m always very aware that when I’m with a group of other men and hen a woman joins us the attention turns to said women and conversation changes, again it tones down. Men really do need space and time away from women and there is no where I know of that you can have this beyond organising a men’s night out.

    I just want away from women altogether. At least for a good while, switch off my sex drive and focus on more important things in life. Like build a house, travel or something.

  8. jefaus says:

    Men’s Sheds are very important. A friend of mine did a testimonial at a Men’s Shed last year, so I went along to it and it was a pretty awesome evening. Men getting a chance to tell their story to the other men there, and also get some dinner as well. I just wish I was a bit more organized to go to it.

    The trouble with being a man is falling victim to our own “busy-ness”, this goes for unattached and married men. Then there is the inevitable “measuring sticks” we gauge and compare each other with which makes it difficult for real friendships to form. We rarely bring our guards down, and another man is the enemy, the competition, and not a potential ally.

    Taking women away from the equation removes part of the need to have those “guards” up. We can’t ignore this simple fact: Women instigate competition between men.

  9. Ezriel says:

    I always wonder why people try so hard to sell marriage to men. For each passing year, it becomes more evident that it nothing but a detriment. Could the reason be economical in nature? Religious, maybe? Or is it something deeper, uglier?

  10. Plasma Mongoose says:

    If as feminists claim, that we live in a patriarchal society, there would be as least as many Male Only Spaces as there are Female Only one but instead, we have all sorts of laws that prevent men from starting up any kind of businesses that are Men Only in nature.

  11. Shrouded In Secrecy says:

    Very interesting topic. Barbarossaa please make a video on this topic. That would be a very inspiring to new Mgtows.

  12. Andy says:

    “the place of these brutes is on the battlefield, against each other, for king and country, for social status and for tits and pussy.”

    You couldn’t make an article about male bounding without this angry teenager bitching about patriotism etc.
    If BarBar had any experience with those sorts of male only groups he would know that men fight for way more then land and pussy. Men fight out of honor, of fear, of principle. There is ritualized ingroup fighting, there is institutionalized outgroup fighting. But sooner or later they all pick fights, cause its in our nature.

  13. MikeTO says:

    You guys need to check this post out. It’s a small MRA site which I used to go to before I discovered MGTOW. Women have already came in there and have manipulated men. There is no understanding of men there. The MRA mangina was putting words in my mouth (I’m CrazyCanuck there). They getting hostile and claiming distain for women when I was simply explaining why some men are being aggressive against a female MRA.

    Even a small site like this, it is clear that the site doesn’t really care about men. They don’t believe majority of women aren’t the problem and these men gives excuses that women only do it because the government let’s them benefit from it. Never mind being having moral character.

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