Manipulative Mom Blames MGTOW for Distant Son

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  1. PlanetEvans says:

    I have not heard of one single solitary MGTOW source that suggested men should defoo from their mothers, or any other friends or family members for that matter. I guess they could exist, but they’d be an extreme rarity.

    What a screwy bitch.

    1. Kenneth says:

      I think the defoo-ing of one’s mother is sometimes a natural consequence of adopting the MGTOW mindset. I have not read anyone saying you should do this either, but I did do this to an extent myself.

      1. Javierzul says:

        Women are not able to do introspection so they must find some one else to blame. This mother has found a group that hit a nerve and automatically used it as a source of blame for her son’s distancing away. It is never a woman’s fault. My ass!!!!

        1. Zen Denn says:

          If she is not busy finding fault with her son she is busy finding fault with someone else, e.g., MGTOW. The complete mother in a muddle bubble. Despite that MGTOW men are to my experience invariably cordial to their mothers. Cordial because they understand the why and how of pair-bonding failures. MGTOW men armed with their understanding and way of avoiding relationship disasters & pain are better able to forgive themselves and others for all the Gender shite that goes down around them.

    2. dudeschmock says:

      Actually, I got closer to my Family since I gone my own way. Not everyone has had the bad luck to grow up with a single mother.

    3. Ancap applejack says:

      you said defoo

      Somebody should tell this mother about stefan molyneux and how it is actually *him* that is causing boys to distance themselves from their statist and immoral parents

  2. Kyle says:

    Its begun, The inevitable vilification of MGTOW, unjust as it may be I suspect there will be a lot more of it to come. Its going to provide a perfect scapegoat for those guys with good guy syndrome in politics and general society and a perfect villain for the media to capitalize on.

    Do you think it might be the lack of introspection of this woman? She cannot fathom that she can possibly do anything wrong so she needs to project onto an external source of blame as to save herself the internal embarrassment of facing herself.
    How many boys out there have been manipulated by the women in their lives and are completely isolated because of it – waiting for some perfect princess to come along who will save him from all of his troubles? This is the kind of man that needs to discover himself as a man more than anyone.

    1. Ergeniz says:

      “Do you think it might be the lack of introspection of this woman”?

      As if women are even capable of such a thing. That would imply they don’t go to great lengths to project and/or self rationalize every situation to their emotional benefit. Any way to absolve themselves of any wrongdoing, criticism or culpability.

      The notion that this woman herself might be the cause for this boy’s distancing probably never even crossed her mind.

    2. Multishadow says:

      It began a long time ago.

    3. Javierzul says:

      Wow!!! Mr, Kyle. I just repeated your comment unaware of it. Great minds think alike, Sir.

  3. Kyle says:

    Lets be honest here too, the effect that MGTOW had on Reggie Yates demonstrates the power that MGTOW’s ”so hateful” observations can have on a man so opposed to them. Mgtow does nothing other than point out that which is available for everyone to observe, it requires no faith no blind belief, how can it possibly be a cult? Its going to be a classic case of ‘shoot the messenger because we don’t want to see the reality.’

    1. Ergeniz says:

      Its a convenient scapegoat.

  4. Ergeniz says:

    She mentions the son is her only family. Where is the father?

    I know where my money lies.

    1. Javierzul says:

      Husbands don’t count to wives. Sir.

  5. Mark says:

    1. I love you Mom!

  6. Bill says:

    Looks like mom is trying to guilt the son back to the plantation. for whatever reason, Grandchildren, (how will she feel when her Daughter in Law takes the Children away along with her son’s resources?) Tradition, (that’s long dead.) Too bad mom, this is how we react when the red pill is administered.

  7. TheReservoir says:

    The power of not giving a shit.

  8. TFCNU says:

    I know it’s sort of petty but for someone who claims to be a writer, this woman really struggles with spelling.

  9. Kenneth says:

    In my lifetime (I am nearing 42 years) my thinking on women has changed quite dramatically. I used to think women just didn’t get it and that if I could just make them understand they, being the more sensitive of the sexes, would treat me better. I spent the better part of three decades trying to make this happen. It started with my mother and grandmother. I eventually added a girlfriend and her mother to the mix as well. The behavior was largely the same. They became angry if I didn’t do something they wanted me to do, didn’t do it their way, didn’t do it on their timeline, or they later decided that they didn’t want said thing done. I was being torn apart and I couldn’t reach any of them.

    I cannot say what it was that made me snap out of it. However, I came to the conclusion that I was not dealing with imbeciles. These were smart women. Three of them college educated. It was my deer in the headlights moment when I realized that each one of them understood. They just didn’t care. I was a piece of equipment that wasn’t performing as they desired. Nothing more. I broke up with the girlfriend of over ten years (a long story as to why that lasted as long as it did, and I may put it in writing one day), I stopped attempting to contact my grandmother. She has my number and has not reached out to me in years. I speak to my mother only briefly when there is something that needs to be discussed. I am better off for this.

    Reading this woman’s account of things with her son reminds me so much of my own circumstances. I am sure he did not just cut her off. I am sure he tried to get things to change. Maybe this is just me projecting. I am a human being. It hurt when I realized I was nothing to the women in my life beyond what it is I can do for them. Cutting them out of my life was the hardest thing I had to do. I viewed it as a failure on my part even then. It has been a few years. I know better now and have standards for the people I allow into my life.

    I apologize for being so long in this.

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      Thanks for your post man. Doing what’s best or your health is what counts.

  10. Smiles McLaugh'n Joke says:

    Lulz Intensify

  11. Veritech Ace says:

    Just as a fish doesn’t know it’s all wet, so too can’t a manipulative person see how manipulative they are. Such people have a sense of entitlement that blinds them to their own behavior. I find it interesting that this lady holds up Marie Barone as an example of everything she is not.

    Also, where is the father in this scenario? Odds are there isn’t one because a father would have told the lady to leave the boy alone; he’ll come back when he’s ready.

    Finally, why blame MGTOW? What has the boy done or said that would indicate his departure had anything to do with MGTOW? I hate to go all Alex Jones here, but his smells of a propaganda piece. It’s a formula, tell a sob story with insufficient information, build a causal relationship between sob story and group to be blamed, then proceed to demonize said group. The only thing missing is a call to action.

  12. diss identity says:

    I don’t know, it might sound like tin-foil hat paranoia, but this *could* also be a MGTOW-hater who’s faking to be a mom. It’s a new account with one single post after all.
    But the post is hilarious anyway :)

  13. nobody meat bag says:

    Based on what this woman said about MGTOW it seems her son is right to distance himself from her. Hopefully the mother here is just an idiot, suffering from a low IQ, but it certainly looks like something darker is at work.

    Chilling, the passive aggressive cunning females can demonstrate…

  14. kirea says:

    The entitlement is strong with this one. He is not responsible for being her only child and only family. That’s something she has to deal with. There sometimes exist good reasons for restricting contact with parents. We haven’t heard his side of the story. If it’s true that he’s her only family, that might very well have been a contributing factor to the breakdown of the relationship. She might have been putting way to much burden on him. There exists a concept called spousification, which refers to parents turning to their children for emotional support.

  15. Karen says:

    This is why sex selective abortion is so important, a goddess shouldn’t have to face disrespect from the child she bore. But you misogynist’s are too stupid to understand that.

    1. Hermit says:

      Girl writes what is that you being funny?

      1. Kenneth says:

        As she has not responded to this, I am guessing it wasn’t GWW. Her argument on sex selective abortion makes no sense. I know many women who have less than kind words to say about their mothers.

        1. Nox says:

          “Sex selective abortion” is the solution she believes will solve the problem of children not respecting their birth givers by default.

          That’s rich. I’d pay to see how women would handle a world where this becomes a regular thing. How they upkeep every little modern convenience they take for granted when the reins are handed over to them from transportation of goods to running hospitals/factories and down the line. Reducing the male population below a certain point would only ensure the ones that are left are treated a royalty.

          This is the problem with “goddesses”. They don’t have to live in the realities of the human world.

          1. Karen says:

            BTW “nox”-this song’s for you “buddy”


        2. Karen says:

          what a pathetic misogynist to think I have to spend all my time answering inane questions. Go back to your small penis humiliation form and send me some money via paypal worm!

    2. Jim says:

      Pot meet kettle. Looks like we have a cunt who should have been aborted herself. Idiot cunt.

  16. PCb says:

    There is no such thing as bad publicity. MGTOW is not a cult, or even a movement. It is an idea whose time has come.

  17. Tim says:

    My mother left my father for a much wealthier, far more “ladies man” man. Later in their “relationship”, my step father became an alcoholic, thanks in most part to my money grubbing mother’s spending habits. Don’t know how he kept paying the bills. Both were married when they met, and both chose their own extramarital pleasure over the welfare of their dedicated spouses and children. Why? My mother was much younger and much more attractive than my step father’s aging wife – and my step father was far more successful and swarthy than my run of the mill Joe sick pack father.

    Fortunately, what followed was extreme poverty, my step father dying from liver failure and my mother committing suicide. I say fortunately because both my mother and step father got what they gave. Misery, lies, betrayal, deceit and death. Unfortunately – what followed their demise was the annihilation of many children’s lives. My many siblings lives are destroyed. If you invited one into your home, their first thought would be the best way to con you out of as much money as possible. At the same time – they’d tell you that you are loved, family and their best friend. That’s how they suck you in. They’d happily sell all you own on Craigslist and drain your bank accounts and credit cards. If caught , which they always are – if you retaliated – which most would do – they’d try to fame you for a civil suit or insurance payout – with the hopes of saddling you – while simultaneously escaping – all of their transgressions. They were taught by the best in the business. Most have spent their lives either in and out of prison or mostly in prison – thank goodness. Each prison visit lessons the risk to others.

    This is one guy that cares nothing for his family. My real father never tried to contact me. I don’t blame him. If I were him, I’d stay as far away from my mother as I could, too. If you’ve never heard of a guy like me before – consider yourself a virgin. The world is filled with people that would love nothing more than to transfer the proceeds of your bank accounts to theirs. This includes family. Quite often, they’re rich, powerful and well liked. Other times, they’re “the victims” of the patriarchy or some such oppressor.

    Manipulative users come in many shapes, genders, colors and sizes. Never let your guard down. Most, when desperate, will do almost anything to get theirs.

  18. Hermit says:

    I’ve been a mgtow almost a year now. In the beginning I was mad at my mom for exhibiting all the natural behaviors of women, but I didn’t realize it wasn’t her fault. I don’t call my mom as much as before because mgtow has opened my eyes to how childish she is.

  19. Tim says:

    …Most, when desperate, will do almost anything to get theirs…while others, blessed with all they need…will gladly see you live in poverty – your life and future destroyed – to maintain the transfer of wealth from you to themselves.

  20. Tim says:

    Damn those evil MGTOW! They need to be stopped! If the truth gets out – we’re all fucked!

  21. Max Hydrogen says:

    NC: No Contact Son… Oh great, another label! Just part of the endless persecution: If you don’t obey or exhibit signs of abuse than you are quickly awarded the scarlet letter; the dunce cap of stigma. It’s funny how apodictic these people are: their very behavior and attitude demonstrates why someone would need to get away from them.

    I congratulate this young man for having the courage to do what’s best for him and his health; his chances of committing suicide have just decreased dramatically.

    It’s a great feeling to know that younger and younger men are taking the Red Pill and will be able to avoid the abuse and enslavement society wants to reserve for them. I predict a decrease in suicide as MGTOW spreads over the world.

  22. I read between the lines that she is a single mother and probably she alienated her son from his father and now her son is confronting her with her abuse. It is funny how our goddesses never make or admit a mistake lol which is the ultimate reason that even sons today turn their backs on their mothers.

    My prediction is that more and more children will rebel (not just sons) against their mothers, since they made themselves the sole caregivers. Soon the word mother will come with a bad taste of abuse, laziness, alienation and manipulation. It happens regardless of MGTOW.

  23. tamerlame says:

    I disowned my mother, and let me tell you, it is something a son doesn’t do lightly.

    1. Ergeniz says:

      I did the same. She described me as ‘psychotic’ and needing treatment.

      It goes without saying she accepted no responsibility for choosing to having me with an alcoholic loser. The fault lied with him for not manning up, you see.

      Always man’s fault.

      1. Jim says:

        “I did the same. She described me as ‘psychotic’ and needing treatment.”

        She’s projecting. Typical cunt.

    2. Javierzul says:

      Not once have I returned to her grave and left flowers. Her family resents me for that. Fuck em!! She died in 2006

  24. Hunter says:

    Hate cult, movement, responsible for acts of violence…..

    Well, her research skills obviously suck – otherwise she would have learned that MGTOW is none of those things.

    Whatever – I’m going to continue to ignore. Have better things to do than concern myself with the opinions of women.

  25. Coterie says:

    “I’m a writer and therefore researching is my forte.” Lamentably, grammar and syntax are not.

    I do believe a bond between the mother and her son is a true form of love, while romantic relationships are purely business for a female. That said, even this natural motherly love, it could be argued, has a hidden purpose – that a woman will be able to utilize her son’s love to drive him to provide her protection and provisions in her old age.

    In the end, this woman, unsurprisingly, brushes off MGTOW as a “hate-cult:, and concludes with a sort of self-empowering pat on the back that it is “not her that is defective.” I observe this trend constantly with women. It is, to them, NEVER their fault. Ever. They are like the co-worker everyone avoids – they take the credit when something works out, and brush off the blame when something fails.

    1. kirea says:

      With the limited amount of information at out disposal, we can of course only speculate, but her saying “he is my only child and only family” is a huge red flag. It’s not enough to conclude that child abuse has take place of course, but a single mother household with only one child is a high-risk environment. There is a very real possibility that she has been burdening him with way more than what is reasonable.

  26. Cheeky Bastard says:

    As a psychologist you can’t help but to see the default personality disorder of female thought. It is always somebody else’s fault, somebody else’s responsibility. Notice how she can’t take responsibility and is reserved to the fact that she believed she can’t do anything to fix it dissolving her of any agency or responsibility and therefore somebody else must fix the problem she created.

    It embodies every problem that Women have in the 21st century.

    1. kirea says:

      Yes, it’s very apparent. She’s frustrated because her “only family” is rejecting her. Well, he didn’t exactly choose to be her “only family”. She fails to realize that the burden of being her “only family” might very well be what’s driving him to reject her. It’s not unlikely that she has been turning to him for emotional support way more than what is reasonable.

  27. donald says:

    The “no contact” sounds more like one of Stefan Molyneux’s suggestions on how to deal with crazy/abusive parents who don’t think there is a problem on their side. The fact that the mother is turning to the web for research instead of someone like a counselor who might be able to help her see what is wrong, or how to communicate with her son, leads me to believe that she probably is narcisstic. It is tough for a son if he can’t leave the home.

  28. Dodge says:

    I’ve been MGTOW for over five years now, and my relationship with my own mother has never been better. It took a couple of years, but I slowly convinced her that men and women think differently and often have radically different approaches to addressing issues and solving problems. I always knew I was making steady headway because she often told me “Your (now deceased) father was very much like that.” We now respect each others’ differing positions and try to incorporate both when solving problems.

    Had my mother been a stubborn, closed-minded woman who was convinced that men are stupid and always wrong, I would certainly have given up and gone “no contact” with her, as I have indeed with a couple of longtime female friends who thought that way.

    This woman’s embittered and resentful rant, full of empty accusations, is simply proof that she has failed miserably in negotiating a working relationship with her son. Instead of accepting responsibility for her own failure, she (unsurprisingly) shifts the blame onto a convenient “cult” and “hate group.” How childish and petty.

  29. harvey says:

    I really like this site. Thanks for the great content.

    This woman is calling for restrictions to be placed on the MGTOW movement. Its obvious that it is just a matter of time before more and more women start echoing the same demand and the govt or corporations will eventually kneel down in front of these women. Probably they will resort to banning all mgtow content from youtube or the internet as a whole. When that happens, what are we going to do? I think the MGTOW community should be having this debate right now instead of waiting for it to happen because by then we wont be having a voice.

    1. nicols says:

      We will use TOR and make a DW forum… not a big deal.

  30. JL says:

    No such concerns when daughters do the same to their fathers

  31. S Bizzle says:

    I’m MGTOW and I still respect my mother and women who respect me (or atleast I don’t allow them to disrespect me). I don’t hate them and I don’t insult them, until they insult me and try me first. After that it’s on and there aint no backing down on my part. I’ve actually noticed how some female acquaintances seem to respect me more after we’ve gotten into an argument and they notice I don’t back down. They seem to like the fact that I stand up for myself ( I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns them on). I also want to add that their shaming tactics don’t work on me. Been called gay, pussy, you’re scared etc…I just brush it off and either fire back, keep attacking or walk away sometimes when its not worth it.

  32. I can tell by this woman’s screed that she is psychopathic. No wonder her son hates her. All she cares about is convincing her self that she is not defective. Her psychopathy grabs at the idea that the problem is MGTOW, when MGTOW is a symptom of female psychopathy combined with female empowerment, not a cause. Women have always had psychopathic tendencies, but their ability to destroy the human race used to be restrained; now it is unrestrained.

  33. Season Acree says:

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