Aboriginal Men Murdered Far More Often Than Female counterparts, You Would Never Know It…

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  1. TFCNU says:

    This “crisis” of missing and murdered aboriginal women is a media creation. The Globe & Mail (a major Canadian newspaper) basically invented the crisis a few years ago when they ran a series on the deaths and disappearances of a few young aboriginal girls and used aggregate numbers from 30 years to inflate the scope. The death of Tina Fontaine, a 15 year old girl, murdered and dumped in the red river, happened soon after. The firestorm started from there.

    The problems afflicting aboriginal Canadians are not gendered. Drug and alcohol abuse, absentee or negligent parents and severe isolation on remote reserves have all contributed to high crime rates and high victimisation rates. A lot of people attribute much of this to the legacy of the abusive residential school system. None of this will be solved if we ignore aboriginal men and boys. The thing is we know why the rates of violence are so high. We don’t need an inquiry.

  2. Max Hydrogen says:

    Hmm… I wonder if we’ll ever talk about all the viloence committed against Aboriginal men BY Aboriginal women…?

  3. Kong says:

    It’s really funny. I read an article on BBC news just 5 minutes ago in which they claimed there was a ” black hole of information” regarding women and girls. The suggestion was that women an girls are left out of most statistical research in the world, and what’s more is that Hillary Clinton agrees! lol

    I find this hilarious now especially after reading articles like this. Also lets reconsider Boko Haram who kidnapped over 200 schoolgirls. That made headline news the world over. However the fact they massacred a school full of boys wasn’t even mentioned in mainstream media. This bullshit about aboriginal women is the same fucking thing.

  4. Andy says:

    Who seriously gives a damn about aboriginals? They should have wiped them out. Instead they did what Sherman implied and they were [quote]”maintained as a species of pauper”[/]. The government of the white man keept them down more or less well and now the first reaction is that the government should do something about their women going missing.

    By the way, i can’t find any statistics on female on female murders. Everytime i search for woman on woman murder it just shows all this “ooh so many women get killed by their boyfriends blawblawblaw”.

  5. Karen says:

    oh lala,

    a real man speaks again!

    who wants those indiginous minxes stealing quality white men, surely not me!

    yeah, that female on female thing is mostly made up by misogynist’s like Paul Elam.

    This is all lies compiled by hideous MGTOW’s and MRA’s and deposited as “truth”:

    But, Andy, deary, I am glad to see that you are in prominent agreement with Amanda Marcotte and myself…

    well, quite frankly, I would like to see that birth cert and so would you and Mandy…

  6. Lloygic says:

    It’s been mentioned by multiple content creators, and it’s certainly true, the gynocentrism in Canada is goddamn ridiculous. This is right up there with Canada accepting refugees getting a bunch of blowback which was then brushed under the rug after Trudeau decreed that no single straight male refugees would be accepted; only married male refugees, or single gay male refugees. After that announcement, the news media outrage then turned away from the refugee situation and instead on whether he was paying his nannies enough to take care of his kids.

    What this guy says about starting a grassroots initiative to raise awareness of the missing men made me wonder. If a guy was to attempt such an initiative and it were to fail (as Earl Silverman’s tireless efforts sadly failed), I think that further initiatives started by that guy would be seen as tainted and would fail harder. Oddly enough, I would imagine that most blue-pilled people would look at such efforts failing because of the guy that’s at the center of it, not because of society’s indifiference. In this instance, the original author’s able to point towards the indifference only because no one’s actually stepped up to try and make it work. And yet when he mentions people like David James Taylor, someone who’s doing a 5 month physical trek across Canada to raise awareness on this issue, those guys are dismissed as idiosyncratic weirdos. Their failure to raise the awareness that is dumped easily onto aboriginal women is assumed to be due to their weirdness, and if he were to try a new approach the dismissal would be “Oh, it’s that weird guy that cares about men. He’s so weird, he’ll never accomplish anything if he keeps being weird.”

    These thoughts are a jumbled mess.

  7. Dave says:

    “And aboriginal women seem overwhelmingly likely to be killed by aboriginal men, notably their partners or spouses.”

    Why yes, people who are murdered are prone to be murdered by people who live nearby.

    “Aboriginal men and women are both much more likely to be killed than are other Canadians.”

    Because aboriginals are not hippies living at one with nature and each other. Up until comparatively recently in human history, the main killer of humans that got past infancy and childhood diseases was other people. After measles, mumps, and smallpox, the main killer of human beings is each other. Then we revoked the right to avenge oneself, invented law and courts. A lot of the world isn’t there yet.

    1. Karen says:

      Let me guess, your one of those NRA wingnuts. The only thing worse is an MRA. I bet you would like duels legalized. Well, since the “victims” are men, I can agree with you on this one.

      1. Karen says:

        Make Believe (i.e. fake) Karen wrote:

        Let me guess, your one of those NRA wingnuts. The only thing worse is an MRA. I bet you would like duels legalized. Well, since the “victims” are men, I can agree with you on this one.

        As the saying goes, once you are parodied…you have so totally arrived.

  8. Karen says:

    Off topic, but this just entered into my mind:

    The Right Wing / Religious Right’s hypocrisy when it comes to abortion should be screaming at the American people.

    All we hear from them is “put the abortion doctors in jail”…but concurrently, we never hear so much as the slightest criticism of the women who seek and often obtain the abortions (of their own volition). The only commentary directed at the women involves just how helpless these women are and how they need to be assisted by the community.

    This is hilarious and at the same time very understandable from a utilitarian perspective. When a person contracts out another to commit a murder, both the one who arranges it and the murderer themselves are equally culpable for the crime of murder. Since The Right Wing considers abortion a “heinous act”, why is there not a peep of criticism directed at those who *arrange* what they deem “the killing of the unborn child?” (i.e. the mother herself). Their silence is deafening.

    The reason is obvious…a huge portion of the Religious Right’s donations come from females themselves…and one does not bite the hand that feeds you. Moreover, since most R.R. spokespeople are male, the thought of criticizing a member or members of the Sisterhood publicly is tantamount to career suicide; and virtually none have the courage to frame their issue in an honest, forthright and consistent manner. The R.R are a bunch of hypocrites who all feed at the same trough…

    Note that I am in no way endorsing the R.R.’s anti-abortion stance; I am merely logically and effectively deconstructing the absurd inconsistencies that run rampant in their perspective; inconsistencies that are a product of nothing more that their own cowardice.

  9. M.G. How says:

    Gives me a warm feeling knowing my spam might have lead to this article appearing here.

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