men compared to women

Sexbots, Neanderthals and Denisovans, Some Interesting Quirks of Human Sexuality

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  1. Martin says:

    First :)

  2. Max Hydrogen says:

    Women already have sex robots: Men.

    1. Tungsten Thorax says:

      Lol I think this is actually pretty close to the truth. It explains the disparity in the findings.

      Women only stand to gain men without wallets and home maintenance skills, wheres men stand to gain a woman with an off switch and no opinion.

  3. “It’s not entirely clear whether the female ambivalence about celebrity sex robots directed more toward Jude Law’s Gigolo Joe character from “A.I.” or the idea of men lusting after robots shaped like Hollywood’s latest female stars.”

    Oh, it’s clear alright. Women don’t seem very eager to lose their monopoly on sex to well-equipped, well-engineered alternatives. By the time sex bots become a reality for the average consumer, I expect that there will be tremendous resistance by women. Protests, bans, and every slimy tactic from shaming to blackmailing will be employed to drive men away from robots. Judging from how women devalued those men that had gay experiences, that is, strayed away from the “golden vagina”, how do you think they would view men that admitted to have had sex with robots? Women would be freaking out.
    But beyond just sex, picture a situation similar to the one in the film “Her”, where men are not simply engaging in sex with robots, but are also establishing a bond with an A.I entity, Imagine if men were able to find an alternate way to satisfy their male mother need, via an artificial consciousness that did not carry the typical flaws and inherent risks of a human female. That would be in my opinion the pivotal moment in the fate of humanity. A harmless alternative way to satisfy men both sexually and emotionally, would do far more for the benefit of men than all the male birth control pills and artificial wombs in the world. Naturally, women should be afraid of progress. I wouldn’t say they are completely replaceable, after all there is still the matter of procreation, but they would certainly become far less important than they’ve ever been. I wonder if men would still allow one gram of the bullshit we endure today, if they were getting their sexual and emotional needs met elsewhere. Interesting to consider.

    Great article Bar Bar, I think you should dig some more into the subject and make a video on it to get more people to see it. This has the potential to be your next masterpiece!

    1. TheReservoir says:

      Basically its all about algorithms. We can develop such algorithms that can show compassion (or any diverse emotional reaction) on recognizing a certain pattern on human face. Although that will require a highly sophisticated algorithm and recognition technology.

      IMO, The opposition for such robots will not only come from feminist but also from religious people as well. I had not been using internet for a while but what I have observed outside the internet is that even simple chumps (not feminist or highly religious) is not ready for this technology, they are “skeptic”.

      Religious will be as against it as they are against porn and believe me, to protect themselves from being obsolete, women will be jumping religious penis like monkey prostitutes just to banned this technology for “public interest”.

  4. you stinking millenials can have your sexbots…

    I’ve got real women like Typhone Blue, Girl Writes What and Judgy Bitch. They know how to penetrate my mangina with a strap-on and hit the male g-spot (prostrate.) And, since they are feminist’s in sheeps clothing, they lez out when they’re done with me and I get to watch…

    remember to send me your donations so I can pretend I’m an activist because I call people cunts and PigTow’s…

    Hillary 2016!!!!

  5. I'll Make My Own Sandwich says:

    “While 63 percent of those surveyed said they’d opt out of traditional labels like “homosexual,” “heterosexual” and “bisexual,” the same percentage also said they wouldn’t date a man who has slept with another man.”

    That’s because they know dick is cheap so he’ll always have an accessible alternative, therefore they cannot control him.

  6. TheReservoir says:

    This is how society will see anything which benefit men sexually:

    “Over five years, Yee collected research on over 35,000 MMORPG players for his Daedalus Project, a research initiative studying the psychology of MMORPGs. His findings suggest that men are three to five times more likely than women to gender-bend in video games, something cyberfeminists in the past have argued is simply a new way for men to exercise control over female bodies. ”

  7. Tim says:

    Prosecutor: “John Doe – Did you have sex with that woman – Jane Doe – ten years ago?”
    John Doe: “Why – heck yes I did! High five, bruh!”
    Prosecutor: “Do you have proof that at each stage of the encounter you gained consent?”
    John Doe: “What!? We were having sex, bruh! She was into it and so was I. Why would I need consent at every stage? You know when someone’s consenting – ya feel me!?”
    Prosecutor: “The law states that unless you can prove she consented at every stage of the sexual encounter, you’re guilty of rape, Mr. Doe.”
    John Doe: “WHHHHAAAATTTT!? She never said no and was as into it as I was! What planet are you from?! A good night out – a nice meal – a few drinks and badda bing baby! You know that score!”
    Prosecutor: “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury – it’s clear that Mr. Doe did not gain consent at every stage of the sexual encounter with Jane Doe and is therefore guilty of rape. Furthermore, by his own admission, Mr. Doe plied Jane Doe with alcohol – effectively removing her ability to consent.”

    Long story short – John Doe goes to prison – where he’ll be repeatedly raped and beaten for the next 15 years to life. It won’t matter that Mr. Doe didn’t want to marry Jane Doe after sex – because crazy – and that she vindictively and falsely accused him of rape. The only thing that will matter is that “Affirmative Consent” is a law designed to instill in men a cold spike of fear during and after each sexual encounter with a woman – for many years after he had sex with that woman. As he’ll have aids and be unhireable if ever released from prison – he’ll undoubtedly become one of the tens of thousands of men in the US that commit suicide annually.

    All men: “More sexbots, please.”

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