Cities Are not “Designed for Women Enough” Apparently

Lonely  woman walking along the city street
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  1. I'll Make My Own Sandwich says:

    The spikes are just terrible. I’d rather stand while I wait for the bus than to fuck up some homeless man’s potential shelter from the rain.

  2. I'll Try My Best says:

    Cities are not designed enough for women (translation) women deserve to have cities designed for them, not having to put up with rough edges here and there like everyone else. I think there is need for a new concept defining that specific type of female ignorance that manages to blind them to all the struggles and sufferings of men. Don’t know what an appropriate name would be for the concept but there is need for it.

    1. kirea says:

      Just give them a piece of land and let them build their own city.

  3. Benito says:

    Making a city more “woman-friendly” just means more ridiculous and unnecessary safety regulations. “Woman-friendly” means “no fun”. I stay away from the big cities anyway. I’d say they’re already “woman-friendly” by how expensive it is to be there. Not going to change for the betterment of men, that’s for sure.

  4. You misogynist PiGTow’s. Looks like Clarey and Esmay are right.

    You know what is really oppressive to men? You fucking liberals probably think men being incarcerated for harsh drug laws. You probably think that it is that you yahoo’s are so oppressestesed by signing up for selective service. Now I been around the block a few times and I can tell you what is real oppression for men. Male restrooms don’t have bidet’s. Yes, I said that right an alpha male needs access to his bidet. You can’ expect classy ladies like Typhone Blue, Judgy Bitch and Girl Writes What to perform analingus on your mangina unless you practice exquisite manginal grooming. Real men’s rights insist that we have bidet’s in the men’s room. But until that happens, I’m going to have to follow Bruce, err Kaitlyn Jenner into the women’s room so I can maintain manginal cleanliness. Remember to prove that youaren’t a PigTow misogynist and vote for Hillary Clinton. She has promised not to raise taxes on my donations from Voice for Men even though we haven’t declared nonprofit status. Now stop playing with your micropenises, man up and send me some money.

    1. not me says:


    2. tamerlame says:

      Very funny.

      1. Hey little man,

        you haven’t been sending your membership dues since Typhone Blue called you a misogynist. Man up and get back on the plan. To do otherwise is misandry.

  5. MA says:

    It’s NEVER enough. Women will keep on demanding new shit even if they have everything the world has to offer. Guess at that point they’ll demand stuff from Mars.

  6. Kong says:

    That’s a curious thing regarding the anti homeless spikes. It does make you wonder if the majority of homeless people were women would we still have them?

    The answer is likely no for very obvious reasons. Plus if the majority of homeless were women then here would be huge government initiatives to get them off the streets and protect them. There would an increase of homeless shelters being built as well as state funded housing to help protect and save the little darlings. If the majority of homeless were women then homelessness would be an issue almost immediately sorted out.

    I remember a scene from a news report two or three years ago. It showed a line of homeless people putside a soup kitchen stretching for about 200 years along the street. The camera followed the entire length of the line and here was not one single woman amongst them. It was all men, every last one of them men.

    1. Ergeniz says:

      Women will also never be the majority of homeless to begin with. This is due to the fact they’re the gender which society finds it socially acceptable for them to latch onto a male and be supported by him while bringing no contributions of their own.

      Even if a woman does not find a man to enter a “relationship” with, she can simply prostitute herself to multiple men. On that note alone, men’s desire for sex and willingness to trade for it means almost any woman would never be forced to go hungry.

  7. Andy says:

    Here is my Idea for a city designed for women:
    Its one giant safe space kitchen where they are guarded by strong male relatives that make sure nothing offends them, nothing hurts their feelings and no advertisement board triggers them into an eating disorder.

    1. Ah, yes, you are our kind of man…

      Mosey on over to my site and hit that donate button.

    2. Sarcasticlees says:

      Yes, exactly!
      Because they get triggered so easily, in fact, best keep the male guards but not let them out at all!
      While we’re at it, toss a bag over their heads! Perfect! Brilliant!

    3. Plasma Mongoose says:

      Even if you give them all that safety, they will soon complain about the lack of drama in their lives.

  8. Tim says:

    I awoke today a free man. No ties to a man hating, man using, man destroying fempocalypse. I’m a blessed man. I’m the most fortunate of men on earth. Today and every day, no woman has any power over my life. I awoke today a free man – free of women’s influence and manipulation.

    What I like most about women is that they think they’ll overcome their “man problem” by mass male abortion and hence mass male murder. Got news for you ladies – go for it. You’d be nothing without men. Without men to perpetually recreate the environments in which you thrive most fervently (consumption, greed, envy, sloth, vanity), you’ll perish. That you’ll perish is a good thing.

    Bye Bitches.

  9. Andy says:

    House Panel Votes to Make Women Register for Selective Service – the Draft

  10. nobody meat bag says:

    tl;dr summary for virtually all articles on women and their “issues” from here on out and till the end of our sick-ass evil ape species:

    1) Not good enough!
    2) Need MORE (from men)

  11. Multishadow says:

    In other words, they should toddlerproof entire cities and have men rolling out red carpets any time a woman steps outdoors. Why? Because they take of babies, that’s why. And the bit about higher poverty rates was hilarious, if by poverty rates they meant tripping over male bums in the streets.

    “Fewer than one-fifth of U.S. cities with populations over 30,000 have female mayors. Thirty percent of council members in the largest cities are women, down from 33 percent in 2010. Women are underrepresented in the fields of planning, architecture and real estate development, particularly at the top.” _ Here’s a novel idea, stop complaining about having to raise children that those evil men FORCED upon you (and you clearly had no choice in), and start taking positions as mayors, council members, area planners, and maybe even construction or putting the actual work in to change the city!

    But of course they will do nothing but complain to men and try to get them to fix it, instead of merely moving a couch around their apartment, they now have to restructure entire cities to suit a woman’s whims.

  12. Karen says:

    Ye fools; let it be known that no tyranny exists w/o the consent of the tyrannized. The tyrant is always a walking embodiment of his people’s values and culture & mores…a refracted semblance of themselves. Though they excoriate Him when he wields His sword over them…they likewise cheered Him to no end when He wielded that same sword over their brothers.

    Man, at his core, is a born slave. It is a condition that he is most at ease with; for it makes no counter demands other than fealty to a self-appointed Better. Man’s life is rife with examples of this phenomenon: Man enslaves himself to his boss…he enslaves himself to his creditors…he enslaves himself to his “faith”…he sometimes even enslaves himself to his state’s War Machine…happily walking into the recruiter’s office and pledging years of his life…and very often, his life itself, for some nebulous and ill-defined “cause”. In exchange for the always ambiguous and infrequently satisfied desire called “love”, man enslaves himself to his wife…willfully entering into a binding contract…which results in him relinquishing control over most of his current and future assets. He also willfully accepts liability…a liability that can only escalate after he successfully breeds.

    None of the aforementioned contracts of thralldom are mandatory at the current hour. This fact only further illustrates the original assertion: man is a born slave.

    The strange inner workings of man’s mind are nicely borne out when we examine his perspective on those who commit the heinous act of murder. When a man is found guilty of a single murder, he will likely be sentenced to death or afforded a lengthy sentence of incarceration. He will likely be castigated in the popular press and relegated to infamy for eternity.

    However when a man commits numerous murders (“serial killer” being the contemporary colloquialism), he will acquire a strange, quasi-mystical cult-like status. Though he will still be sharply denounced and inveighed against by most; a segment of the population will be fascinated with him…and an even smaller sub-segment will actually venerate and romanticize him. Psychiatrists will debate all the variables that “led him astray”…which, of course, serves no purpose other than to absolve him of culpability. Books, magazine articles, and television will speculate as to “why” such behavior would manifest. Ultimately, the numerous murders and incalculable suffering he brought about become quite beside the point…his victims are long forgotten…but the killer is immortalized.

    The third level of indescribable barbarism is the mass killer…the genocidal maniac…which usually means the leader of a nation. All these monsters eventually die; and their demise is usually celebrated throughout the world. However the passage of time humanizes them. As they transmute from the daily newspaper dispatches to the pages of the history book; they acquire a certain je ne sais quoi…an indescribable panache that provides them a bizarre insulation from condemnation. Academics, insulated beings themselves, try mightily to explain away all of the tyrant’s shortcomings…”we must remember that it was a different time” (as if wanton and reckless killing is *ever* justifiable). A lie told enough times eventually appears to be the truth. The most evil men in history end up as masculine role models…cults build up around them…their brutal conduct becomes something for young men & boys to emulate and aspire to. Though their parents publicly frown on this celebration of wickedness, they quietly endorse it at the sub conscious level…for they likewise hold a deep admiration for tyrants at their core. Time passes; new dictators rise & fall…the cycle is self-perpetuating and never-ending; man is caught in a loop of his own making.

    Thus it becomes evident that the inner workings of man’s mind is rife with the most profound contradictions…though he loathes tyranny, he is the agent by which tyranny manifests. He fights for freedom…but he is a born slave who invites his own thralldom. Lastly the degree to which he heaps scorn upon the most wicked is inversely proportional to the degree in which the wickedness manifests…the greater the abomination, the greater propensity he will have for exculpating the wrong-doer.

    1. Karen, ah, Girl Writes What,

      Um, I know you, um, said you don’t need my website. But please come back. Cry bully, er baby Dean just left after I didn’t give in to his demands for a silver plated bidet. I, of course, just like the SPLC have my own gold plated bidet. I have the cleanest mangina in the west. Please come back to lick my hiney with your sisters Typhone Blue and Judgy Bitch. All these guys like Fidelbogen are too stupid to see we are just repackaging rad-fem and calling it Men’s Human Rights.

      Remember I am the Voice for all men, and like all feminists, Karen, you secretly desire an abusive, err alpha boyfriend. I remember I let you down at the last swinger MRA convention when Clarey acted all alpha because he had read Roosh’s “Abuse isn’t abuse when you call it S&M”. All you ladies were lining up for his cigar stained mangina. Heck you and Typhone dissapeared behind closed doors and I had to call my old right hand man, John the Other just to get my mangina fisted. But I am a new man, I have been studying Hugo Schwyzer and Warmachine. I can leave you with bruises and all your hipster friends will love how you can reenact 50 shades of gray like the true feminist you are.

      Please Karen, I am begging like a Beta here but between closed doors, I’ll treat you like Schwyzer treated his students. You know you want it bitch.

      1. Karen says:

        “The Voice For Males” writes:

        (snips weak and rambling satire)

        The male…pathetic to the bone.

        1. Karen,

          what are ya doing slumming for boys here when you could be at my site getting some real men?

          As my good friend, Kevin Logan is fond of saying “Cunt!”

  13. Karen says:

    The voice for the Beasts of Burden says:

    what are ya doing slumming for boys here when you could be at my site getting some real men?

    OMG Hatred from members of the Slave Gender makes me sooooooooooo hot!

    When your breed is formally relegated to serfdom; little things like ‘net access…and freedom of movement…will be distant memories.

    1. Karen,

      Don’t think I haven’t dealt with you kind before…

      When I told the story about how I disciplined my crappy grandson infront of my mudsharking daughter, don’t think I didn’t notice the wet spots that you, Typhone and JB left on the sofa, or that yours was the biggest of them all…

      that little tike needed stiches up the wazoo. There is nothing more you feminist’s love than seeing a man deal violence to another male who is smaller and weaker.

  14. Karen says:

    The Servant of The Superior Gender attempts to articulate the following:

    Don’t think I haven’t dealt with you kind before…

    That’s for goddamn sure, boy. For I am Sui Generis…and there is no other woman like Me.

    1. C’mon, Karen,

      come on back to the plantation, err my site…

      traffic’s been down. Even running “We love Roosh” pieces that made me sick to my stomach haven’t brought the traffic your articles have brought. I know you take concepts much smarter men have described and then you water them down and say it in a womanly way. But that’s what my site readers need.

      I’ll tell ya what, I’ll tell you how I used to bully first graders from the special-ed class when I was a High School senior. I’ll even go to the SPCa and get some male puppies to torment. Will that make you happy?

      Hillary 2016!

  15. Tim says:

    Hillary Clinton – The wife of the first US president to be impeached for lying over the fact that he got a blow job from a young female intern in the oval office. Had it been Weiner – well…

    Hillary Clinton – The wife of the man that singed into law the removal of Glass Steagall – the law put in place to protect Americans from – the removal of Glass Steagall by someone like Bill Clinton.

    Hillary Clinton – The wife of the man that pushed for the full implementation of the Community Reinvestment Act – the act that forced banks and lending institutions to give more than 60% of loans to sub-prime borrowers – borrowers that were destroyed by the millions by Bill Clinton.

    Hillary Clinton – Her hundreds of millions in net worth made through selling out Americans by pandering to Wall Street (see speaking fees, Clinton Cash, Clinton Foundation). Hillary is bought and paid for by Wall Street and she refuses to give up the text to her speeches. Wonder why?

    HillBilly 2016! 200 million in ill begotten gains is the American politician’s way. Trust HillBilly!

    Never get married folks. This election will play out like every other love story. Never, EVER give a woman any power over your life. Never EVER give a woman the RING OF POWER!

    Women should get back in the kitchen, get pregnant, and shut off their overpriced traps. That or they should boycott marriage – a move in which most men would be in favor.

    Once upon a time, a prince proposed to a princess. The princess refused. The prince lived happily ever after.

    1. ^^^^^^^^^

      See this here folks….

      This is what a PigTow looks like!

      I bet this scumbag Tim believes that HBD is a psuedoscience and that rich white men face no discrimination. This folks is what a Barry O’Bombya supporter looks like…

      Typical SJW with a chip on his shoulder…

      Aaron Clarey warned me about you folks…

  16. Karen says:

    Timmy says:

    Never get married folks. This election will play out like every other love story. Never, EVER give a woman any power over your life. Never EVER give a woman the RING OF POWER!

    The power the Superior Female holds over the masculine slave gender is absolute; you have no choice but to obey Us.

    I often cite the matter of Dominique Strauss-Kahn…former Director of the International Monetary Fund. In terms of power and apparent insulation from the Wrath of the Superior Gender…the male Strauss Kahn would appear to be as high as a male can get…maybe even higher than the president or prime minister of a nation…what with his ability to cite “diplomatic immunity” if he were ever to get in a jam.

    But a few years ago, while visiting NYC, a maid at a hotel he was staying at filed charges of sexual assault against him and Kahn was confined. Though the charges ultimately proved to be unfounded…the resulting publicity essentially destroyed the career and life of Kahn as his name was effectively dragged through the mud. No matter what else he should do for the balance of his incarnation, the unfounded incident will haunt him to the end of his days.

    This incident proves my point. Even the highest male is at the mercy of the humblest female…as even the weakest of My Gender is much more powerful and has virtually carte blanche to do whatever she wants to the strongest members of your masculine slave gender.

  17. Ergeniz says:

    Honestly, Detroit is no longer suitable for anyone to live in.

    1. we’ll send all the PiGTow’s to internment there…

      Hillary 2016!

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