Why MGTOW should not fear the SATF Smear

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  1. tamerlame says:

    I liked the part where you validated male anger and therefore the suffering that has caused it. you expressed a desire to communicate and listen.

    This makes a nice change, since we live in a society that invalidates and gaslights men all the time.

  2. Hedon says:

    Superb video

  3. Tim says:

    Fathers, mothers, sons and daughters should be allowed to go to a bathroom in which their sons, daughters, sisters and wives reside.

    Mothers, sons, fathers and daughters should be able to accompany their husbands, brothers and sons into a bathroom.

    Brothers and sisters should be able to share the same facilities as any other facility.

    Boys, men, girls and women should join a struggle to share all spaces in harmony.

    No gender is more protected nor equal than the other. Boys and Girls, men and women, should be held to the same standards of equality. No more women’s only groups. No more programs only for women’s benefit.

    We all have the same rights. That’s equality.

    Glad to have you back, bar bar. Love every word you speak. You’re the best of the best of humans.

  4. Andy says:

    I saw it was nearly two hours and stil tried to give it a shot, so i clicked in the middle at 50 Minutes where BarBar starts talking over all about “we don’t have the time”. Dude, you made a nearly two hour video arguing with acusations on the internet, you wanna tell me something about time.

    By the way, just out of curiosity, what are you people doing with your time when you don’t consume MGTOW content and two hour videos?

    1. Tungsten Thorax says:

      I mostly spend my time balls deep in yer ma’s dirtbox, mate. Surprised she hasn’t mentioned me tbh.

    2. sam says:

      Is this Andy? World War II Andy?
      What’s up pops? Long time no see.
      Tell me about the time you and Eisenhower went cruisin for tail in New York.

  5. Kong says:

    I agree this gynocentrism is displayed regularly in most genres of music, whether it’s about the supposed Beauty and mysticism of women or just an aggressive song about having sex, it clearly shows women are at the forefront of men’s minds. I think the only type of music where you can escape this is heavy rock and punk, for the most part anyway. A lot of hard rock and punk bands delve more into political issues and while there will be gynocentric motives behind this it’s refreshing not to hear some guy singing on about the most beautiful woman in the world and the love of his life.

    I genuinely do not see beauty in women. I look at them with a very cold scientific point of view. Attraction is just perception and you have to ask yourself is this woman you look at really attractive and really the answer is no. Women have shallower bone structures which provides a more delicate softer appearance. Their bodies are less muscular and again much softer in comparison. This isn’t beauty. It’s nothing. Neither are women complicated or mysterious, on the contrary they are very simple and unimpressive in comparison to men. Women do not inspire me at all and I see nothing of any value or interest in them. I find them predictable and very boring. Much of their appearance is artificial and you have to wonder how much of that attraction you would feel to them if they didn’t wear make up, had no hair, carried a few extra pounds or had a big zit on their face. Women go to such great lengths to appear attractive and without much of this artificiality you probably wouldn’t notice them. Without their make up, pretty hair dos, high heels and short skirts your mind would probably focus on more important things.

    Recently one movie I have come to love is Fight Club because I detect strong MGTOW messages in that film. That movie really feels like a prediction of what the world will be like for men when women have taken over and if you think about all the undertones in it you realise it’s becoming more and more real in today’s world. Some of the lines have gay undertones, MGTOW undertones and strong messages about what happens to men when you marginalise them. My favourite line was when Brad Pitt said “we are a generation of men raised by women and I’m beginning to wonder if a another woman is really the answer we need”. This line alone has so many connotations and their other scene where he deliberately crashes the car asking the men inside what they want to do before they die, they each answer immediately with pure knowledge of what they want to do, which is build a house and paint self portrait. This to my mind is strongly MGTOW in nature.

    Arguably society on some levels knows we are casting men aside and ultimately this is one day going to have consequences. What those consequences will be I don’t know but it will be of no advantage to women in the long run.

  6. Matt says:

    It’s interesting how they don’t realize they’re doing mgtow a huge favor with that claim. Mgtow didn’t even want favors, we just wanted to go our own way. Thanks for the PR boost to the general public! Whether it be for “siding with women” or associating all feminists with the “go lesbian!” movements.

  7. What does SATF mean ? Small Anti Trump Feminists ? Sexy Anti Trump Feminists Shitty Anti Trump Feminists ?

    1. Just Visiting says:

      SATF = Same As The Feminists.

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