Teach Men Not to Rape – Mexican Version

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  1. tamerlame says:

    This is female aggression pure and simple. They are signalling for state violence to be enacted towards low status men who dare speak to members of the leisure caste without permission. Feminists are linking “harassment” with murder, a classic feminist tactic, mix in the less serious issue with the more serious one, to obfuscate the issue and make a stronger treat narrative.

    1. Kong says:

      Violence is sanctioned by the state towards men. Why do you think rape laws name the accused but not the accuser? It’s to send a clear signal to men that if you do anything to hurt a woman or leave her feeling upset or abused then your fate will be at the hands of vigilante mob justice and not just a legal system skewed against you.

      This happens all over the world, an innocent man is accused of rape and mob justice has him beaten to a pulp. It even happened to a man I worked with, he was falsely accused of raping a girl on work experience and was struck over the head with a hammer getting into his car one day. The state knows this happens and they are keen to permit it. The feminist narrative that all men are potential opportunistic rapists has won over what the reality of rape actually is. Therefore you, me and all men are would be rapists so we need to be sent this signal about what might happen to us if we do it.

  2. Max Hydrogen says:

    If you give women the chance, they will criminalize lower-status men.

  3. Max Hydrogen says:

    I wonder if these women would react the same way if the attention came from a CEO, doctor, rock-star or millionair athlete…?

  4. Bob Loblaw says:

    89% of homicide victims in Mexico are men according to the UN. So yea, unsurprisingly this is complete bullshit.

  5. Tim says:

    Years ago – I had to decide if I was going to keep playing the game or wise up. What do I mean by this? Women often use men financially for personal gain. Women often completely destroy men’s lives for no other reason than to enrich and stabilize their own fortunes and futures.

    I fucking hate women.

  6. Max Hydrogen says:

    Instead of telling men to be carefull and put their dick in crazy, we should teach women not to crazy!


  7. Max Hydrogen says:

    So… who kills women in Mexico…?

  8. GGR says:

    I live in mexico at the moment (april 2016)… and this campaign is strong, on the radio saying “no stronger, nor weaker, men and women are the same” (Ni mas fuertes ni mas debiles, somos iguales”)…. “Neither more intelligent nor less intelligent” (ni mas inteligentes ni menos inteligentes)… it is all over the place, and there are actual legislators working on passing laws and they have propaganda on in the radio saying they want more and more women as representatives, which always means more and more privileges, the male legislators can’t go against it POLITICALLY and when they debate it they are so mild they lose from the start, like arguing stepping on eggshells… And women are winning; NO matter what you say they fall back into misinformation and emotion saying things openly like “are you saying women are not more oppressed than men?” NO ONE can say anything in the media or it means his POLITICAL death; and if you say yes then they DON’T answer, they just laugh it off or give some incredibly bias and wrong statistics like…. there is also a Nutrogena ad right now, translated into Spanish and very popular, saying some incredible shit, and at the end she says she wants to help WOMEN have bigger dreams; she’s the chick in that series Scandal where this black woman is in love with the president, can’t remember her name. Anyhow, this campaign is real, and ost men I talk to about it just shrug it off and laugh; but I am fully aware how this can turn out.

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      “POLITICAL death”. Hence the problem with Democracy…

      1. Ergeniz says:

        I am a bit surprised. I thought that Mexico being in the situation it is in, financially and socially, the government would be more immune to this sort of female subversion. In my studies on gynocentrism I always attributed one of the factors to increasing female power being a country possessing excess wealth.

        I see this is not necessarily the case.

  9. GGR says:

    Only to point out a difference of opinion here, hope it doesn’t devolve into smears, the article says:

    “I’m sure there will undoubtedly be violence carried out against women in a corrupt third world state in the midst of a full on drug fueled war, but women will always be one step removed from the violence.”

    why specifically third world countries, and why THIRD world, I think it is more like UNDEVELOPED, UNINDUSTRIALIZED countries, or I need to hear in what sense we are THIRD, WE HAVE EVRY SINGLE INDUSTRY FROM THE USA, and the issue of why they come is a separate issue….. and part of that is a reaction of what the so called FIRST world is exporting (this campaign is ONE example, the new feminists’ mentality is straight from the US, and other ‘developed’ countries) that is the reason I WILLINGLY left the USA, even though I am supposed to have a better standard of living there… but living with the bullshit against Mexicans is just intolerable, Trump-like mentalities is another, and from the latest info I read, a lot of Mexicans and people from other countries are leaving if they are economically ABLE TO at all. And remember that a very high percentage in upper level studies like PH’s in graduate studies in the US are from foreign students, who will not stay to help the economy if the doesn’t change, silicon valley is ASKING CONGRESS to relax its visa requirements because there is just not enough US citizens willing to study in graduate schools… I don’t want to play the ‘I got you’ here, just to point out this annoying issue that always targets ‘third’ world countries; even though in the next breath it is said that whatever violence women get is gotten in every country and place on earth, as well as if you look closer (as you do) you can see the homeless are almost all male, and the victims of physical and really violent violence is almost all male….. this new campaign is bullshit, they are starting with the USA way of saying that just looking at women is RAPE!! and all the other bullshit things like the slut walk is coming to Mexico too… NO responsibility at all for how they act, if a man walks through a bad neighborhood and is attacked he’s just stupid but if a woman dresses slutty and does the same is ‘violence against women’ because her attack included rape for example. If there are reasons for men to get beat up for certain behaviours, like spiting on someone’s face, then when women say you shouldn’t hit a woman “no matter what” is complete bullshit. WE all have it coming if we behave in certain ways, as countries having coming if they do it, and war ensues for much less than that, even a perceived threat like Iraq or Vietnam (wink). Now imagine the issues and situations and arguments happening in every single couples’ home in Mexico, and the US and around the world; hell even men get it sometimes there, in fact more often than people imagine, because men measure twice and act once in these situations and women don’t because whatever happens the law will protect them.

    Like your site, been watching your vids on youtube for a while… good luck.

    1. kirea says:

      It’s based on Cold War terminology. The first world was the USA and its allies, the second world was the USSR and its allies, and the third world was the rest. My own country of origin, Sweden, is actually technically a third-world country in that regard.

      1. GGR says:

        Sure, I can see it; but do you think the world powers use it in this fashion, with this meaning?? That is what I was referring to, it is clear in the article that this definition is NOT what they had in mind, though, as I said, I think the author didn’t mean to offend or meant it in a mean spirited way,

        “I’m sure there will undoubtedly be violence carried out against women in a corrupt third world state in the midst of a full on drug fueled war, but women will always be one step removed from the violence.””

        and the further point, which you didn’t address, that what he is speaking about happens in ALL countries, we here in Mexico have issues, but a lot of it is because the USA refuses to legalize what they clearly can’t stop their citizens from wanting and thus using, like they attempted to stop alcohol. And the other issues that a LOT of the ideas and movements the ‘developed’ countries are exporting is very harmful even in their own countries; feminist ideology as it stands TODAY is one of them.

        Good luck friend. Love to dialog in a civilized manner.

        1. kirea says:

          Well, “third-world” is currently used in a very loose and imprecise manner to refer to “underdeveloped” countries. Countries like Sweden and Finland aren’t really called “third-world” in practice today even though they are according to the original definition. What is “underdeveloped” is of course relative. If you were to compare Mexico to say Canada or Germany, you could surely call is underdeveloped, economically this is, but if you were to compare it to most African countries instead you would consider it to be a highly developed country.

          I agree that Barbarossa expressed it in a somewhat clumsy manner, but I don’t think it was meant to offend, especially considering that he is Dominican of origin himself.

          1. Max Hydrogen says:

            Barbarosaaa used the term in its common usage which is not its original usage but the meaning of words change e.g. Liberal/Conservative.

  10. GGR says:

    And here we have a clear example of female double standards in law-courts. So wat sexual harassment or whistling compared to this:

  11. Tim says:

    The typical conversation between men and women on issues:


    Why is it that men represent 98% of combat and work related deaths? Why is it that the majority of homeless are men but there are nearly 0 homeless shelters for men? Why does the majority of federal and state funding for health, education and welfare go to women? Why do women get far less onerous criminal sentences for the same crimes? Why when combat roles were opened to women in the military do women have a choice in taking combat orders but men don’t?

    Feminism is a cancer. Feminism represents anti-male discrimination and hate by women. Feminism brings to light the extreme cowardliness of women.


    It was legislated by conservatives in congress that aid for families should be denied to households with an employable man. You can thank conservative legislators for the break-up of families, and prejudice against men without job skills to support a family.


    Thank you for so skillfully addressing only the tiniest of slices of the points I made. Thank you for making the injustices perpetrated against men by women work in your favor. Thank you for re-enforcing male disposability and cultural misandry.

    Thank you for blaming the victim.

  12. Tim says:

    The Disposable Male, by Spetsnaz

    This one answers all of your questions.

  13. L says:

    I’m Mexican, and frankly, it’s very clear you don’t have a clue of what the situation is like regarding violence in the country. Of course men are killed more than women, but male homicides are generally because they got involved in trouble by themselves. Femicide doesn’t mean women killed, it means women killed when they were targeted specifically for being women. This isn’t sexism but rather a mix of various things. First, search for the term “levantamientos” which is abduction of people just walking in the street normally. This happens nearly exclusively to women, given that it’s usually to traffic with them and sell them as sexual servants. It’s also important to consider that women, and more specifically wifes/girlfriends, are often seen as the nearest thing to a family a man can have outside of their actual families. Therefore, when a man isn’t married with children, their significant others are the ones who get threatened in order to get the man to do something.

    1. Man Of Earth says:

      Okay, ignoring the fact that femicide can be applied to instances of domestic violence, why call it “femicide”? You at least admit that there are some male victims who don’t get “involved in trouble by themselves.” If the real issue is the targeting if loved ones “in order to get the man to do something”, why focus exclusively on female victims, ignoring all male victims? Why does this brand of crime need to be gendered if not to provide additional protections and privileges to women over men?

  14. Andy says:

    Had a conversation once with a mexican girl about the kidnappings and murders in mexico, and she told me multiple times that nothing happens to you if youre not involved. That was i think two years ago when the kidnappings of tourists and foreign students happend. These people are totaly resignated. This bloodthirsty country should just bleed out and when all the young unemployed hotheads are dead, maybee there will be some sort of peace.

    PS: Haha, Femenazi is equal in all languages.

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