Gay “Cis” Men, The Newly Minted Oppressors Feminists Kicked out of the Oppression Olympics

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  1. tamerlame says:

    This is why I hate the Term social justice warrior. It may be used as a pejorative but it is still allowing feminists to use minorities as cove rSJW’s are just intersectional feminists who have cop-opted minority movements to make it about women.

    Make no mistake the core of this issue is men vs women, the privileged caste of extra humans vs the male nigger underclass.

    1. barbarossaa says:

      tamerlame do you go by justpromale on youtube? if so i sent you a message

      1. tamerlame says:


        1. tamerlame says:

          don’t see any message, youtube is confusing. alex1453ad@gmail.com

    2. kirea says:

      The MRM is failing because it fails/refuses to acknowledge that it’s men vs. women. Instead it’s the feminists, the government, the welfare system, the socialists, the Marxists, the cultural Marxists, the Jews, the Illuminati, the collectivists, the SJWs, etc. It’s an endless orgy of scapegoating. Then we end up with things like AVfH (A Voice for Housewives). RBK made a pretty good series about this issue called “Why The Mens Rights Movement Will Not Succeed”. It’s a bit long, but it’s well worth sitting through.


  2. Men's Rights Edmonton says:

    “The thing about dealing with feminists while being male is that eventually, no matter how much you try to appease them, their latent gynocentrism will kick in”
    -You think feminist gynocentrism is latent? I thought it was constantly in hyperdrive.

    1. barbarossaa says:

      Poor wording on my part. What I mean to say is that even with groups that feminists seem to ally with, the lgbt movement for example, there is something latent in them tied up in gynocentrism that will eventually make them attack even thier male allies. Which is what you’re seeing here

      1. Men's Rights Edmonton says:

        Ah. I agree.

  3. TFCNU says:

    Can’t wait for this to go full Kafka. So, logically the gay students should break away and form their own group as they aren’t being covered by the umbrella anymore. At that point of course the lesbians will howl that the new gay rights group is discriminating against them. This will leave the gay students both excluded from the umbrella group and unable to form their own group.

  4. kirea says:

    I think gay rights activists and feminists have been in a mutually exploitative codependent relationship. Gay men were being oppressed for real, by traditionalists (gay sex even used to be a criminal offense). They were having a hard time getting their voices heard because, well, the standard modus operandi of the human spices is that no one really gives a shit about your issues unless you have a vagina. By teaming up with feminists, they were able to make their voices heard. The feminists on the other hand got the opportunity to appropriate the oppression of an actually oppressed demographic and say “see, those gay men are also being oppressed by this evil heterosexist patriarchy”. What’s currently happening is that gay men aren’t oppressed any more, at least not more that straight men. They are thus not useful pawns for feminists any more, so their view of them defaults to “typical make pig”.

  5. dudeschmock says:

    Gay Cis? What folly is this. Those are opposite terms, how can one be both at the same time.

    Best to leave all that crazy SJW’s in their College habitat, where they don’t bother me with this bullshit.

    1. kirea says:

      Cis/trans refers to gender identity and straight/gay refers to sexual orientation. A cis gay man has a male body, identifies as a man, and is attracted to men.

    2. Plasma Mongoose says:

      Cis Gay just a fancy way of saying that the guy is gay and is comfortable with being gay as opposed to a gay guy who hates being gay.

      1. Veritech Ace says:

        I wonder if any of this is related to Milo’s popularity among conservatives. They see the “cis gay” as a threat now.

  6. Kong says:

    Feminists love gay men and probably for many disturbing reasons. Gay men appear weaker and feminine, which a lot of women take a great deal of satisfaction and entertainment from. Unfortunately gay men also identify more with femininity so very few of them are likely to support the MRM and have no need to go MGTOW.

    Whether or not feminists will turn on these traditional allies I don’t know, but I do know the gay community will never be sympathetic towards us. This is largely because of the reason mentioned above and also maybe due to the fact that many men in the MRM and MGTOW (myself included) tend to have more conservative and libertarian political views, which have traditionally not been very friendly towards the lgbt community.

  7. vondarkmoor29 says:

    guess milo has kicked up enough of a stir for women to take away his victim status…..although that assumption might be a bit of stretch. it wouldn’t surprise me however

  8. Martin says:

    Haha! It started with gays and then includet lesbians. When it went full acronym it was GLBT. That didn’t fly so it turned into LGBT. After adding the addition it will subtract the G. That’s feminist math for you 😉

    1. Alex A says:

      Then it will be a BLT.

  9. he “libertarians,” don’t get triggered, but you hero is saying some crappy stuff…


  10. just think, the new acronym will be BLT-but what happens when I wnt to order a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich? Must I say the whole acronym or be SOL? I am kyryarchicaly oppressedessed by not being able to use acronyms how I want.

    teh horror ™

    teh horror ™

  11. Plasma Mongoose says:

    How long will it be before they decide that anyone with an X-chromosome even the gender-queer and trans will be booted out of the Social Justice club?

    1. look up TERF, look up Mich Fest….

      and on another note, because a guy like Dean Esmay studied all that stuff, it’s extraordinairly insulting that he called guys PigTOW… it is a slur that feminists used, men are pigs mixed with calling men “radical separatists” because they didn’t want to listen to Elam.

  12. Man Of Earth says:

    Astounding. Now that they can no longer vampirically syphon any victimhood from gay men, they boot them to the curb. And they’re doing this with the explicit (or even implicit) knowledge that merely being a woman shields them from the absolute worst expressions of homophobia.

    I’m honestly wracking my brain trying to think of a lesbian who’s been assaulted or murdered simply for being a lesbian a la Matthew Shepard.

    1. Plasma Mongoose says:

      There was Brandon Teena, a girl who disguised herself as a guy and had a relationship with another girl, once she was found out, she was raped and murdered but that is the only one I am aware of.

    2. Kong says:

      That’s true, I think it was bar bar that pointed out the treatment of gay men through history has been far more severe than the treatment of lesbian women. Gay men have been subject to beatings, execution, castration, mutilation and banishment. Lesbian women however were often ignored and people turned a blind eye to them. It’s not to say they were never punished for it but they certainly were never mutilated and were rarely killed.

      This was real oppression, not the imagined bullshit made up by feminists surrounding women’s history. So as a man even though I’m not gay I find it offensive that women try to portray themselves in the same light when it comes to historical oppression of gay men.

  13. colttaine says:

    Best ending ever. By the by man, you been on Skype lately?

  14. sam says:

    Can’t say I’m sympathetic to their cause, not anymore.

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