men compared to women

Hybristophilia, Ted Bundy, Cocaine Cowboys and Male Hybristophiliacs

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  1. PlanetEvans says:

    I wonder if this unsettling aspect of human sexuality is playing a part to whatever degree in the recent, head-scratching affinity between feminism & Islam.

    1. Jessire Nagy says:

      ♂ I type about this in my article that can be found here entitled: ‘Females Don’t Know How Sex Works’ ¶ Male sexuality is originally mostly assembling – body parts, & enjoying those body parts, substances, objects, & juxtapositions – usually just her & her parts – very humble. Female sexuality is more theme & role-playing oriented. The main distinction is this: If males enjoy females in bondage-sex, etc., it is usually just for the visual enhancement of her body posing in certain ways. When I type about this, I’m not referring to a generic slap on the buttocks, but a generic feminine psychology. I’m referring to an entire practice of b.d.s.m. that females tend to be much more interested in, both as a sex act, as well as a simplistic rating instinct they treat males with. I’m not typing about it as a generic, or fast, or rough sex. I refer to b.d.s.m. as an entire mentality that females superficially employ, & not just in-the-bedroom. ♂

  2. MA says:

    I’ve heard that black dudes like looking for a “bad bitch”, which somewhat seems to go into that kind of direction.

    1. Ergeniz says:

      I thought the prevalent stereotype regarding black males was that they go looking for fat chicks. Haven’t heard the ‘bitches’ one.

  3. kirea says:

    Regarding the allure of female sexual predators, I think there is more to it than just looks. Men are pretty fed up with always being expected to make the first move, so is it surprising that men can find female sexual assertiveness attractive? Rape is after all sexual assertiveness taken to its extreme. I’m not trying to say that men want to be raped or that sexual assault perpetrated by women should be considered acceptable under any circumstances. Maybe it’s not too different from women having rape fantasies. Maybe guys saying things like “Man where were these teachers when I was in high school amirite?!” would fantasize about having such a teacher, but they wouldn’t too happy if they were sexually abused be a teacher in rel life.

    1. BludStaynD MGTOW says:

      Excellent observation.

  4. Max Hydrogen says:

    My step-father is 6’4 but needs to be dominated by my mother.

  5. Max Hydrogen says:

    This reminds me of how much women get words tattooed on them, entire passages even. Women like to wear symbols of ownership like being “pinned” in the 50’s or the ever popular engagement ring. They need to signal to other women that they are now superior to them because they are under the aegis of a man. If they encouter another such woman they can compare how expensive their symbols are and deduce the alpha female thereby.

    Many women are honest about their desire to be owned, hence the BDSM lifestyle which places all the work and responsbility on the man and should he not be good enough, off to the next dominator she goes.

    Even non-permanent marking is enjoyed: we see many girls protesting against the “sexualization” of women by writing words on their bodies and parading themselves in public. Is it a coincidence that subs in kink videos will also have words written on them like “slut”, “bitch” ect.? Women need to display and need to be branded; men don’t seem to get entire passages tattooed on their bodies as much…

  6. Kong says:

    I have only encountered this once and that was a t college when a girl I knew dated a murderer and had a child with him. She spoke many times about the fact he killed someone and it obviously turned her on. I think there were other reasons for her attraction as well, she didn’t half play the victim and was a militant feminist and socialist. I got the feeling the feeling that by dating a violent man she was also trying to illicit concern and sympathy from other other people. She told everyone about this guy.

    But the whole thing about women being attracted to violent men comes as no surprise. Women active,y seek protection and a man who is willing to kill another arguably displays the ultimate form of protection and strength. I recall seeing that programme about women beginning relationships with death row inmates – men convicted of murder and it that was the attracting quality for them. They deliberately sought these men out and even married em behind bars.

    1. kirea says:

      Check this out:

      The second half of the video is about hunter-gatherer societies in the Amazon forest and shows how men who have killed someone have higher social status, attract more women, and have more offspring. The difference is not small. The men who have killed have about 3 times as many children as the ones who haven’t.

    2. Beetlejuice says:

      Making a Murderer also proved this phenomenon alive and well, despite the obvious slant that suggests Avery was innocent of his crimes. I’m sure that just the prospect that he could be guilty of murder was enough to get any of these females wet. Ironically, they probably left him once they discovered he was innocent.

  7. tamerlame says:

    ” I think there were other reasons for her attraction as well, she didn’t half play the victim and was a militant feminist and socialist.”

    Feminists can’t be socialist. Feminism is about increasing female privilege, a true socialist movement would reduce female privilege.

    in fact I believe the concept of egalitarianism is completely alien to most women, they just parrot the memes of it mindlessly, regurgitating what they hear from the media.

    Taking about the lower end of the hybristophilic spectrum, I can give a good example. The only people who where getting women in the homeless shelter I lived in a few years ago were the violent drug dealers who could afford to buy the care.

    The meek harmless guys without resources were completely sexless. Female selection encourages violence and criminality.

  8. Cake Griffin says:

    I’m telling you man, wimmin love that hood swag. I bet Barb and company (those who are dating / laying pipe) display “thug swag” every now and then to their girlfriend. It is no coincidence that the times when I sprinkled some of that hood swag in my past relationships, that’s when I received the most and best sex of ALL time! That “there’s the door” attitude, that live shit, that hood shit, that real shit, that…nigga shit:

    1. barbarossaa says:

      how did i know that link was going to be about big pun lol

      1. Cake Griffin says:

        Pun was good people, very humble man. Briefly met him outside a club during DMX’s ‘Blood of My Blood’ listening party. All that thug swag is a facade for most artists, it’s all an image/show, though part of that behavior is “real” in terms of the bravado/machismo aspect (used particularly to attract women).

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