Emma Watson: More Lives Lost due to Gender discrimination Than all Wars of Last Century

Emma Watson
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  1. Oh god, so much to pick apart. I just take one sentence

    “Sub-Saharan Africa, for example, ravaged as it is by extreme poverty, hunger, and famine, has a substantial excess rather than deficit of women, the ratio of women to men being around 1.02. ”

    Hmmm Hermione, could that be because.. i dunno… of the number of men that were slaughtered in the various African civil wars. Not just talking about military casualties, I’m talking also about innocent civilians wiped out systematically. Does the conflict between the Tutsi and the Hutu ring a bell? Or the Angolan civil war between UNITA and the MPLA where farmers suspected of supporting the other side were burned alive in front of their families. Does that ring a bell? Serra Leone? Liberia?

    Dumb spoiled girl.

  2. Observer says:

    Watson’s statement is paradigmatic of the feminist left.

    First, it finds pretexts to ignore male suffering.

    Second, it counts abortion as death even while insisting women should retain access to state-funded abortion at whim. That’s having one’s cake and eating it; either abortion is a death, or it is not a death; either it is murder, or it is not. If it’s murder in Watson’s count, then it’s murder when practiced for the mother’s convenience at a women’s clinic. If it’s not murder when practiced for the mother’s convenience at a women’s clinic, then it’s not murder to be included in Watson’s tally. Hypocrites.

    As usual, feminist statistics are close to outright lies for the sole purpose of demonising males and, ultimately, negating their humanity.

  3. Observer says:

    It would also be interesting to know whether Watson’s count includes the massive number of men who die in the workplace – for example, Japan’s nuclear workers, or the men and boys who toil and die early in Asia’s ship graveyards:

    ‘Men die, break legs, and tear muscle, but work never stops,’ said 30-year-old Muhammad Shakeel.–huge-tankers-cruise-liners-scrapped-shorefront-workers-toil-2-day.html

  4. Bal says:

    “In India, for example, except in the period immediately following birth, the death rate is higher for women than for men fairly consistently in all age groups until the late thirties. This relates to higher rates of disease from which women suffer, and ultimately to the relative neglect of females, especially in health care and medical attention.”

    The assumption behind this is the existence of adequate healthcare, and women are just not getting it because of discrimination, not because it might not exist. The quote has the following logic

    a) women are more likely to suffer illness
    b) women are more likely to die from illness, because they suffer from more illnesses.
    c) because women are more likely to die they are being discriminated against (relative neglect).

    It gets better. This means, in order for women to be considered treated equally, they would need better healthcare than men.

    Let’s go on
    “sex-selective abortion,”
    But abortion is fine. Fetuses are humans when we want them to be, but not when we don’t want them to be. You can abort a baby for whatever reason you want, but we’ll count it as discrimination when it suits us, despite us not considering it to be alive.
    Don’t get me wrong, I know there are a fair amount of abortions based on gender in certain countries. I’m just pointing out that they’re being hypocritical here.

    Also, take a look at their statistics (the pillar for missing women). Notice that the 2 top blocks are “estimate missing women in asia (2005)” from 2 different estimates. I’m sure there is no overlap between them. (I tried checking the numbers, but I couldn’t find the unfpa one from 2005).
    Also, the bottom one is from 2000. A woman missing in 2000 is probably going to be missing in 2005. After all, they’re basing it on the gender ratio, and that just isn’t going to change that much in 5 years.
    How much do you want to bet they are counting the same women several times?

    “More lives are lost from violence against women, sex-selective abortion, female infanticide, suicide, egregious maternal mortality, and other sex-linked causes …”
    The reason they start with deaths based on human actions and throw “other sex-linked causes” in the end is so the person reading it thinks it’s all active discrimination based. By the time you reach “sex-linked causes”, your brain has been primed to think about active discrimination and you’ll consider it to simply be an extension of the previous types. Also, by mentioning things like murder and violence, they are getting you emotional before showing you any statistics. They’re trying to get you to walk away from this thinking that these deaths are based on active discrimination rather than the other factors they try and slip in here and there.

    I didn’t manage to track down the estimate from 2005 from the unfpa, but I did from 2012, which estimates from 2005-2010 ( This is where things get interesting. The abortion issue causes about 0.9 million excess boys to be born per year in China alone
    The early deaths (before 5 years after birth are over) amount to about 415 thousand over all the countries they list over the course of 5 years. In other words, China has 4.5 million excess boys born in those five years, about 10-11 times the “early death” rate of all countries they add up. How will the ratio grow if you expand the excess births to all those countries?
    In case you are wondering, unfortunately, a fair number of those early deaths are, according to the report, probably due to it not being economically viable to raise a daughter. I don’t want to cheapen the statistic, but it is an important fact. If abortion were readily available, it is likely that this number of female infanticide would drop significantly.

    Essentially, the massive gender gap is not because of worse healthcare etc. but because of abortions and “post natal abortions” (which is an absolutely disgusting way to put it, but I can’t find a better short description). There is no reason to assume there is wide discrimination based on health or other kinds of violence.

    So, if a feminist points to this statistic, you can say they can only solve it by infringing on a woman’s right to choose. Women are not being murdered en masse, they are simply not being born.

  5. Skitzoid says:

    Approximately 107 men are born in the world for every 100 women. Thus, if there are only 101.3 men for every 100 women that means millions of missing men, not women. This lie Watson tells is possibly the most disgusting falsehood ever told. Its like claiming that a genocide of Germans was occurring in 1940.

  6. Max Hydrogen says:

    “unless theres some epidemic of late term abortions that I’m unaware of” You mean Philadelphia?

  7. Max Hydrogen says:

    They just get crazier and crazier. America was founded by people looking for religious freedom. Today’s religion is ideology and gynocentrism has created an ideology akin to religion. We need to creat another country; a New America.

  8. Mr. Andry says:

    I wonder what the stats of missing men are, they are not counted. In Canada there has been a push to have an inquiry into missing aboriginal women yet more men are actually missing or dead. World stats are probably similar. Easy to claim more women are victims if you just don’t count the men.

  9. Tim says:

    It’s no different a tactic than the heavily falsified rape statistics. Men are opting out of marriage so women have to come up with a new avenue of male financial annihilation. Women, if men opt out of marriage, have to come up with a new way to justify the forced transfer of wealth and power from men to women. If you can push through the farcical college rape statistical fantasy – and be successful in implementing “affirmative consent” – then you can also convince the masses of female morons (and white knights) that women have suffered the most deaths in the fight for women’s rights. The facts have to be artificially inflated in women’s favor or they’re really not facts at all. Facts not in favor of women are oppressive statistics of the fanatically evil patriarchy. Duh.

    Emma’s not a stupid woman. She knows exactly what she’s pushing and what she wants. All sociopaths mirror one another in a very important way: They ignore the truth and invent their own – no matter who they have to destroy in the process.

    I love my white male privilege:

  10. Tim says:

    For the first time – in the history of the United States – a woman – a member of the gender least responsible for the blessings and fortune they enjoy and take for granted each day – may soon be sending thousands of men to their deaths to fight for women’s rights.

    There are no words to express my hatred for anyone that supports this open misandry.

    I don’t hate women. I hate women’s backwards intellect.

  11. Kong says:

    It’s funny, every historian, politician and indeed most average citizens know that is not true but will make no attempt to correct Emma Watson and expose her lie.

    This is pure gynocentrism in action – working before our very eyes. When women make blatantly false statements about things like violence, rape, discrimination and pay it results in real action being taken. All of us here in MGTOW especially know that women suffer less violence than men and that the stats concerning violence against women are inflated with lies and misinformation. But when “women” like Emma Watson here perpetuate these lies it results in some very real laws being made that further protect women. You just have to look at the results of statements like hers to do with violence and rape to understand what the aims are. The more you make something sound worse than it really is the more effort the state will go to to shield women from it. Women seem to need the feeling of security under the law to protect them from things that aren’t even real. Or if not real then greatly exaggerated.

    It’s protection of women, pussy worship, gynocentrism, feminism. Whatever you want to call it. Women like to think themselves victims to compensate for their weaknesses, they like to have special treatment and consideration given to them because they so overvalue their worth. Making any issue they feel frightened by worse than it really is will always result in greater protection being afforded to them.

  12. Cory says:

    Yes, you do have to study at Brown University to be this stupid!

  13. Plasma Mongoose says:

    For the first 7 weeks of a pregnancy, all embryos are all intents female at which point the ones destined to become males start developing male features, so it can be said that any abortions occurring during the first trimester(1-12 weeks) will be overwhelmingly killing “female” babies.

    I would not be surprised if in the future, they will argue that abortions are murder only when it is a female embryo/foetus AND it wasn’t the woman’s choice(eg: China’s compulsory abortion policy), otherwise they couldn’t continue to support Pro-Choice.

  14. William Eastwood says:

    Go look up her latest exploit for the UN initiative HeforShe. Beatboxing for gender equality with a simpering idiot. Talk about scrapping the bottom of the barrel (and that’s saying something) of feminist attention whoring.

  15. Mike Oldfield says:

    She has just proven to the world that the only reason she has had any sucess in life is because of her looks. She should be grateful rather than complaining about it because if she had to rely on her intelligence she wouldn’t get very far.

  16. Andrew says:

    She missed one word – more MEN’S lives.

  17. Multishadow says:

    The funny part is all Feminists can do is lie now, and it becomes easier and easier to pick apart their lies. Even a cave man can do it, or an ancient Semitic emperor in the case of Sargon.

  18. Aika says:

    While the world has achieved some progress towards gender equality and women’s empowerment, women still continue to suffer discrimination and violence in every part of the world. We need to act more and really do something about it.

  19. Q says:

    She meant suicide for all genders. She didn’t say female suicides.

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