Sexual Consent Ad Campaign Depicts Men as Clueless Rapists

sexual consent
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  1. TheKangarooBoxer says:

    They aren’t trying to teach us what consent is, they’re trying to teach women that it’s a magical power granted by them in a spiritual way, so much so, that it can be withdrawn retroactively. False rape cases are a drama theater to them. Reality TV wasn’t enough, we need more people ruining each others lives and yelling at each other.

  2. Plasma Mongoose says:

    They want so much to just be able to say that all sex involving a male and female is automatically rape but outside the most extreme of the feminist extremists, they don’t have the balls to say that…yet.

    1. kirea says:

      This is pretty much what it’s about. So called “moderate” feminism is nothing but radical feminism that has been watered down a bit and polished up so it can be sold to the masses. Instead of saying “heterosexual intercourse is always rape” they say “heterosexual intercourse is always rape, unless the man asks for and is granted permission before every single move”.

  3. tamerlame says:

    gaslighting 101.

    Consent is not simple simply because women refuse to make it so.

  4. Kong says:

    These commercials have been going on for years and each and every one of them depicts the man as the abuser, rapist and attacker. Disgustingly many of them also depict teenage boys the same way.

    The indifference towards men and boys is really upsetting. It shows not even your own mother will protect you as women with sons are again quite indifferent to their own children being painted as abusers and even indifferent to the possibility of them being victims themselves. Women are quite happy, quite content to allow their sons to grow up in a world where a woman can attack them and not receive any penalty for it whatsoever. They are content to let their sons live in a world where they can be falsely accused of rape and lose everything – their homes, jobs, education, family and friends. It makes no difference to a woman that her sons genitals can be legally mutilated or that he faces greater likelihood of homelessness and unemployment than if he were a girl.

    I really feel very happy to dissasociate from women altogether. There is no benefit to having a woman in my life, I can honestly say I want nothing to do with them at all.

  5. MGTOW Discipline says:

    Eurgh!…..read the comments of those videos :/

    1. Hinforta says:

      Just wanted to say that. They are one of the worst.

  6. Andy says:

    You not what is more tiresome then bitches complaining that every men is a potential rapist? Guys who bitch about they are called potential rapists. I say own it. Take that weapon out of their hand right from the beginning.
    Ofcourse i’am a potential rapist. I’am bigger then women, stronger, faster and right this time of the year i get especialy horny. Ofcourse i could rape anyone of them anytime. And why i don’t do it? Deterrence. I’am afraid of getting kicked out of my tribe for violating customs, i’am afraid people could think i’am crazy and make a move on me and i don’t wanna go to prison, which would make police encounters even more dangerous for everyone involved. Whatever it is, for sure its not feminists or any other bitch waving their finger at me what a naughty boy i am.

    Rather be portrayed dangerous then a vicitm. And this is exactly what the lesson should be from this bullshit. Girls will not listen to that garbage because girls want to be taken and getting fucked hard. But boys, they will listen to that crap and then turn into whimps. Making boys weak doesn’t make bitches strong and so the bitches will import other men, or they will simply come by themselfs, to kill the weak boys and replace them.

    1. kirea says:

      I don’t know it’s such a great idea. Wouldn’t it play right into the feminists’ hands? Wouldn’t it be better to just refuse to have sex with women?

      1. Andy says:

        “Wouldn’t it play right into the feminists’ hands?”
        Besides that i just don’t care about feminsits, So what? The only “weapon” they have is emotional and social outrage, which just can be caused by tabus. Rather break the tabus and destroy their moral base, so that they see they actualy don’t have any means to pressure us besides those who are in your own head. So fuck it, i embrace this guy http://i.imgur.com/G7tNaXq.jpg . Thats my Posterboy now.

        1. Andy says:

          Just for those who live under a stone and don’t know the pictures, those are security guards in since suits takleing feminists activists and handling them very professional, unlike the police.

          1. Ownit4ewe says:

            This is really just so comical. You guys are like those apes in Space Odyssey:2001.

    2. barbarossaa says:

      “You not what is more tiresome then bitches complaining that every men is a potential rapist? Guys who bitch about they are called potential rapists.”

      Sorry dude, i’m NOT a potential rapist and i sure as hell am not going to embrace it, if you want to you can, go ahead and embrace everything bad the feminists call men if you want, they call you a potential pedophile as well, maybe embrace that too? maybe its “bitching and complain to say i’m not one of those as well?

      1. Andy says:

        “Sorry dude, i’m NOT a potential rapist”

        Bullshit, ofcourse you are. So am i. We are a lot of potential things like car drivers, meat eaters, rapists, killers and even pedophiles. So lets talk potentials or not. But if you aproche potentials the wrong way, the one of decisive actions or decisive waiver, then you follow the narrative they set up for you and it is just as therapeutic and just as anestetic as the feminists view.

        “go ahead and embrace everything bad the feminists call men if you want, they call you a potential pedophile as well, ”
        Why not? Punk did it. Black people did it with the N-word. Take back, take back, take back untill their very language has no power.
        But maybee youre okay with spinning the MGTOW wheel, but i see it going nowhere besides feeding a very passiv, victimized and in some cases defetist and cynical view. So i rather take the narrative back and see myself as the actor who does or doesn’t rather then being the object others set their narritive on.

        1. barbarossaa says:

          “go ahead and embrace everything bad the feminists call men if you want, they call you a potential pedophile as well, ”
          Why not? Punk did it. Black people did it with the N-word. Take back, take back, take back until their very language has no power.”

          Yes, some people have historically taken pejoratives and repurposed them to build solidarity amongst their communities, sometimes it works, other times it makes you look stupid like when feminists repurposed the word slut for their silly slutwalks. I suspect repurposing of the word “pedophile” or “rapist” to empower men would make us look even more stupid then slutwalking feminists, not only that but no men are going to adopt these titles in large numbers, but if you want go ahead and “take the language back” i just wont have anything to do with it.

          1. TheKangarooBoxer says:

            Well, we are kind of seeing this with “Shitlord”… but it’s so obviously in jest. “Rapist” and “Pedophile” are scarlet letters, they will certainly get you permanently unemployed and socially outcast. possibly frequently jailed. i wouldn’t say this is a good tactic. these stereotypes are growing, not receding. blacks calling themselves “nigga”, and gays calling themselves “faggots”, is accepted because they aren’t so widely viewed that way anymore. those self pejorative titles are against the grain, not with it.

          2. Andy says:

            ““Rapist” and “Pedophile” are scarlet letters, they will certainly get you permanently unemployed and socially outcast. ”

            And so was “faggot”, and men got killed for that. I’am not talking about getting “rapist” bumperstickers or doing “rapist” walks you mutts, i’am talking about getting the narritive back. At the moment men are the object of the feminist narritive where animated talking cunts and dicks talk shit about consent. Seriously. And whats the MRA and MGTOW reaction once more to that? See these mean girls, they call us rapists, bu-hu-hu, like and subscribe. But i understand wanting to have nothing to do with it, you have your scheme, so enjoy yourself selling defeatism to frustrated boys untill they turn out mirror picture representations of feminism. I rather end it with a bang and a big show before i turn into… a calm gaming channel or something horrible.

      2. Kong says:

        Well said Barb, indeed I don’t think ANDY’S comment makes very much sense.

        I believe in disempowering women and the best way to do this is to stay away from them as much as you possibly can. Therefore I want nothing to do with women, I don’t want to get married, have a girlfriend or even work beside them. If more men did this they could easily exercise some control over human reproduction, which is where female power lies. They have no intellectual or physical power, all they have is sex and you can take that away from them by just not having sex. Sounds depressing I know, but then hey it’s a small sacrifice really.

        1. Andy says:

          You make yourself object of their narritive and your “own way” leads straight into…. nowhere. Doesn’t matter what you do, you reject your own future and thats it.

          1. kirea says:

            And your approach leads to what? Women need men so the best way to disempower them is to not pay attention to them. Men don’t need women. We might like or want them but we don’t need them.

          2. barbarossaa says:

            ” i’am talking about getting the narritive back.”

            Do tell, what exactly are you planning on doing to get it back? cuz right now all i’ve seen you do is bitch in my comment section and tell others what they should or shouldn’t be talking about, in fact it’s all you really seem to do…

            “so enjoy yourself selling defeatism to frustrated boys until they turn out mirror picture representations of feminism.”

            Ahh, you’re one of these, please keep your “don’t end up like the feminists” political correctness to yourself dude nobody cares about that tired old smear anymore.

            ” I rather end it with a bang and a big show before i turn into… a calm gaming channel or something horrible.”

            Don’t know what this means and I don’t care, dude here’s an idea, you don’t like this site, just leave, don’t read the articles and stop wasting time…go do something you find worthwhile instead of whining about how this site isn’t exactly what you want it to be.

          3. Andy says:

            Didn’t you say in one of your youtube videos you bought handcuffs, cause you like to be, what was the phrase, “dominant”?
            Take beack the narritive. Make it about an Man-Issue.

    3. Ownit4ewe says:

      Wow – you’re kind of scary dude. I suggest you say these things out loud – including the “bitches” references – in a public setting like a bus stop or a restaurant. See how it plays. Take some responsibility. Make some friends.

  7. Spike Spiegel says:

    One time a woman I said no to a woman at work. So, she spread a rumor around work that I was going to come in with a gun and shoot up the place. I don’t even own a gun. This is one of the reasons why I’m celibate and don’t date.

    1. Spike Spiegel says:

      There were zero repercussions for her and I couldn’t afford a lawyer to sue for defamation. It wouldn’t have even been provable.

      1. Beth says:

        That’s awful. There was a discussion about this kind of thing on reddit the other day, did you see it? Such double standards it’s ridiculous.

        1. Spike Spiegel says:

          There was nothing to see. It was a bad rumor. It didn’t work out poorly for me, my coworkers who knew me told me and they wrote it off as jealousy, as it was. However, let’s say I had said yes. At any point in the future, on a whim, she could have said that I raped her. That would have destroyed my life.

          She didn’t even seem weird or anything. I probably would have said yes, she wasn’t my coworker. I had a rule about not dating coworkers.

          See Beth, I don’t think women should be in the work place. It is a place of business and the childish drama that women create detract from the effectiveness of the business. You can say feminism is about equality, but I know the truth. It’s about women being able to have zero responsibility for their actions.

  8. Beth says:

    I totally agree with where you’re coming from, but I would identify as a feminist. After all it’s about equality of the sexes, not women being better than men or vice versa.

    1. kirea says:

      Feminism has nothing to do with equality of the sexes. It’s about female empowerment.

    2. Spike Spiegel says:

      Do you really think we haven’t heard that bullshit line “feminism is about equality” before? What feminism says it does and what it actually does, are two different things.

      Beth, I don’t know where you think you are, but this site is about MGTOW. Men Going Their Own Way. It’s a site for men and we are so disenfranchised from your feminist society that we are walking away from it, we give zero shit about feminism. You want to go be a CEO, go be a CEO. The posts relating to feminism are to make a mockery of it. So you can leave that at the door.

      The men are talking now, so I ask you to please, listen and think before you speak.

  9. John lord says:

    What about unwanted sexual advances from ” creepy” women? Oh I forgive. “Men are beasts and all they want is sex”. All of the time.

  10. Andrew says:

    OK, I’ve got the point. I don’t want any sexual contact with women. Hell, I don’t want any contact with women. I don’t even watch porn because who wants to stare at naked enemies? I hope you women are happy now.

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