Paternal Alienation in Portugal: Could the Tide Be Slowly Turning?

parental alienation
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  1. Mark says:

    One reason why parental alienation cases end up in the courts in the first place is that lawyers make money off the deal. Some actually encourage their female clients to stir up shit so they can increase their billings in divorce and custody cases. Since women think emotionally and not rationally, they frequently fall for this trick.

    No man should ever have to bankrupt himself financially just to defend himself against false accusations of sexual assault or assault, period. Nor should he have to do so simply to avail himself of the rights he has as a parent.

    Maybe society needs to look at not just the role of women in custody and sexual assault/assault cases, but the role of the lawyers who are generally the only ones who profit.

    1. Andy says:

      I bet there is a bar near every courthouse where divorce lawyers meet, drink and laugh at their idiot customers. People with any brains left drag this out until the child is 18 and then no one cares anymore.

  2. Andy says:

    Why i feel like captain hindsight is showing up everytime i read these bullshit divorce cases?
    I get a brief character introduction and i just can’t help myself to find this fishy.
    These dads are too old already, they find a women from another country, they have their below replacementrate loser offspring and then they got fucked over by the court cause no chance in hell anyone would have seen that comming. Come on people…

  3. Tim says:

    Oh yeah – It was obvious this was coming. It’s been in the works for years. Men opting out of marriage means that women have to invent new and improved ways of forcing wealth from men to women – hence the newly formed man-hating, rights revoking law we call Affirmative Consent and the newly formed emasculating concept of Parental Alienation. Women are going to desperately invoke any and all means of crucifying men to self-heal their bottomless pit of entitlement and man destroying narcissism. With men opting out of forced wealth transfer through alimony and child support (aka marriage) – women are finally starting to feel men’s pain.

    Parental alienation, false rape, false sexual harassment, title IX, affirmative action, alimony, child support, SNAP, WIC, AND ON AND ON AND ON.

    It’s all a form of blackmail and extortion to give women superiority over men and to continue male disposability and financial enslavement to women.

    Never EVER give a woman the ring of power.

  4. Ronald says:

    Weaponizing the child against the father isn’t limited to the courts. It is common for women to bad mouth their children’s father regardless of whether or not they are divorced. Separation only makes it worse. I think that women who do that are trying to justify the separation and taking the child away. What better way to do that than to have the child repeat those justifications himself or herself?

    1. Yes! What most people do not want to see is that alienation already takes place before the divorce. Divorce is only when it all becomes apparent: you were never an equal parent, you were only good enough to pay her bills and finance her leisure and joys.

  5. My story…I fought for 3 years and won but at what cost! Women use children for money extraction. Sharing the child will reduce their labor-free income. Hence parental alienation is profitable and hence it is rampant. At the very core lies the mother role and her privileges, which is what must be attacked and shattered.But this also means men must be willing to make cutbacks in the workplace and focus more on the relationship with the children rather than “finding the next one”. AS this is happening and the European Council already passed a reslution (with no opposing votes) we will see changes soon in the next couple of years. But the damage has already been done. And as usual, it is men and fathers who will have to pick up the pieces.

    1. It saddens me to hear that you’ve been through such an ordeal. Even 3 years during a child’s crucial development years can do a ton of damage to the bond between parent and child.

  6. Karen says:

    The Femquisition; let’s begin!
    The Femquisition; look out sin!
    We’ve got a mission
    To enslave the males!

    We’re gonna teach them
    Wrong from right
    We’re gonna to help them
    See the light

    We’re gonna make the males
    An offer that they can’t refuse
    (That the males just can’t refuse!)

    Obey; don’t be boring!
    Submit; don’t stand tall
    A fact you’re ignoring
    It’s better to lose the ballgame than your balls…

    The Femquisition
    What a show
    The Femquisition
    Here we go

    We know you’re wishin’
    That we’d go away…

    So all you MGTOW’s & MRA’S
    You better do just what we say
    Because the Femquisition’s here
    And it’s here to stay….

    (With apologies to Mel Brooks)

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