Why Men Don’t Reach Out and Choose Suicide

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  1. Kong says:

    I think the answer to whether or not people care enough to do something about this is a big resounding NO.

    Mental health issues often feature in the news and only rarely is the fact that men make up the majority of suicides mentioned. Indeed most news reports I have seen on this tend to be short and even quite uncomfortable in that there are things deliberately not being said or overlooked. In fact most news reports on this that I have seen clearly show it’s a minor issue that is quickly touched upon then dismissed.

    Also where I live there is a big suspension bridge that is a hot spot for suicides. Suicides here are so bad that the local authorities have had to buildi huge metal railings along the entire length of the bridge. All over the bridge there are posters from a suicide charity urging people to think again and just like homeless advertising campaigns the person on these posters tends to be female and simply because this illicit a more sympathy.

    People don’t care about men killing themselves.

    1. Ergeniz says:

      It makes me curious why they attempt to hide of this, since no-one will care anyway. Men killing themselves, dying on the job or at wars elicit no sympathy or concern from the vast majority of people.

      However, a woman attempting suicide or going missing is more than enough to drive the authorities and media crazy.

    2. AV-Club says:

      Also considering that (accidental) overdoses, risky behaviour (smoking, drinking, food), violence and criminal deaths are not usually attributed to anything other than a sound mind, the underlying epidemic of emotional distress amongst men is largely glossed over.

  2. Axe Man says:

    “He then started seeing a psychologist and began taking anti-depressants. ”

    There we go this whole piece is and advert for Big Pharma and the psychology industry

    1. John lord says:

      Agreed. Trading one drug habit for another. The alcohol might have been the lesser of the two evils in this case.

    2. John lord says:

      Another way to destroy the male.

  3. Axe Man says:

    Blame the victim and insist the solution is that they change, not the system that exploits thenignores men


    1. Kong says:

      That’s true, whenever I hear make suicide discussed the usual theme is that it’s their own fault for not going to the doctor or not being able to cope with a changing world where men are falling behind.

  4. sam says:

    Andy’s solution: man up!

    1. Ergeniz says:


  5. Tim says:

    This is why we have to get rid of the man-hating, disposable male attitude that women and white knights perpetuate. The most foolish thing you can do as a man is to give a woman and/or white knight any level of physical, psychological, legal, spiritual and most especially financial power over your life. When you get married, you willingly give women and white knights total power to destroy you completely. Women and white knights call this life destruction of men “divorce”.

    My life story: Unmarried, childless, wealthy, will retire in the next decade and will never allow a woman or white knight any level of power in my life WHATSOEVER. In other words, I’m a happy man living the dream. If I’d succumbed to the liberal, gynocentric ass kissing, socialist fantasy of a Cuban, Venezuelan and/or South African utopia, I’d be living the nightmare of castration, abduction, ransom, servitude to Caucasian hating socialist bigots, ball crushing feminists and pro-white murdering racists. Fortunately, I’m too smart for that crowd.

  6. Jake Elwood says:

    I was thinking a lot about this recently and although I don’t have the resources to do this I thought that there would be a good way to try and bring guys together, lean on your brother so-to-speak.

    There are things called mansheds in Australia, I was thinking about a version that could bring many different guys toghether; if they are willing of course, you would have construction guys and the military guys (who are so often forgotten, there’s an ad campaign atm showing how many soldiers have killed themselves after they return home an no one seems to care about it), but anyway with the guys in professions like labour type jobs and the military they could then teach younger guys who would meet at this place the skills that they lack and to teach them discipline as well, basically a surrogate father type situation, where the guys who feel like they have nothing and the boys who don’t really have a father figure can all have a community to themselves to help each other out.

    It’s a pipedream I guess, but it fills a need for both sides in my opinion. I find myself, as I get older is that all I want to do is share my knowledge and experience with the younger guys since I see so many of them just completely directionless, both in human nature and in life.

    I’ve tried, but I don’t know how much of an impact I’ve had, I came out the other end of my own suicide attempt just wanting to help other guys realise their own potential and not focus on the worst that life craps onto them. I figure guys with a lot more life experience could help the younger guys out,

  7. Ahura Mazda says:

    I think the humanist claim that all humans have intrinsic value simply for being human is a naive one that we tell ourselves to feel special. This is why MGTOW men complain about being thought disposable while women are valued and protected. The baser truth is that no one has intrinsic value. Women are valued and protected and valued for their uteri, and we all know this. Such is their utility. Men are valued for their efforts and utility in other ways.

    We’re not going to help this by banding together as brothers and valuing each other simply for being human. The hippies tried this shit half a century ago and it fell apart, naturally. This is just my nihilist perspective, so take it for what it’s worth. But I don’t think suicide is a problem. I think it’s a prudent decision. Some people see through the game. They see that intrinsic value doesn’t exist, and that the value they perceive from human interaction is a biological trick. And so, just as MGTOW break from the mating game because it is flawed, some men break from the game of life because it is flawed. The sad bit is when MGTOW monks try to find value and purpose outside the mating game. This is where we must confront the uncomfortable truth about the genepools around which every organism’s life revolves. When we break from life, we know our agency will be gone. But when we break from the mating game, we live long enough to discover our agency never existed in the first place.

    1. Rolling Tin Fist says:

      Ultimately it’s a zero-sum game. One is going to return to ceasing to exist as a corporeal being once again. What keeps me from collapsing under the weight of marriage is basically two young kids who need a dad for a least another decade.

  8. Cake Griffin says:

    So to sum it all up:

    -See a psychiatrist (get further mind-fucked)
    -Pop pharmaceutical crack pills (pop pills)
    -Seek and gain salvation in a single mother (go back to being a disposable utility for a woman and another man’s family)

    …and only then will you reap true happiness!

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