conor mcgregor loses at ufc 196

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  1. Kaminsky says:

    Connor was extraordinarily overconfident there. He wasn’t even keeping his head out of range at all. Weird.

  2. Arthur Rodrigues says:

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  3. BarBar….

    if you are going to question male disposability, well, then why would you like a sport where men can be seriously injured…


    many boxers and many football players have problems later in life due to brain injuries. Presumably many of the MMA guys will wind up in a similar boat…

    Gotta say, it seems kind of like a feminist who loves her porn (and there do seem to be a bunch of those.)

  4. Cake Griffin says:

    McGregor seemed to have gotten a bit cocky during the fight, letting his guard/arms down, taunting, jiggabooing, shuckin’n’jiving just enough for Diaz to catch and clock him good. At first glance, physically, Diaz looked out of McGregor’s league, but Nate proved to be the more overall skilled/versatile fighter.

    The fight (and gloating leading up to) played out similar to what happened to Rousey with all the hype, antics, and “Yeah yeah I’m da’ greatest in the WORLD!” talk; BAM! She got knocked da’ fuggout!

    People often can’t help their competitive spirit, insisting on trash talking, gloating, pounding their own chest like a gorilla, but to engage in excess jibber-jabbing before a UFC fight especially ? Where 1 mistake, 1 hit, 1 minor slip up can lay you the fuck out ? One day you’re the greatest in the world! the next morning you’re laid out in recovery, a champion no more.

    This is why I’m a bit apprehensive about working with or in the hip-hop/rap genre with hip-hop/rap artists (trying to work with one right now, and it’s like “eeeesshh” lol, that sub-culture though), there’s way too much alpha primitive bravado, show-off’ism, peacocking, gorilla chest pounding, super inflated egos, and thug culture behavior (many of these guys come from single mother/broken households), beefing to a point where men end up in conflict with each other if not killing each other over the most silliest mundane trivial niggerish shit possible (often times over ratchet pussy, or “Ey you disrespeked me!!”, “Eh yo you ate muh Snickers bar homie!?! Aaaaghhh!!”). I’m too old for that shit. These dudes need some Zoloft or some shit lol, like Mike Tyson said “I’m on Zoloft to keep me from killing ya’ll!” lmao.

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