White Knight Brutally Murders Man Arguing With Girlfriend

white knight
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  1. Thir Ands says:

    White Knights are the worst…

    They are men, yet they lack the ability to think rationally like men should.

    They are men, but they are obsessed with gaining approval and validation from women at all costs.

    They are men, yet they will not hesitate to harm or kill their fellow men for women.

    In short..

    They are men, but they are my enemy.

    If I discover that a man I know is a White Knight,, I immediately cease my interaction and contact with him as much as I can and stop being his friend. If there is a White Knight who is in trouble, I will not help him and just laugh at his misery. You love women so much to the point of putting down other men, don’t you ? So why don’t you go and beg them for help, eh ?

    I know this sounds harsh but when you have dealt with White Knights who harass you just because you intellectually owned the girl they like in a debate or when you do not put up with the bitchy behavior of a female they like, you cease to have pity for these creatures.

    1. Ray Manta says:

      I know this sounds harsh but when you have dealt with White Knights who harass you just because you intellectually owned the girl they like in a debate

      White knighting is a lot easier online than in the real world. When De’Andre Johnson smacked Abigail Husty after she had assaulted him, nobody in the bar they were in did a thing. Compare that to the outrage that you saw on discussion blogs.

      1. MA says:

        White Knights are cowards who gang up on the perceived “thug”, they don’t act alone. I have absolutely no sympathy for a white knight. If a white knight attacks me or worse, multiple white knights, depending on the situation I will either grab whatever is available and defend myself with maximum force (I don’t give a shit if the fucker dies) or run away if need be. Either way we’re not living in times where you “duel” anymore. If you’re being attack incapacitate the fucker as quickly as possible, by whatever means. If the law in your country isn’t entirely corrupt this will fall under self-defense. In degenerate countries this may result in charges though, as has happened in Denmark when a woman defended herself against sexual assault by a Muslim migrant. Because the only thing degenerate western countries love more than the wimmenz are the poor “oppressed” Muzzies. Ah fuck it, I guess running/deescalating while keeping a safe distance is simply the best option.

  2. Kong says:

    That’s the first I’ve heard of this.

    You can be sure if a woman was beaten to death in public it would be headline news. It’s infuriating that something like this goes largely unreported and yet we are subject to all this bullshit about rape culture, the pay gap myth and others women’s crap on a daily basis in the news.

    I have a slight suspicion that the majority of male murders are often only reported locally, but when women are killed it tends to be more national news or more often will be.

  3. paul says:

    Kong, same here mate, first i have heard…. society (women) only cares about women… you are just the glue (drones) that keeps things going for society (women)

  4. Mark says:

    Well, maybe if a few white knights get taken out for coming so shamelessly to the defence of women who are clearly not innocent, we might see a lot less white-knightery going on. It would also eventually kill feminism, as feminist women would not longer be able to count on men to protect them when they behave badly.

    Here’s a big clue: in Muslim societies, white knightery does not exist. I leave it as an exercise for you to find out why.

    1. Andy says:

      “Here’s a big clue: in Muslim societies, white knightery does not exist. I leave it as an exercise for you to find out why.”


      The whole rhetoric of Jihadis is that they need to protect their Women, their Sisters, the west degrates women, blablabla. They escort their cousins around and then they inbreed with them. Think before you talk shit.

      1. sam says:

        People need to show Andy some respect goshdarnit! This geezer fought in WWII.
        WORLD WAR II !!!!!!!

        1. Andy says:

          Get a life you pathetic loser.

          1. sam says:

            I know right? Thanks to you German isn’t the modern worlds lingua franca. Thanks pops, thanks.

          2. Mikey MGTOW says:

            I agree with you. THough the poster is right, Muslims do look out for their women, they do it more from a cultural perspective. It’s not white knighting to me. They’re saying to non- muslims that they will fuck you up for coming toward their property.

            Muslim women do not step out of line with their men. They will be fucked up badly if they do and even if they don’t. Don’t confuse muslim aggressiveness as white knighting. They white knight for ISLAM, but not for women.

        2. Shark says:

          Your ad hominem attacks on Andy are childish and diminish any legitimacy of the argument that you are making.

        3. Andy says:

          @ Mikey MGTOW
          If this post of yours is supposed to be an argument, then its a realy bankrupt one. This is even worse then white knight-ery. If i had to choose, i rather choose a society were some percent of the male population are dumbass white knights then instead of inferiority complex driven inbreeds that stone a women if she was raped and her witness convession is nothing worth infront of cout. Islam itself evolves around pussy control. Their paradise is vegas and virgins for fucks sake.

    2. MgtowWave says:

      ” Muslim societies, white knightery does not exist.”

      You are mistaken brother.

      Egyptian women chanted ““Drag me, strip me, my brothers’ blood will cover me!” ”

      Knowing that their brothers would be willing to shed their blood in revenge.

      Jihadi John cited a pair of christian women who were supposedly prevented from converting and practicing islam as a reason for beheadings in a video.

      white knighting is very tribal.

      Protect our women but be rid of any that betray us.

      Very tribal

      1. MA says:

        Women will always be able to weasle their way out. I hate this delusional MGTOW shit about a “day of retribution”. It won’t happen. Most men are fucking pussyworshippers and they’ll stay that way until the day they die. Who would die when victorious tribe a conquers defeated tribe b? Well, NOT the wimmenz of course! They’ll become the victorious side’s bounty. The men and the boys? They’ll either be slaughtered or enslaved. Don’t kid yourselves, a collapse will suck for most men and will suck less for women. It won’t be enjoyable for them, but they’ll still be better off than most men. Unless you’re some kind of gang leader with a garage full of AKs you’ll have little chance at fending off whoever comes for your supplies. Alternatively you become a hermit or expatriate to get far away from all the bullshit.

  5. Karen says:

    “Before I could answer he gestures the woman over”

    That’s your problem right there….lack of intestinal fortitude…a condition replicated by all who are ruled over. Your reply (or lack thereof) of course was predicated on the specifics of the situation and a cost / benefit analysis of voicing dissent…i.e. “it wasn’t worth it”…but your mentality of differing is so ingrained that even though you have the self awareness and insight into how the universe operates (as evinced by some of your observations)…you lack the nerve to verbally contest being screwed over. With a mentality such as that, is it any wonder that conventions you claim to abhor are so entrenched?

    1. Karen says:

      The point I am making is that even though you are well aware of your brainwashing, that conditioning runs so deep that when practical situations like the one you cite in the article arise in day to day life, you still instinctively behave as your long term conditioning would have you behave. Philosophically and internally you know what occurred was wrong…the fact that you have written about it tells me that…but obsequiousness has been so hardwired into your mind that it overrides that knowledge in real life situations…producing the result you described.

      1. Karen says:

        Of course, you then proceed with a long winded characterization of the negative characteristics that you perceive the person who cut in front of you possessed…in a vain attempt to “even the score”…but the fact of the matter is that that ship has sailed…you had your chance to defend your self when you were in line…doing it online is a pointless exercise as odds are, none of the opposing parties are regular readers of this blog…

      2. barbarossaa says:

        lol, if you’re even a woman (I have my doubts) but assuming you are, it’s funny how you’re talking a big game about what I should have done when women in the west almost never find themselves in these potentially violent situations…

        Do not talk about assessing potentially violent scenarios tat your entire gender is by and large shielded from please.

        1. Ergeniz says:

          “lol, if you’re even a woman (I have my doubts)”

          Someone else finally noticed.

          About time.

  6. Karen says:

    >mentality of differing

    The correct spelling is “deferring”

    1. MgtowWave says:

      Why are you even posting here?

      Are you of the feminist delusion that we seek your attention ?

      What manner of troll are you?

      A paid shill?

      Are you here for extra credit in a feminist/gender studies class?

      Obviously you have boundary issues, but what other issues would drive you here?

      Are you unable to perceive that you are an example of the kind of person that we want to avoid?

      Are you like some immature PUA that cannot take a hint?

      I see that you went to the effort to correct Barbs grammar.Control issues much?

      This does imply an academic background..Are you spending or have you spent much time on a campus ?

      Do you have childhood issues? Older brother didnt want to play with you?

      Really what ever problem you have, I do feel sorry for you but you have nothing constructive to contribute here.

      You women have a virtual cornucopia of help on and offline just designed for what ever feminine or psychological issue you happen to suffer with .

      You could even volunteer somewhere helping other women with problems ,perhaps someone with your very own set of issues.

      We are Men Going Our Own Way and we want you to stop stalking us and leave us alone.

  7. M says:

    I noticed they stated all the men’s ages but not the woman’s age.
    They even white-knight women’s vanity in the news.

    1. Walt says:

      I notice the media does that too, but at least they mentioned her name, by the way, she looks like she is late 40’s or possibly even 50.

  8. Man Of Earth says:

    Wait. Reading through that article I couldn’t find any evidence linking these four men to the killing. Anyone stop to consider that it may have been the woman herself responsible for this? Women are more likely to use weapons after all.

    It’s kind of shocking that four complete strangers are getting dragged through the courts for this man’s death while the person with AN ACTUAL HISTORY OF VIOLENCE gets a pass. What in the actual fuck?

  9. Neroke says:

    I had an event happen right in front of me around the same time that this event was happening. There was this drug fuelled woman running after some guy screaming, yelling and pushing him the whole way. It finally boiled over when she charged at him at a busy intersection, and he reacted and pushed back.

    Almost immediately three guys came jumping over a veranda and charged at the guy and had I not been there the guy in question would’ve gotten his ass kicked. Luckily I was able to intervene and bring the police over and explain what happened. Which was also helped by the fact that one of the cops that responded had also handled a couple of my captures of shoplifters in the past.

    This could’ve become truly ugly and all too often the over reaction of white knights makes the situation worse instead of better. There’s a reason why police officers NEVER go into a domestic situation by themselves

  10. Walt says:

    The most important lesson to understand here, is that one man died, and four ignorant men will face serious criminal charges, yet the female walks away scott-free… this is an age-old recipe since the dawn of civilization. Just another reason to reject and abandon gynocentrism.

  11. Max Hydrogen says:

    Every man has stories like this: We should record such anecdotes and upload them to Youtube accompanied by a Twitter hashtag.

  12. MgtowWave says:

    Truly the first time a woman raises her voice at you or otherwise acts out, it is time to leave her.Without excuse .

  13. AV-Club says:

    You nail the double edged sword of speaking out against the common socially held beliefs – your values versus the price. The average TV viewer would not have given 2 shit if you were beaten, as you would probably be labeled some threat to a) the women (and baby you heartless fucker), b) the smooth running of the office and c) authority. You cannot win in a rigged game.

  14. Bryan Scandrett says:

    I wonder if she’ll fight with the new boyfriend?

  15. Ted says:

    “Man shot after not allowing mother to cut in line”

    I have to correct you on this. The headline would have read:
    “Man shot after assaulting officer, woman, and baby, while trying to cut in line in court.”

    The order of the line, and the entire history thereof, was revised by the pig who put that woman in front of you. From the moment he made the decision, that woman was RIGHTFULLY ahead of you, AND ALWAYS HAD BEEN, in his mind. Any objection on your part would have constituted an affront to his authority, which is now legally defined as assaulting an officer. Assaulting the woman and baby would have been thrown in to justify the pig’s overreaction. You would have been publicly ridiculed for your stupidity in violently attacking an officer in court, and your death would have been deemed appropriate punishment for your heinous crimes. The pig would have been hailed as a hero for defending a poor, defenseless mother from your maniacal and misogynistic attack. Medals would have been awarded.

    The woman going peacefully ahead of you was the best possible outcome, at that point. Any objection you might have made would have been ignored, at best. I’d expect the most likely outcome would have been contempt of court, a few hundred dollar fine, and possibly a night or two in jail. But things can escalate quickly when violent thugs are given guns, and told they’re in charge. (that’s not to say all cops are thugs, but we all know that too many are) Personally, I have a big mouth, and I don’t give a fuck, so I might have said something. But I wouldn’t recommend anyone else doing it.

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