Feminist Comedian Makes Equal pay Dinner bill App Equipay

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  1. imagine if you went to dinner with Matt Forney or David Futrelle–they would eat up EVERYTHING and try to pay for nothing…


  2. “seeing as how I’m not white, a part of me wants to invite a bunch of white male feminists to dinner, order steak and lobster for myself while they chow down on their rabbit food and when the check comes just bust out my Equipay app on my phone, gesture toward my own complexion, leave a $0.25 on the table and take my leave, but then again I’d probably feel too pathetic downloading the app in the first place. ”

    yes, but barbar, you are an evillllle het cis able bodied male, they would likely say they get moar oppression points because they are pansexual, mentally ill princesses trapped in an (almost) male body…

  3. it’s funny/ironic, that I actually had an idea for an app that would “check someone’s privilege” in 2011….

    shoulda moved on it and made some money….

    (I called it a GPS device that would show someone’s axis of privilege, shows I ain’t exactly an edjamacted enjinear….)


  4. The good news is that people who use this app won’t need to worry about splitting bills for long, since they’ll be losing friends over that shit.

  5. Max Hydrogen says:

    “must everything be some exercise in commie-think wealth redistribution with these people?” Ha ha!

  6. Kong says:

    I think the pay gap myth is only part of the story surrounding this. The way women naturally expect men to pay for everything anyway probably also comes into it. Gynocentrism is written all over this as is pure bigotry, sexism and racism.

  7. Jessire Nagy says:

    ♂ That is the “alpha-bitch”. They are masculine women – the worst kind. ♂

  8. Dave says:

    Here in Oz, if a largish group of people eats out then we each throw money into a basket or other convenient container at the table, enough to cover our meal and then some. The AMOG takes charge of this money. If there’s a shortfall, he makes it up or cajoles people. If there’s extra, it’s for the waiter. The AMOG can pocket any excess, of course, but that’s crass. If there’s a guest of honour, then we each throw in enough so that the total covers their meal. As with decent people everywhere, open displays of cheapness will be remembered by the rest of the group.

  9. MacOisdealbh says:

    So we are right back where we were, men pick up the tab. Are you suprised?

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