His Cracked Hands, Her Manicured Hands

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  1. Andy says:

    Well, since most of human history is tragic and suffering, its fully understandable that a man who works in a dangerous enviorment isn’t very interessted in ruining the espace place he has or what he takes for one, his family or his womans lap(or hands in this case), with philosophical contant that turns the nice parts of his life into nasty parts. Its anestetic, but they know it themselfs and they don’t care. I know this steak isn’t real but it tastes great.

    “The future is just an eye-blink away folks,”
    If you don’t have these people in their dangerous occupations who keep this whole thing still going and don’t get much credit for it, their won’t be this kind of future.

  2. BludStaynD MGTOW says:

    It is my beleif that if you want to curb self congratulatory male disposability you can show them how little it matters by pointing out the indifference everyone and everything has for such behaviors.

    Also try to show them their microcosm of disposability themed purpose seeking has a poor ratio of reward in the long run

  3. Hedon says:

    Thank you, Bar Bar. Another fun read.

  4. Kong says:

    That image of a mans dirty cracked and overworked hands compared to a woman’s manicured soft hands provokes so many images and thoughts in my head. Every time you step outside you meet and see men exactly like that – cracked hands, dirty aprons, working manually out doors in all weathers. Have any of you ever seen a woman with overworked hands, dirt under her nails and cracks on the skin?

    I used to work for a company that was also a registered charity and as such they used unpaid volunteers to help out. The unemployment office would often send people on the dole to work for us in order for them to get their money. In this company we employed a lot of men as drivers who collected various items to be put on for sale. They worked very hard and always had cracked and worked hands. Now, these drivers also at times had to take volunteers out on the road with them and every single volunteer who was shanghaied into this work was male!

    Neither the dole office or my company ever put a woman out in the vans. Never. It was only men they sent to do this manual work that involved walking about in the rain, lifting heavy furniture, taking trash to the dump and maintaining storage facilities.

    1. Karen says:

      The key factor in allowing a racket to endure is keeping those who are impacted by it unaware that it is a racket.

      {and its corollary}

      The best slaves are those who are oblivious to their own thralldom.

      1. Kong says:


        I think some of the drivers at my company were aware on some level. Most of them wanted to work alone rather than be stuck beside some strange person all day and one of them brought me a list of requirements for a volunteer when one was being forced upon him. He said he wanted then volunteer to be female, aged 18 to 25 and degree educated. He did this deliberately because he knew we probably couldn’t find one to match these attributes and even if we did any girl like that would probably quit after one day. So he was quite clever about it.

  5. NotWorth TheSqueeze says:

    Today realistic robot hands, tomorrow realistic robot vaginas with the suction of a hoover vacuum.

  6. Keith says:

    This is happening at Yale right?
    Is Sky-Net just the feminist / robot hive mind that is yet to come?

  7. Tim says:

    Take heart, barbarossaa. All that you’ve written and all of your deeply impassioned works are spreading the globe over. Ya know what sucks? You won’t get credit for any of it – at least initially. That’s the life of a saint – saint barbarossaa. Suck it up.

    Women want in on male only spaces because men represent to women an unlimited supply of forced wealth transfer (MARXISM)! In short, women see men as just a bunch of easy suckers.

    The tech industry would never have been successful without men. Women only want in so that they can levy false rape, sexual assault, abuse and harassment claims – which are now really the single woman’s equivalent of the divorce payout! Get it? Fewer men marrying = need for new avenues of forcing wealth transfer from men to women. It’s all so simple!

    Why are women demanding more access to male only spaces like fraternities and men’s bathrooms given “rape culture”? Because women use proximity to manipulate and destroy their targets and to extract wealth from naive men – hence false rape, sexual assault, abuse and harassment claims.

    MGTOW => Men not stupid enough to sign the most life destroying, anti-male, misandric, gynocentric contract ever written.

    With each year that passes, fewer men marry. The tide has been shifting away from marriage for decades. The powerful forces that profit greatly from normalizing male disposability – the anti male forces that push naive men to their doom through that most man hating of contracts – those forces that choke men’s will to live through misandric schools and through the white knight inspired meat grinder of divorce law – now have to cope with the internet and voices such as ours. There are countless thousands just like us spreading the word online every single day. The signs of change are everywhere. Most that have the MGTOW mindset have never even heard of MGTOW.

    The primary reason women loath male-only spaces is because they cannot control the narrative. That’s why you see women pushing for co-ed fraternities and coed bathrooms – even in this age of so called “rape culture”. You’d think they’d be pushing for more female-only campuses. They do not because it is through proximity to their targets that they manipulate and destroy. Male only spaces are growing on the internet and women are doing their best to destroy those spaces. This is why mindsets like MGTOW are so deeply hated by women and why the media refuses to acknowledge this growing trend – even in the face of mass depopulation. If they can’t control the narrative – then you’ll be silenced through false accusations and social exile. If they can obtain your identity – they’ll immediately attempt to get you fired from your job (destroy you financially).

    Millennial men see marriage as far less of a life goal than both Boomers and Xers. Marriage will be dead for the vast majority in the West by 2050. One of the best kept secrets is that every Western nation is now mass importing new inhabitants. They claim it’s humanitarian refugee asylum – but in reality – if they don’t mass import – all of the female-centric social programs will collapse without a fresh new crop of disposable males. Japan is the only country not outsourcing birth and is currently shrinking by 200,000 citizens with each year that passes. Several European nations had a birth rate and marriage rate lower than Japan prior to mass immigration.

    Take heart, barbarossaa. When the feeder nations now keeping Western nations on life support are fully infected with feminism themselves, the refugee well of fresh disposable males will run dry. That’s when the real fun begins.

    You da man, barbarossaa. You’re loved and respected by countless thousands. You’ll be remembered into eternity – with respect and admiration by all.

  8. Max Hydrogen says:

    Women LOVE man-hands!

  9. AV-Club says:

    ” I’ve said in the past that I wish to help men, but the truth is that I’m interested in helping men that are like-minded who want to be helped, the blue pillers that are happy in their servitude are of no concern to me”

    I’m of the belief that you only find what you are looking for. So this being out there is great for men who are questioning their reality.

    However, it usually takes something monumentus for most men to reflect and consider that they have things backwards. By then its often too late.

    1. Ergeniz says:

      Its for that reason I’m actually looking forward to things getting worse for men. More draconian laws, more misandrist behavior, etc.

      I don’t see any other means to have men wake up to the reality that society, and by extension women hate them.

      1. AV-Club says:

        I think one bit you missed is that many men hate themselves too. Mother/Goddess can never be overtook or questioned.

        I’m working on a theory (in my head) of the role of masculinity and femininity on the weight gain in a pair bonded relationship but with the paternal and maternal, male and female, influence on individuals playing a part.

        I use masculinity and femininity as equivalents of male and female confidence, both are different and respond to different stimuli.

        I have a male friend who is not very masculine and his girlfriends alway gain weight, my theory is because he diminishes their femininity, by not reinforcing it with his masculinity – the 2 are symbiotic. I see this pattern in many relaionships around me but I’m working on the effect of the male pseudo-feminine side and the female pseudo-masculine side on the effect too.

        As a return to topic, I see capitalism and population expansion removing a lot of behavioural markers for both men and women. So that niether true understands their nature, my personal understanding is that weight gain, body building, etc are symptoms of a mental malaise caused by an imbalance in the individual’s masculine/feminine nature created as a physical representation of a psychological/spiritual problem.

        I often have theories that go nowhere though :)

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