MGTOW & The Brown Rape Terror by Ayam Sirias

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  1. Andy says:

    Dude, with that roach getting eaten by those ants it looks like something Ricky Fitts from American Beauty could have recorded.

    I wasted a lot of time watching this just to come back to this whole circle dance around the pussy topic again. For a philosopical movement that calls itself Men going their own way, their way leads tiresome enough back to the pussy topic and how bad pussy is.

    1. Jay Double Gee says:

      I have to agree with you on that. That is exactly what we are usually talking about in our live hangouts. Me, Crossing Ways, Frozenbinarystudio, Zap X and I hope others will soon join us. We all agree on the fact that mgtow has just turned into some sort of mirror image of feminism. Feminists just talk about men (negatively of course) and mgtow… well, kind of the same.

      The one argument of women women women doesn’t seem to come to an end any soon unfortunately. At least we tend to talk about men’s and boys’ issues. But I think this mgtow attitude is evidence of the gynotheistic nature of our society, culture and time.

      If it’s true that women pretend to stand on the highest pedestal, we can’t ignore the fact that the pedestal was designed, built and placed where it stands by men. They’re lost without women. They don’t have a purpose, no goals, no targets, no arguments. They’re just boring. Feminists used to say that a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. I don’t agree because our world is entirely built by men, and without men women would be living in a swamp surrounded by frogs, lizards and feminist fat cows, but at the same time I would add that a heterosexual man without a woman is like a bicycle without anyone to ride it. It’s not just womens megalomaniacal narcissistic assholery that amazes me. It’s also men’s unbelievable self loathing, internalised misandry, auto androphobia and phenomenal lack of self worth that really scares me.

      “I wasted a lot of time watching this just to come back to this whole circle dance around the pussy topic again”.

      Well pussy is the “native american totem”: the holy reliquie of Gynotheism, the cult of woman worship. Don’t be surprised. Just the way you will see the cross on every single Christian church, you will always see the “pussy topic” in every conversation, of feminists, mras, mgtow and everybody else. This is a secular religion. But anyway, interesting comment. Glad someone has different and original views. Good. Mgtow is a hyper echo chamber on steroids now. Tiresome is wonderfully spot on.

      1. tamerlame says:

        jay isn’t it Ironic that you agree with the anti male troll?

        You are poison to any group of men, you are a pessimistic defeatist who refuses to accept that fathers raise children better than mothers.

        Why are you in MGTOW spaces Jay? What are you trying to do? There is a difference between speaking men down endlessly, crushing their spirits, and honest criticism of them.

        1. paul says:

          cos he hates straight males…. he bangs on all the time how much he hates women…. then when men say here, this is what we don’t like about women, he says we’re talking to much about women… we should all just shut up and talk about how gays are more oppressed than anyone in J’s opinion …

        2. Andy says:


          Kid you don’t know me, so don’t give me your pissed-off-teenage-daughter act about bu-hu, everyone who doesn’t like me is a hater, bu-hu-hu…
          Grow a pair you wuss. You can’t even handle my worldview, beware the things that lay outside your parents basement.

          1. tamerlame says:


            I will never reply to the mentally ill troll Andy at all.


          2. sam says:

            You guys need to show Andy some respect! This geezer fought in WW!!. WORLD WAR II SON!

        3. Andy says:

          Yeah go back in your safespace and watch anime cartoons.

      2. tamerlame says:

        Jay with all due respect, just shut the fuck up please.

        If you do not think fathers objectively raise better kids than mothers despite all the proof what solutions do you offer?

        What solutions have you ever offered?

        talking to you made my miserable, it is like you go out of your way to befriend people online and then crush their spirits and shoot down any proactive suggestion.

        No you are using the same false equivalence fallacy that all anti MGTOW retards use.

        Yes MGTOW has a lot of flaws, but they are not like the feminists in any sense of the word at all.

        You hate men Jay, you really do. Just because you fuck men, doesn’t mean you love them.

        You refuse to admit fathers are better than mothers, because your own father mistreated you and you are bitter about it.

        Giving fathers back control of the family unit, would improve society on the macro level.

        I remember you talking trash about effeminate men as well. The irony is amazing lol.

        You are a negative influence, begone from MGTOW male circles, no one pro male wants you.

        1. Andy says:

          See this crybaby like bitching “bu-hu you just hate men”. This is what you create with fraudulent terms like “men going their own way”, when the only way they go is circles around the toxic feminity topic. No topics about bettering yourself, no topics about building shit(just once i saw barbar uploading some motoric concept in minecraft(if i remember this right)), not even definition of manhood without womans definition or related to that, but constant bitching about how mean the world is untill you create freaks like him, who are the exact reflection of feminists. Crying about how mean the world is, crying about that who doesn’t agree with them hates their whole group, demanding safespaces. Just as therapeutic, just as anestetic as feel-good feminism. Its a disgrace.

          1. Jay Double Gee says:

            Andy if you’re on Google plus I’d love to have you as a friend, and maybe chat sometimes on hangouts. You seem to be very smart and spot on. I admire what you wrote. Lmk

          2. Cake Griffin says:

            @Andy “constant bitching about how mean the world is”

            It seems (or sounds) as if that’s what the top 2 or 3 (or most) “original MGTOW Gods” have devolved to, having MGTOW talks spending hours circle jerking each other on how “life sucks and muh life sucks”, scapegoating, blaming everything everyone under the sun for their personal misery. Fact of the matter is, life itself wasn’t nor isn’t guaranteed, against all odds, we’re extremely fortunate to be alive right now (considering the chaotic universe). Now what ?

            Yes, the world is a cruel, indifferent, savage, hostile, chaotic and hellish place, humans are animals and just as savage, the end game being consumption and reproduction (at least on a biological level), and anything else tacked on to that process is all driven by ego (hence, “shedding of the ego”).

            What ya’ll should really be focused on is shedding of the *EGGO* and get ripped! for the summer time, for the mamis who are going to be out and about primed & ready to mate. (aaahiuckyiuckyiuckyiuck! lol)

            Seriously, get your hustle on, learn a new tangible skill, do volunteer philanthropy work (if that’s your thing), focus on your health, consume constructive information and education that’ll actually reap somewhat positive results for you and “thy fellow man.” For example, I unsubscribed from 90% of the (fear-mongering / sensationalizing) MGTOW CONtent providers I was subbed to, and replaced those with channels that provide constructive info / tutorials in fields I enjoy and work with (audio, production, health & fitness, music theory, audio engineering, etc).

            What’s the point of obsessing over how rigged the game is (especially if you’re not going to DO anything about it ?) What’s the point of focusing on wimmin if in fact you have “gone your own way” ?

            MGTOW should stick to the fundamentals, sharing/posting tangible hardcore information about how the “game” really works (bullet points and all), the laws that are on the books, educating men about male/female nature, the drivers of behavior, what to DO about it and what not to DO, “here’s what you’re up against, you can either opt in or opt out.”

            But all this shit about Roosh (fuck Roosh -no homo), Feminists (again…), females invading male spaces (they can “invade” mine all day! lol jk), OK, are these people personally terrorizing YOU on a daily basis as soon as you wake up ? Unless you personally are going to DO something about all that, it’s all a waste of time that only makes men more angry and more disgruntled at the end of the day (LOOK at how angry many MGTOW groupies are with their butt-hurt comments under many MGTOW videos -now these guys are bitching about “Dah Muslim rapists!!! They’re steelin’ and raping all our white wimmin!!! They’re invading!! and ruining every minute of my damned life!!” Really ? Nah that’s just borderline schizophrenia paranoia right there).

            Most men who are TRULY “going their own way” don’t even consume MGTOW content!

          3. barbarossaa says:

            Lol I love your comments bro, you sound like those hipsters who brag about how they aren’t on Facebook before everyone else or some shit, seriously man if want mgtow to be about audio engineering or whatever start your own website and stop whining about what I post please. Also how are you asking other people not to spend too much time talking about women when you refer to them as goddesses and talk about being a nymphomaniac, it’s like you just want to sound contrarian for no other reason than being on some high horse… Grow up dude

          4. Ergeniz says:

            “Most men who are TRULY “going their own way” don’t even consume MGTOW content”!

            If that’s the case, then why are you here?


        2. Cake Griffin says:

          What problems are ya’ll trying to solve ?

          1. Hedon says:

            You’re one of those weird manginas who loves cukhold, aren’t you?

      3. tamerlame says:

        You go on about echo chambers but you have blocked me.

        I dare you to debate me on a hangout.

        This is Alex Brown. My channel is Just Pro Male.

        Shu-ni and Crossing have blocked me too. Sounds like the only echo chamber is your little tranny gang.

        1. Andy says:

          “I dare you to debate me on a hangout.”

          Oh for heavens sake get a life kid.

          1. tamerlame says:

            bar Bar can you ban this clown?

        2. Andy says:

          Daddy please and come and remove the spider in the bathroom.

          Are you even for real.

          1. tamerlame says:

            A lack of boundaries put up by men is part of the problem. It gives ass clowns like Andy the right to think they can come in and shit all over MGTOW spaces.

            He has zero respect, and it is not like he posts anything insightful. It would send a good message, if he was banned in my opinion. He is completely disingenuous.

        3. Andy says:

          Kid, you are so pro-man that you constantly agitating against men who don’t share your opinion and reduce their own motivations down to simply trolling and “hating men”. And now you cry for daddy to engage something that you consider a threat or at least something that disturbes your emotional state of ease. And then you wanna debate on google hangout because someone is in your opinion wrong, on the internet(!). Who are you to talk a lack of boundaries? You are literaly a mirror image of feminism and you wouldn’t behave this way if you had real boundaries, real friends and a real place for you in your real life.

          1. Cake Griffin says:

            “You are literally a mirror image of feminism”

            This is why SOME “MGTOWs” should lay off the MGTOW content for a while, though I admit, this content is entertaining especially on a coffee break.

            The constant red pill raging is ultimately destructive.

            As I suggested in my other comment on this page, cut back on the butt-hurt MGTOW’ing and replace that with something constructive (whatever that is you want to do).

            But all this back-n-forth turd flinging shit ? There’s no problem solving going on.

            Meanwhile, women (aka goddesses) are making straight – up – GAINS in government (laws & policies), the Presidency (sorry folks, but Hillary is taking it, if ya’ll think feminism is bad now ?…), they’re overtaking the white collar workforce, the video gaming industry, the false rape claim and chaL’ sappOwt! hustle -industry, universities, creeping into S.T.E.M. fields now, heck, they’re even making gains in the body building/fitness industry (even average-shaped wimmin become youtube celebritie$ overnight just because they workout sporting a pretty face), even invading UFC.

            I agree with Karen about it all getting worse for men. Women have all the “free” money and resources (and war machine by proxy) they ever need and some, all facilitated by white knight men who see and worship women as GODdesses, women are our mothers, our nurturers, the gatekeepers of heaven and hell, comfort and despair, can’t live with them (hence, NO cohabitation), but can’t live without em (still gotta do relationships).

            So again, what exactly is your solution ? What problem are you trying to solve ?

            Some MGTOWs suggest “Opt out! Let the system collapse! To hell with everything! Let it fall damn it!”…and risk losing our internet service and unlimited free streaming porn ? Yeeeaaahhh that’s not feasible buddy. Ya’ gonna have to come up with a better plan than that.

          2. MGTOW says:

            ANDY/Cake Griffith/Sockinthecock (whatever was your username).

            Tell us YOUR solution.

            “Wimmin (Goddess) own and dominate everything.”

            Okaay. And your solution is?

  2. MgtowWave says:

    Is this video something like this ?

    “””The goal (of MGTOW) is to instill masculinity in men, femininity in women “”

    Tradconism ?

    As for the topic i would remind everyone of things like this

    For anyone who wants to talk about this ,have a cup of coffee with me at

    Had a conversation with someone about a similar subject recently.

  3. Ayam Sirias says:

    Hey BarBar, thanks for putting this up.

  4. tamerlame says:

    “Jay Double Gee
    March 2, 2016 at 12:13 am
    Andy if you’re on Google plus I’d love to have you as a friend, and maybe chat sometimes on hangouts. You seem to be very smart and spot on. I admire what you wrote. Lmk”

    Really? Have you sunk that far into bitterness, that you praise the random dribble of a troll?

    I suppose someone bad mouthing men really resonates with you.

    I should of called you out far earlier.

  5. Phil says:

    Great content. Ayam pissed off the right people. The truth hurts.

    1. Ayam Sirias says:

      The truth stews. And then you taste it.

  6. Shrouded In Secracy says:

    Great video Ayam.

    1. Ayam Sirias says:

      The truth stews. And then you taste it.

  7. Ayam Sirias says:

    Did anyone actually watch the whole video and take the survey?

  8. Ayam Sirias says:

    There is no Bro Code in GynoVille.

  9. Ayam Sirias says:

    Listen to the song at the end.. Then you will know.

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