O brave New World, Some Implications of VR tech

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  1. Plasma Mongoose says:

    Just skip having a girlfriend period, you’re only to end up neglecting her in favour of the VR entertainment anyhow and she’s likely to take her frustrations out on your or ever worse, your VR equipment.

  2. Cake Griffin says:

    I’m legally blind (or rather, very poor and sensitive eye sight), can’t fuck with video games especially VR, all em blinking lights/special fx and so forth, sooooo I guess I’ll have to settle for a wimmin as entertainment. Oh darn.

    Another blog that screams “I’m fighting against my biology!!! Keep fighting!!! Gotta resist wimmin at all costs! I – can’t – give – in, must – not – submit to my biological drive, I play video games now…don’t bother me woman!”

    Some men rather enjoy time with a woman, others would rather play video games, nothing wrong with either. Everything doesn’t have to be some grand gynocentric conspiracy.

    Yes, we know that women want attention at all times. I experienced this myself when working on music and the gal pal at those times resented the time I spent on music and the time I wasn’t spending on them. So what ? Tell them to go read a book, watch some TV, cook a meal for the both of you, catch up with family, or engage in a constructive hobby in the meantime…and if she acts up or tries to psychologically mind fuck you by threatening you with the “Oh well, I’m going out to the CLUB with mah girlfriends! and and some GUY friends! and and you know what goes down in clubs right ??” Dump her. Problem solved. She’s an immature brat anyway.

    1. Hedon says:

      Why are you even here? Why even bother to read or comment? Seriously. The site is called shedding of the ego; exploring the male mind. It’s very specific what the site is about. One’s biology isn’t only geared towards women. So it’s not “fighting” one’s biology when one indulge in activities one WANTS to indulge in without it being geared towards female approval or validation.

      1. Cake Griffin says:

        “exploring the male mind”

        This is a conspiracy theorist site for entertainment and profit purposes (hence the google ads, marketing, etc).

        1. Hedon says:

          No shit. Poof! You just blew my mind, bro!

          What site isn’t “for entertainment and profit purposes?” Youtube? Google? Yahoo? Does that make materials on those sites irrelevant and illegitimate? Seriously, you are a moron.

          1. Cake Griffin says:

            So you agree that it’s ultimately conspiracy theorizing ?

            Granted, I agree with a lot of what is stated, but at the same time, many of this can be applied to men as well.

            You think men aren’t self-centered in relationships ?

            If we aren’t getting enough attention from the wimmin partner, if we ain’t getting muh dick sucked enough, not getting enough “play”, and if we aren’t her #1 center of the universe, we’re giving the SAME thousand yard stare this chick is giving the camera, talking about “man, this is a waste of time! Fuck that! I’ma hit up this VR set!”

            So it is kinda silly to turn this into some grand gynocentric conspiracy when we KNOW both men and women do the same shit and can be just as “me me me” selfish.

            “First they wish to show women that they are willing to try to police other mens sexuality via shaming, ”

            Oooorr maybe Matt Fornicator is trying to build a platform in order to turn a profit ? Hence the silly shaming and “Follow me! and my way of doing things! I’ll show you the way! Unlike those MGTOW beta cucks over there! Don’t listen to them! Look over here guys!” Turning a profit off of men while at the same time shamelessly trying to score brownie points and get some pussy from women.

            These clowns literally BRANDED themselves calling themselves “Neomasculinists” lol.

            I agree though that women do get jealous and downright petty when you focus your attention on anything else, but we already know this. And like Bar Bar said, “dump her”, if she pouts and passive-aggressively threatens you because of your hobbies, break it off. Or, you can suggest her to join you in some VR porn and foreplay.

          2. Ergeniz says:

            “If we aren’t getting enough attention from the wimmin partner, if we ain’t getting muh dick sucked enough, not getting enough “play”, and if we aren’t her #1 center of the universe, we’re giving the SAME thousand yard stare this chick is giving the camera, talking about “man, this is a waste of time! Fuck that! I’ma hit up this VR set!””

            Who is ‘we’? I could care less for fellatio, and frankly I would very much NOT want to be the center of a woman’s attention save for sexual escapades. My interests by and large are not compatible with most women I’ve run across and I can’t say many men would want to be “the center of their woman’s universe” unless they have serious issues. Outside of sex, I’d be perfectly content to have them attending to their own business. I’ve gotten to the point where the only interest in women I can muster is purely sexual, otherwise I don’t see the point in having one around for extended periods. The presence of a woman is intensely boring.

            As a matter of fact, your rants come off as distinctly feminine. Attention whoring is a behavior commonly associated with women and certainly not a taste (schlock?) that I care to share.

        2. Cake Griffin says:


          “and frankly I would very much NOT want to be the center of a woman’s attention save for sexual escapades.”

          But you clearly want women to be the center of your attention (MGTOW!…talking about…wimmin! Can’t help yourself, you always come back to talk about something to do with women)

          “My interests by and large are not compatible with most women”

          Unless it’s about MGTOW aka obsessing about women.

          “I’ve gotten to the point where the only interest in women I can muster is purely sexual”

          Purely sexual and purely “MGTOW” (which is mostly about women, male/female relations, wimmin are this, wimmn are that, the gynocracy, feminism, etc).

          1. Ergeniz says:

            Again, you debate like a woman. This time with projection.

            The one obsessed with women is clearly you.

          2. Cake Griffin says:

            Classic MGTOW rebuttal “You debate like a woman!”…”Feminist response!”

            Keep claiming that you want nothing to do with or not much to do with women, yet you continue to talk, debate, rant, write about women! Feminism, gynocentrism, etc.

            Heck, even in your response you can’t help yourself but inject wimmin into it.

            “You debate like a woman” lol

            I’m not debating by the way.

          3. Ergeniz says:

            Almost every human society is intrinsically based around women. Their wants, needs, desires. Western societies in particular cater to them to the upmost extreme.

            Obviously, male’s rights and decisions in society are affected by this. So, irregardless of whether or not I deal with women or care about them the simple fact is we are forced to deal with them. My wellbeing is linked to the community I live in, so on that note I am concerned about women’s actions and how they affect it.

            Men being forced to subsidize women through heavy taxation and women having extreme social, education and political influence…yeah, I should be ‘obsessed’ about that.

        3. Caploxian says:

          “This is a conspiracy theorist site…”


      2. Andy says:

        ” Seriously. The site is called shedding of the ego; exploring the male mind.”

        And therefor in the comment section there is all this “people who sacrifice their lifes for others are sheep maaaan and pawns for the 1%”-Garbage going on, because MGTOW are “shedding their ego” or what….
        Truth is, its all about ego. This virtual sex goggle thing is also just about the ego and it is statet very clear in the post itself as “i do what i want, yolo”.

        I’am looking forward to all this coming burning to the ground and the whole thing starting anew.

        1. sam says:

          Grandpa, tell me about the time you and Eisenhower went cruising for tail.

          1. Blood Moon says:


  3. just imagine if you could use this while under the influence of mind altering substances….

    imagine what it would be like to be onstage with Led Zepplin, to storm the beaches of Normandy, to play games like Gears of War….

    also imagine, if not just mind altering substances but you were immeresed in salt water at body temperature so that you were floating and had no immediate contact with the outside world, you would literally break free from reality. You could perceive yourself as moving at the speed of light….

  4. Am0x says:

    The idea that people need to classify men at all with whatever type of sexual pleasure they want is silly and should be disregarded on face value alone.

    You touched on a very good point that only men are subjected to hold a norm when it comes to how they want to be sexually (if your dick isn’t in pussy then you deserve shame). Another form of confusing the slaves with some idea of power because they’re given the option to choose the best slave master.

    Don’t drink or buy the snake oil. Do you boo.

  5. manwithnoname says:

    My eye sight is not so good, There are people who are blessed with good eye sight , good for them, i cannot wear head gadget which impacts my eye vision.

    To hell with VR porn or women , dont care about them anymore,my current situation and career is a nightmare for me, with recession of horizon and ability to find some job and have some income for rainy day which is first priority beyond all this shit

  6. Agreed man.

    On a side note, remember those catholic priests of old that said that masturbation would make you go blind. With VR technology that statement may very well be prophetic. LOL

  7. Max Hydrogen says:

    “Eventually when this technology progresses, you’re going to see a lot of pissed off girlfriends, and theres not much they can do about it frankly,”

    I hope you’re right Bar, but since women can vote, I expect to see legislation outlawing such technology in the same manner as prostitution (or specifically the solicitation thereof).

  8. Max Hydrogen says:

    “Husks, whose outside shells check off all of the requirements for being a “Real man™” but whose core is empty, devoid of wonder, devoid of inquisitiveness, the road to becoming a real man could very well be considered interchangeable with the road to losing your individuality. More on this later gentleman.”

    Holy shit! :)

    That barnacles line was great too.

    1. kirea says:

      Ironically, those guys tend to use collectivism as a curse word and equate Karl Marx with Satan, but they’re actually very collectivistic themselves.

  9. trigger warning for transmisogyny and anti-liberalism:


  10. “For those of you that have been living under a rock, the gentleman is wearing a VR headset, and is in the throes of some awesome fully immersive virtual goodness, while his (I presume) girlfriend is giving the camera the thousand yard stare because it isn’t about me Me ME!.”

    Is that what he was doing? Looked like he threw her back.

  11. this article is obviously satire but it looks like it was written in response to Stardusk’s Bernie Sanders vid…


    (I’m not telling anyone who to vote for, likely won’t vote myself….)

  12. kirea says:

    “And whoever doesn’t like it can simply go fuck themselves, when Tradcons and Neomasculinist clowns like the diabetic Matt Forney shake their giblets at you and call you a beta male for wanting something like that, remember that they are actually doing so as a pathetic mating strategy, it’s not even directed at you, the true purpose is to tell any women that may be observing a few important tidbits of information.”

    Talking about beta males, who are the ones who are advocating for societal change that would make it easier for men to gain access to female sexuality though resource provision (beta behavior according to PUA terminology)?

    1. Ergeniz says:

      What the hell are Alpha and Beta males anyways?

      1. kirea says:

        In PUA terminology, alphas are the men that women actually want to have sex with and betas are the suckers who have to pay their way be supplicating and providing resources. Those who are drawn to the PUA movement/cult are obviously betas (alphas wouldn’t need to since they already getting laid). At the same time they’re painting out betas as subhuman trash. That obviously leads to a huge inferiority complex. That’s why theÿ́re so insecure and have a constant need to asset themselves by shaming men who refuse to follow their cult of the holy cunt.

        1. Blood Moon says:

          Well put.

      2. Cake Griffin says:

        @Ergeniz @Kirea

        I could be incorrect but I suspect that “alpha” ultimately = utility. Whatever a woman desires, wants, or needs at any given time from any given man, whatever utility he serves, that’s “alpha” to her.

        The thug, bad boy, savage brute, hustler, etc, that she fucks with all throughout her teens and 20s, providing her with protection and violence via proxy (and babies), that’s “alpha.”

        Then when she hits the wall at around her late 20s, early/mid 30s, the “alpha” all of a sudden is the (once “beta”) 9-5 workhorse provider who foots the bill for the rest of her life, now all of a sudden, that’s her “alpha” man, a man who was once “beta” to her during her prime years.

        “Beta” is the man who serves absolutely no use no utility for her at any given time. He’s a “lame”, a “corn ball”, “worth-less”, a man whom she can’t derive any use/utility from …. he’s “beta”. This is why PUAs call a man who can’t or won’t sleep with a woman or can’t or won’t get into a relationship with a woman a “beta”, he’s considered “beta” nothing cause he doesn’t serve any utility for her.

        Ultimately, the meaning of “alpha” to a woman constantly changes depending on whatever her wants and needs are at the time.

        Personally, I wouldn’t even use those terms, it all comes down to utility.

        I’m literally worth-less to a woman because I now refuse to play the game, I refuse to spend thousands and thousands in a relationship throughout the years, I refuse to date single mothers and/or impregnate a woman, serving absolutely no utility (other than sex maybe if said woman is down for that).

        1. Ergeniz says:

          The question was almost a rhetorical one; my point being that so many different people have given those terms varying meanings and to used to them to describe so many types of males that their meanings are pretty much nebulous at this point. And never mind the fact those terms were used to describe animals, most particularly wolves who do not behave in the manner humans do.

          The definitions of ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ males (some people have actually introduced MORE classifications based on the greek numbering systems such as “sigmas” and “gammas”) are as undefined and broad as the term ‘rape’ is used by females today.

  13. Blood Moon says:

    I appreciate how you don’t bash Beta Males, even though your clearly an Alpha Male. It shows that you are truly trying to build young men up. It will be interesting to see how society ends up looking a decade from now.

    1. kirea says:

      I think this endless shaming and bashing of beta males is a very typical behavior of wannabe alpha males who are desperately trying to distinguish themselves from (other) beta males.

      1. MGTOW says:

        Get laid Cake Griffin/kirea/stonerwithaboner.

        You are so angry and frustrated that you forget to change your style of writting xD

        Get laid.
        Be a man.
        Man up.

  14. Vektor says:

    The age of the techno-sexual is already upon us. Ubiquitous porn has opened the door. It’s all about degrees of refinement from here.

    It’s not a choice. The herbivore men of Japan didn’t make a ‘choice’. The sexual/marriage environment became so hostile…such a raw deal….that there was no choice at all but to walk away. That’s what women don’t get. Men don’t choose cyber sex because they prefer it. But compared to all the risk and cost and grief that comes with sex with a modern day western princess……it’s has become a better deal.

    As technology progresses and the simulation becomes better and better , the willingness to put up with western women will decrease. Fear not ladies! This was the 80% of men you weren’t interested in anyway.

    The challenge for men going forward will be to prevent government from transferring wealth to women via taxation….until the collapse that is.

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