Orangutangs Displaying Proxy Violence?

Orangutangs displaying proxy violence
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  1. Cake Griffin says:

    I gotta admit, I have a KING KONG-like obsession with white wimmin aka goddesses, the same way many white males are obsessed with Asian wimmin.

    You should write something up on the whole King Kong-psyche phenomenon; muh phugg was a HARDCORE white knight/SIMP. That nigga literally got himself killed trying to wife-up that white chick!

    As soon as I get vasectomized, I’m going to court myself a white plain Jane with thick/strong legs and a hour-glass shape physique (a nigga’s kryptonite). Low-maintenance regular but attractive (at least to me) white woman who subverts or minimizes her Hypergamous tendencies and understands the nature of the game for the better…like MGTOW’s #1 favorite plain Jane Karen Straughan.

    Fact of the matter is, there are many women out there that have opted out of the marriage and raising-a-family game (many plain Janes aka “cat ladies” like this). My cousin married one (lol, yeah I know, he married her but…), they’re both anti-natalists, they both work and support each other, she’s very low-mileage, low-maintenance, is a sci-fi / novel / art geek, submissive, she respects him, never defies him or talks back or disrespects him (especially in front of our family), she has a very healthy and happy relationship with her (married) parents, especially with her father (which is very critical!); perfect plain Jane white woman.

    This is why I keep suggesting Stardusk to re-center his chi, physically rehab, re-unleash his fast twitch muscle fibers, discontinue regurgitating the bitter angry “MGTOW” content that he and many of you angry ass dudes and followers have been CONsuming, work on your inner-game, your hustle, your money, and get yourself a plain Jane under your conditions, your rules, your “frame” (like the pussy-begging PUAs say lol)…just like Bar Bar is doing right now with his live-in girlfriend. Dude laid down that platano raw! talking about “Look, you’re either down with MY program, or you gotta go!”

    Gotta get clipped though, if you know you don’t want any children nor 18 years of chaL sappOwt! I wouldn’t suggest laying pipe without getting a vasectomy first. Or wait till Vasegel is released (you’ll be waiting forever), maybe find a woman who got her tubes tied or can’t have children.

    Anyhow, lmao@this planet of the apes article.

    1. Ilia G says:

      Why would you even want to associate with a female on a long term basis if you don’t want to procreate? I mean beside the fact that it is too much effort and is too dangerous to try to find one. Why would you even want one, if babies are out of the question?
      Let’s be real, this is your ego talking, not common sense.

      1. Cake Griffin says:

        Ego talking ?

        Nah man, among many other things or aspects of life that I enjoy and care for, I like a (level-headed) woman’s company, intimacy, affection, nurturing, *under the right circumstances* given/assuming the ground rules were laid down from the get-go which is absolutely critical.

        Mind you, I wrecked myself before, but most of that was due to the fact that I was raised to be a hardcore tradcon white knight SIMP for women, very naive, very “liberal”, would forgive a woman no matter how disgustingly scandalous she was in her past. Today we’re smarter, we’re aware of the game(s), and we can use our new-found knowledge to our advantage.

        We DON’T HAVE TO accept a high-mileage bar wench whore (although society keeps telling us “Hey! You can’t judge! All wimmin are equal! Respect em all no matter their history! It doesn’t matter how many men she’s slept with!”, a lot of men fall for that shit and they end up paying for it dearly), we don’t have to engage in a relationship with just any woman.

        We CAN play the hypergamous game as well, vetting women, screening, setting the ground rules, not settling for any bullshit, not wife-ing up loose party wimmin (something a lot of naive ignorant dimwits nowadays are foolishly doing -then they cry when they’re cheated on or cucked).

        I understand what you’re saying though, that’s exactly what I was thinking about a couple days ago, “There’s no point in getting into a relationship if I don’t want to procreate…because MOST women eventually want to procreate.” You’re right.

        That is why I’m not going balls deep until I get a vasectomy first, in order to avoid entraptment. I’m actually terrified to engage in sexual activity again without getting a vasectomy, after years of putting myself in harms way, thinking back I can’t believe how foolish I was gambling my seed with women without extensively vetting them. Now if a woman or if ALL woman I try to court turn me down because I can’t have children ? Fuck it, so be it. There’s always gonna be women who just want to enjoy some pump-n-dump sex every now and then. We ARE living in the golden age of wimmin and loose wimmin (goddesses).

        It is an incredible responsibility bringing a sentient life into this universe, I don’t want to gamble with sentient life because I know that it may not work out for him/her (my child may end up strung out on crack in the future, may not “make it” in this society, the mother may end up chucking me to the side and suing me for child support, etc), so it’s either a vasectomy or nothing.

        For men who genuinely want to raise a family ? don’t know what to tell them. It is a huge gamble. Maybe adopting a child or going the surrogacy route ala Michael Jackson may be a better option. Or you can just get a pet goldfish, some parakeets, and a dog.

    2. Karen says:

      In all candor “Cake”, I feel I suffer an optical rape every time I encounter the perfectly dreadful commentary you “contribute” (and I use that term loosely) to this site.

      I will give you a nickel to just go away; but not a penny more…

      1. Cake Griffin says:

        Haha, I’ll make sure to keep posting then.

  2. Barbar says:

    Lol where is this rumor coming from that I live with my gf? You’re the second person to say this in less than a week, I live with my cousin my gf lives by herself. I do NOT cohabitate at all, anyone saying otherwise is simply lying

    1. Cake Griffin says:

      My bad. I read the rumor as well. lol

      Still though, you copped a girlfriend, under YOUR conditions, and that’s what’s up.

    2. John Phoenix says:

      Hey Barbar, I’d like to submit an article I’ve written.

      1. Barbar says:

        Hey just sent you an email

  3. Max Hydrogen says:

    Well written!

  4. Kong says:

    Most human violence is violence by proxy and arguably women are much more violent than men. All my life I have seen women behave violently towards men, I have seen women punch men, slap them, kick the, knee them, push them and throw things at them but I have never witnessed a man hitting a woman.

    Women also have more violence committed on their behalf than probably anyone else. Whenever a woman is offended or upset by the actions of a man her boyfriend, husband, father, brother or other male relative will set out to teach that man a lesson. Women are also happy to allow this, to see the offending man be beaten without giving a shit about the men doing it and whether or not they might be hurt too. Women use the state to commit their violence also such as when the police forcibly evict a man from his own home or arrest him through the mere accusation that he was being violent first.

    Interesting research has shown that female leaders have throughout history been more likely to engage in wars than men have.

    1. Cake Griffin says:

      Many women claim that their ex boyfriends “treated them like shit” and/or “abused” them, but these same women often times show a propensity for violence themselves.

      This one woman I dated claimed that she’s a “scrapper” and that she has gotten into numerous bar fights / brawls with people (over silly insecurity-driven drama I’d imagine), but then she claims that her ex boyfriend of 5 years “abused” her, “terrorized” her, she “lived in fear” for years and years, and that he cheated on her numerous times…but but but…she still stayed with him all those years. I figured she was either over-exaggerating or straight up bullshitting, I had to cut her loose when SHE showed a propensity for butch violence with me.

      There were other females that claimed the same victim-hood status, “Mah ex boyfriends treated me like shit! They abused me! Wuaaahh!”, but THEY (the women) showed glimpses of savagery.

      What many of these women aren’t telling you is that they themselves engaged and/or initiated the brawls between them and their ex boyfriends and patrons at the bars and clubs. They’ll make it seem as if they were these innocent defenseless flowers, innocent victims of violence against women.

      Suggestion ? Stop messing with ratchet beastie women, don’t cohabitate, protect your dna/seed, and don’t bother trying to “reform” or rehab these women as that is a losing battle, you will be going up against not only them but also their white knight violence-by-proxy drones.

      The second a woman tells you “My ex boyfriends treated me like shit! They abused me! “, RUN! The second she throws a temper tantrum and puts her hands on you (even a minor slap on the shoulder), you get the hell outta there. You can’t negotiate with terrorists.

  5. It is a fantastic window for realizing how innate are these behaviors in primates. We’re no exception.

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