Women And The Draft

women and the draft
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  1. RollongTinFist says:

    I’m glad it’s at least part of the discussion. I’m sitting here with my pre-adult relative in Brazil.

    Ironically he brought this up the other day. I had told him, I was just a year older than him when I signed-up ages ago.

    He’s playing Call of Dury 4, and all the “good guys” being blown to pieces, literally, are men. The lone female soldier is back at the safe house running the op.

    Brazil has selective service at 18 as well, just for males.

  2. Emelio Lizardo says:

    The participation of Soviet women in war was an act of desperation and consistent with Socialist ideology of people being interchangeable. But they didn’t put women in main combat front line units because it’s insane to murder your own breeder class.

    It is the purpose of the species to protect the breeder. That’s the consequence and virtue of sexual reproduction, sex specialization.

    That said, where the (inane) goal is gender equality, we must draft women in fairness to males. Males are currently required to register for selective service in order to vote and have access to other government services, not to mention staying out of prison. Females have no such obligation and are further no longer expected to breed or marry.

    No person unregistered for the draft should be allowed to vote in the next election.

    1. Plasma Mongoose says:

      If that were the case, I can see a lot less women voters in future especially if they have to choose between doing national service to get the vote and choosing to avoid national service but losing your right to vote.

      If this were to happen, maybe they wont feel the same need to cater to women voters as much anymore.

      1. tamerlame says:

        Problem is most men are still pro woman. So the men in power would still give women shit.

    2. Jenna D says:

      In no cases should men have the right to control women’s bodies. Being the main people who give birth to civilization, women are the ones who rightfully should be the ones able to make laws and rights for that civilization. Men are lucky enough that we let them do that; they’re stepping out of their place when they try to control women.

      1. Plopel says:

        I find it sick to think so, but you’re still writing it. How can you think that men are lower than women and are only there to serve women until death? Just sick.

    3. Plopel says:

      This sick theory of evolution has never solved a problem.

  3. Max Hydrogen says:

    Women should be drafted: Comfort Women aka Joy Division.

  4. Karen says:

    That males are the only ones to be called to service in time of war as Women continue to enjoy life is a principle so basic to the Natural Order of Things that no reasonable person could argue the contrary. However, it is my firm belief that all the upper offices of the military need to be filled only by Women (having voluntarily chosen this career path for the personal fulfillment that they may derive) while males are to be relegated to all the unpleasant grunt work their lower nature makes them so eminently qualified for. No Women should ever have to take orders from a male for this is in direct contravention to the gynocentric principles that are quickly reaching the Four Corners of the Earth at the current hour.

    1. Dave says:

      Historically, queens tend to be more prone to wage war than kings. Having all the officers female could work very well.

  5. Kong says:

    I were in charge not only would women be drafted I would also create a women’s only infantry battalion. Infantry are basically cannon fodder and women make equally as good cannon fodder as men do.

    In the name of equality I would have only women fighting the next dozen wars we are in. If wimmin want to be equal that’s fine by me!

    1. Jenna D says:

      And then, in the name of equality, we can invent technology so that zygotes are implanted into men’s bodies & men have to give birth to the next 7 billion people.

      1. Plopel says:

        It is not necessary to bring more people into the world, it is even murder to want to bring someone into the world, especially if there are people like you who think that men only come into the world to serve women to death.

  6. Nob says:

    only women should be fighting on the front line risking their lives

    1. Jenna D says:

      Only men should be giving birth risking their lives

  7. Hedon says:

    Hey Bar, you should do something about the infilteration of trolls on your website. I don’t know if anything could be done though…

  8. Plasma Mongoose says:

    If getting pregnant is a legal dodge for getting out of national service, you can expect a new baby-boom happening as a result.

    1. Kong says:

      That’s true, but then keeping male and female soldiers segregated may prevent that. A lot of female troops became pregnant whilst in Iraq and Afghanistan so they clearly weren’t able to act quick enough before getting sent there.

      The answer: female only infantry battalion. Men would probably just harass them anyway, you know how us evil men are around women.

    2. Andy says:

      Nah, dodging the draft by pregnancy wouldn’t result in a baby boom. They would give birth maximal to their 2.0 below replacement children till they are to old for the draft or occupied with something that gets you out one or the other way.

  9. Andy says:

    Equality when it fits. If you want a draft for men, what you do with/for women would be probably the best what the german and the austro-hungarian empires did till world war 1, which is making contraception illegal. When you use your female population to serve the country by force, they should give birth to six children average and thats it. So all debates about selective service and drafting are basicly nonsense and a waste of time and resources. Women in the military are a waste of resources.

  10. Tim says:

    This is all being brought up on the Hill and in the liberal press now because the next POTUS may very well be a woman. There’s no bigger slap in the face you could give to the Military’s war fighters (cannon fodder to protect the 1%’s wealth) than to have a female POTUS order men to their deaths without female combat troops at least being “given the opportunity” to serve in combat positions. You have to at least make it appear that women are taking some of the risk – especially in an election season in which a woman my become the commander in chief.

    Men aren’t “given the opportunity” to serve on the front lines. They’re ordered to their deaths by the commander in chief – the key word being ORDERED – not “asked if they’d like to.” If there ever is another draft and women have to sign up for selective service, women will be drafted into positions behind the lines that free up more men to die as cannon fodder on the front lines for the 1%.

    Another reason this is being done is because there were so few volunteers last go round that most enlistees were forced to serve multiple tours. In addition, many of the troops were not really troops but instead paid mercenaries. Again – men will just be shifted out of behind the lines roles to serve on the front and women will serve behind the lines. Finally, women will immediately be withdrawn from any combat positions they fill in a time of war to the rear – giving them the opportunity to pretend to have taken real risks – which will allow them to be promoted into the upper ranks and take position formerly given almost exclusively to front line veteran combatants.

    It’s all a gynocentric – white knight joint to claim, “See! Women serve in combat roles! They should be able to have all the privileges afforded to the patriarchy – and the ability to send the patriarchy to their deaths to protect the gynocracy!” It’s all obfuscation, smoke and mirrors. Same gynocentrism/white knight, different day.

    I thank the MGTOW mindset that I’m not stupid enough to fall for this gynocentric/white knight @ kissing BS anymore. We’re supposed to believe that women are sharing the risk so that when Hillary orders countless thousands of men to their deaths in war, the risk of mass mutiny will presumably be mitigated. Not surprising when you consider the government is working overtime in coordination with feminists to remove men’s rights to due process and presumption of innocence through false accusations – as they’ve already done with VAWA. Not surprising when you consider the government- in coordination with feminists – have prioritized women’s education, health and wellbeing over men’s in every conceivable way.

    1. Andy says:

      Damn, do you kids have anything in your life going on besides being cynical on-lookers?

      1. Cake Griffin says:

        It’s as if these guys literally wake up in the morning and immediately start mumbling under their breath talking about “mmmStupid feminist cunts fuck mmbitch fuckers fuck you all! I hate ya’ll! God dammit! Aaaghhh!!!!” lmao

        Weren’t you going off the other day in similar fashion ?

        1. Andy says:

          Nope, would remember that. Feel free to point out where i did.

  11. Cake Griffin says:


    Most of you never enlisted, never been to war, never will go to war, never WOULD go to war.

    Those who want to sign up and get paid to kill people and then come back with a messed up conscious talking about “PTSD!! Eye gotz Pee-Tee-Es-Deeeh!!”, that’s on them.

    Now wimmin want to sign up to the military ? Who cares. Let em. Let them fight alongside their white knight male soldiers who are hardcore white knight traditionalists anyway.

    Yes, many female soldiers get the cozier jawbs in the military, but again, who’s fault is it ? The white knight’s! All them hardcore “hoo’rah!” super tradcon captain save-a-hoes who ultimately let shit slide and be the way it is today.

    1. Karen says:

      The idea that “there will never be another draft” (based on your assertion that “you…never will go to war” is amazingly shortsighted. The future is a very uncertain commodity. Attitudes and cultural underpinnings that seem like a given today can be swept aside tomorrow.
      However, I would say it is about a trillion to one that the government of a western nation would enforce (or even authorize) female conscription. Males are the disposable gender; females represent The Ruling Class in the West. It would be political suicide to vote to turn a younger member of the latter class into a military slave.

      1. Tim says:

        Nice going, Karen. Think I”m going to hold back on rebuttals for now until I hear your opinion first.

  12. MgtowWave says:

    Kurdish women in Syria and Iraq are proving to be about as effective fighting against ISIS/Daesh .'s_Protection_Units

    As far as im concerned if my son can be sent BY FORCE to kill and die in some Godforsaken hellhole ,someone elses daughter can too

  13. Jay Double Gee says:

    Well Barb, I once told you, in a hangout we had a few month ago, that this issue has a lot to do with the “New Alphas” Vs “Old Alphas” (I know that many dislike the whole alpha thing but I can assure you the only reason I put it that way is because I do not have a better way to describe the anthropological phenomenon). This is an evolutionary issue. And it has a lot to do with age, not just with gender. Older men of power, in positions of leadership and control, are the truly misandrists. They are the ones who’d throw (younger!) men under the bus.

    Something went terribly wrong in the evolution of our species, tens of thousands of years ago, long before the first great civilisations emerged. The evolution of our species went horribly wrong and from that moment, the enslavement of younger, powerless males began. It’s unfortunate that mgtow have never addressed this phenomenon. And the fact that nobody talks about it. Including psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, biologists, evolutionists, scientists, journalists, medias, politicians, mras, feminists, antifeminists and yes, even mgtow are completely blind to this evolutionary strategy. And yes, I called it an evolutionary strategy.

    Humanity isn’t just a species. It’s a biological system. And like any other system, it has its flaws. Massive flaws. But the worst ones are the ones no one seems to notice.

    Oh well, you can’t fix what you don’t see broken I guess..

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