Reggie Yates Engagement Called Off After Telling MGTOW To Man Up

Reggie Yates
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  1. Plasma Mongoose says:

    Gotta love that hypocrisy…

    1. Jessire Nagy says:

      ♂ As more & more males are influenced by the collective – “Borg consensus” – of female-hood, the more males become like females. Remember the earlier days of Stardusk’s powerful “red-pill-rage”, when he gave a more potent amount of truth. I believe that he is pacified now because he has talked to much to that fucking faggot: Karen Straughen. She needs to be taken out of the fucking equation. ¶ Regardless of what these fucking bipolar – “freak science experiments” – of women who give a degenerate version of the message abide by, they are ruining the fucking scene. They are still largely contributors of the wrong memes of the appositional culture. ¶ Don’t be tricked by females’ acclaimed desire to submit to a confidently honored male as just that. Females’ sense of morality & honor is completely different from males’, & often lacking. The people who have the most confidence are usually the stupid people. The more raving the confidence, the dumber. Those who tend to be more intellectually, technically, ethically, “spiritually” evolved tend to be more austere, which is a good thing, often because true knowledge is “dangerous”; meaning: causing estrangement. & That is why female m.r.a.s are not only insulting, but fucking poseurs as well. Stardusk used to have that austereity, but now he’s “mellowed out”. ¶ Get those fucking dumb animals out of the fucking scene. We need the “red-pill-rage” again. ¶ & to borrow from Esther Vilar, this is an explanation of the reinforced projections emanated by females.: “As absurd as it may sound: today’s men need feminists more than their wives do. Feminists are the last ones who still describe men the way they like to see themselves: as egocentric, power-obsessed, ruthless, and without inhibitions when it comes to satisfying their animalistic instincts. Therefore… Women’s Libbers find themselves in the strange predicament of doing more to maintain the status quo than anyone else. Without their arrogant accusations the macho man would no longer exist, except perhaps in the movies. If the press didn’t stylize men as rapacious wolves, the actual sacrificial lambs of this ‘men’s society’, men themselves, would no longer flock to the factories so obediently.” ¶ Dubiously, It’s actually most females who fit this misrepresentative “macho” description explained by Vilar. This “macho” definition applied to males & assented by males is a false meme originally surmised in pandemic by females’ circumscribed personal extraction of presumptuous vaunting of just some of the opposite sex, often endorsed to gain acceptance, that has a magnetic like resonance on their own vanity

      1. Jonathan says:

        I agree, Stardusk has certainly gone soft lately. Maybe because he got Doxxed or because of some female influence like Karen Straughen . Now he say’s “We shouldn’t be so dogmatic.”

      2. anonymous coward says:

        lets unpack your statement: we have women being raped en masse and women are crying that men wont protect them…that “macho” myth has clearly been exposed as just that and society is UPSET because of it. Men should protect everyone and everything while also being shat on…no thanks. Now that the “macho” myth has been dropped, society is scrambling for a replacement:

  2. John lord says:

    Yeah Reggie. What are you gay?

    1. haha, sorry, but I just had to make this meme…

      well, I didn’t HAVE to make it…

      1. not me says:


        on the other hand, your blog looked much better with the previous style

        1. unfortunately allot of things weren’t working with the old format, I’ll try another…

          1. not me says:

            much better

  3. Templar says:

    You’re being a coward Reggie, marriage is hard work Reggie, happy wife happy life Reggie!!!

  4. Simon says:

    Poor guy prolly just saw her early doors without her make up or morning shave. Even though he’s a little shit I still cant help but feel relieved for the guy. He’s sold out, single and living the dream. It’ll all come crashing down soon enough.

    1. anonymous coward says:

      aww. you comment on Valentine’s day and threaten him with the possibility that he’ll be tied down and bled/married soon enough…damn sadist

  5. Ahahah, oh man, this is just too good!

  6. Cake Griffin says:

    God damn! Tia Ward is fine as fuck! I’d let her shit in my mouth. lol

    Anyhow, what Reggie said doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a “red piller” now.

    Many famous/entertainment industry men folk end up going right back to the plantation over and over and over, even after costly relationships and marriages (probably because they could financially afford it…until they can’t).

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      Sounds like Asterios Kokkinos…

    2. Those Latina ghetto booty chicks are gonna get jealous, man.

  7. TheKangarooBoxer says:

    Aww Reggie boy, you need to man up and marry those sluts.

  8. Mark says:

    Maybe he started reading mgtow literature. Also he gave RooshV a fair shout

  9. tamerlame says:

    I spoke to the BBC for hours. I was 50/50 about doing the interview, but I saw no harm in education the documentary producer Richard Carr on MGTOW.

    The guy watched Bar Bar, stardusk and RBK videos, we talked about the videos I linked to him. So either he didn’t educate Reggie, or the ignorance in the documentary is intentional.

  10. George Stark says:

    Found this while googling immges of Tia Ward LOL:

  11. sam says:

    Reggie clearly is suffering from mommy issues. Leave him alone jerks.

  12. Tim says:

    Was reading an article today on a woman that supposedly (probably as a joke) wants to have men get permission from their wives to get prescriptions of Viagra. The supposed joke would be on men that want women to get permission to have an abortion. Due to the fact that I have a keenly tuned mind for BS, here were my thoughts:


    Woman: My body my choice! I can abort without your approval! I can have the baby without your approval! I can adopt out the child for thousands in income without your approval! I have total control over my reproductive organs, patriarchy!

    Man: Zero choice in becoming a father. If woman aborts child, no say. If woman adopts out child for sudo income – no say. If women decides to sue man for extra income because her body her choice meant having a baby and forcing him to be a father (forcing him to pay her – AKA prostitute) – man pays through the nose and woman takes free college tuition, low cost housing, low cost food & low cost healthcare, Title IX, Affirmative Action, tax write off for the money forcefully transferred from the idiot that knocked her up and bizarrely higher federal and state funding for everything women.

    Here’s what I’m in favor of: (1) Make Viagra and any sexual enhancement drug for men a controlled substance on par with heroine. (2) Force 90% of men at 12 to have vasectomies. (3) Milk enough sperm from the remaining to allow women to have children without a father and hence without male divorce/paternity rape – then vasectomize those males as well. (4) Start adequately funding male birth control in pill or gel form. (5) Make paternity tests mandatory.

    Once upon a time, a prince proposed to a princess. The princess refused. The prince lived happily ever after. The end.

    The best thing to happen to men would be mandatory sterility by 14 and criminal charges on par with rape for the consumption of Viagra like drugs.


    Read another article today by feminists that were trying to convince themselves that marriage wasn’t in their best interests and that marriage only benefited men. My reply?

    “Marriage is a seriously defunct institution that has destroyed countless million of lives globally. As a man, I’d never get married. I think women who think the same way are the smartest women on the planet. Marriage is the most evil institution to have ever been invented. Life is sooooooooo much better when you see through the illusions and enchantments sold to you by the media and realize marriage is almost entirely about money. Money for who? The church, the jewelry industry, the divorce industry, the wedding dress industry and every other industry out there that profits off the suffer-ring married people endure.

    You’re one wise bunch of women. I admire your wisdom.”

    They deleted my comment.


    Feminists – Doing more to benefit men than men have ever done to benefit men.

  13. Tim says:

    Just got this one out on MotherJones! Going to have fun tonight!

    “The hatred of men, by both men and women, is in plain sight for all the world to see. It has been so obvious and accepted for so long, it is invisible to most. Cultural misandry, male disposability and hyper-gynocentrism are now and have been the norm for a very long time. Because it’s culturally accepted, no one cares or they simply use this fact for their own personal gain.

    Need examples? Women get lighter sentences for the same crimes – quite often getting off the hook completely because of their vagina and breasts. There’s an effort to close women’s prisons because of the negative impact it has on “their” children. If men were given the same deference in sentencing that women receive, most men incarcerated now or in the past would never have seen the inside of a prison cell. This is the real reason for the monumental disparity between the number of incarcerated men and women. Who supports all of this openly blatant hatred of men? Both men and women.

    Just recently, a mildly famous elderly female actress accused a man in a subway station of sexually assaulting her. The video evidence clearly exonerated the man from any wrong doing – but government employed man hating feminists spread his name all over the internet and prosecuted him regardless. Again – the video evidence made it impossible for the man to have assaulted this wretched hag – but they tried to destroy him regardless. Why? White male privilege? No. She was upset that his shoulder brushed hers as they passed and that he didn’t kneel before her begging her forgiveness before proceeding with his day. To date, her name hasn’t been officially released and she has not been charged for the false accusation. Regardless, due to the Internets ability to override criminal feminist anti-male legislation to keep such false accusers names secret, her name is now known globally to all. Who supports all of this openly blatant hatred of men? Both men and women.

    If a woman can’t afford to take care of her children, she’s given low cost housing, low cost healthcare, low cost food and a completely free college education. If a man can’t afford to take care of his children, he’s tossed into prison where he’ll be raped, his drivers license and passport revoked and let out periodically to work to pay down his indentured slave payments. Who supports all of this openly blatant hatred of men? Both men and women.

    Even though there are millions more women in the US than men, men are still expected to die for women and women’s children in war. These days, those fighting and dying for your rights are young men with no where else to turn but the military. Why? Because the vast majority that suffered via our government aided corporate outsourcing of well paying jobs to China, Mexico and Japan were – you guessed it – men. Once in the military, young men are treated as cannon fodder and under constant attack by feminists who are of course, even in the military, the protected victim class. In case you haven’t noticed, the latest push to give women in the military “the option” of serving in combat is all BS. Men are not given “the option” of serving in combat. Rather, they’re ordered to their deaths by the commander in chief – through combat ORDERS – which may soon be a woman. Who supports all of this openly blatant hatred of men? Both men and women.

    I can think of no greater slap in the face for men than to give a woman the right to order men to their deaths when said woman would have never had the chance to be president were it not for the countless millions of men that foolishly sacrificed their lives on women’s behalf. Can’t sacrifice “America’s Daughters”, now can we? That would be too horrible. Why, there might not be any more wars if women are forced into combat as men are – their limbs blown off, the homelessness and suicide that comes with PTSD, the repeated rapes and beatings following capture before their heads are chopped off. Nope – can’t see America starting any more wars with women in combat positions. That’s why 99% of combat positions will magically and suddenly be filled by men should we ever again be “forced” to go to war.

    There is a strong anti-male bias in our society. It has been there for so long, no one really sees it. Because of that, in silent protest, I’ve cut myself off from society to the extent possible. I have zero interaction in terms of dating or intimate relationships and am grateful to have the wealth necessary to keep others almost entirely out of my life. I’m well educated, have at least ten times the average net worth of others my age and am well respected in my career field. This is in large part because I was never stupid enough to get married – thus never suffering the financial rape of divorce. There are a legion of men taking this same path globally. We’re fed up with being identified as the cause of the failures of the victim class de jour.

    I was raised in poverty with five siblings. Started working at fourteen and joined the military at seventeen. I served my country with honor. Worked a twelve hour night shift and went to college during the day. I graduated top of my class – with no scholarships because they don’t apply to white males – and paid back every cent of my student loans with interest.

    I owe this country nothing more and will refuse to serve if in the future called. I will sacrifice nothing on women’s behalf – other than what’s forcefully transferred from my bank account to theirs via anti-male, pro female taxation. I’ve paid my dues for a decent shot at not spending my retirement years homeless. My choice to never marry, boycott intimate relationships and to never bring a child into this miserable hole of Hades is well reasoned, justified and satisfying. What’s left of my estate, upon my death, is willed to disabled veterans.

    This country’s elite and “modern women” have betrayed men and sold them out. Our government, now entirely under the control of the uber wealthy, is deeply corrupt and panders to whatever victim class de jour squeals loudest. Why? To get re-elected and to maintain their power so they’re not forced to suffer like those they’ve so deeply screwed.”

    1. PontificusPinion says:

      Right on the money.

      1. Tim says:

        Thanks for the compliment, PontificusPinion.

        I should add my eternal thanks to barbarossaa as well – for not blocking some or all of my sometimes unpopular posts. I’d have zero voice were it not for the B. :->

        Two best people in the entirety of the world? (1) barbarossaa and (2) spetsnaz.

    2. Cake Griffin says:

      Tim, what’s your problem at this point ? Didn’t you “opt out” and went “your own way” ?

      See, many MGTOWs are fighting their biology that keeps telling them “breed breed breed!”, that dna molecule designed to have you consuming and ultimately reproducing with a goddess aka gatekeeper of life.

      We keep trying to CONvince ourselves that not only do we not want women or a woman, but that we don’t care for them, nor do we want to be bothered by them in any way shape or form, but, you can’t help yourself but discuss the very same topic / gender that you say you don’t want nothing to do with.

      Women are goddesses, they are the gatekeepers of male-mother nurturing, pleasure, and…PAIN! They can make you feel as though you’re the center of the universe, make you feel like a KING! (KONG) and at the same time, if you aren’t extremely careful/grounded/emotionally mentally sound, they can destroy your soul, sucking the life and every penny out of you.

      It’s extremely conflicting. Everyday we’re battling that biological urge to go back to the plantation, that urge to procreate, that urge to seek refuge in a woman and get that male-mother need nurturing. My father for example has never gotten over that biological desire after divorcing my mother. He’s been going from long-term relationship to long-term relationship ever since, he NEEDS to be with a woman at all times, even though, each relationship leaves him broker and more exhausted than the previous one.

      This is why you see so many “red pill rage” angry bitter distraught MGTOWs continue to harp on about something that they SAY they’re “over with”, “I’ve gone my own way!”, “I have nothing to do with any of these women, gynocentrism, feminism, nada! I don’t care!”…yet…they can’t help themselves but cry some more about…wimmin! or feminism, gynocentrism, sex (or the lack of), etc, because deep down, they know that women – are – goddesses! and these men ultimately yearn for them.

      Ya gotta keep figuring out ways to continue fighting off your biology if you want to live a somewhat peaceful content life from here on out, if you’re truly “going your own way.”

      1. Hedon says:

        You are as blue pill as they come and an ultimate mangina to boot (godesses lmao!). Don’t project your insecurities and fear of being nothing without a female validation on other men. That is your problem and only yours to figure out. So going with your stupid thinking process, if I talk about drugs and drug dealers and how drugs is disruptive to the society, does that mean that I’m craving for heroine? No wonder no one has bothered to reply you. You are a troll and I still can’t figure out why you are here, since you’re clearly not a mgtow. That’s a clear act of a loser.

  14. Kong says:

    That’s pretty funny. I also love the fact he is marrying a model like his minor celebrity status has given him a wider choice of women to choose from as though they are sexual objects from which he can pick out the most attractive one. And of course he dates and wants to marry the woman who is a “model”. I would have though a man like Reggie who is so respectful of women and so immersed in his masculine duties to look after them would have chosen a more modest looking female, perhaps a woman of average looks and carrying a little bit extra weight who wants to start a family?

    No, he goes for the more attractive one (in his eyes) but I’m sure her physical sexual appeal has nothing to do with it. It’s the person inside he loves.

    1. Blood Moon says:

      lol. I think he loves her for her mind. She’s looks quite erudite.

  15. Blood Moon says:

    I’m so tired of everything being so pop-cultureish. For example, the video had the trap beat going in the background and Reggie, the hip intelligent minority archetype, perfectly resembles the trite puppet that a company like the BBC would use for something like this. And the way it was filmed resembled a reality TV show. I’m not some hipster suggesting documentary’s be filmed with Super 8mm film, but the lack of class in media now is making me nauseous.

    1. Kong says:

      The BBC wouldn’t hire a guy like Reggie if he wasn’t like that. That’s precisely the image they want to project and use muppets like him to do it.

      1. Blood Moon says:


  16. Alexander says:

    Maybe he learned a thing or two from men. Maybe he realized what danger he would be in if he entered marriage. This is a good thing. Every movement needs converts.

  17. Rolling Tin Fist says:

    LMAO! Maybe some of that Red Pill knowledge, from all his research, stuck. Man up? No. Man out! Ha! But seriously; good for him, if he is at least in doubt of happily-ever-after.

  18. Tim says:

    Patriarchy – The benevolence men feel towards women.

    Benevolence – The desire to do good to others; goodwill; charitableness: to be filled with benevolence toward one’s fellow creatures.

    Matriarchy – A system of society or government ruled by a woman or women.

    1. Ergeniz says:

      Both systems benefit women at the expense of men.

  19. Monsterspace123 says:

    Around the 33 minute mark he already starts shaming the 18 year old activist. He is like oh you shouldn’t form an opinion of women based on the experiences of other men. How idiotic can you be? Literally if this were a woman talking about the experiences of men. She’d be boasted up and cheered for speaking out. This is the issue we see not just in this video, but everywhere around the world. People don’t want to talk about it, because the issue is not important to them. Yet, this guy Reggie Yates, can’t seem to understand why men are speaking out the way they do. Against the fact that society gives so much power to the ‘victim’ class. Women are viewed as ‘victims’ or helpless children by the majority of society. This gives them so much power over men. This issue isn’t too difficult to grasp, but he is too busy being butt hurt that some guys are talking bad about women. Maybe, it isn’t the men’s experiences that are the problem. It is the women and their stupid entitlement complex. That society has created for them and enabled said mentality.

  20. blackburn9 says:

    So many problem with how Reggie Yates approach the issues men face. From the start he has already made a conclusive judgement about the lives and experiences of men of which he begins with the statement, “he wants to know why men…” basically, Reggie isn’t interested in truly researching the issues men face as much as he appears determined to slap a contrived preconceived narrative onto elements men’s issues. Constantly, he bookends his commentary with characteristics referring to men’s spokespeople with suspicion adding plenty of sinister prefixes and shaping a narrative guiding a sense that anything you hear from men is a product of irrational conspiracy theories. In other words, like feminism, the lived experiences of men unflattering to women and feminists is simply dismissed and of course trivialized.

    What is ironic, is no one would dare criticize or call offensive the things women say about men in their groups. Yet as usual, men daring to speak up for other men and confront some of the most brutally realistically uncomfortable truths about male female relationships, people like Reggie refuse to see deeper than simply seeking only a new and improved way to portray the male perspective as a perspective without any concrete value. And there it is, we live in a society that has conditioned itself to associate the views, ideas and worth of men as completely absent of meaningful value. The moment men decide to stop devaluing themselves and undermining their worth to appease the dictates of feminist misandry, it becomes a problem. Think about it, no other group or female commentator, institution or feminist ideology, has a problem until men assert even a modicum of self-value.

    People like Reggie is like a lot of other men who think joining the mainstream ranks of throwing men under the bus to seem progressive and appease feminist misandrists, there is no possible way he can fathom what MGTOW is about. A slave that likes the position of favored slave can never conceptualize that the existence of a slave is not an existence worth living. He’s like the well taken care of house slave that cannot stomach the disloyalty of a runaway slave, and sees as his duty to inform on the slaves planning to seek their freedom.

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