Neomasculinity Clown Roosh V Depicted As A Rape Monster by Fems

roosh v
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  1. Kong says:

    What to do with Roosh, eh?

    I have only recently come across Roosh, I’ve heard of of him before but only started reading about him and watching his videos after this rape nonsense erupted. My impression of him is that he’s quite arrogant and a little narcissistic, but over all he seems to be a visible symptom of today’s treatment of men and boys. He strikes me as man who is trying to rebel against the system and stick his middle finger up to it. It’s almost like since he was identified and named he’s lashing out against everyone and everything. But as for the legalise rape issue that was clearly a thought experiment as he said and towards the end of the video he explains how the broadly defined rape laws that target innocent men are in some ways what prompted him to make the video in the first place. He also explains in other videos I have seen that real rape is a terrible crime.

    Really I think this might be useful to all men and perhaps a good thing. The feminists and SJWs have shown themselves for the scum and brain dead idiots they are. Some of them are doing this out of badness and pure hatred of men knowing the article by Roosh was a thought experiment. Others are acting like monkeys scrambling to the top of a tree because of anything that even remotely looks like a snake in the grass, they are acting on pure instinct. Any use of the word RAPE acts as an alert call throughout the forest resulting in high pitched chattering and screaming.

    Roosh has spoken out against violence and the only threats of violence were towards him and his followers. I saw his website myself where he warned of his supporters of violent threats in specific cities where the meetings were scheduled to take place. Furthermore police statements to the press said they were going to take measures to ensure the public were kept safe from Roosh and his “cult”. They completely ignored where the only threats of violence came from and one SJW on social media even said they were going to take a hammer along to meet Roosh.

    I have always believed that modern western states sanction vigilante mob justice against men and this further adds to the evidence. Rape laws that name men who are accused often lead to violence and the state knows this. Politicians and police don’t care that probably most rape reports are false or only considered as rape because of the ridiculously broad definition of the crime. They are fully aware that men accused of this crime are open to assault and even murder because they are given no anonymity. When an accused man is attacked it serves as a warning to all men that if you even think about hurting a woman you will lose everything – your home, your job, your family and possibly even your life.

    One of the biggest problems is here that rape laws work as though all men are potential would be rapists, that rape is a crime men choose to commit and so have to be deterred. This is not only insulting but intellectually dishonest and highly dangerous to both men and women. A rapist is an individual, male or female, who lacks control over their sexual impulses as well as perhaps having other psychological abnormalities. They are a deviant criminal minority in our society. So by treating all men are potential rapists with such broad definitions unde the law you are leaving men and boys open to the possibility that they lives can be completely destroyed by the mere accusation of the crime. Women likewise buy into this hysteria and see threats round every corner and lurking in every shadow telling them it’s not safe outside or even in their own home. Women stupidly buy into this!

    The bottom line is no one advocates rape and Roosh was suggesting over all that women need to take more responsibility in protecting themselves if they truly believe the threat is as big as they are being told. Rape laws have got to be changed and women have got be educated as to what the crime really is and why it happens. So if anything happens to Roosh because of this then it’s going to be a huge step backwards for a supposedly civilised and free society.

    1. Jacquelope says:

      Roosh V’s claim that his pro-rape article was “satire” is dubious at best.

      Consider that he has openly admitted to raping someone.
      ‘I’ve had two experiences which, if you remove all context, could be considered rape,’ he allegedly wrote in a blog post on RooshV.com on 18 June 2010.

      ‘Two separate girls, completely naked, on their backs resisting penetration for the first time. They squirmed around and kept repeating ‘no’ even though were moaning, kissing, and squeezing.

      Also see:

      The gist: if she says no, and you don’t back off, what is that called?

  2. Jessire Nagy says:

    ♂ Roosh V. is not like us ones who actually do real work – study science & philo. He gives the “manosphere” bad associations, which we already had before of psycho-gays, etc., which he promulgated as well. ¶ The funny thing is is that the poseurs – female m.r.a.s – love him because female m.r.a.s, being naturally “bi-polar”, iconographer idiots, identify with his nihilism & sleazy ways. The truth is is that poseurs like Karen Straughen, a.k.a.: Girlwriteswhat of the honey-badger crowd would rather discourse with this mumbling idiot than some of the smarter ones like bar. ¶ Roosh is a sleeze. He’s apart of that gynocentric culture that is self destructive of masculinity. He’s one of those who internalizes his frustration, becuase he’s too stupid &/or cowardly to be angry at what he really should be, so then replaces it on what’s easy for him to be angry to – calling m.g.t.o.w. & related “gay”,”virgins”, “beta”, etc., & Karen Straughen, a.k.a.: Gynocentristwriteshit, & the HoneyBadger retards basicaly do the same with the “autistic” deflection. Remember when m.g.t.o.w. had it’s schizm with m.r.a.s for sounding “too harsh”, yet this degenerate is doing more harm to the “manosphere” & female m.r.a.s just find him sexy. ♂

    1. Kong says:

      I disagree about Karen Straughen, I have never heard her advocate traditional gender roles or anything gynocentric. Indeed her interpretations seem quite similar to the likes of Stardusk only she is working from within the MRM and therefore more political. In fact I would rate Karen a lot more highly than just about any other MRA, and no not because she is a woman. It’s because of what she says and what she does. She knows history to a much more accurate degree than most people and she is very articulate putting forward strong cases and arguments. To be honest I don’t think even then most aggressive feminists would last five minutes in a debate with her. Even if I didn’t know Karen was a woman and she posted anonymously like RBK I would still have a very high and very favourable opinion of her.

      As for Roosh, he’s not my kinda guy either but he does have on occasion something valid and useful to say. Nobody in MGTOW or the MRM can disagree with his views on rape laws. The fact he supports traditional gender roles, even with some logic (if you can use that word) means I cannot support him over all. Teaching men how to obtain easy sex at the same time as we are subject to the most ridiculous and discriminatory rape laws is very irresponsible in my opinion. So he is not helping men in any way, shape or form. He’s a PUA, that’s just what he is. A guy like him simply cannot help men and I don’t even think he want to help them. All he’s after is his own glory. Watching his discussion with Karen you can see that even she disagreed with a lot of what he said, especially when it came to traditional gender roles.

  3. Jessire Nagy says:

    The only respectable thing he did was get on a talk-show & state that overweight females are unhealthy.

    1. Jessire Nagy says:

      ♂ This guy does essentially nothing – just another distraction when we should really be concerned with the male-to-female psychology, sexology, biology, neuro-science/cognition, & philosophy, instead of including this celebrity-clown. ¶ Has anyone else noticed how a large portion of the female m.r.a.’s dialogues are just a lot gossip-level stuff, with the occasional “factoid” thrown in – especially now? ♂

      1. Blood Moon says:

        Well put.

  4. Sven Helgrim says:

    Sometimes you just have to step aside and let the lemmings run off the cliff.

  5. Barbar,

    If you could put aside your liberal sensibilities, you might find this funny…


    1. not me says:

      lol the irony

    2. tamerlame says:

      Are you gay stoner?

      1. unfortunately for me, nope. One big indicator is most womyn find me revolting. Another is that I don’t get to bully people without consequence and then cry vyctym ala Jack Donovan and Milo Y.

        1. tamerlame says:

          You go on about gays a bit too much.

          1. I had an even better meme, but figured you’d throw a shit fit…

            a, well, here it is…


            sorry if you don’t like “rape” jokes…

  6. in all seriousness, if someone sent Matt Forney or David Fatrelle a nutrition guide stating that eating fast food 9 times a day caused early mortality, would it be a “death threat”?

    inquiring minds want too know…

  7. Tim says:

    I frequently go to sites like returnofkings.com and wehuntedthemammoth.com. Why? Years ago, I could easily have been one of the regular posters on either site – talking down MGTOW and/or “beta males” with the most vitriolic of vernacular imaginable. Why? Because I was ignorant, naive and unschooled. Why? Because society and all forms of media work their damndest to keep men unaware until it’s too late to change course and save themselves. I go to these sites to remind myself of how much I’ve grown and how pathetically immature I used to be. I’m a very fortunate individual – and these sites can’t help but reinforce the concepts of gynocentrism, hypocrisy, double standards, feminism, victim mentality, shaming tactics, misogyny, misandry and the politics of race that Marxism so effectively promotes.

    Thanks to folks like barbarossaa and spetsnaz, my path is wide and clear of the overgrowth the victim mentality perpetuates. Today, for those of us fortunate to live in the United States, your only handicap in life is your level of intelligence and your attitude. Those with average intelligence and a strong work ethic will go far. Those stuck in a “poor-me”, “I’m the victim” mentality just make it easier for those with a well thought out, positive mindset and plan to succeed. Personally, I love the “poor-me” types. They make my life very, very simple.

    If everything goes as planned, my income in retirement will be 80K – 100K per year for at least 20 years. I’ll have to work at it to spend that much in my golden years. Will there be a gynocentrist or victim mentality about me in retirement? Not unless they’re my maid cooking me breakfast and cleaning my toilets and otherwise serving my needs. I don’t tolerate fools.

    Don’t get me wrong – 99% of those with a positive mindset selling Amway or Used cars will get nowhere and are only there because they have no where else to go. Also, colleges advertised on TV are 4th rate colleges on the verge of going under and likely have no accreditation. Late knight TV ads stating you can make a ton of money in motorcycle repair and/or trucking are full of it as well. Didn’t do any of those – just trying to help others out. Most everything you see or hear on TV or on most MSM news stations are 99.9% harmful to your health.

    Life is about the choices we make. barbarossaa and spetsnaz taught me enough to save my own life and future – before it was too late to save myself. Roosh makes me sad for Roosh and those that fall prey to his ignorance. Like feminists that one day deeply regret feminism later in life – one day, Roosh too will suffer majorly when looking back. Roosh is the future regretful feminist of the manosphere.

  8. Tim says:

    How minorities con society into hurting society – explained here:

    How women con society into giving them a free pass – phucking over men and the rest of the civilized world:

    How the victim class cons society into giving them a free pass (minorities and women):

    Evaluating Antiwhite Literature and Structuring Techniques Currently Used in Schools:


    Why is it that Caucasian and Asian males are the targets of modern discrimination? We all know why – but few will admit.

  9. Cake Griffin says:

    Timmy wrote:

    “Thanks to folks like barbarossaa and spetsnaz, my path is wide and clear of the overgrowth the victim mentality perpetuates.”

    [Is BarBar and Spaznatz your daddy ? My god man, have some dignity and self-respect. Ultimately, you don’t know these guys, and you already knew or should have known these things on your own if not through your father/mother. BarBar is in a relationship, how silly is that ? He’s telling you suckers to “go your own way” yet he’s going balls deep inside his girlfriend. MGTOW gurus / pimps tell YOU to boycott women, so that there’s more women available for them. lol]

    Timmy says he’s “steering wide and clear of victim mentality”….then he writes:

    “How minorities con society into hurting society – explained here:”

    “How women con society into giving them a free pass – phucking over men and the rest of the civilized world:”

    “How the victim class cons society into giving them a free pass (minorities and women):”

    “Why is it that Caucasian and Asian males are the targets of modern discrimination? We all know why – but few will admit.”

    Wuaaaahhhh!!!!!! lmao “Minorities (non-whites) and wimmin are making my life miserable! Wuaaahhh!!!”

  10. Cake Griffin says:

    MGTOW gurus dislike Roosh and Roosh dislikes MGTOW gurus because they’re all vying for YOUR attention and money.

    “Follow men and I’ll show you the way!”

    “No no, follow ME and I’LL show you the way!”

    All are vying to corner a market, own more (virtual) real estate, galvanize as much custom’errr men to increase market share.

    MGTOW “gods” pose a threat to Roosh’s bottom line, and Roosh / PUA gurus pose a threat to MGTOWs’ bottom line. All are trying to reach the young naive gullible father-less males before they’re indoctrinated by the other group of false prophets.

  11. Vektor says:

    Roosh was/is a PUA. I am fine with that. I am fine with the concept of taking what you want from women and paying for it/them as little as possible. All sexual associations with females are prostitution in some form. The ‘win’ is in getting what you want without paying too much. For example ‘marriage’……get a piece of rapidly depreciating ass for the low low price of your soul.

    The problem of modern relationships is power. Women have too much power, and that power is written into law. Men are nothing else if not problem solvers….adapters. PUA is one of those adaptations. But this neomasculinitiy shit…stinks…STINKS of traditionalism…..and it won’t work. You cannot have traditionalism without the traditional legal frameworks. Sorry…it won’t work for the majority of men.

    Women act on incentives and disincentives. Period. Love is bullshit. “Till death to us part” is a fucking joke….it explains just how much of a joke religion is in our modern western societies. If you are not an upper-middle-class man, that provides her a standard of living and level of status that would PAIN her to lose…..you are a whim away from enslavement. Even if you fit the bill….your status…the status of your children….is based on her WHIM. THAT is what the law says in 2016.

    Frame? WTF is frame? Frame is bluffing at the poker table of life. Hoping she doesn’t call your bluff. That’s not power. That’s not self sovereignty.

    A story like this reinforces the beauty of MGTOW. You don’t need to gain the consent or approval of anybody. You don’t need to wait for any laws to change. You don’t need to roll the dice with your future. You don’t need anybody’s permission to do exactly what you want. You don’t need to fight for your freedom. You have it….protect it.

    There is overlap between PUA and MGTOW. If you want ass, then get ass…..but protect your sovereignty and your money from the parasites that would steal it. As always….the NAWALT argument is misunderstood by women. It’s not that she will or she won’t fuck you over…..IT”S THAT SHE CAN. That is the core of the issue and what must change….but will not change until the system burns to the ground.

    The modern neomasculine theory…….be so great…so alpha…so successful….so whatever……..that she won’t ever WANT to fuck you over and destroy your family. What does she owe you….what are her requirements? Nothing. Because she has all the power. She can become a fat pig and/or a psycho…..and if she does………IT’S YOUR FAULT because you ‘lost frame’ or ‘became beta’. NO. You became beta the moment you put the ring on.

    Civilization cannot work on this model. Responsibility without authority is a failed system. It is failing in slow motion and we get to witness it…..but if you are MGTOW, you don’t have to be part of it.

  12. Thestraightshooter says:

    So, the wanna be Alpha male tough guy, who goes to White Nationalist conventions, gets threatened and hides behind his mommy, calls 911, and gets protection from a Black female cop. WOW

  13. Traversable says:

    Hmmm I can say that roosh is bad for business . He goes out of his way to give the not enlightened others a negative image to men and specifically manosphere men . He effects us all and in this case bad press is not good press .

  14. JJ Miller says:

    I dont get the Roosh antagonism. Yes he has slammed MGTOW, but who cares? Are we whining sjw types? We arent recruiting, if some guy wants to be a MGHOW, it will be because he has made a conscious and deliberate choice.

    Roosh is often critical of female nature. I think the representation of him as PUA is no longer valid. You have prominent MGTOW figures who are still dating or interacting with pussy.He may push traditionalism, but it is a critical traditionalism. I think MGTOW is a nihilistic movement, and it is for the few. The majority of men should be taking some purple pills, but even the young boys and men who are out there now, and future males, need something more than the nihilism of MGTOW for them to have any future.
    That is where MRA’s, who are pushing for mens rights, and traditionalist, who are also pushing for mens interests, are an ally to those men who dont want to be MGTOW, or need support from the state because they are too young for self determination. I am thinking of young boys in school exposed to the hateful gynocracy of teachers and the educational system. Which if gone unchecked, will destroy this generation of boys, and future ones.
    MGTOW as a group, by their definition are not advocating for the rights of boys and men. That is fine for me as someone who is well established, but it does shit for young men and boys who dont want to be MGTOW, or who have not made a choice yet.

  15. Rob Fedders says:

    I’ve got a LOT of respect for Roosh… and very little for you.

    Think about that the next time you think your v-log makes you king shit.

    1. Hello Rob Feeders,

      This is Paul. I command you to donate money for the cause. And, uh, get near a bidet, I can smell your mangina from here.

      Neomasculinity is the way to go….


      This is where PigTow’s have it wrong and we have learned the best lessons from feminism….

      Just like Nice Guys are the Worstest but feminists never complain about truly abusive men like Warmachine and Hugo Schwyzer, well I’ve attacked PigTow’s but never complained about the Gr8 Roosh V even though he proclaimed our movement dead…


      Now don’t be jewy like Milo Y and Christina Hoff-Summers and send me some money…

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