SexBots Can be Raped!…But Only By Men!

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  1. M.G. How says:

    At some point these women will realize how dangerous it is to make sex robot with the primary directive of thrusting to pleasure.

    It’s like piston motion sex toys. You are very likely to hurt yourself unless you have a team of guys there to make sure it’s being safely used. Like on the set of a porn.

    Where as the female sex bot doesn’t even need to be one AI. It could actually be two. One for pillow talk and the other for body movement to be in sync with the man’s. Actually make it three. The third one could be for the artificial vaginal canal to release different types of lube and regulate temperature.

    Maybe add two more AIs for the mouth and butt.

    I wonder if these women realize that sex robots will also have the unintended effects of curbing pedophiles and male-prison-rape.

    How come no one talks about that when they mention sex bots?

    1. Keith says:

      “At some point these women will realize how dangerous it is to make sex robot with the primary directive of thrusting to pleasure.”

      Those robots were made by men, cant you see the evil in their hearts. /s

      “I wonder if these women realize that sex robots will also have the unintended effects of curbing pedophiles and male-prison-rape.”

      The latter of those won’t happen.

  2. Francis Roy says:

    The latest episode of Sherlock does the same.

    1. barbarossaa says:

      will check it out

      1. Xtianity says:

        Bar Bar – I know you are busy with the book but I’d like you to do an update/post on infighting and MGTOW Levels cannibalizing the movement especially following the Niko Choski incident where he no longer identifies with the MGTOW label and deleting videos. It will be cool if you guys could do a short hangout together with even CS MGTOW & Dark Knight chiming in with their opinions of the incident. (I do not wish to name the youtube channel apparently bullying Niko as I don’t want them to get free publicity).

        Also I am sick of how the rest of the Manosphere thinks those of us who refuse to date are being “paranoid” by citing false rape allegations calling us ‘isolationists’, funnily the blog that did that had one of the commentators talking about how an ex pulled an oops pregnancy on him and him having to pay child support for her 1 yr old- as Terrence Popp would say to these wanna be alphas –> GONORRHEA…NAAH!

  3. Templar says:

    It’s so funny how they are incapable of noticing how much they desperately want to control the situation, they know they future is coming and they try harder and harder to make men more dependent on women while trying to increase they’re own perks.

    Regardless I doubt they will succeed, the most they can hope for is that female bots are so expensive that one would have to shell out 90-100 K for a high functioning one, and that’s what they’re really afraid of in the back of they’re minds, that a select few males within the population can afford to have a privately owned robot concubine (affluent single men having an outlet and reducing the effects of old vulnerabilities; can’t have that happening now can they)

  4. Max Hydrogen says:

    “Ted talk lost all of its credibility with me” You mean Ted Talk had credibility…?

    1. Keith says:

      Absolutely they used to have credibility, not that long ago either.
      Every episode used to be about Technology Entertainment & Design. They were always previewing some new cure for disease, figuring out how to feed the world, print organs for transplant! There was the bloke who was planning a trip to the edge of space. The guy who developed the wing suit. The guy who put jet engines on a wing suit.

      Not two possibly four years ago TED was like a drug for me. It was the most inspirational and entertaining thing I had ever seen. One episode could bring me out of a depression that had lasted months.

      I just tuned in one day and there this morose psycho explaining that all women prisons should be closed. Because her “Feminist Statistics” showed that Female violent offenders simply don’t exist.
      So i drove my Chevy to the levy, but the levy was dry…

      It’s not my intention to come across enisling. But I can’t help but feel a certain sorrow at your lack of perception for what has been lost. My anger is of course directed at those who could not temperate the lime lite taking focus upon the people that deserved it.

  5. Bob Loblaw says:

    “Fuck men and their need for bots”

    Men are the ones making these sex-bots (as well as most other robots). So yet again women like this choose whine about what men do rather than do something for themselves.

  6. “Ted talk lost all of its credibility with me when they let this dunce on”


    hey, that’s kinda how I felt when a movement where guys were talking about their lives and experiences became–buy my book on Amazon. Where it was okay for a blog to go dark because a guy “went ghost” or just couldn’t muster the energy to deal with trolls and just wanted to focus on real life hobbies. But now you’ve got alpha males saying how they are the “true’s” and ____ for life, and ____ monks. Kinda hard to “go ghost” when you are “building a brand” so you can “sell shit.”

    –and, no I have no problem with people charging money for content they created before all the libertarian tough guys call me a basement dwelling virgin commie socialist….

    …I do have a problem with someone trying to “sell” a “worldview” or philosophy though…

  7. Tim says:

    Today, in the US alone, tens upon tens of millions of men are paying child support to women. Why? Because women don’t want men. Instead, women want the government to forcefully transfer men’s wealth to woman through all forms of gimmies for women. Alimony and child support are two fundamental ways but far from being the primary ways. Women are the apex predators and parasites of the West.

    When an unmarried woman has a child, she automatically qualifies for free college tuition to any college in the world. Why do you think so many woman have children out of wedlock and why so many more women are in college than men? You qualify for free college tuition under many circumstances just for not being male + being a minority. Since males pay the majority of taxes, guess who’s footing the bill?

    My hand, imagination and a bit of lubricant are far more powerful than any woman’s sexual hold over me. Women are without merit in terms of sex. They’re without merit in terms of value.

    Untold billions are transferred from men to woman every single year, either through their taxes, child support and/or alimony.

    Males pay the vast majority of taxes yet qualify for the fewest benefits derived from those taxes. Untold hundreds of thousands of men’s lives are destroyed by the government & women every single year through marriage and divorce alone.

    The MGTOW mindset is a blessing to all men. MGTOW seek to free men from the horrific brainwashing of white knightism and gynocentrism. Women with power will always seek to destroy men and lock them under gynocentric power. White knights will always kiss the ass of gynocentrists.

    If the collective world’s mouth were on fire, I wouldn’t piss in it to put it out. Men are the slaves of the West. Sex and relationships with women are detrimental to men’s happiness. Even a female bot will eventually ruin a man – with the full help and support of the white knight bot.

  8. Impulseman37 says:

    This is going to be a rather long comment, but bear with me.

    First the description of the various Sex-bots in the article is all wrong. Actual mechanical robots are completely different from the Replicants in Blade Runner or the Cylons in Battlestar Galactica, and the even the Synths in the game Fallout 4. These are not true machines, they a biologically created artificial humans. They feel emotions, they need to eat, they hurt, they bleed, they defecate, and they die. The only thing separating them from us is the material and way in which they were made. They have their own DNA and that is what separates them from a mechanical sex-bot. Even if you give this sex-bot an AI that replicates human thought, they simply can never be considered on the same level as a human female or even a human male. The synthetic humans in BSG, Blade Runner, and Fallout 4 are all considered machines, but they really are not. They are biological machines but then again so are we. They were all created for the same reason, to serve mankind and make our lives easier. I personally believe this whole thing with sex-bots is going to be a very short lived thing. They will be very quickly replaced by true artificial humans that will be stronger and faster thinkers than us. Why the popular press and even the scientific community think the human race is destined to merge with machine I do not know. We as humans have innate need to remain biological; we will never fully embrace being a cyborg. Certainly there will be a small minority of humans that choose to embrace this cyborg lifestyle. It will be considered much like a religion and it will have its followers and there of course will be the heavy decenters that shun them. But what we do have the in-built need to play god, as or as close to godlike as we can be.

    We have already created artificial biologic life. Here is a link to the article, it’s on the huff-post, but if you google it you can find all sorts of articles on it. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/07/living-organism-artificial-dna_n_5283095.html . The point here is that we have already made artificial life forms. The next step is to start making it into higher forms of animal life and eventually some corporation is going to take it to the next level and make an artificial human. In the lore of the Blade Runner movie, the original reason that Replicants were made was due to a plague that killed off almost all the world’s animals. They used the knowledge of making artificial life to remake animals and pets for humans and to grow meat that they eat. They then simply took the next step and made human like Replicants to be slaves, and because they are technically not true humans and are artificial in origin they do not meet the criteria to be treated as humans. They are grown in tanks on an assembly line. So what we have here is the very early start to one of these possible futures. How we end up treating what we make will not depend on how and what we think know, but how the contemporaries of that future view the treatment of these creations in their time. Even if we laid down laws now to prevent any of this, there is simply no way to see how in the future these very ideas will be stomped out. So let them rattle their feminist chains all they want. Let them make laws about sex-bots, it simply won’t make any difference. It will be the following generations that will simply turn these laws over as antiquated and not applicable to their present time and conditions. This is how we do things now. If there is an old law and it simply is not applicable to the present day conditions that law is overturned or disavowed and it is removed. So anything that is written into law here 2016 will make no difference say in the year 2050 or 2075. The conditions of those times will dictate the forms of law and if they have Artificial Humans in the world’s workforce and they are segregated from human laws and rights that is something that their time must deal with. I personally would like to see how this future will pan out, but I will never see it and neither will anyone reading this. It is several generations away from us and all these feminists worrying over things that have not even come to past is just a total waste of time. I say just ignore them.

    One final note, they are so worried about the female sex-bots getting raped. Well there are going to be male sex-bots and they are going to get just as used and abused and raped as the female ones, and possibly by men. So I don’t see them even considering this side of the coin. Typical feminists of course.

  9. Vektor says:

    I would use sexbots. Yes…I would be happy to the idea of a robotic sex ‘slave’. However is it still essentially enhanced masturbation. The robot is not sentient.

    If the robot is indeed ‘sentient’ or is effectively declared sentient by political forces. Then I won’t use them. However, I will not be forced to marry. I will not associate with women. Period. Women will not have power over me. This is non-negotiable. If it is marriage or celibacy, I choose celibacy. Why? What is my problem? I want control of my resources. I require the condition that if I choose to eject a female from my life, that there is no lingering costs or side effects. YES WOMEN, YOU GET NOTHING! FUCK YOU!

    Women…..politicians…will not force me to become a slave. Divorce = slavery. Take my children and force me to become an indentured servant….NO! This is not theory for me…this is my existence, and if my words can spare even one man it is worth it.

    Can I fuck a robot? Great. Try to make it illegal? Fuck you! You gain NOTHING!! I will get off without paying your fucking toll.

    Sorry for the anger. I can’t help it. Sorry.

  10. IamNotMyself says:

    Sexbots for women is not going to happen. The idea of women spending large sums of money on a “male” sexbot defies reality. They do not want to do that with real men, and no way in hell are they going to do it with fake ones They like men to dine and wine, surprise them, like to feel attractive to the male gaze and so on and so forth.

    Men already spend their money on real women so it is not so far fetched to spend it on sexbots. They will most likely by them clothes and do all types of other stuff.

    We aren’t anywhere close to AI and I doubt anything resembling really humans will be in the pipe work within the next few decades. I mean they cannot even make something that resembles real breasts yet. They defy gravity and well just look plastic.

    All in all it’s kinda of sad state of affairs and well just messed up. Thank you feminism. You suck.

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